Be Your Own Woman Quotes

Be Your Own Woman Quotes

To be your own woman doesn’t mean arrogance, bitterness, or crudeness. Rather, it is coming into the full realization of your essence, accepting that you were made a woman for a reason, making your decisions and living unapologetically, and realizing that you have the willpower to be anything and everything you want.

To be a woman that is strong and self-assured means accepting that you won’t have it together all the time. It is accepting that your vulnerabilities and strengths make you whole and your journey full. It is accepting help when needed and acknowledging that you’ve had people on the way. It is also being strong for others while admitting that you don’t have all the answers.

These be your own woman quotes have been carefully selected to empower, encourage, motivate, and boost your confidence on this journey of daring to be different. Whether you’re newly trying to emancipate yourself or you need the motivation to stay true to yourself, the quotes below will sort you out nicely.

Be Your Own Woman Quotes and Sayings

Being your own woman often involves saying and doing things that are different from the norm. It also involves strength and courage to stay on the path you’ve chosen for yourself.

1. You may not understand how deep regret can run until you realize how you’ve lived your life for others without the thought of becoming your own woman.

2. Feeling lonely is common with deciding to be your own woman that isn’t ruled by society and taboos. However, when you start to feel that way, take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone.

3. A woman who knows her worth and is her own woman is never ashamed to admit when she stumbles. Because in stumbling, lessons are learned, and character is strongly forged.

4. You’ll know that you’re your own woman when you feel total freedom and not cornered by what society thinks of you or dictates as a result.

5. Not letting other people’s opinions dictate the outcome of your life and decisions is a sign of being your own woman.

6. A huge step to becoming your own woman is realizing that society will always have rules. It is beside the point of whether you’re a good or bad person.

7. A woman that is her own person is proud of the person she is and the point she’s at in her journey. She does this with full confidence that the future can only be better.

8. Part of being your own woman is acknowledging that people contributed to your success and that you didn’t get to this point totally by yourself. It is honesty and true strength and not weakness.

9. A strong woman always ties her sense of worth to the joy, lightness, and peace in her heart, not by the world’s standards.

10. When you face challenges with being your own woman, remember that you’re making the journey for you and thousand others coming behind.

11. Even when she faces loneliness, a self-assured woman remembers to stay true to her journey and to hold her head high up.

12. One of the clear signs of being your own woman is that you’ll experience fear now and then. It is your heart’s reaction to doing the abnormal.

13. Even when her heart shakes, a strong and confident woman remembers that her attitude and smile will help her through tough times.

14. When your heart questions the prevalent teachings and know-it-all answers, you’re well on your way to becoming your own woman.

15. There’ll be consequences for daring to speak and act out of the norm and to be your own woman. However, it’ll pay to remember that your heart and body are strong enough to carry you through.

16. Learning to go on even with the pain and criticisms goes a long way in setting you apart as a strong and confident woman.

17. The confirmations you need sometimes come while you’re feeling threatened, overwhelmed, and doubtful about your decision to be your own woman.

18. Beyond the societal fights, struggles, and solidarity, a strong woman remembers to take care of her body, health, and personal space.

19. When the pressures of being your own woman start to mount, remember that you’re much stronger than you think or give yourself credit for.

20. When you realize that you’re capable of the things you never thought possible and stronger than the current definition of yourself, you’re well on your way to becoming your own woman.

21. Someone who is her own woman is aware the fight isn’t necessarily with society but is within to constantly emancipate herself.

22. The easy steps to becoming your own woman are to make space in your heart and life for changes and run with action to become the person you want to be.

23. To be your own woman means realizing that you’re capable of more than you realize and can create change whenever you want.

24. One of the perks of deciding to be your own woman is how life suddenly becomes filled with possibilities in your eyes.

25. When the societal pressures will come on for daring to be your own woman, always remember that you have all the strength you’ll ever need on your inside.

26. Believing in yourself and daring to be your own woman requires a certain kind of craziness. If you’ve started the journey, then trust that you’ll be able to see it through.

27. Being your own woman will require you to believe a lot; because situations and society will test your convictions at every point.

28. To be your own woman isn’t pride or resentment towards society. It is to realize that you have so much to offer as a person and that society’s assigned roles are, at best, myopic.

29. A woman who is her own person always knows to push the distraction out of her mind. Her sole gaze is on her set goals and the actions that will take her there.

30. When you realize that you’re ready to finally start living a life that is vibrant and full of happiness, you’re well on your way to becoming your own woman.

31. To be your own woman is to realize that you’re a magnificent being regardless of your flaws. It is to realize that no matter how ugly the process will be, you’ll find gold in yourself afterwards.

32. A clear sign of an emancipated woman is being able to start making decisions that you take responsibility for and are proud of; without thought to what other people will do or say.

33. If you’re your own woman, you should readily embrace your vulnerabilities as much as you embrace your moments of strength. Both sides make you into a whole human being.

34. To be your own woman, start by embracing the lack of confidence and past that has brought you this far. Then find the strength and courage you need to change your life as you want.

35. Beyond society giving you reasons, you’ll also doubt yourself at certain times. However, it’ll help to realize that you have the potential and ability to enjoy infinite possibilities.

36. If you found the strength to be your own woman, then you have strategy, vision, and the strength to get any future you want.

37. There’s an adventurer in all of us. However, how willing are you to push the limits to embrace the journey to becoming our own woman?

38. To be your own woman means realizing that you have unequalled power, elegance, and courage to be whatever you want to be.

39. As a woman who dares to be different, it doesn’t matter when you can’t see things working out; because there’s an evergreen conviction and perseverance that’ll take you to where your dreams lay.

40. A confident and assured woman dares to take what she wants from life. There are minimal complaints and a lot of action on her part.

41. It is important to realize that society will demand and collect unendingly. But it’s also important to note that a strong woman that knows her worth will always change those dynamics.

42. Women who love themselves, are their own persons, and don’t conform to certain taboos, will always overcome, excel, and even inspire the people around them.

43. Being your own woman means you have to be strong and confident. It’ll take a lot of courage to make decisions by yourself and live without caring for other people’s opinions.

44. Being your own woman does open you up to experiences that are different, rich, liberating, and whole for you as a person.

45. Being your own woman takes a lot of courage, conviction, and strength. If you’re wondering how it’ll be, know that the world certainly needs more women along this line.

46. A strong woman realizes that she is truly the master of her own life and can decide to do with it as she wants. She sets her goals and isn’t afraid to pursue them!

47. As a lady who wants to be her own person, it’ll take courage, confidence, and many internal and external fights to stay true to yourself.

48. Association is important for a woman that wants to be her own person. It’ll help her stay true to her journey and shine the light for the people around her.

49. A challenging thing with being your own woman is that you are responsible for your decisions. It means that you have to live with your choices and not blame others when things go wrong.

50. Staying true to yourself and becoming your own woman is probably the most important thing you’ll do. Because it’ll affect everything you decide to do in your life.

It was a pleasure writing these be your own woman quotes; I hope they inspire you to be strong and confident.

Thank you for reading!

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