Amazing Weekend Quotes to Use in 2021

100+ Amazing Weekend Quotes to Use in 2024

Weekend are moments when friends and family forget all their worries and have a great time of fun.

These Awesome Weekend Quotes are giving life people who come from their very busy week and wish to unwind and relax.

Happy Weekend Wishes Quotes for Him or Her

Cute Happy Weekend Wishes and Quotes for Lovers to Use. Sweetest Happy Weekend Wishes and Quotes for Him or Her from the Heart.

1. The only Happy end that exists is weekEND. I wish it never ends.

2. When someone says “I wish you better days ahead”. I think Saturday and Sunday.

3. Freedom is described as ‘not having to set alarm for the next day ‘.

4. My best friend is here. She always wants to come to me. Weekend has come.

5. I want to protest. Two days are not for weekend. I need a day between Saturday and Sunday.

6. I want to do only one thing today. Just to wake up and stay in bed, that’s all.

7. Can we replay the weekend, I wasn’t set.

8. Leave all the adulthood baggage behind. It’s weekend, so sleep like a baby. Laugh and play like a child.

9. Weekend came sluggishly but it’s going speedily. Why?

10. No matter the stress of the week, weekend is here with the sweetest things. Enjoy!

11. Take time to invest in family relationships and friendships this weekend.

12. Doing something pointless is the point of weekend.

13. When we ask people how their weekend went, we do that so as to tell them about ours too. Not like we really care.

14. No matter how boring the weekdays were, weekend is here. Let beautiful things happen.

15. Happiness does not mean zero challenge. It is the ability to have fun on weekends regardless of any situation.

16. A healthy lifestyle is not just about good food. It includes taking time off work and enjoy the weekend.

17. To a weekend of bliss and laughter, cheers!

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18. Don’t wait for a perfect time to do the things you love. You can simply create a perfect weekend.

19. It’s time to forget about work, listen to some rock music. Happy weekend.

20. We need more days between Saturday and Sunday. Right.

21. Scientists have to come up with an explanation of why Monday is far from Saturday but Saturday is close to Monday.

22. Dear week, it is over between us. My favorite friend is here. Happy weekend.

23. I’m looking for my weekend. Did anyone find it?

24. It is time to spend lone time with my favorite person. I’d spend time with myself. Happy weekend.

25. Snap… has the weekend finished??

26. I can’t shout! I had a superb weekend!

27. Let the weekend continue, please!

28. Spend Saturday beside the beach. Spend Sunday hugging your bed.

29. Be reminded that here is your chance to refuel so as to be able to handle whatever the coming week brings.

30. Thank God it’s Sunday. Share this message with 7 people to get Sunday in the next 7 days. If you ignore, you will get Monday within 24 hours.

31. It’s an awesome weekend. Say no to calorie counting.

32. Here is to wish you an awesome weekend full of light and love.

33. Oh no! I don’t want this awesome Weekend to be over.

34. Have a refreshing weekend. Bliss.

35. Heads up! Weekend is coming!

36. Yesterday was Fri-yay. Today is Satur-yay. Tomorrow is Sun-yay. It’s an awesome weekend here.

37. Working all weekdays without weekends makes one weakened.

40. Recipe for an awesome weekend: stay in bed and read a book, binge on popcorn and ice-cream.

41. The most appealing F-word is Friday. It welcomes the weekend.

42. I’m allowed to be selfish with my time because it’s weekend. Airplane mode activated.

43. Leave work, let’s rock. It’s an awesome weekend.

44. Weekend to-do list: bake cookies while wearing pyjamas, watch Disney movies all day.

45. Be reminded that a few hours with nature can fix a lot of things. Have an awesome weekend.

46. The weekend is in love with you already, reciprocate it. Have an awesome weekend.

47. The weekend was too fast. Can we have a replay?

48. Every weekend is a blessing. Spend it with people who make you smile. Have an awesome weekend.

49. It’s Friday. Wear your bright smiles and stay awesome. Happy weekend.

50. The last time I was excited about the weekend was last weekend. I’m super excited because I’m about to have another awesome one.

51. Nature looks more beautiful on weekends. Mother Nature is in support of having awesome Weekend.

52. Weekends remain the time to create memories to last through the weekdays.

53. Get a serene location and lose yourself in the beauty of creation. Have an awesome weekend.

54. Create an awesome weekend so that Monday will be envious.

55. Peace doesn’t mean a noiseless place. But creating a peaceful space in your heart to enjoy an awesome weekend.

56. Dump all the worries of the past week and have an awesome weekend.

57. Let your weekend be awesome and lovely like the early morning sun. Have fun!

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58. Relaxing and having fun, these mark an awesome weekend. Cheers.

59. Happy times are days when you don’t have to set alarm for waking up. Happy weekend.

60. Shall we stop counting calories and enjoy this awesome Weekend?

61. You have spent five days working, now it is time to enjoy the time of your life. Welcome awesome Weekend.

62. Weekend loves to meet you, let the feeling be communal. Stay awesome

63. Let this weekend be awesome. Stay off Instagram and spend time with real people. Enjoy!

64. My favorite part of the week is the end of the week.

65. I wish you a weekend full of indescribable excitement.

66. Happy weekend. Read, play, laugh, be kind, be silly and just be awesome.

67. The week’s stress is over. It is time to refresh. Do have an awesome and refreshing weekend.

68. I wish you an amazing weekend. Get as much fun as you want and also plan for the coming week.

69. It is time to abound in thanksgiving to The Almighty for the successes of the past week. Have an awesome weekend.

70. You deserve a weekend of rest and sweetness. Go have it. Happy weekend.

71. You have been awesome all week long, you are sure the hardest worker in the city. No one deserves this weekend more than you do. Do have a beautiful one.

72. I wish you a weekend as awesome as you have made my week. Have a weekend full of beautiful dreams.

73. Cheers to love, light and peace. Have an awesome weekend.

74. Friday’s are cute. They come with sweet fragrance of weekend. I wish you an amazing weekend.

75. I am looking forward to an awesome weekend with an awesome being. See you soon.

76. I sent you a box full of kisses. Do unwrap and enjoy a weekend full of love.

77. Put the past behind. Set your eyes on the coming week. Prepare your heart to receive all its goodness. Happy weekend.

78. A few hours of unwinding can do a lot to your general well-being. Take time out to be awesome this weekend.

79. I look forward to having all of you to myself this weekend. It’s going to be awesome.

80. The weekend is all yours. Spend it doing things you enjoy. Cheers to awesome times.

81. I wish you prosperity in your life and success in all you do. Have a rich weekend.

82. I pray that peace floods your home. Have a beautiful weekend.

83. Rest is sweet after labor. I wish you a restful weekend.

84. I wish you a weekend that is as awesome as you. Enjoy.

85. I pray this weekend brings you hope and strength to achieve more than you ever did. Happy weekend.

86. I wish you a weekend full of beautiful dreams. You need a long sleep to achieve that. Enjoy.

87. May this weekend bring you answers to all your heart desires. Happy weekend.

88. Befriend your bed this weekend and have Sweet Dreams.

89. Don’t wait for a free time before you take some rest. Deliberately create one because you deserve it.

90. This weekend, spend time doing things that truly make you happy. Happy moods attract happy situations. I wish you an awesome happy weekend.

91. You deserve to have the most awesome time of your life. So calm down and enjoy. Happy weekend.

92. Nothing to say, other than that a hard worker deserves a long fun filled weekend. Please enjoy it

93. I want to wish an amazing person a type of weekend that’s just as amazing. Enjoy

94. Weekends end the workload of the whole week.

95. Spend quality time with your loved ones so that you can begin a new week with enough gladness of heart. Happy weekend.

96. Situations may not go as fun as we think but we can as well take time to dance and have fun.

97. Travel. Read. Party. Relax. Enjoy your weekend.

98. I wish you a weekend full of cheers. And I pray that Monday goes far away.

99. Every day is a gift. But every one wish days like Monday, Tuesday can be exchanged for Saturday.

100. Smell the roses. Breathe in fresh air. Enjoy nature. Enjoy your weekend.

101. Rainbows are beautiful while far away, just like weekends, but they disappear when we move closer.

102. Weekends clear away the worries of the week.

103. I wish you a weekend full of love and laughter.

104. Yay! We can oversleep. We can over-have-fun. It’s a beautiful weekend.

105. A bottle of wine, a bag of chips and your favorite movie. Let’s have a memorable weekend.

106. Staying stressed is a choice and staying sweet is a choice. Choose sweetness this weekend.

107. This weekend, go to the beach, go to the cinema and do whatever makes you happy. Have a great weekend.

108. Weekends don’t pay as much as weekdays. But the fun on weekends pay off.

109. A well-spent weekend is a wasted weekend. Do something pointless today!

110. You deserve the weekly holiday. Make the best use of it. Have an awesome fun filled weekend.

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