Best Friends Graduating Together Quotes

Best Friends Graduating Together Quotes

People get into school with all kinds of dreams and plans, and isn’t it beautiful that many actually have graduation with their best friends as one of their biggest dreams?

Go ahead and call it weird or mundane, but all some people really want, after all the hard time schooling comes with, is to hit that graduation stage with their favourite people, and that’s fine because all dreams matter, no matter how weird.

Here are best friends graduating together quotes, written from different points of view and definitely with you in mind.

So whether you’re the one who’s finally graduating from studying for midterms, cramming for tests, and drowning in a sea of papers, or you’re the friend or a family member of one who is, you can jump into this collection because it has something for you.

Quotes About Best Friends Graduating Together

“You finish your final exams, and you look around, and all you can think is, “I’m done.” Then you remember that you’ll be graduating together with your best friends, and you feel as excited as a little girl who just saw her birthday cake.”

1. We’ve survived the quarter-life crisis, and we’re wiser. We survived college together, and we’re graduating together. And today’s that graduation! Happy graduation to us.

2. Some dream about being the first to step on a planet outside the solar system. I dream of graduating with my best friends next to me.

3. Save the date! Your best friends are graduating… and so are you.

4. College is a four-year stretch where you live with your best friends, meet new people, share life-changing experiences, and hopefully graduate with your best friends.

5. We all dream of a future filled with endless freedom and endless possibilities. The day we finish our long journey to higher education is celebrated as one of the most important moments in our lives. Now, imagine finishing this journey with your best friends.

6. It’s fun chasing squad goals with your favourite people and exciting achieving them. Today, it’s congratulations to you and your best friends, because it’s graduation day and you are graduating together.

7. Best friends since third grade, through eighth grade, and in graduation.

8. I’m growing old with these people, and I’m excited to see who we will become. Today we will graduate together as best friends. Tomorrow, we do bigger things together.

9. From the moment they enter middle school, students look forward to this special time. Students like me look forward not only to this time but to it with our best friends. And here it is—graduation day!

10. Woohoo! It’s finally here! The end of a crazy time in college and the graduation of my best friends and me. It’s so surreal that we have made it this far together, through so many ups and downs. Here’s to the next chapter.

11. So grateful to have been a part of this amazing graduation experience with my best friends. I am looking forward to building on our little success and creating even bigger things going forward.

12. My best friends and I won’t all stand before the same employers, but at least we’ll graduate together!

13. It’s a tough journey, but we, the best friends who were born to graduate together on this day, did it! Such an accomplishment—we are graduating together! What a sweet way to end this chapter of our lives.

14. We faced maths and essay deadlines together. We’re graduating together. And we will face life outside school together. We’re best friends forever.

15. We’ve come so far together, even graduating together. It’s hard to believe and good to know. We did it, and we’re heading in a new direction from now on, together.

16. Three things. First, you’ve been there with me every step of the way: studying, creating, and growing right along with me. Second, we’re graduating together. Third, well… you’re just the best.

17. We’re so excited to be graduating together, my best friends and I, and we can’t wait to be out in the bigger world, meeting new people, and discovering new opportunities.

18. You’re my best friends, my study buddies, my confidants. You’re the ones who know me best and has been there for me — always. And I’m glad we’re graduating together.

19. Wild, weird, and wonderful four years! We’re finally going out of college, still best friends, graduating together.

20. So excited for this special day. Not because I’m graduating from college and meeting my soul mate immediately. But because I’m graduating together with my best friends.

21. Inarguably, there has never been a day like today when my best friends and I wore graduation gowns on the same day, so I’m sure I’ll remember it forever.

22. It’s hard to say goodbye to my best friends, especially after graduating together, but I know that we will grow because of this. Good luck to the class and to the gods I call my friends.

23. Well, I’m at the end of the road, and I am here with the best friends a human can wish for. We know it’s been a heck of a journey. And isn’t it clear how amazing did we turned out!

24. I’m graduating with the craziest, coolest kids in the world—my friends! Isn’t it safe to say the Earth is shaped like a cake today?

25. Tell those who feared I wouldn’t meet amazing people in college that I’m graduating with the most amazing people this college ever had in it—my best friends.

26. Fun-loving, crazy, ambitious, and cute; these are words I use to describe some of my fellow graduands who just happen to be my best friends.

27. You’ll probably have more fun than the universe has ever seen on your graduation, but not as much as I’ll have on mine because I’m graduating together with my best friends, and you’re not.

28. You know the graduation party is going to be as wild as a bachelor’s party when you’re graduating together with your best friends.

29. I want to graduate with my best friends, so I’ll be surrounded by an eclectic, inclusive, and supportive bunch of awesome people who love me madly on my graduation.

30. I have looked for a feeling sweeter than that which comes from going through your yearbook and seeing your best friends in it. I haven’t found it. Graduating together with your best friends is the best!

31. You did great! Congrats on graduating with your best friends from the best school around. You guys worked hard, and it paid off.

32. I look forward to enjoying the company of the people who make me laugh the hardest, my best friends, as we graduate together from this hellish school to a heavenly life outside school!

33. We’ve been there for each other since day one and since class one—and will be until the end. Let’s enjoy our graduation together.

34. Whoo! I can’t believe we made it to the end of this college together. None of our skins cracked from all that intense writing during those final weeks. And now, here we are, finished and ready to advance in our careers.

35. After four intense years of breathing the air in this school and studying in a dorm, we are leaving this place behind and moving forward, and we’re graduating together!

\ I’m so excited because my best friends, the people that I love more than anything else in the world and the people who have done so much for me over the past three years, are all graduating together this year. Hooray!\

36. Graduation is a milestone for every high school student. It marks our passage from the carefree days of childhood to a new chapter of adult life. It can be scary when you think about it, but it’s definitely much more fun going through it with your best friends.

37. College is done. My best friends and I went through it together! We’ll graduate together, and then it’s time to enjoy new adventures, time to soak in the freedom and excitement of being an adult.

38. For the first time in four years, my best friends and I will get to enjoy a world without final exams ahead of us, long nights at the library, and constant stress. What’s more exciting is that we’re graduating together.

39. I can’t believe we’ve finished another year and our final year at this hellish university! It feels like just 24 hours ago when we were freshmen. We have so many memories over the last four years!

40. Best friends graduating together should change their profile pictures and updates to state: best friends going separate ways in life.

41. The best friends that graduate together with us aren’t always the ones we start off with in freshman year.

42. My BFFs and I are graduating together. We’ve been through everything together—middle school, high school, and now college. We’re ready to conquer the world together too! Here’s to best friends forever.

43. It’s my BFF’s and my big day! We’re both graduating from college next week, and we’re feeling great! Here’s to us throwing the best graduation party ever.

44. When it comes to long-lasting friendship, count my best friends and me in. We’ve been side by side from the moment our feet hit the pavement of the elementary school playground. Look at us – after all these years – we’re still going strong! It’s graduation day, and we’re graduating together.

45. my best friends and I are ready to graduate from high school. We’re forgetting about who’s going to college this fall and who’s staying in the area to work. We just want to celebrate and create Instagram-able memories.

46. When a group of friends graduate from the same school, it’s a cause for celebration.

47. There’s a beautiful picture in my head right now. It’s one of my best friends and me walking across the stage at graduation. In it, I can see how much we’ve both grown. We’re lucky to have each other.

48. My best friends and I are about to walk across this graduation stage together, and I can’t wait for all the sweet adventures that lie ahead.

49. We’re about to walk across this stage together as best friends. There are so many possibilities of where we can go after college, with our lives and careers. I can’t wait to see what’s next with you, and I am so grateful that we had this time together in college.

50. We’re about to dance out of high school together. I can’t wait for all the new things we will learn and all the cool places we will go.

51. We are about to finally graduate from high school. With a year filled with lots of memories and experiences as best friends, we’re about to walk across the stage and be called graduates.

52. One of my high school dreams — graduating with my best friends — is turning into reality. Isn’t that a sign that more of our high school dreams will come true?

53. Before we knew it, it was the end of senior year and finally a chance to always put friendship before books. I’m glad we’re graduating together!

54. It’s the beginning of a sweet new chapter, and we can’t wait to see what the future will serve us, individually and together! Congrats on finishing school to us!

55. Congratulations on finishing school and graduation to my best friends and me. We’re so excited to be celebrating these accomplishments together. Here’s to the future!

56. Graduation with your best friends is extra exciting. It makes walking the stage feels like walking down the aisle. Here’s to bigger things together.

57. Let the pride of graduating and the excitement of graduating with my best friend show all over me. This day is one I will never forget.

58. Congratulations on your graduation! I’m so excited you have your best friends graduating with you because I know you wanted that! And I am itching to see what life has in store for all of you.

59. Dear self, later you’ll bother about landing a spot at your dream school. For now, just enjoy graduating together with your best friends.

60. I can’t tell you how proud I am to see all of you make it this far. I know you all worked extra hard to get here, but that makes it even more special. Congratulations on graduating with your best friends.

61. Graduation day is here, and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you, then spend the next eighty years telling the world that I graduated with my best friends.

62. I am so proud of what we have achieved, and I’m glad we have come this far together. I want to thank you for all your hard work because, without it, we won’t be graduating together. I wish every one of us the most wonderful future imaginable.

63. So proud of the four of us! I can’t believe we’ve made it to the finish line together. Here’s to the next chapter.

64. All across the country, parents and students are gathering to celebrate the start of a new journey in the life of graduating students. Here I am with my best friends, and we’re graduating together.

65. Mind on the future, but with plenty of fond memories, it’s graduation day, and it’s extra special to me because I’m graduating with my best friends.

66. We know we’ve worked hard, and we know there’s nothing more we look forward to as much as graduating together!

67. Today is graduation day. Who’s walking onto that stage not alone but with her best friends by her side? Me!

68. I will sit on the stage looking at the crowd of proud faces. My best friends will sit beside me in their cap and gowns, waiting for a memorable graduation day.

69. The sun shines brighter on graduation day when a student that is as bright as it is graduating together with his best friends.

70. Graduation day is a special day for every little kid like me with dreams to graduate together with their best friends.

71. I’ll walk across that stage without fear, with my friends coming up alongside me. We will enter the real world, but it won’t feel so real after all because we’re not only graduating together but going through life together.

72. High school is finally over. From here on out, it’s all about the fun. But the most exciting thing about this graduation day is my special day and also that of my best friends.

73. So happy to be graduating from college and so happy that my best friends and I have the opportunity to graduate and embark on a grand adventure through life together.

74. My best friends and I are very happy to have been accepted by the same university and to be graduating from the same university a few hellish years later.

75. We are all so happy to be graduating from university and starting our journey of success together, my best friends and me.

76. We are graduating from university and couldn’t be happier. We were best friends before the rave and have been ever since. Sure, we got distracted by the pre-drinks, but we are all graduating together.

77. I can’t believe I’m finally graduating from university and that my best friends are graduating too. It’s time to change my Facebook status to “graduated” and make sure my best friends do the same.

78. There are many things I can’t help but love about my best friends and me: our strengths and our loyalty to ourselves. And when we go through phases together, it’s sweet, like college. Today’s our graduation!

79. What a graduation gift—my best friends are becoming graduates on the same day as me! I still accept other gifts, though.

80. I feel so blessed to be graduating with my loyal and supportive friends.

81. I can’t wait to see my best friends one last time at our graduation before we all leave for our next chapters in life.

82. I am so proud to finally be done with such challenging years at school. I feel so lucky to have accomplished something that my friends and loved ones support me in. And guess who’s graduating with his best friends? Me!

83. It’s finally happening. Everyone is crossing the stage, collecting their diplomas and moving on to the next phase of life. I feel blessed to be graduating with my best friends.

84. Maybe only two per cent of the world’s population were fortunate to graduate together with their best friends. Maybe not. But count me when you count those who enjoyed that experience.

85. I’m so glad I was able to spend so much time with you, and I’m proud we’re leaving for the outside world together! Here’s to us and to graduating together!

86. If there’s someone who just got news of him inheriting a piece of heaven, tell him I have more exciting news: my friends and I are graduating together!

87. About this excitement, it’s not because my friends and I just got unrestricted access to our favourite place. I’m just so excited to finally be graduating with my friends. This is going to be an incredible experience.

88. Aren’t you excited to graduate together with your best friends? You are going to have an amazing time.

89. Congrats on graduating! Not just to you, but also to your unforgettable group of friends. There’s a stage for you to walk together. Go do it.

90. We did it! We’ve made it to the end of our time together in school, and we couldn’t have done it without any one of us. It’s our graduation!

91. It’s been a long journey of fun with my best friends through college, but does anything gets more fun than graduating with them?

92. When they say “congratulations to our alumni”, they’re not just talking to the class, but also to my best friends and me.

93. The event we’ve all been waiting for is finally here: graduation! Today, we’ll graduate together. Tomorrow, we’ll attend the same university together. And after that, we’ll do bigger things together.

94. There’s no rule that says you must take selfies at graduation, but you must if you’re graduating with your best friends.

95. It’s not just an event that puts my best friends and me in the centre of the picture. It’s graduation, and we can’t wait for it!

96. College is stressful, but graduating together with your best friends is enough compensation for going through the stress.

\ I’m so excited! I just received a letter from the university offering my friends and me a chance to graduate together. Of course, I’m thrilled. No more late nights cramming for finals. No more stupid stress about lost assignments. This is great news for all of us. They are just as excited as I am!\

97. I can’t wait to play graduation music and get my diploma in my hands and celebrate with my best friends our graduation and all the things we’ve achieved thus far.

98. May we never graduate from our friendships. And may our graduating together somehow bring us a sweeter life.

99. Let’s celebrate you reaching this special milestone—graduation—with your best friends. May the growth and blossoming of your friendship lead to bright futures for you.

100. Today is about celebrating all that you and your best friends shared and accomplished together. You’re both an important part of each other’s lives—that’s why I’m glad you’re all graduating together.

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