Aikido Quotes and Sayings

Aikido Quotes and Sayings

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that originated in the early 20th century. It is known for its flowing movements and circular techniques, which make it hard for opponents to grab onto or strike the practitioner.

The goal of aikido is not to defeat an opponent through force but rather through blending with their movements. Aikido practitioners learn to use their opponent’s energy against them, redirecting their momentum so that they fall naturally. Aikido is practised worldwide and is one of Japan’s most popular martial arts today.

Aikido is an art that emphasizes the use of throws and pins, joint locks and chokes to control or neutralize an attacker. Aikido also stresses spiritual growth through study and practice during training drills.

If you love aikido, this list of aikido quotes and sayings will get you thinking about what it is. It will also help you define clearly in your mind what role this martial art should play in your existence. Let’s get started!

Aikido Quotes and Sayings

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that emphasizes harmony and peace. Aikido is the art of reconciliation. It is based on the principle that each individual has absolute dignity and value regardless of their social position, intellectual capacity, athletic ability or physical strength.

1. Aikido helps you stop thinking about what you’re doing to keep your attention on what you want to accomplish.

2. Aikido is the samurai of the 21st century and is a way of non-violence.

3. Aikido is the gentle art of not hitting you.

4. Aikido is a way of life where your hands and feet are always moving.

5. Aikido is not a martial art. It is a religion.

6. Aikido is the art of unity with nature and life. Aikido is a way of being, not a style of fighting. It is a spiritual journey from learning how to avoid violence to learning how to embrace it.

7. To get the most out of aikido, you must learn to let go.

8. If aikido is the art of being in harmony with reality, then it’s easy to see why you don’t need much time to master it.

9. Aikido is like riding a bike: once you learn, you never forget.

10. Aikido is like a walk in the park, but with much less sweat.

11. Aikido isn’t just a martial art. It is an expression of the high value we place on human life.

12. Aikido is easy to learn and hard to master.

13. Aikido is about being present in the moment. I am here, this is me, and this is my body.

14. Aikido is a way of thinking that allows you to be yourself.

15. It is the warrior who uses no weapon and carries no shield, and conquers in aikido.

16. Aikido is not meant to defeat one’s opponent but to draw them out of their natural state and thus increase the harmony of all existence.

17. Aikido is like a brass knuckle punch to the face: it makes you feel better, but you’re still covered in bruises.

18. The true secret of aikido lies in what you don’t do.

19. The art of aikido is not about protecting ourselves but instead about protecting others.

20. When you have aikido practice, the enemy will be defeated in advance.

21. Aikido is the art of walking with a chest full of butterflies and a mouth full of bees.

22. I learned how to do Aikido to become peaceful. It’s never about winning or losing but learning how to live with losses.

23. Aikido is not just a martial art; it’s a way of life.

24. Aikido is the art of moving without punching.

25. When you feel like giving up, don’t. Aikido is a way of life that will always follow you around.

26. Aikido is the art of inner peace.

27. Aikido is about accepting the space between two people and allowing others to do the same.

28. The secret to aikido is that you must be relaxed before you can strike.

29. Life is an aikido move. You have to learn to move, not be swept up in it.

30. To succeed in aikido, you must be physically and mentally flexible.

31. Each punch, kick, and block is a moment of empowerment. Close your eyes and let the fight begin.

32. I don’t know much about aikido, but I know this: aikido is the most powerful form of self-defence I’ve ever encountered.

33. The art of aikido is a course in how to let go, relax and connect to the real you—no matter who else is around.

34. Aikido isn’t just a martial art; it’s a way of life.

35. Aikido is a practical way of life. You don’t have to live in harmony with swords and bows, but you might find that doing so makes you a better person.

36. Aikido is an art of non-violence. If you use it for violence there is no way to avoid injuring somebody or breaking something. That’s what I want to prove through my training.

37. The goal of aikido is to move with the force of nature and not against it.

38. Like aikido, a good sense of humour keeps us grounded and helps us stay focused on our goals.

39. Aikido can tame your anger and frustration, could help you get along with your family and friends, and could even make you a better person in some other ways.

40. Aikido is a form of self-defence that utilizes the attacker’s force against him/herself.

41. The power of aikido is not in a striking but rather in the way it returns to the centre of your body.

42. Aikido is not about fighting; it’s about walking away without a mark.

43. Aikido is a martial art designed to protect you from an attack.

44. Aikido is about finding your centre, not getting thrown.

45. Aikido is like a silent round of judo with no rules, no pads and no boxing gloves.

46. Aikido is the art of non-resistance. It’s the philosophy of harmony with nature and a great way to move through life without getting hurt.

47. The way of the aikido master is not to harm others but to help them. To love and protect them, even at the cost of your own life.

48. Life is aikido; the rest is just training.

49. The spirit of aikido is not confined by any form but can be applied in many ways.

50. Aikido is a very effective way of dealing with bullies, liars, and idiots.

51. I know this sounds a little crazy, but aikido has changed my life.

52. Let me know if you have any questions about the art of aikido.

53. Aikido is a martial art that teaches you to be relaxed in stressful situations.

54. Aikido is about unselfishness, not self-defence. It does not intend to hurt others but builds confidence in the peaceful spirit that can overcome even the strongest enemies.

55. What is Aikido? It’s like a drug. The more you practice it, the harder it gets. I know.

56. Here’s aikido: the art of way-cooling yourself off.

57. The perfect marriage of calm and peace: the art of Aikido.

58. Aikido is a beautiful and elegant way of life. It’s the art of peace and harmony.

59. Aikido is not just a martial art. It’s not just a way to develop self-confidence and resolve conflict—it’s also a philosophy of life.

60. In aikido, the enemy is not always evil. It is an idea, emotion or weapon you might need to use for your self-defence.

61. Aikido is not about the outcome but the journey.

62. Aikido is the art of moving forward, not allowing yourself to be pushed back.

63. Aikido is a path that leads to the realization of peace and harmony.

64. The universe has created the most graceful art: aikido.

65. Aikido is the art of making a circle. Never underestimate the power of aikido.

66. Make aikido your best friend, and the rest will fall into place.

67. In the art of Aikido, you don’t have to be an expert fighter to beat an expert fighter. You have to know how to undermine them.

68. Aikido is a way of life that promotes self-control and peace of mind.

69. Aikido is a way of life, not just an art.

70. Aikido is a way of moving that harmonizes with life, not just opponents. You can have a lot of fun doing it.

71. Aikido is the art of gentle movement. It is a way to embrace life.

72. I would like to introduce you to the most underrated form of martial art: Aikido. It is a great way to relax and work on self-control to be more present and focused in your day-to-day life.

73. It’s not whether you win or lose but how you play the game. Aikido is a system of self-protection using non-violent techniques.

74. Aikido is the path to peace and harmony with life!

75. In aikido, you don’t have to be strong. You have to be right.

76. Aikido is about finding a rhythm, not fighting it.

77. The more you practice Aikido, the more you will understand how to live in harmony with your surroundings and the world around you.

78. Aikido is a way of loving—a way of being kind and gentle with yourself, others, and your world. From the first moment you decide to practice aikido, you commit to grow as a person—body, mind and spirit.

79. When struggling in Aikido, staying still is the best thing to do.

80. Aikido is the art of movement through the power of non-resistance.

81. I don’t know, but I do know this: Aikido just got real, and it’s good for the soul.

82. Aikido is the most powerful non-violent form of self-defence. It’s a way to defeat your attacker without leaving the ground.

83. Aikido is a peaceful way to master your chaotic mind.

84. Aikido is about people, not techniques. It’s about mind, body and spirit.

85. Aikido is the art of managing conflict rather than fighting it.

86. Aikido is a peaceful philosophy with practical applications.

87. This happens when your practice becomes your life—it’s aikido.

88. All Aikido is about peace with yourself and your surroundings.

89. Aikido is a way of life, not just a martial art.

90. Aikido doesn’t kill; it just prevents you from dying.

91. The path to finding inner peace is aikido.

92. There’s no need to hit anyone. It’s aikido, not judo.

93. Aikido is not about punching but flowing with life like a river.

94. Aikido is the art of turning thoughts away from the self and turning them inward.

95. In aikido, we look for the right way on target.

96. The art of aikido is not about fighting but about understanding the world around you. Learning to walk together with him/her is training your heart and mind.

97. Aikido is like a gentle wind. It touches the very soul of the practitioner and moves them to new depths.

98. Everyone who learns aikido becomes the most cautious person in their life.

99. Aikido is not a martial art. It’s an art that makes you perfect for whatever you face.

100. Aikido: the art of war without bloodshed.

101. The best recipe for happiness is aikido.

102. There’s no place for ego in aikido. You’re always helping someone else get stronger and never expecting any acknowledgement.

103. Aikido is to deal with conflict as a Japanese sword is to deal with an attacker

104. Aikido is the art of letting go of what you are not and becoming who you are.

105. Aikido is the art of uniting the body and mind with natural grace in harmony with life.

106. The key to aikido is not being thrown, and aikido is the art of being fully present.

107. I gave up trying to move the earth. I just focused on moving myself. Aikido

108. Aikido is like an onion: it looks pretty but is hard to peel.

109. When you fail at aikido, you never tried hard enough.

110. In aikido, every move is an opportunity to learn something new.

111. Aikido is a road to self-mastery through harmony with the universe.

112. Practice aikido, and you will learn how to be flexible.

113. Discipline, connection, and expression. It’s as simple as Aikido.

114. The only weapon that can defeat an enemy without killing him is the understanding that you have mastered aikido.

115. Aikido is the art of harmony through conflict.

One of the most rewarding things about the art of aikido is the potential to expand your knowledge and improve your skills with each new encounter. I hope you found these aikido quotes and sayings helpful. If you did, kindly leave a comment in the comment section below. Thanks.

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