Always Sad Quotes

Always Sad Quotes

There are a lot of reasons why someone can be sad. Sometimes, it’s because they’re dealing with a difficult situation. Other times, it’s because they don’t feel like they have anyone to talk to about what’s going on in their lives.

But when someone is always sad — when they’re constantly depressed and everything seems to be going wrong — it can be tough for them and for those around them.

It’s normal to feel sad from time to time, especially when you’re dealing with a difficult situation. But if your sadness is starting to interfere with your daily life, it might be a sign that you need to get help.

Sadness has many causes. Some people get depressed because they’ve experienced a traumatic event or loss. Others may feel depressed because of a medical condition such as an autoimmune disorder or thyroid disease. People who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety may also experience sadness as part of their illness.

Some people feel sad because they don’t have anyone to talk to about what’s going on in their lives — maybe they don’t feel comfortable talking about their problems with friends or family members, or perhaps they don’t have many close relationships at all. In some cases, this kind of sadness can also lead to mental health problems like anxiety or substance abuse problems.

But sometimes, we all need a little help to look into ourselves because it is not the easiest thing in the world to do. So, to help you achieve this, I have here always sad quotes that will help you understand, address and confront this emotion.

Always Sad Quotes

I am always sad. Sometimes, I understand why and other times I don’t. Sometimes, all I need are happy quotes and other times, I need a hug. Sometimes, I feel temporary relief and other times, nothing. The sadness is really overwhelming.

1. I’m always sad and unhappy. I’m so sad and lonely that I don’t even know if I can go on.

2. I am always sad and unhappy. I constantly feel down; I don’t feel good physically and mentally but I still have to go out in public. It’s like I am disguising it with a smile.

3. I’m so sad and unhappy. I don’t know what to do. I wish I could just wake up and stay happy. But I wake up, and it’s more like a constant sadness that consumes me.

4. I feel like I’m always sad, and I don’t have any reason to be. I honestly hate being sad, but I just can’t help it.

5. I’m always sad and unhappy. I’m not happy with my life and I just want to die. The only thing that keeps me going is having a dream of better things in my head, but they never come true.

6. I can’t believe I’m still sad and unhappy. I’ve got the blues! I feel like I’ll never be happy again.

7. I’d rather be sad and happy than sad all the time. And if I’m feeling sad, I’m going to make it better by remembering what’s good about my life.

8. I wish the day was finally here when I will stop to be sad about my life. I wish I knew why I always end up sad and depressed.

9. I’m tired of being sad, tired of feeling like I’m not good enough. I’ve been trying to prove myself all my life, and it’s time to stop.

10. I can’t be happy when all I hear is sadness around me. I don’t know how I’ll go on with this constant sadness hovering over my head.

11. I can’t go on anymore. Every time I try to do something good, it turns out bad. Everything hurts and aches to die.

12. I try to be happy, but everything just keeps making me more sad. I don’t know if I can even go on anymore.

13. I’m feeling so sad and lonely right now. I just want to end it all. Nothing works out for me, no matter how hard I try.

14. I don’t understand how my life got so bad. I try to say positive things and look on the bright side but that doesn’t seem to help. Maybe I’m just not meant to be happy.

15. I just want someone to understand how I feel. I want someone to see how alone and depressed I feel sometimes.

16. It never goes away; the feeling that nobody cares, that nobody loves me. I can’t escape the darkness and it consumes me every single day. I have no one to help me. I feel so alone.

17. I’m so depressed and sad that I don’t even know if death will end my suffering.

18. I don’t want to do anything today. I’m so lonely and rejected that I can’t even handle this. I cry all the time. Somebody, please help me.

19. I want to run and hide, but I’m too sad even for that. I feel so helpless and left out. I don’t know what to do anymore.

20. I’m thrown into an endless sea of despair, drowning in hopelessness and loneliness.

21. I feel so desolate, I have no idea what to do with the loneliness. I feel like no matter what I do I cannot cure my loneliness.

22. I feel like a shadow of the person I used to be. I can’t even get out of bed in the morning because there’s nothing to look forward to.

23. I’m so lonely that I don’t even know if I can go on. I’m desperately sad and alone.

24. I’m so alone that I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m in so much pain and can’t see any way out.

25. I am hurt, I am sad and in pain. I wish the pain didn’t exist. I don’t know how to go on, I just want to disappear.

26. I’m so alone that I don’t know how I’m going to face the world. I feel so empty. And I don’t know what to do with myself.

27. I’m so lonely that I don’t think I can keep going. I’ve been sad and all alone for far too long now. I don’t think I can keep going; my heart is broken.

28. I feel so alone, I don’t think I can keep going on. Nobody cares about me, nobody listens to me.

29. I ache every day, thinking of how lonely I am. I’m so sad that I question if life is worth living.

30. I’m so lonely that I don’t even want to be alive. I feel so alone, hurt, and sad. The pain of my aloneness is so great that I feel like I’m going to die.

31. I feel like I will never find happiness again. Things seem hopeless and my life feels worthless. I may as well give up now because nothing will ever get better.

32. The sadness and pain are more than I can bear. Some days, I think the world would be better off without me.

33. I have no friends and nobody to talk to. I can’t tell you why, but right now I don’t feel like making any effort. I’m devastated and sad.

34. I feel like I can’t go on, my pain hurts so much. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel.

35. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt happy. It’s hard to find anything that makes me happy.

36. My heart is broken. I’m so alone right now that I can’t go on. Please, please, please rescue me from this sadness!

37. I have suffered in my life. The pain and isolation that I face are unbearable. Sometimes, I wonder what life would be like without me.

38. I feel hurt, I feel sad. I am lonely and I don’t know how to cope.

39. Even when I try to reach out to friends and family, the pain of me being lonely is eating me up inside.

40. I’m feeling really sad and I’m pretty sure I can’t do this alone. I feel all alone.

41. I’m desperate for company and I know it’s not healthy for me to wallow in sadness like this, but loneliness has got me down.

42. The pain that I face is overwhelming. Sometimes I wonder if this life is worth living.

43. I feel so alone. I am more isolated than I have ever been before. I don’t know if I can keep living. I’m all alone in this world and I just want someone to help me.

44. I am in agony and alone. I don’t see how things will get better. I’ve considered suicide, but worry that my life doesn’t mean anything.

45. My friends and family don’t understand my pain. I feel alone, misunderstood, and useless. I can’t stand the way my life has become.

46. My life is filled with pain and despair. I can no longer face this life. How can one person survive with this much depression?

47. I feel alone so much of the time. I can’t take it. I’ve thought about ending the pain in the past.

48. Sometimes, I feel as though I’m disappearing from the inside out. The loneliness and sadness don’t go away.

49. I’m so sad and miserable and alone that I don’t know how much longer I can go on.

50. I’m so sad, upset, and crushed because I lost my job. It’s so stressful and I can’t sleep, can’t eat and don’t want to do anything. Being sick makes me feel like a burden on my family.

51. I’m really sad and I don’t feel happy. I’m depressed and I don’t know if I can keep going.

52. I am so sad and lonely that I can’t possibly keep going on. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

53. I’m sadder than the grim reaper. I’m so lonely that sometimes I wonder if I’m suffering.

54. Sometimes I feel so sad. I’m scared about the future. I feel like a failure, worthless and without hope.

55. I wish I could make myself feel better, but I don’t know how. I hate being sad. I want to feel good all the time.

In conclusion, if you are always sad, hopefully, these always sad quotes were relatable enough. Please do well to comment below and share also.

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