Thinking of You Messages for Him (2024)

There’s hardly a girl in love who does not go through the daily routine of thinking about her lover. Her heart is always opened to his thoughts and her mind cannot endure being separated from him.

Being in a long distance relationship or simply being unconfined in the same space as he can leave you wanting and desiring him all the more, therefore, you can’t help but miss him for sure.

These (2022) romantic and emotional thinking of you messages for him will help convey your state of mind and feelings for him in the most succinct and apt manner.

So, there’s no stopping you. Simply pick from this lovely collection and go brighten his day with the knowledge of your loving thoughts.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You Text Messages for Him

Your boyfriend is away from you, you’re in a long distance relationship or you saw him not long ago but can’t keep his thoughts away from your heart? Even if you’re really missing him, these I’m thinking of you text messages and quotes for him from the heart will help you express your feelings.

1. The sky needs not to be blue, neither do the stars have to come out at night before I think of you, my darling. You are always on my mind and I miss you gravely.

2. The hardest part of loving you is missing every part of you. The memories we’ve made are not enough, so let’s walk many more miles and make more history together. I miss you, boo.

3. When you’re gone and your kisses and caresses are away, your pictures become my company and your presence; my one desire.

4. Like I always have my breath, I should always have you by my side. For in every season of my life, it’s you I’ll always need. I miss you, my love.

5. Red flowers in the midst of palely coloured ones are beautiful, just like your thoughts amid my lonely heart. I miss you, my love.

6. I hope to see another day with you by my side; to gaze upon that which shall fade away and many that will come to stay. Thinking of you, my love.

7. As long as you’re far away, I’ll stare through space hoping to see your shadow coming, I’ll watch the clock, perhaps it’ll mean you’ll be back soon.

8. My mind is clouded with your thoughts. I hope to see you soon even if it’ll be just for a loving second. I miss you, my love.

9. Every minute leaves me wondering what life you’re living, what food you’re eating and what way you may be going. I miss you, sweetheart.

10. No matter how distant our relationship may be by miles, our hearts will forever stick so closely together. I yearn for you, my love.

11. No matter what arms hug me and what laughter keeps me company, I’ll still need you here. So stay with me, my darling.

12. I need you to know that every second of missing you is harder than the sensation of hunger and thirst. I’ll let your thoughts keep me company till you’re here, my love.

13. I do not want to die of loneliness and cold. I need you by my side, sweetheart. Make haste to be right by me.

14. Reading books and doing chores still has no cure for my lonely heart as it needs to be satiated from your spring of love. I miss you, my love.

15. Your arms never failed to wrap me, your gazes never stopped being set upon me and that’s why I miss you too much, my love.

16. Even if I borrowed a lover, my heart would still ache for you and if I could have a shadow of you, it’d still not be good enough. I miss you so much, my love.

17. Fix me with your kisses, guide me with your gazes and soothe me with your caresses. I miss you too much, my darling.

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18. I need you to tell me, you’d be back soon, I need you to imagine what depth of pain I feel for having an unsatisfied desire of seeing you here. Thinking of you, my boo.

19. There’s no better sight than two lovers together, there’s no greater pain than a lover estranged from her heartbeat. I miss you, sweetness.

20. I know now that the gravity of my love cannot be described by the most equipped writer with fine armour of words. I love you, sweetheart and it’s why I miss you so much.

21. Just a second with you will fix my broken heart. And a minute of your kisses would leave me smiling forever. I miss you, handsome.

22. It’s the little things I miss about you; you holding on to my hands, walking the roads with me and smiling while staring at my face. I need you, my love.

23. I’m here wondering about what the future holds for us, what memory we’ll make and what history we’d look back to. Thinking of you, my boo.

24. It’s unfulfilling to go the most pleasant of places without you, it’s scary to walk these roads without you. I miss you, sweetheart.

25. I just want to be by your side from the dawn of the day till the dusk it brings. Can’t stop thinking of you, my love.

26. I’d like to make tea for you in the morning, to watch movies with you at night but your presence isn’t here with me. I miss you, my love.

27. Your pictures are on my wall whilst your thoughts remain steadily in my heart. Can’t stop thinking of you, my love.

28. Promise me the world and I’ll live this life with you. Promise me nothing, even then, I’ll walk this road with you, my darling. I miss you so much.

29. I’ll do anything for you, including withstanding the pain of your protective arms being so far away, my love.

30. Not a day will ever go in my life without you on my mind. You’re the one I love and it’s you I miss so dearly, my darling.

31. I’m ready for your coming. My heart is opened for your hugs, my bed is made for your love. I miss you, my love.

32. Nothing brings greater confidence than knowing that our love has conquered space and time. But then, I still miss you greatly, my love.

33. I hope you’re doing just fine, and I pray that you have all that you need over there. Thinking of you, sweetheart.

34. Inside my heart is where you belong, by my side is where you should stay. Hence, it hurts when you’re not around. I miss you, my love.

35. Make new friends, enjoy new days without me, but never make new love aside from me. For eternity is the destination of our love. I miss you, my darling.

36. Hug me tightly when you’re back, hurry up to me when you behold me. For this little heart of mine has waited too strenuously for you, my darling.

37. Let the waters of the earth stop flowing and the mountains surrounding us cease to be, but I wouldn’t stop thirsting for you, my love.

38. My prayers are with you just like your thoughts are with me. I miss you, my love.

39. This wish I make every day and night; to be with you without separation throughout the day. I miss you, my love.

40. I’ll keep on waiting for you, but promise me you’d return with so much love to give. I miss you, sweetheart.

41. Juliet couldn’t live without Romeo, neither can I without you. Thinking of you, my love sometimes with a smile and other times without when the pain of missing you hits too hard.

42. There’s no more pleasant a surprise can be, than to look back and behold you standing right behind me. I miss you, my love.

43. How can I turn back the hands of time just to see you again, hold your hands and kiss you like there’s no tomorrow? I miss you, my sweetheart.

44. Your love has got me on my feet panting up and down the room because I’m lost without you here by my side. I miss you, my love.

45. I hope to see you soon, not in my dreams but right here by my side. For your thoughts would never leave me come rain or shine.

46. Words are not enough to tell you how much I miss you. But I’ll let my hugs do the talk and my eyes express it all.

47. You have me wrapped around your finger and that is why; you may be gone but your thoughts wouldn’t let me be for a second.

48. Life has taught me a lot, but it never taught me how not to miss you. I need you here, my darling.

49. Some things cannot be said if you’re not here, some cannot be heard if you’re so far away. So, come stay with me, my darling.

50. I’ll think of you till your presence nudges me from my deep thoughts. I’ll wonder if you’re fine till I can behold your stature and face. I miss you, my love.

51. Separated from you on this lonely but starry night seems to be my only stress. I miss you, dear superman.

52. It matters not if you come or go, cause you’d always have me time after time. I’m thinking of you, my love.

53. What sacrifice do I have to make and what offering do I have to give just to have you by my side one more time? Thinking of you, boo.

54. Of all the pain in the world, missing you hurts the most, of all the passion on this earth, mine would go farther than most. Thinking of you, my love.

55. No matter how many days and weeks go by without you by my side, my passion and feelings for you will never change. I miss you, sweetheart.

56. A prolonged waiting makes the heart sick. But a kiss from you will make my heart love deeply again. Please come back in no distant time, my love.

57. I’ll sing the song of love till you come hold my hands and say it is fine. I’ll make the world go round just when I behold your handsome face again. I miss you, boo.

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58. If you miss me as much as I miss you, you’ll return to me as soon as you can. I love you, my darling and I’m always thinking of you.

59. I wish a cup of ice cream can ease me of your thoughts at the moment, but I’m consumed deeply by your love. Hence, your thoughts would serenade my mind all day long.

60. Here lies the heart you can always return to whenever you’re sick and in the times you need to be loved. I miss you, baby.

61. No matter how many times I turn in bed, you’re still so far away. I wish you’d be right next to me when next I turn, sweetheart. I miss you.

62. Do not think that it is easy to live without you. For in the absence of your gentle kisses, my soul tries to find peace and tranquillity. Thinking of you, my sweetheart.

63. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard but I loved too much so it hurts whenever you’re gone. I miss you, my darling.

64. Do not buy me all the world if you wouldn’t share them with me, do not build me a home if we wouldn’t live together in it. I miss you, sweetheart.

65. Today is one of those days I miss you so much, just like it is one of those days I can’t stop thinking of your broad smiles, my love.

66. No matter how noisy it gets, your thoughts still find a way into my mind. I can’t stop thinking of you, my love.

67. Ever since I met you, I knew it was you or nobody else and I knew it’ll be hard to live this life without you. I miss your whispers in my ears, my love.

68. Life has got no meaning without you even when I know that you’re only miles away. I miss you terribly, my darling.

69. Breakfast is no fun, launch isn’t any better, cause I can’t share them with you, my love. I won’t stop missing you until I’m back into your loving arms.

70. Every second and minute without you leaves me wondering how I’d live the next without your presence, my darling. I miss you.

71. There is great joy breathing by your side. Happiness is what I find when I feel your breath on my skin. I miss you, my love.

72. If you’re doing just fine send me a kiss and if you’re missing me, send me all your love. I’m thinking of you, sweetheart.

73. The night is hard to spend without you. And days are tough to enjoy in the absence of your kisses. I miss you, my love.

74. The first time we’d see, I’ll be sure to shower all my kisses on you and even with my eyes, I’ll show you the depth of my love. Can’t wait to behold and touch you, my darling.

75. I miss you and that is why I’m saving all my love for your return. I hope our gazes become longer and our hugs get tighter when we finally see each other, my love.

76. Missing you has taught me patience but not how to leave without you. Still thinking of you, my darling.

77. When the music fades, I’ll need you by my side to bear its silence with me and when it is on, I’ll need you to dance along with me. I miss you, sweety.

78. We can recover the time lost if we make the most of our present and future times. I miss you badly, sweety.

79. Nothing much has changed in your absence, save that I love you more passionately. I miss you, sweetheart so I hope you come for me very soon.

80. I really want to know what it feels like to smell you again, love you again and have you close by one more time. Thinking of you, my love.

81. It’s not even morning yet but I’m already thinking of you. Like a ship upon the waters, your thoughts sail through my mind in the darkest time of the night. I miss you, my love.

82. Your time is all that matters to me. I hope you give it to me without refrain. Your love is a force I can’t explain, for it has pushed me into the realm of possibilities. Can’t stop thinking of you, my love.

83. With your love, I won’t give up nor give in to the temptations of missing you. But I’ll do all I can for you, my darling.

84. Slow down my thoughts with your kisses. Hasten your return just for you to behold my face. I miss you, my love.

85. When I see the day breaking into a new dawn, I just know that you’re right here with me. But I can’t stop thinking of you, my baby.

86. When I look back to where we started, I see how much strength and love we have demonstrated. May this love not cease to thrive between us. I miss you, my love.

87. I can’t feel the sun’s warmth when you’re away. I can’t enjoy the caresses of the breeze when you’re not so near. I miss you, my love.

88. I’m not frightened by the pain and misery in this world, but by the fear of living this world for a moment without you, my darling. I miss you.

89. In this love, I have found great strength and virtue. So, I am confident that I can withstand this moment you’re away even though it brings sadness and pain. Thinking of you, my love.

90. Because time can heal all wounds, I hope it brings you near to me once again to erase this pain of missing you so badly. Thinking of you, my love.

91. A single thought of you sends me into a realm of perfection and bliss. I hope every fibre of you feels my longing for you.

92. I’ll drop a tear just for loving you, but I’ll cry a river because I’m missing you. You’re always on my mind, my love.

93. The thoughts of you enrich my soul, cause I only think about your goodness and loving-kindness.

94. It feels like walking on waters when you’re here with me. For you make me do even the impossible. I love you, my superhero.

95. The smile you bring is warmer than a spring’s water and the love you give is richer than diamonds. All I do is think about you, my love.

96. I’m missing you so much. For I want to feel what it is like to be near you once again. Hence, let us make this distance between us vanish at once.

97. Sometimes, thinking about you brings me unimaginable pain, cause all I can hold on to are profound memories of you. I need you here with me, my baby.

98. It’s a privilege to be loved in return. I hope I never lose this rare gift of love. Though I’m here missing you like you were my breath.

99. I desire to make new memories with you, for the old ones have faded away like beauty. I love to miss you, my darling.

100. I urge you to come around. For I am sickened by your absence. Lonely tears have taken over my poor soul.

With the help of these trending thinking of you messages for him, you can be sure to have your lover wanting you just as you desire him.

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