Happy Birthday Prayers for My Girlfriend

Happy Birthday Prayers for My Girlfriend

It’s your girlfriend’s birthday, and it’s time to show her how much you care. But, what are the best ways to show you care? Are there any special things you should do?

One important thing to know is, whether you’ve been with your girlfriend for a few months or a few decades, giving her some special treat on her birthday is one thing you shouldn’t hesitate to do. This includes buying her birthday gifts, giving her breathtaking birthday surprises, taking her out for fun, throwing her a party, so on and so forth.

However, even with all of that, there is one thing that tops it all, that’s prayer. Yes! Birthday prayers!

You see, for most people, every new age is like a new year, a new beginning, a new opportunity, dawn that probably requires new strength, new hopes and inspirations. That makes the place of prayers very important. No one knows all that the year holds but with prayers, we have faith that God is with us and we are safe.

Your girlfriend that’s clocking a new age needs your prayers for the dawn. It’s even a great way to show you care and want the best for her.

And do you know why I’m here, it’s because you are here to get awesome words of prayers for your girlfriend’s birthday. That’s thoughtful of you. I must commend you are simply the best boyfriend in the world.

Without wasting any time, storm into the powerful and heartfelt collection of happy birthday prayers for my birthday below. Make the new year of your lover a blessed one. Send them to her to show you care.

I wish her a happy birthday!

Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

God indeed answered my prayers for bringing a girlfriend like you into my life. And here is a message from my heart expressing how grateful I am. As you celebrate a new age this day, I pray that God will crown your efforts with glory and your night times with morning. Happy birthday, darling. I love you.

1. We have had moments together and It’s another beautiful moment of your life. My prayer for you is that everything needed for your year to be remarkable will be made available for you in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I love you.

2. Dear girlfriend, your big day is a great time for me to bless you. I, therefore, pray that God will perfect all that concerns you and cause you to make great progress in your endeavours. May divine doors be opened to you. Happy birthday, my love.

3. May the blessings of a new age be unto you, sweetheart. All that you deserve will come to you even as you journey further in your new year. Have a glorious birthday, dear and rest assured that my love for you will never diminish.

4. It’s a season of abundant fruitfulness for you, my love. You have entered a phase of your life filled with favour and progress and so shall it continue to be in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday to you, my diamond and many happy returns.

5. Happy birthday, beautiful one. I pray for you this day from my heart, that you will experience drastic growth in all ramifications of your life. May everything good and pleasant begin to accompany you wherever you go. Amen.

6. Darling girlfriend, as you celebrate your 21st birthday, I pray that you will find grace and direction in life. You will be crowned with the spirit of excellence to prosper in all you lay your hands. Have a glorious 21st birthday. I love you too much, baby.

7. Happy birthday, darling. I won’t stop praying for and this day, I pray that you will enjoy numerous years on earth in perfect health and peace. You shall live to fulfil the purpose of your existence. Enjoy a wonderful new year, love.

8. Birthday blessings to you, bae. I pray that you will continue to be that loving angel that you are. May you be endearing to those that will assist you to the top and nothing will hinder your rising. Happy birthday, my love.

9. My one in a million GF, happy birthday to you. Long-life awaits you, with strong bones and soundness of mind. May you not find any reason to give up on life. I will always be praying for you. Happy birthday, love.

10. Happy birthday, my Cinderella. I can see you stepping into a higher level in life. The world is about to see the great wonders of God in your life. May the process not be truncated in the name of Jesus. You are a woman of destiny.

11. The kind of success that will make the world wonder will be yours in this new age of your life as the heavens look upon you with mercy. Happy birthday, my gold.

12. I pray for you as you clock a new age this day, that the good Lord will set you free from whatever it is that will stop you from making progress in life. God is with you, dear. Happy birthday.

13. May the unlimited grace of God be upon you and your household. Your path will be illuminated by God’s divine light, to guide you through every day you see in this new year. Wishing you a happy birthday, sweetheart.

14. Happy birthday to you, my best friend and lover. May the saving grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be sufficient for you in all that you find yourself this year. Enjoy your day, dear.

15. It’s your special day, baby girl. May God crown you with glory and honour. May you be recognized for good everywhere you find yourself. Happy birthday to you my love.

16. Happy birthday, beautiful. I pray for you today, may you find grace for consistency and diligence as you journey towards success. No failure shall come near your dwelling. Amen. I love you!

17. You will find ease in anything you venture into this year. The favour of the Lord will be with you all through your days on earth and your life will be a perfect example of success. Happy birthday, my love.

18. Here is wishing you a memorable birthday celebration, my queen. As you find grace to see this new age of yours, may you continue to find help to have the best of the year. Amen.

19. Happy birthday, sweetie. May the God who keeps His own continue to keep you from danger. Have a great birthday celebration. I love you forever!

20. Happy birthday, my angel. May you always find reasons to be happy and not a single reason to be sad. The love of God will overshadow you and keep you safe from sorrow. Amen. Enjoy your day!

21. The Almighty Father will grant you the best in all you do. He will make you fruitful and multiply and he will secure your life every moment of the day. Happy birthday, my sugarpie. Much love to you!

22. Happy birthday, sweets. I pray that God gives you successful days and restful nights in this new age of your life. Have a glorious birthday celebration.

23. May our Lord Jesus beautiful every moment you spend in this new age of yours. You will find gladness and rest unlimited. Have a perfect and happy birthday, my playmate and lover.

24. Happy birthday, dear. I wish you many doors of opportunities as you journey further in the year. May success make you outstanding in all spheres of your life. I love you so much and won’t stop praying for you.

25. Happy birthday to you, darling girlfriend. I welcome you into a wonderful and beautiful new year of your life. I love you, baby.

Prayers for My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

I am delighted to celebrate you this day, my sweet girlfriend. My prayers for you is that the joy of the Lord will abide with you and His grace shall make ways for you where there seems to be no way. In Jesus’ name, amen. Happy birthday, love.

26. You will live long to enjoy God’s faithfulness and loving-kindness. Nothing shall cut your life short in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

27. I pray for abundance for you in all you sow this year. Go and enjoy fruitfulness, my darling girlfriend. Happy Birthday! I will always love you.

28. May the Lord lift you above your worries and grant you peace every single moment of your days. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. I love you always.

29. Happy birthday, darling. My prayer for you is that the life-giving Father will add beautiful years to your years and bless you with peaceful moments. Amen!

30. May the God of all gods be merciful unto you and show you His salvation. May you always be celebrated, darling. Happy birthday to you.

31. This is my love to you on your birthday praying that you find abundant blessings in all you do. You will be a living testimony of His blessedness. Happy birthday to you, my treasure.

32. May the soothing hand of the Lord rest upon you and comfort you. Happy birthday, my dear. Have a blast! Your boyfriend is always praying for you.

33. Congratulations on your 25th birthday, darling. The future is so bright and I want you to hold fast. The Lord will be with you and show you the way to success. Happy birthday, my queen. Enjoy!

34. May the unfailing love of God be with you every now and then. May He protect you and grant you all your heart desires. Happy birthday, babe. Have a wonderful birthday!

35. May God’s grace abound much more, so that you may be a fruitful vine with the abundance of the Lord. Happy birthday to you, dearie.

36. May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in the morning, noon and night. The year will leave you with a testimony. Happy new year, sugarpie. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

37. You make every day of my life worth living. That’s why I pray for this day, that God Almighty will make your new age more beautiful. Happy birthday, my love.

38. Blessed art thou in the morning, more blessed art thou at noon and most blessed art thou at night. You deserve, even more, my love. Happy birthday!

39. I say a big Amen to all your prayers. May God keep you in His warmth, comfort you with His voice and direct you with His voice. All this I pray in this new year of yours. Happy birthday, my rose.

40. Happy birthday, my joy giver. I pray that everything around you will work together for your good. You will never lack help when you need one. Enjoy your day and always remember someone here loves you so much.

41. You have always been a darling to me and everyone around. I pray that God will reward you with your heart desires and make your head lifted high. Happy birthday, my lovely and special one.

42. I know you have been struggling with your health, baby. But today, I want you to be happy because God is set to touch you with His divine hands and give strength to your body. Happy birthday and have a fun-filled day, my love.

43. May the Lord turn not his face from you, may He go before you and make paths straight before you. Amen. Happy birthday and have a blast, my bae.

44. Happy birthday, loved of the Lord. This is a season special set for you, go into it and excel. The Lord is with you and my love is for you. Xoxo!

45. Happy birthday, my special one. May you find favour in this new age of your life, and may the glory of God not depart from your dwelling. You are blessed.

46. Wishing you a new year filled with love and hope. You will live to glorify God every day of it. Happy birthday and many happy returns. I love you, baby.

47. Happy birthday, treasure. I bless this day because it has brought blessings to my life. I, therefore, pray that blessings shall not depart from your life. Amen. Much love for you!

48. Happy birthday, my dear one. Life with you has been amazing. I pray that God will honour you and reward you for all the smiles you have brought me. Do have a great birthday celebration, love of my life.

49. Many wins in this new year of yours, baby. You will countless reasons to testify and give thanks to God. Happy birthday, dear.

50. The is the day the Lord has made, I want you to rejoice and find delight in it because God is set to make it memorable for you and make the year even perfect. Happy birthday, LOML.

Birthday Prayer Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy birthday, beautiful one. You are more than just a girlfriend to me because you have occupied the dearest part of my heart. As you clock a new age today, my prayer and wishes for you are the best in all you do. May the spirit of excellence rest on you. Amen.

51. It’s a blessed year for you, my love. The heavens are set to rain on you, unlimited blessings. May they not elude you in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy birthday!

52. It’s all about you today, love. Expect beautiful experiences in this new age of yours because I have prayed for the Father to satisfy you. All you have to say is a big AMEN. Happy birthday, bae.

53. This is the beginning of a fresh journey for you and what you make out of it really matters. I know it would be awesome for you because God is with you always Happy birthday, darling.

54. May this day give you the strength to forge ahead and get that which belongs to you. Always remember that you are a winner and not a loser. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

55. Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart race than usual. May the Lord favour you with unusual breakthroughs. I will keep loving you. Have a blissful celebration today.

56. More upliftments are coming your way this season. You will remember this year and give thanks to God because there will be countless reasons to testify. Happy birthday, my lover.

57. Happy birthday to you, my woman. You are my everything and I pray for you with love from my heart, that the power for excellence rests on you now and forever. Amen.

58. Happy birthday, the treasure of my heart. You make everyone in your world happy. May God adorn you with gladness that will produce contagious smiles. You deserve, even more, baby. Enjoy your day!

59. I want to thank you for all the beautiful moments you have brought to my life. May God beautiful you and make you more adorable. Happy birthday, world’s best girlfriend.

60. Happy birthday, rare gem. You know I always love you. And today, I specially pray for you, that you will find a divine increase in every little thing you venture into. It will be a year of testimonies for you. Amen.

61. A year filled with merriment and breakthroughs is what I wish you today. You know why? Because you deserve it. Bask in your new year, babe. Happy birthday!

62. May the fountain of life that flows from the living water to the throne of God, fill you up. In the end, you will spring up for your generation to be blessed. Happy birthday, sugar.

63. May the goodness of God be a dwelling place for you. You will find grace to love God more and do his bidding. God is with you, dear. Happy birthday!

64. I congratulate you on your 18th birthday, darling. May it be a great one for you and may God deliver unto you, that which you need to prosper in it. Happy birthday, my love.

65. Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams. May God make your dreams come true and may He be with you through it all. Amen. Enjoy your day as I keep loving you.

66. May God breathe His name upon you, may He keep your feet rooted in Him and cause His face to shine on you. Happy birthday, my love.

67. Happy birthday, babe. You are made for the top. May God’s grace be sufficient for you to cross boundaries and get to the top wherever you find yourself. Enjoy your new age with love.

68. Happy birthday, daddy’s girl and boo’s treasure. May you find relish as you proceed into your season of divine visitations. Welcome to a golden new age, babe.

69. Happy birthday, girlfriend. You are my source of joy and inspiration. May your fountain never run dry in Jesus’ name. I love you so much, babe.

70. Wishing my baby a super duper happy birthday. May God be with you and perfect all that concerns you. Rejoice in your day and have enough fun.

71. A virtuous woman like you is worth giving the world to. Nothing will be enough to quantify what you are to me. I can only pray that our God will continually keep you in His love, for that’s the best place to be. Happy birthday, my treasure.

72. Happy birthday, my strong lady. I always admire you and today, I pray for you; may you not lack direction in life and may God be your anchor through it. Amen. I love you, bae; forever.

73. Your days are secured in the Lord. No evil shall come near you for the angels of the Lord will take charge over you. Happy birthday, my joy giver. I love you.

74. My love, you have been a blessing to this generation and to me specially. My prayer for you as you celebrate your birthday is that you will not fail in what God has placed in your hands. Happy birthday to you.

75. Happy birthday, God’s treasured one. Rest assured that God is in charge of your life and nothing will hinder His workings in you. I’m already praying for you. Happy birthday, my darling.

Happy Birthday to My Girlfriend Prayers

I pray for you this day, my dearest one. May God see over your affairs and perfect all that concerns you. As you have been a darling girlfriend to me, may the heavens be kind to you. Happy birthday, cupcake.

76. May God deck you with spiritual blessings and grant you abundant entrances into His kingdom. Happy birthday to you, my love. Enjoy your day and be happy.

77. With love in my heart, I pray that God will make you enjoy strength and wisdom in this new phase of your life. His grace will be sufficient for you to journey through. Happy birthday, bae.

78. Happy birthday, my dove. Thank you for all the joy you give me. May happiness not depart from your life. Every day of it will be filled with enough reasons to be glad. Much love… Xoxo!

79. Happy birthday to you, the treasure of my heart. I can’t find the right way to tell you how unique you are but I pray that God who sees the heart of all men will reward you appropriately. Thanks for being you, I love you.

80. I am glad to be in your life as you clock this unique age of your life. I pray that all that is needed for you to have the best of it will be granted unto you in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy birthday to you, love.

81. Happy birthday, baby. May God provide all your needs according to His riches in Glory and may He grant you strength for everything that comes your way. Have a blast, baby.

82. May the God who is omniscient see over the affairs of your life and grant you wisdom to handle matters of life. He will be with you all through the year. Happy birthday, dear.

83. May the Omnipresent God be with you and your loved ones and perfect all that concerns you in Jesus’ name, amen. Happy birthday to you, love.

84. I pray for you this day that the omnipotent God will stand for you in times of trouble and keep you safe from every form of danger. Amen. Happy birthday to you, sweets. I love you.

85. Happy birthday, love. May God take away your fears and grant you help and peace in your journey through life. I will always be here praying for you, my love. Happy birthday once more!

86. I congratulate you and appreciate God for all He is doing in you. I know better days are coming and I pray that you will be diligent and perseverant. Happy birthday, my cupcake.

87. You never stop bursting my bubbles with your virtues. I pray that God will not stop blessing you with His true riches in Christ Jesus. Happy birthday, lover.

88. Wishing you a blessed birthday celebration, my dear. May you enjoy God’s awesome presence all through your days in this new age and beyond. Much love for you, dear.

89. Best of birthdays to you, treasure. May God enlarge your coast as He begins to open more doors of breakthroughs for you. Happy birthday, dearest.

90. On your special day, I pray that you will increase in wisdom and understanding. Many will look up to you for directions in the nearest future because you would have been decked with much wisdom. Happy birthday, baby girl.

91. Your birthday is a blessing to me because it’s the anniversary of the day God sent a rare gem to this world. May your essence of coming not be cut off in Jesus’ name. Amen. I love you greatly.

92. Welcome to a glorious age of your life. May the plans of God for you find fulfilment even as you go into the year. Have faith and rest assured that our God is with you. You are loved, bae

93. Happy birthday, baby. I trust this year will be the best so far for us. I want you to have faith for God will surprise you beyond your imaginations. I will always be there when you need me. I love you big!

94. I celebrate my baby today. I pray that God will elevate her and exalt her about her challenges. She will rejoice and never be sorrowful. Happy birthday, sugarpie.

95. A glorious birthday to you, baby girl. God has been with you and still with you. He will perfect all that concerns you and show you His glory. Never give up. I love you and will always be by you.

96. We may not be together now but I want you to know that distance can never be a barrier to bless your new age. I, therefore, pray that God will bless your new age and give you a cogent reason to rejoice. Happy birthday, my love. I really miss you.

97. To you, I say a very big happy birthday. That’s how much space you occupy in my heart. I’m glad I found you and I pray you will be a blessing to this generation. Enjoy your day, bae.

98. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman with the heart of gold. May God bless your heart and grant you speed in life. Have a glorious celebration, love.

99. God answers prayers and I’m sure He will grant your good heart desires this season. He will bring your dreams to reality. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy your day to the fullest

100. Happy birthday, my darling girlfriend. I pray that God will bless you, not only in this new age of your life but also in years to come. Have a glorious birthday celebration. I love you.

You are here already! It means you have gone through the happy birthday prayers for my girlfriend. I hope you found the one(s) that best conveys your thoughts for your girlfriend. Go ahead and use them to bless her new age. All you need to do is copy and paste.

Don’t forget what you do for your girlfriend’s birthday really counts. Make the day memorable for her by showing your undying love and utmost care.

Kindly do me the favour of sharing these prayers with friends and family that may need them. And you can add your prayers too in the comment session. Thanks.

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