Birthday Countdown Messages Captions and Status for Boyfriend

Birthday Countdown Messages, Captions and Status for Boyfriend

Birthdays are all about celebrating life and relationships. It’s a day to show the celebrant how much you care for them with gifts or kind words, or you can do both. When your boyfriend is the celebrant, you need to show some extra love by bombarding him with greetings, quotes and messages well before the actual birthday.

Normally, men may be believed to always show and express affections, but that doesn’t mean they too don’t want to hear or know how you feel or want to celebrate their birthdays with them. This can be done by deliberately sending them your sincere inspirational countdown birthday messages or thoughtful happy birthday in advance messages to make them feel remembered and loved.

Tag them in funny tweets, poke them on Snapchat or begin a cute countdown on Facebook and in every other way you possibly can. You can also send them sensational countdown quotes for boyfriend or countdown prayerful captions for boyfriend to let him know you can’t wait to celebrate him on his birthday.

Make the heart of your man skip and dilate his eyes with awe while keeping his eyes on you and his big day. Select from these beautiful collections of lovely birthday countdown messages, captions and status for your boyfriend.


Birthday Countdown Quotes for Boyfriend

Pack no bags, my darling boyfriend. Follow me as you are; no one is perfectly pure in this cold world. Let’s go to where the sun will shine on you again, the way I remember it; without a single wrinkle of stress. It’s 2 days countdown to your birthday. So hence this beautiful quote.

1. To the best man on planet earth and the only one with a distinction in being a gentleman; have a beautiful birthday in advance.

2. You are such a hard-working guy. You put in long hard hours on the divan and give so much of your effort in the football debate. Hope we will be doing less of that on your birthday tomorrow.

3. Four beautiful stars and sun precede the birth of a king. Happy birthday in advance dear.

4. The longest 72 hours of my life have been these 3 days to your birth anniversary. Happy birthday sweetest heart.

5. The three brightest stars in the beautiful sky proclaim your birthday. Let the drum rolls cause it 3 days to your day, my love.

6. In the next 2 hours, the wait will be over. Then, the birthday will arrive as beautiful morning dew descending on mother earth, happy birthday in advance my love.

7. I can’t wait for your memorable day to come, so I can take you higher into a realm of perfect bliss. Happy birthday in advance dear.

8. Our hearts melt into each other’s bosom, on every of your birthday. I can’t wait to experience such a happy moment with you again.

9. Tick tock… My heart ticks every second so I can scream your name just at the right moment. A day to the king’s birthday.

10. The melodious sounds of the birds make me realize, it’s aptly 7 days to your birthday.

11. My love, it’s few hours to your big day. Hence, I’ll sit under the sky in the company of the beautiful starry night to proclaim your birth anniversary from the beginning of the earth and down to its end.

12. I have been a watchwoman just for you, so I can be the first to wish you a phenomenal new year of your life.

13. I don’t need the loudest alarm or the prettiest calendar to remind me of your birth anniversary, for it has been engraved in my heart. It’s 1,440 minutes to your birthday babe.

14. You’re my king, for that, I’ll be the first on the face of the earth to wish you good tidings on your birthday. it barely 48 hours to go.

15. As your birthday approaches like the water by the beach stretching to me, so does your light shine to the end of the earth. It’s 2 days to your day love.

16. You are sunk into the rich sea and in exactly 3 days, you will come up adorned to the admiration of everyone.

17. The time now runs fast, cause the whole universe is excited to celebrate your big day with you.

18. Your heart sparks like a diamond in the sky. It 5 days to rock your new ride.

19. Mother earth will cry out beautifully to wish you the best birthday ever. It’s 48 hours to go.

20. This is to let you know that as my heart beats, so also I count down to your birthday. It 4 days to your birth anniversary.

Birthday Countdown Captions for Boyfriend

It’s dawn, the sky looks so bright and the day so lovely, you know why? We are going to be celebrating another huge milestone tomorrow but we will start the countdown today and right away. Happy birthday in advance my handsome boyfriend.

21. I’m surprised, it’s 8 days to your big day cos happy birthday to you has been one of my favourite phrases for a couple of days now and it’s all because of you.

22. I may not remember everything, but I’ll always do a countdown to your birthday; my champion, cause you’re unforgettable…. its 2 days to your big day.

23. I am sending you three romantic kisses as a symbol of 3 days to your day.

24. You’re perfect like only you can! Hence, I’ll celebrate you for 7 days away from your birthday.

25. Count the stars and know what left of the days. Happy birthday in advance.

26. The five angles of the stars symbolize that its 5 days left for your birthday to come. Happy birthday in advance love.

27. Ten days to your birthday, I shall give you ten reasons while you are the best boyfriend.

28. I am excited knowing it’s just 3 days to your special birthday my love.

29. My eyes are not tired of starry at the clock hoping it’s an hour left to go. 2 days to your big day baby.

30. As the darkness turns to light and the moon to the sun, your birthday would come smoothly. It’s 10 days to your birthday but I can’t wait.

31. I can’t contain the excitement knowing it just 12 days left to celebrate your birthday. In addy to you, love.

32. I’ll sleep early, hoping to wake up in the 2 days left to wish you a lovely birthday.

33. Quietly tell me your wishes my love; for I’ve 6 days to make your dreams come true. Happy birthday in advance, baby.

34. 15 days to the best day of the year. In addy my king. Within the twinkling of an eye, you will be a year older wiser, better and bigger; I can’t but be grateful for the gift of you in my life…you are the Best in addy baby.

35. There’s a time to wait, so I am patiently waiting for these 8 days to enjoy your birthday with you.

36. I am with you in this, it’s 7 days to your birthday, sweetheart.

37. Ever since the first day you walked into my life, you compliment me. In 2 days to come, I’ll celebrate your essence baby.

38. Your love has made me whole, I hope the 7th day to come perfects your dreams. Happy birthday in advance, baby.

39. I’ll occupy myself with watching the sky, hoping these 4 days left will come quickly. In addy baby.

40. I have butterflies in my tummy cause it 48 hours to go .happy birthday in advance love.

Birthday Countdown Status for Boyfriend

There are many years to spend on earth and one of them is starting in six days, I pray all your wishes come true. I’m grateful for your life, love. So, here is a six-days-countdown for you, my boyfriend. Happy birthday.

41. Just waiting on the king’s birthday like no man business.

42. The clock is ticking and the nights are rolling! I 2 days, my king will be a year older.

43. Tick tock sounds the clock, the time is ticking very fast but I’ll be calm to count your blessings. In addy baby.

44. Super excitement, I can’t define how I feel cause your birthday is in 300 seconds.

45. The days seem faster and the hour keeps rolling, I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I feel that because it’s your birthday tomorrow.

46. Truly days are just numbers, 365 days have been reduced to 5 days. Happy birthday to you in advance.

47. I’m proud of the man you are becoming, getting stronger and better by the day and I’m sure this new year will not be an exception. In addy dear.

48. It officially 13 days to your birthday. Let the fire start burning.

49. You are a day closer to reaching another milestone. It’s 14 days to your D day…let the countdown begin.

50. Most people change as they grow older but that’s not you; you are better and sweeter every new year. Looking forward to an awesome year again.

51. Usually, a birthday is for one person but since you walked into my life, we have always shared it. Happy birthday in advance.

52. It’s just like yesterday when you celebrated your birthday, another one is around the corner. Happy blessed birthday in advance my king.

53. Hurray! It is few days closer to another year again. Cheers to a better year in 24 hours. In addy baby.

54. To my most lovely boyfriend, here is to let you know I appreciate our relationship and I won’t gamble it for anything else. Wishing you more love and kindness on your birthday celebration in advance.

55. Happy birthday in advance darling, thank you for this journey, for these dreams worth living and for the consistent growth. In addy dear.

56. You are always here in my heart and over time. May your days be long and beautiful. Accept my early birthday greeting love.

57. Happy birthday in advance baby, I am sending an early greeting because I want you to always know you are remembered.

58. It is not early to start pouring blessings on you. May you be blessed with all the expected needs of your life at this present time of your life. Happy birthday in advance love.

59. Definitely, I outsmarted my phone’s reminder to wish you a happy birthday in advance because I have it in my heart.

60. Your life is too beautiful to be celebrated once a year, so here are packages of kisses and hugs for you my special boyfriend.

Birthday Countdown Wishes for Boyfriend

You are about to experience a constant thing called change because that’s what a new age brings. As I countdown to your birthday, my wishes for you are long life, peace and prosperity. Happy birthday to you in advance, boyfriend.

61. A day isn’t enough to celebrate your birthday, so let the drummers start beating their drums from this day forth, darling.

62. As you grow in age may you also grow more in God’s wisdom and wealth. Just a quick reminder of your birthday. I love you, dear.

63. A drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Hence bits by bits of my wishes commensurate to the big day. Happy birthday in advance, baby.

64. Hey boyfriend, this is the tip of the iceberg of wishes for your birthday. I just can’t keep calm, kisses and hugs.

65. I really tried not to do this but I can’t; for you are so special to me love .happy birthday in advance.

66. I don’t care whether your birthday is in 6 days; all I want to do for now is to bombard you with my lovely birthday wishes. Age with tranquillity and wealth.

67. May you find grace to be excellent in all your endeavours this year. Amen…. stay calm many more are coming your way baby.

68. To some numbers don’t mean anything but to me it does. Most especially when it comes to someone like you. I am always looking forward to days when I can celebrate with you.

69. It may be inpatient but this is because I cannot hide my feeling of joy for you. The countdown is always on when it comes to you.

70. As time always tick by. I count the days when I can take the time to spoil you because you deserve the best.

71. It’s going to always be a tradition for me to have a countdown when it comes to your birthday because you are one of the persons I enjoy the most.

72. Call me impatient because I don’t care how close your birthday is, I just want you to feel all the love I got for you.

73. As a countdown to your birthday, I have started praying for you and writing all my wishes. May life surprise you with goodness and blessings.

74. It’s getting exciting for me and you also, it’s your birthday and I hope you have fun…In addy babe.

75. Keep calm and let the celebration starts as your day comes. I am so happy for you. Congratulations.

76. I can’t keep calm, because you have been such an amazing friend to me and I can’t help but feel excited because it’s your day.

77. Countdown to your precious moment, like your birthday, is almost at the doorstep. Many blessings upon you.

78. Let the countdown to amazing days yet to come in your life begin and your time to shine comes afterwards, happy birthday in advance, darling.

79. 2 days to go for your birthday, amazing feeling and butterflies in my belly. I feel wonderful knowing this.

80. Preparing my wishes for you and the gift I have in store for you. It’s just 2 weeks away so let the countdown.

81. It’s going to be one of the most amazing parties since this year and my wish for you is that it’s going to be the best.

82. I am wishing you a happy birthday in advance so let the countdown to that special day begin.

83. You are special to me and I am going to make you feel special on that day, happy birthday in advance as the countdown begins.

84. To me it’s never too early to start a countdown, the fun is just beginning and the memories are going to be cherished .happy birthday in advance.

85. It’s never too early to send wishes and it’s never too early to send gifts. I wish you greater blessings on your birthday. So let the countdown begins.

86. As your birthday comes in 3 days, I am starting a countdown to the day of one of the most amazing persons to me.

87. Just one day is too little for you to be celebrated, I am starting a countdown for you and every day to that day you shall be celebrated.

88. The old year is folding up for you and another 365 days is around the corner, I’m super grateful and expectant of what lies ahead for you… let the countdown begins.

89. In a few days, everyone will be on a standing ovation to celebrate you and yes I can picture how the day will look already, it will be the beginning of another year for you and a journey into new opportunities.

90. Time really flies, the memories of your last birthday are still etched in my heart, fresh like the dew and another birthday is around the corner again. Woah! I am eager to see the fresh opportunities, warmth and privilege the year has for you.

91. Restlessly on my bed with my eyes opened the entire night, I was excited to find out what is it with me; only to found out it’s your birthday eve. Please give me the privilege to peep into your new year with a lot of goodies in it.

92. The feelings I am getting right now is what seems to be unexplainable to me. Maybe it’s because your birthday is just 4 days away. It’s a countdown to one of the best moments in your life. Happy birthday in advance.

93. It is a countdown and a build-up to the memories that will be made in just 6 days, I am most excited about it and I am wishing you all the fun moments that you will get.

94. There are days I often look forward to and I never forget to have a countdown to that effect. You are most special to me and I am very happy for you. I can’t help but wish you the best.

95. It always warms my heart anytime I think about you and I am always looking forward to celebrating progress and achievement with you. It is always a pleasure to have a countdown in such moments because I can never forget how good you are to me.

96. It is always a great feeling to start a countdown because I will have enough reasons to shower you with love and affection. You have been a great friend and I couldn’t ask for anything less. Thank you.

97. Time is always on its heels and waits for no one, your memories are always etched in my heart, and I take it everywhere I go when it’s time to make new ones with. I start a countdown because I am always excited about it.

98. Soon the sun will fade at dusk and the moon will rise majestically to the Centre of the sky at night signalling the beginning of a new day. So let the fun begin… Happy birthday in advance darling.

99. The day, I always blessed because it one of the gift of God with just 6 days to your birthday. I am thankful for you. Congratulations.

100. Do you know it’s 144 hours to your birthday? I pray this new year proves to be an excellent one in your life.

Birthdays come once every 365 days, so it will be thrilling and heartily surprising for you to start outpouring your birthday wishes in quotes, Captions or status to constantly wow and cheek split your boyfriend in his new year.


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