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2024 Emotional Birthday Wishes for Ex Girlfriend

Sometimes, the end of a phase is not always the end, it’s a transition to a better phase. The end of a relationship should not mean the end of how we value the one we once claimed to love. Every relationship has its usefulness. So, appreciate the lessons learnt, who you have become and the good memories.

Birthday means a lot to everyone born of a woman. It reminds us of how far we have come, what we still have left to overcome and how to become much better.

Ex or not, send only heartfelt wishes on such a special day. Hard to find such messages? Not to worry, below are emotional birthday wishes for ex girlfriend.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Your Ex Girlfriend

You want some emotional birthday wishes for Ex girlfriend? Check out these heart touching birthday messages and wishes for your ex girlfriend.

1. I already had great plans for today. I planned to spoil you silly with gifts, hugs and a great time that you would forever remember; but it’s no longer my place to put a smile on your face. It leaves my heart sad to know that I can no longer make you laugh as I used to. Today is all about you and although we are apart, I long to spend it with you. I long to create new memories that would dispel the unpleasant times we had and forever put some smoke on your face. Happy birthday, darling. I still love you very much.

2. I hate the fact that we had to break up. I understand that it was needed but I kind of feel like I lost my best friend and confidant. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and right all the wrongs I did. I wish I could have given you all the attention, devotion and respect you needed. I was selfish and I lost the best gift and person I ever had. You would always have a special spot in my heart. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you all the best.

3. If I could fix what is broke, I would. If I could journey the ends of the earth to make right my mistakes, I would. I would pay the price, no matter his costly, just to make amends and gain the love of my life back. I would always love you. I was a fool not to treat you like the queen you are. I know I messed up big time. I can only ask that you please give me another chance to make everything right. I would forever love you. Happy birthday, love of my life. Wishing you unlimited and unreserved joy and love.

4. I don’t want us to keep fighting or having hard feelings between us. We might never get back together but we could at least be friends. You are a remarkable woman and I am sorry I broke your heart with my insensitivity. I could never be the man you wanted me to be and so it was best for me to let go. I just want you to know I adore and cherish the times we had. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

5. You are an embodiment of goodness. You are beautiful inside and outside. Your birthday is another chance to celebrate how awesome you are. I appreciate all you did just to see that I grow and become a better man. You would always be special to me. Happy birthday, dear.

6. Always keep believing the best of everyone and yourself. I wasn’t the best for you and that’s why I had to leave. Don’t let the past erode the joy of today or make you blind to the beauty of the present. It is a moment of joy and celebration. Enjoy all the seconds of the day and end the day with remarkable memories and awesome moments. I wish you long life, endless laughter and blissful time, now and always.

7. I wish you all that you require to be happy and truly joyful. If no one else deserves a happy existence, you do. I never would have come out stronger or better if I didn’t have you by my side. You are a strong woman and I was a fool not to properly appreciate that fact. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

8. Happy birthday, dearest ex. I wish I could still gaze at the stars with you. It is one experience I would never forget. We made our shares of mistakes and lost what we shared but I gained a wonderful friend. I am happy, we both came out stronger and better. I am sorry for my wrongs and want you to know, that I wish you well. Happy birthday, dear.

9. Happy birthday, darling ex. As you celebrate, make new memories that would strong enough to dispel the sad ones. You deserve happiness and I am sorry I brought sorrow to your heart. Time heals all wounds and I hope with time you could forgive my ignorance and naivety. Keep being the outstanding lady I know. Have a wonderful celebration.

10. Happy birthday, dearest ex. It’s sad that I have to describe you with that title. Our love was short but strong. I gained a lot from our brief relationship. It taught me what it means to be a man and to love a woman the right way. You would always be among my favourites persons in the world. I look forward to you, conquering and overtaking new territories. Keep shining.

11. Happy birthday, ex- girlfriend. A lot has changed between us, but I still wish you the very best life has to offer.

12. Thank you for broadening my thinking and expanding my horizon. I would always be grateful for the times we spent together. Happy birthday and keep breaking new grounds, dearie.

13. Every moment spent with you was a blessing to me and I would always be grateful for your love. Happy birthday, dear.

14. Thanks for all the happy memories and moments. It’s sad that things had to happen the way they did. I just want you to know that you would always be in my heart. I wish the very best, now and always. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

15. It hurts that you have moved on without me. All the same, I wish that you always stay happy and keep soaring in life. Happy birthday, beautiful.

16. You deserve better than what I could ever give you. I understand the need to move on, but my heart is still stuck in loving you. Have a blast, as you celebrate today. Happy birthday, beautiful.

17. Happy birthday, dearie. I miss hearing your voice and seeing the spark in your eyes. I wish the best of everything your heart longs for.

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18. You would always be my friend. It’s sad that our relationship didn’t work out, but I would hate to totally lose someone as amazing as you. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend.

19. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you success in all your dreams and pursuits in life. May you find love that enriches you in all areas of life. Happy birthday, dearie.

20. I miss what we had. It hurts so much to be separated from you. I know life goes on but I wish my life still had you in it. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend. I really miss you.

21. I appreciate every moment of happiness with you. I would always hold such memories very dearly. Happy birthday, dear. Keep being full of smiles.

22. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend. I wish you a memorable day with the best of memories. Don’t ever let anything make you wither. Keep being full of life.

23. Have the best birthday ever. Being there to celebrate with you would have made all the difference in my world, but I can’t. So make sure to have a swell time. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend.

24. I never thought I would have to spend time without you, but life happens. I miss you and all the wonderful times we shared, are forever treasured in my heart. Happy birthday, dearie. Thoughts of you still make my heart flutter.

25. You used to set my heart aflame and bring smiles to my face with just your presence but not anymore. I am grateful for what we had and I wish you the best moving forward. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend.

26. Make sure to have a swell time celebrating today, it’s your day. Don’t spend the time sulking. I have moved on and so should you. Happy birthday, dearie.

27. I miss the inside jokes we used to share. I wish you nothing but the very best. You deserve happiness and true love and I hope you find it. No one deserves it more than you. Happy birthday, dear.

28. I still can’t understand how love could become war and passion, disinterest. I keep trying to find out what went wrong and I come up blank. I guess it’s all the little things we avoided saying which compounded to become unresolvable issues. I wish we could go back and make things better. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish you a wonderful celebration.

29. Make sure to live your dreams. I may not be with you, but my warmest wishes are always for you. Have a blast. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend.

30. Falling in love with you has been among the best experiences I have ever had. I hate that we lost what we had but I cherish who I have become from being with you. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend.

31. Life gave me, you and for that, I would always be eternally grateful. I miss what we had but I wish you the very best. You are truly amazing. Have a happy birthday, dear.

32. Keep smiling and always stay beautiful. I miss us, but I am glad that you have moved on to become a better you. Never relent on being the best version of yourself. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend.

33. You always knew show to calm me down and erase my worries. I still miss you and hope for a second chance. Have a beautiful birthday, darling. I love you.

34. I am grateful to God that our paths crossed. I don’t know who I would have brought without you. You are truly amazing. Any man would be lucky to call you his own. I am just sad that man would never be me. Happy birthday, dearie.

35. Go out, have fun and celebrate today. It’s a special day because it is the day you were born. You would always be special to me. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend.

36. I thank God for preserving your life and enabling you celebrate today on sound health. I wish you the very best. Happy birthday, dearie.

37. I want you to always be happy, regardless of what happened between us. Celebrate today. Get out of your comfort zone and truly have fun. Happy birthday, dear ex.

38. It’s hard to live life without you but that’s what it is. I miss you and I miss us. Have a happy birthday, darling. Just know that I would always love you.

39. May your life always be full of joy and happiness. My greatest wishes to you are a happy and well-fulfilled life full of love and sound health. Happy birthday, dearie.

40. No one could ever replace you in my heart and life. I would always cherish what we had because it taught me the true meaning of love. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

41. I didn’t know what love was till I met you and for that, I would be forever grateful. Thanks for helping me be true to myself. I love you and always wish you the best. Happy birthday, dearie.

42. I don’t want this to be awkward but I love you very much and want only the best for you. You are an angel and angels only deserve the best of everything. Happy birthday, dear.

43. Happy birthday to a charming and remarkable lady. You would always have a piece of my heart and love.

44. Every day, I miss your smiles, hugs and touch. It’s hard knowing you are no longer mine. Today is all about you, so enjoy and have a great time. Happy birthday, dear ex.

45. You used to make my world go round, now all it does is standstill. I can change the past but I hope that the future brings you the truest and purest of love. You deserve that much. Happy birthday, dearie.

46. I wish you would understand that it wasn’t your fault. It just happened, so forgive yourself because I have forgiven you. Happy birthday, dearie. Always keep smiling.

47. Happy birthday, dearest ex. It’s your day, once again. Have a merry time and a grand celebration. I wish you well in all your pursuits and dreams.

48. Sadly, you could betray what we had. I really loved you but you broke my heart into a million pieces and my trust. Happy birthday and have a grand time. I wish you well, now and always.

49. You were simply the best. Sometimes, giving your best is not enough. It’s sad but true. I would always love you. Thank you for leaving me with awesome memories. I would always love you. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

50. I have no regrets because you have become a great woman. I am proud of who you have become. Happy birthday, dearie.

51. Happy birthday, dearest ex. I wish in this day, you find someone who values and cherishes the jewel you are. Never settle for less than you are worth. Have a great celebration.

52. You have become an amazing woman. Never let anything stop your shine and smile. Seize the day and paint the town red. Have a grand celebration. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

54. I wish you blessings as endless as the oceans and success even to the highest pinnacle of success possible. Remain charming and forever relevant. Happy birthday, my dear friend and ex-lover.

55. You still matter to me. I wish you a lifetime of health and wealth, sprinkled with joy that circumstances can’t change. Happy birthday, dearie.

56. I want you to be the very best in all you do. We may not be together anymore but I am always cheering for you. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend.

57. The girl with the dazzling smile and sauce. I miss your smiles and wonderful laughs. It’s still hard to believe that you are no longer mine. Happy birthday, baby girl. Have a swell time.

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58. Wishing you all the love you deserve and so much more. Have a blast. Happy birthday, darling. With special much love from this end.

59. We had so much great times that even if I wanted to hate, it just won’t be possible to do so. You are amazing. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman.

60. I hate that I can’t hold your hands, stare at your face and sing you a heartfelt birthday song. So, I am sending a wish of love, prosperity and joy. Happy birthday, dearie.

61. Days go by slowly now. It’s like being in a trance. Happy birthday to the one that got away. You would be special in my heart.

62. It is a day of wonderful moments, hugs and kisses from those who care about you. Let’ go of yourself, just a little and have enough fun. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

63. Happy birthday, ex girlfriend. It sometimes feels like a dream to know we were once together but now, no more. Don’t let anything ever be strong enough to take away your smile.

64. Your smile lights up my heart in a million different ways. I still believe in us. Someday, we would have our time again. Happy birthday, darling. You are always on my mind.

65. Never have I loved anyone the way I loved you and I am glad for the opportunity to do so. Happy birthday, darling. I could never love you less.

66. I hurt but I am happy that you have risen above your limitations and carved a niche for yourself in the world. Keep conquering. Happy birthday, dearie.

67. Ours is not the best romantic story but it is one that would forever be cherished by me. Happy birthday, sweetie. Have a wonderful celebration.

68. Just because we are not together anymore, it doesn’t mean I won’t look out for you. I wish that you succeed in every sense of the word and be in good health always. Happy birthday, darling.

69. Today, I am reminded in more ways than I could count, of how amazing it was to know you and have you in my life. I am the man I am because of you. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

70. You would always matter in my heart. I wish I could erect a statue to represent a symbol of our love. It would forever be cherished because my heart would always cherish you. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

71. The world is not as bright as it used to be because you are absent from my world. My love for you remains and it is stronger than ever. I miss you. Happy birthday, my love.

72. Enjoy your day, dearie. Happy birthday to the beauty with the sauce. You would always be among my favourite persons. Have a blast.

73. I would forever remember the day of your birth and be glad I came across someone as amazing and wonderful as you. You are forever in my heart. I love you, now and always. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

74. I am privileged to still be your friend, despite all the mistakes we made and all we have been through. You have always been a blessing to me and would forever remain so. Happy birthday, dearie.

75. Wishing you, joy and blessings that are indescribable. Stay generous and kind-hearted as you’ve always been. Thanks for being a blessing to me. Happy birthday, dear.

76. I would never forget the day a wise beauty was born. We might not be together but what we had was blissful while it lasted. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend.

77. Happy birthday and be sure to have a splendid time. The world is blessed to have someone as gracious as you living in it.

78. You are simply unique and irreplaceable. There would never be anyone like you. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

79. Happy birthday, my sweet ex. You thought me what it means to love myself and show me the importance of self-love. You also taught me how to love another human being. You were not just my lover, you are still my best friend.

80. I bless God, every day, for creating an angel as beautiful as wise as you and allowing you be in my life. I miss what we had but I am grateful for the gift of being able to love you and be loved by you. Happy birthday, dearie.

81. I wish you a lifetime of peace and true love because that’s you deserve for being so unique and sweet. Happy birthday, dearie.

82. I value our relationship more than any I have ever had because it was based on true friendship. I am truly grateful for that. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

83. Happy birthday, shining beauty. I cants love you less. You would always be a jewel in my eyes.

84. Happy birthday, dearest ex. If all the wishes in the world were to be exhausted, they still won’t be enough to truly convey the depth of my wishes for you. I would always wish you well.

85. For all the awesome memories you gave me and your belief in me and my dreams, I say a big thank you. I would never forget you and your love. Happy birthday, dearie.

86. No woman I have met has been as enchanting and blessed as you are. May true love find you and sweep you off your feet. Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t know how to cherish the woman you are. Happy birthday, dearie.

87. You brought focus and direction to my life, thereby enabling to be the man I have become. I reminisce on what we had and I am truly humbled. You deserve the best always. Happy birthday, dear ex.

88. Happy birthday to a woman who shines brighter than diamonds. May all that’s good and blessed locate you.

89. You are one in a million and your man is blessed to have you. Keep soaring and conquering the world, now and always. Happy birthday, my darling ex.

90. Your existence is a gift to mankind and a blessing to any man smart enough to make you his own. You are simply a blessing. Thanks for always being sweet and generous. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You rock.

91. I wish I was Doctor Strange and I could time travel. I would reverse the time, so I could kiss you and wish you a happy birthday sealer with the best of kisses. Happy birthday, ex. Mankind is blessed because you exist.

92. I pray that this new age brings nothing but unlimited smiles yo your face, joy to your heart and money to your account. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend.

93. I don’t have any regrets in knowing you or loving you. Thanks for letting me love you. Happy birthday, dear. You would always be dear to my heart.

94. Happy birthday, sweet ex. I lost a lover but gained a wonderful friend. You are amazing and I could never stop appreciating the woman you are. Keep soaring and breaking new grounds.

95. You are truly exceptional, and for that reason, very unforgettable. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend. I wish you unrestricted success.

96. May love find you and envelope you as you begin this new age. Thanks for being my flashlight during the darkest period of my life. You deserve the best of the best, always. Happy birthday, dearest ex girlfriend.

97. I wish I could mend the cracks in our love and fix what is broken. If I could turn back the hand of time, I would love you as my life depends on it. Happy birthday, sweet ex.

98. Happy birthday, dearie. I wish I could spend the whole day just looking at you and appreciating God’s work of art, but that’s is for someone else now. Happy birthday, my darling.

99. You are the reason I am the man I have become. No one else would ever be able to touch my heart and leave their mark as you’ve done. I wish I could correct my mistakes. I love you, still. Happy birthday, dearest ex.

100. My heart is bleeding because it is broken. I wronged you and destroyed us but I would be glad for a second chance to fix my wrongs. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

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