Air Force Pilot Quotes

Air Force Pilot Quotes

Air Force pilots are trained to be in charge of the aircraft. They are responsible for the safety of their crew and equipment, as well as the people on the ground. It takes a lot of training and hard work to become an Air Force pilot.

Being an Air Force pilot is awesome, in part because it’s an amazing job that allows you to travel the world and do what you love. But it’s also a tough job with long hours, tight schedules and lots of responsibility.

Do you want to know more about air force pilots? I have compiled some of the best air force pilot quotes for you. Hopefully, by reading them, you can see all the sacrifices, grit, courage and great passion involved in being an air force pilot.

Air Force Pilot Quotes

Air Force pilots are some of the most elite warriors in the world. They fly planes that can travel at the speed of sound and they do so with the utmost precision. Air Force pilots are responsible for flying every type of aircraft in service with the Air Force.

1. Air force pilots are some of the rarest ones of the human breed. With their heart worn on their sleeves, they leave the ground for the air, all to ascertain victory for their country.

2. Flying would have been nothing but a dream, a man’s wistful sigh, if not for pilots to actualise it.

3. Our ancestors, during their search for roots and a place to call theirs, looked at the birds flying freely in the sky, unhindered and undisturbed and from there, pledged to share the sky with them someday. We have the pilots to thank for fulfilling our ancestor’s wishes.

4. Leaving gravity, handed over to the mercies of an air-filled metal and the agreement of the winds and flying over the nothingness of oceans and mountains to make history and record victory is something only a brave person can do and that’s why kudos goes to our air force pilots.

5. There are few professions that make a man a little more God-like than others, flying is one of them.

6. Piloting is not for everybody; they are methodical, calculative, and meticulous. It takes a lot of proactivity and working well under pressure to make a great air force pilot.

7. It’s cool to be a pilot. But the best of the lots are those who fly not just to get others to their destination safely, but to be at the right place, at the right time to ensure victory for the country and that’s exactly who air force pilots are.

8. Mere men gaze wistfully at stars as they twinkle in the sky, pilots become gods who fly up to commune with the stars.

9. Everyone dreams of flying over oceans and mountains but not everyone has the grit and heart for it, pilots actually do it and what more, they make the dreams of others also become a reality.

10. Successful pilots are not those that have flown the most but those that have expertly and skillfully weathered the worse storms and tempests.

11. Pilots are more logical than emotional, they must keep a cool head and act like ice runs through their veins to ensure the safety of everyone.

12. Air force pilots are 50% brave, 30% determined and 20% reckless. In summary, they’re awesome!

13. Air force pilots are great examples of those who decided to push their boundaries, test their limits, undertake difficult tasks and go beyond what they’ve already mastered.

14. Air force pilots are superheroes in a uniform.

15. Pilots are those who chose to fly for a living rather than work. They definitely made the best choice.

16. An air force pilot’s biggest fear is not of flying but of crashing!

17. To fly without feathers is the bravest thing to do!

18. Fly – Fight – Win. That’s what an air force pilot is about.

19. The aeroplane might fly due to its engine but he who keeps it up there – its soul – is the pilot.

20. Many people watch the clouds go by every day, and pilots fly above them.

21. Air force pilots achieve the impossible every day.

22. The best pilots are those who do not allow their expectations to lead but allow their training to take lead.

23. We all have wings, pilots use them every day.

24. The power of an air force pilot is best at play when it’s on the offensive.

25. A good air force pilot has everything working against him from the start; gravity, the wind, the enemy, etc but he lands safely nevertheless.

26. An air force pilot is motivated to fly, not because he hates who is in front of him but because he loves those he left behind and must not only be reunited with them but also do the same for other fighters who depend on him.

27. An air force pilot commands the cockpit but serves other fighters, their families and his country at large.

28. We owe our peaceful sleep at night to air force pilots and other fighters who deny themselves sleep to keep our peace intact.

29. It’s an old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword but now we know the pilot flies a special kind of sword and that’s definitely mightier than the pen.

30. Air force pilots are the first stop of ensuring that our peace and freedom are mightily and continually preserved.

31. Air force pilots record their heroism through small amounts of victories and a big dose of large hearts.

32. When air force pilots fly to war, they don’t do so in honour of war but in honour of their country and all they hold dearly beloved.

33. An air force pilot’s greatest weapon is his faith in freedom.

34. An air force pilot is considered a hero because he has sold himself to a cause much bigger than him.

35. Most of the successes recorded by pilots are heavily founded on a large pile of failure, grit, determination and a never-give-up attitude.

36. An air force pilot is considered a patriot not just for his heroic act of flying into the unknown but a sacrifice of his blood and life before leaving the soil.

37. Everyone who goes to war for his country is, a fighter but there’s only one warrior and that’s the airforce pilot for he will bring them back to their loved ones and to their country.

38. Air force pilots are heroes who sacrificed their peace and sanity for the freedom and tranquillity of others.

39. As far as land can continually provide air force pilots – the brave ones – the people will remain free.

40. An air force pilot, long after he has surmounted obstacles and brought back fighters – dead or alive – will forever remain cherished and enshrined in history and in the hearts of men.

41. Air force pilots’ plans dare, sweat, execute, and take spur-of-the-moment decisions so as to ensure that the freedom of others stays intact.

42. The spirit and morale that an air force pilot commands is surely bigger than the bird he flies.

43. A nation fraught with air force pilots and fighters is a nation ready to give up its independence and freedom.

44. The greatest weapon an air force pilot arms himself with is the will to win the war before it starts.

45. The nobility and capability of the air force army lie in the hand of its pilot.

46. An air force pilot perseveres and thrives on adversity.

47. An air force pilot is the best link of a country to its guarantee of peace.

48. For an air force pilot, excellence, skill and dexterity are the determining factors for a win.

48. An air force pilot has to give everything it takes; his skills, his freedom, his very life to ascertain the success and make history.

50. Mere men smell the sky, pilots have a taste of them every time they fly.

51. Air force pilots are not ice lords; they have fears of their own. But they push it to the very back of their mind and keep it locked there because they’re indeed responsible not only for themselves but for other lives.

52. Air force pilots are always problem-solvers, quick and effective in their methods.

53. Pilots are another breed of artists; the sky is their canvas and their plane is their paintbrushes.

54. Air force pilots are the next best thing, close to perfection.

55. Air force pilots are one of the few professionals whose motive or actions are not for the money nor the fame, it’s the passion blazing in their hearts that makes them fly the plane time and time again.

56. One of the greatest sacrifices of a man to his fellow mankind is that of an air force pilot; his life in exchange for others.

57. Air force pilots don’t only have to pilot fighters to safety, they also have to pilot their thoughts, fears and wishes into submission.

58. Air force pilots have made a pact with death because every time they fly to war, they brush the door of the afterlife.

59. Pilots are probably the only professionals who have their offices in the sky.

60. When you see a man walking with his face turned upwards, he’s most likely an air force pilot; there’s always a longing to return.

61. A successful air force pilot is one who thinks fast and acts faster.

62. Pilots keep the fear at bay to experience the joy of flying.

63. Air force pilots readily embrace the unknown, the inconceivable, the unexpected and the inevitable.

64. For an air force pilot, the war is won from the moment he starts putting a lot of energy, time and resource to ensure the battle is won.

65. An air force pilot needs a lot of training and dexterity and a good chunk of luck.

66. Aggressive spirit, spirited action and the passion of the hunter are the most formidable features of an air force pilot.

67. An air force pilot may be cocky, aggressive, has high self-esteem, rebellious and competitive in nature. To survive, they must possess these, but beneath the impregnable shell is a heart that beats with desire and passion for others’ lives and safety.

68. Air force pilots also have fears, only they don’t entertain them, instead, they put them to work.

69. When a fighter pilot enters the cockpit, he becomes another man; one who is devoid of emotion. Otherwise, he might not live to see another day and become the other part of himself again.

70. If you want to be free from prejudice, become an air force pilot, the sky is the venue.

71. Fancy training is all good but what keeps an air force pilot on the edge is the rough manoeuvre and proactiveness.

72. For every air force pilot, two things are never missing; bravery and discipline.

73. One of life’s great essence is to be able to do whatever you want in life; you either become rich or become a pilot.

74. Air force pilots don’t waste their time thinking of the risks involved, they just take the risks and concentrate on the results instead.

75. If you’ll crash, go down flying!

76. The team with the better chance of winning is one who has gotten an air force pilot, for he has the command of the air.

77. All men are insane; air force pilots are just more in touch with that part of them than others.

78. Air force pilots willfully let go of their safety for the devotion to a higher cause.

79. Pilots get their big dreams to take off the ground literally.

80. Pilots will rather fly than walk, walking seems alien to them most times. Whatever injury they sustain, they mostly do while on the ground than in the air.

81. To most people, the sky is the limit. To pilots, the sky is their home and starting point.

82. Air force pilots are synonymous with patriotism and honour, bravery and commitment.

83. An air force pilot develops an iron-clad character, intuition and a natural yen to help others on the job.

84. Air force pilots are good examples of those who went from “I wish I can do this” to “I can do this” and then rose above “I will do it” to “I am doing it”.

85. An air force pilot proves to us that we can, achieve the impossible when our will meets the right tool.

86. Air force pilots never doubted they could fly, unless, they won’t be one.

87. Time flies so well, and so does the air force pilot.

88. The exhilarating feeling of excitement mingled with peace that only the sky gives is one of the reasons pilots don’t last long on the ground but desire to be once again, up in the air.

89. Flying is the best equaliser; it doesn’t care for your status, all it cares about is that you do great at your job and don’t disappoint those counting on you for safety.

90. Those who have seen the curvature of the earth and other sights not seen by mere man are definitely pilots firstly before others.

91. What may actually keep an air force pilot alive maybe his fear of dying.

92. If you never try walking, you’ll never know if you can fly.

93. Mentality is everything for an air force pilot; he must never go to war with an ounce of fear of losing.

94. Air fighters without an air force pilot are like a cook without a kitchen.

95. Instinct is the bane of survival for an air force pilot; he must always be in tune with his instinct.

96. Air force pilots fight until there is no more fuel, blood and the heart stops beating.

97. Man will die anyway, so won’t it be cool to do in the sky, your body free to fly and your soul free to soar into bliss?

98. Air force pilots fly for three main things; God, country and the thrill of it.

99. Air force pilots are exemplary models of giving it all it takes and then some more, reaching for the stars and getting the moon and turning fantasy into reality.

100. Air force pilots will always hold a special place in the heart of their nation; dead or alive.

Air force pilots do so much; putting themselves on the back burner for others. We hope we have been able to show you why they deserve appreciation with these beautiful air force pilot quotes.

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