Bitter People Quotes

Bitter People Quotes

Bitterness is a state of mind that leads to hatred and anger. Bitter people are usually the ones who have been hurt at some point in their lives. They allow bitterness to take over their life and they become bitter towards others.

Bitter people are people who did not get what they wanted. They are people who are not happy with their life and the way things are going around them. Bitter people have this pessimistic way of thinking, which makes them feel unhappy, miserable and sad. They tend to blame everything on others and they don’t know how to be happy with what they have.

They will always complain about their lives, even though they have a lot more than many other people in the world. Bitter people think that everyone else has it better than them. They believe that other people have more money or better relationships than them. They think that all of this is due to luck or chance and not hard work or effort on their part.

Bitter people are all around us, but what do we really know about them? It’s best to stay away from bitter people — but it can be hard when you don’t know why they’re like that. That’s why I’ve compiled these bitter people quotes about bitter people and their ilk.

Bitter People Quotes

Bitter people are very unhappy with their lives, but they don’t want to admit that they have a problem or seek help for it because they think it’s embarrassing. Unfortunately, this attitude only makes things worse for them and makes them even more miserable than they were before.

1. Bitter people can be frustrating, but they make us laugh in the process. The way they view things is always hilarious and never boring. When they are not complaining, they are nothing but hilarious.

2. Bitter people live with regrets and bitterness. They harbour anger, spitefulness and negativity. They despise others rather than blame themselves for their problems.

3. Bitter people are more prone to hostility, resentment and hatred. These emotions are a burden to them and others.

4. a bitter person is usually one who has been wronged. Bitter people tend to criticize rather than find solutions, especially if they feel they have been wronged.

5. You are a bitter person. Well, you should change that. Bitter people are always unhappy, and you should avoid being unhappy.

6. The bitter live a life of misery and pain while they try to make everyone else’s life even more miserable. The only thing that makes them happy is making others sad.

7. There are people that are full of bitterness. You just can’t talk with them, they’re always so angry.

8. Bitter people are always afraid, their fear makes them hate everything and everyone. People who don’t know how to be happy when others are around will never learn to be happy alone.

9. Bitter people always look at others and think that they are happy and lucky. People who are bitter do not realize that they are unhappy and jealous.

10. The truth is that most people are like fleas on a dog. They are annoying and they itch, but they’re easy to ignore. Bitter people, on the other hand, are a totally different matter.

11. Bitter people come from bitter roots. These are people who have been hurt or wronged by others, and they choose to focus on that hurt rather than work through it. It colours everything they believe about the world, causing them to be unhappy and miserable even when things are going well for everyone else.

12. Bitter people are said by many to be very unhappy, but what they really are is misunderstood.

13. Bitter people are always blessed as they have found bliss in their bitterness, but not everyone finds it foolish to be miserable all the time.

14. You can be a bitter person. But that’s not what makes you bitter. You are bitter because you allow yourself to be.

15. Bitter people have a hard time being happy. They have a hard time finding joy, and they are only capable of seeing the negative in life. True, life is not always perfect, but that doesn’t mean you let yourself sink into a pit of despair because something bad happened to you today or yesterday.

16. Bitter people are the kind that usually has a past they don’t want to forget and a present they don’t want to face.

17. Bitter people have a very long list of “should have” and rarely a list of “haves.” There will always be things that you didn’t get, didn’t do, somebody that was better than you. But if you only focus on what you don’t have in life, then what’s the point of living.

18. The thing about bitter people is that they’re always looking for someone to blame.

19. Nobody likes to be around a bitter person. A bitter person is usually jealous or upset, constantly complaining and finding fault with everything.

20. Bitter people are never happy with anything. They are always looking for something to complain about, finding reasons to be unhappy.

21. Bitter people are not always bad, but they don’t know how to deal with their problems.

22. Bitter people are the ones that are constantly crying because they always got left out.

23. Bitter people have a special talent: the ability to take a beautiful day and turn it into an ugly mess.

24. If you find bitter people, it’s not because they are the people who are upset. It’s because they keep to themselves and think that no one is worthy of them.

25. Bitter people are usually the ones who have missed the boat in some way, and so they tend to look down on others to feel better about themselves. Some of these bitter people may also have sour personalities due to unfortunate life events. If a person is bitter, they will not let you get close to them and they are likely to be rude, cold and distant.

26. Bitter people are never cured of their bitterness. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. It destroys the very fibre of personality and individuality.

27. Bitter people are the ones who don’t just need a friend, they need a hug too.

28. Bitter people are never satisfied. They always want more.

29. Bitter people look back on their lives and see moments of regret. They’re bitter because they can’t handle the truth.

30. Bitter people are just not ready to let go of their past. They live in their misery until they realize that life is too short!

31. Bitter people are just a little bit sad, and scared; terrified of life. They would like to be happy but don’t know how… so they blame others for their misery.

32. Bitter people are always jealous. If you’re in a bad mood, they’ll find something to be angry about. Yet, they have no idea how this affects their health and well-being.

33. Bitter people are just the ones who have forgotten their taste buds. Almost everyone complains about their life and what they have, yet when you look at them you can see that they don’t really have much at all. They’re bitter because they know how to make good memories too, but instead of thinking about how great life can be for them, they prefer to focus on all its flaws.

34. Bitter people are unhappy on the inside. They need to learn to be happy with life and stop hating everything that comes their way.

35. Bitter people are like a glass of they will never appreciate the good things until they realize how bitter they’ve become.

36. Bitter people are always taking shots at the happy. It’s always that they take their own lives and walk on them.

37. Bitter people don’t seem to get that it’s the bitterness of their own lives that they taste when they bite into others.

38. Most bitter people are doing what they think is best for themselves and the world. They just don’t realize it yet.

39. Bitter people are always disappointed with the world, and it makes them unhappy. So don’t be one of them.

40. Bitter people do not belong in the spotlight. They stay there only as long as it takes to get what they want.

41. Bitter people are easy to spot. They’re the ones who complain about everything and everyone.

42. The bitter are the most intolerant of others’ views and opinions because they lack patience and tolerance.

43. Bitter people are bitter because they’ve been denied what they want. If you can’t find something sweet to hold on to, maybe it’s time to revisit that sour truth: Being bitter is a bad habit.

44. Bitter people are those who think they know everything but don’t listen to anyone in their own reality.

45. Bitter people believe the world owes them a living. But it only owes them one life.

46. No matter how hard you try, you can’t take bitter people out of the world.

47. Bitter people are rarely happy because they’re always waiting for something to go wrong

48. Bitter people don’t want to be happy, they just want to be in control.

49. Bitter people are those who let their bitterness shape their reality.

50. Bitter people are the worst kind of people – because they have so much inside them, the bitterness just spills out.

51. One of the most effective tactics of a bitter person is to make others feel guilty.

52. When you’re a bitter person, your energy is bound to be negative. Always keep moving forward and as long as you keep learning then your life will never be boring.

53. Bitter people have one common trait – they all know exactly what they are getting when they are with you. A person who is bitter and angry at the world, who has found a way to blame everyone else for their unhappiness.

54. Bitter people are not happy people. They are bitter. They make no effort to be happy because they haven’t learned how yet. What keeps them from being happy is the bitterness which keeps them from growing, improving, and experiencing all that life has to offer.

55. Bitter people will always be bitter, even if you make them smile.

56. Bitter people make you feel that you’re a failure even though you’re good at what you do. To avoid them, simply tell them in person that you don’t care about their opinion, then walk away from them.

57. Bitter people are miserable, but they pass as wise. They think they’ll look smart, using words like immature and absurd or self-centred and shallow. They don’t realize that saying those things won’t change reality; it will just make them sound bitter.

58. Bitter people usually come from a past filled with sadness and grief. You may find them dwelling on the unfairness of life, the people who have hurt or wronged them or just their current state of affairs. You can’t help them be less bitter if you are too bitter yourself.

59. People who are bitter have no reason to be so, they have just chosen to stay in the past.

60. Bitter people are rarely happy, they are often pessimistic and frustrated. They can see only the negative side of a situation, and that’s what defines their world.

61. Bitter people use the language of war. They profess to be fighting for the truth, or for justice, or for the perpetuation of humanity against an opponent who is beyond his own beliefs. The bitter person spends much time in debate and many words in an argument.

62. Bitter people are unhappy people. And if you’re miserable with your life, comparing yourself to your happier friends and thinking they’re better off won’t make you any happier—it will just make you more miserable.

63. Bitter people are angry with life. Bitter people are dissatisfied with what they have and feel envious of what others have. They’re not happy with who they are and have low self-esteem.

64. Bitter people are unhappy because they feel inferior to others, or because they have suffered a setback. They have a tendency to hold grudges and see the negative side of everything. When you realize that bitterness is the cause of their suffering, you can take steps to rid yourself of it.

65. A bitter person is a destructive person who will waste your time. Because bitterness is pure anger directed at nothing. Its closest relative is gossip, which is utter defamation and malignant rumour.

66. Bitter people are like a night in which you have shut out the moon only to realize that the sun has come up.

67. Bitter people are more concerned about their rights than other people’s wrongs. Their ignorance is the most difficult to deal with because it is so often brutally apparent.

68. Bitter people don’t need a reason to be upset, they just naturally are.

69. Bitter people are like dark chocolate. They may be hard on the outside, but when you get past their bitterness, they have a soft centre.

70. Bitter people tend to be miserable, but it’s important to realize that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can choose how you react to the world.

71. Bitter people are always looking for reasons to be upset. They complain about everything, and they only focus on what’s wrong instead of trying to find solutions.

72. Bitter people see things in a negative way, and they tend to be pessimistic about everything. They’re suspicious of other people and may also be mean-spirited. A person who is bitter holds on to grudges and anger and complains frequently.

73. Bitter people are not able to be happy. They are too focused on what other people have that they don’t have, or what others did to them that they feel entitled to do back. They watch everything around them with a critical eye, rather than opening their hearts and being grateful for all that they have in life. It’s just not worth it at all!

74. Bitter people are usually defensive about their bitterness. They feel it makes them look stronger or more interesting, or like they have some kind of moral superiority. But much like other forms of privilege, bitterness is often just a sign that someone has refused to see the way things really are.

75. Bitter people are usually disappointed in their lives. They are bitter because they feel the world owes them something, but at the end of the day, the only person who has disappointed you is yourself.

76. A bitter person is like a drink that’s had too much flavour added to it.

77. Bitter people don’t like being bitter, they just don’t know how to stop.

78. Bitter people are the people who will remain what they are. They are going to take their time and never change, no matter what happens in their lives.

79. Bitter people have a twisted view of the world where they see themselves as innocent victims, and everyone else is to blame for their unhappiness.

80. The bitter people who can’t find joy in anything they do or say learn to be happy by spreading their bitterness. Bitter people don’t need to vent, because they’ve mastered being negative. They just have to talk to someone else and spread their negativity.

81. Bitter people are unhappy because they have been demanding their lives to be a certain way, and when reality dawns on them that it is not so, they become bitter.

82. The bitter people, the sour folks, the cranky and angry ones. They want to tear you down and take everything from you.

83. Bitter people have a more accurate view of life. There is more good than bad, but the bad is stronger and harder to get rid of.

84. Bitter people have a habit of looking at what others have and not at what they have. If you are bitter toward someone, remember that bitterness is like cancer. It will eat you up from the inside if not cured.

85. Bitter people have a bitter view of the world and their lives. They are just bitter about life in general and have no way to get better.

86. Bitter people care more about their pride than they do about their happiness.

87. Bitter people miss out on life, they don’t see the beauty around them and they have been programmed to believe that there is only room for negative feelings in their life.

88. Bitter people think happiness is a place you arrive at – they’re just on their way there. It’s not hard to see when someone is bitter. It shows up in their words, their body language, and the way they treat others.

89. Bitter people don’t talk to anybody. They don’t hear their own thoughts because they’re too busy listening to other people.

90. Bitter people always think they’re better than others because they’ve already given up and made themselves feel unworthy.

91. Bitter people are always angry at someone else because they’re bitter inside.

92. Bitter people are always sad. But their sadness comes from the fact that they aren’t happy with themselves, so they make sure everyone else isn’t happy either!

93. Bitter people are unhappy with themselves and their lives, and they make everyone around them miserable. Bitter people don’t think positively about anything or anyone, so they’re always complaining, criticizing, and judging other people. 

94. Bitter people tend to be miserable, unpleasant and unkind. They seldom have many friends or job prospects. The bitter person always has something negative to say about someone because he or she is too miserable to see the bright side of life.

95. All bitter people want to be happy, but they think it’s impossible.

96. Bitter people have a pattern of either being too critical or not critical enough. They hold onto grudges and resentments like they’re part of who they are

97. Bitter people are so-called because they are not humble in their hearts. Humility produces softness and goodwill.

98. The bitter people are the ones who try to convince us that they’re right, right before they kick us when we’re down. They want what they can’t have, but don’t want anyone else to have it either. Bitter people will destroy you if you let them; so just don’t let them.

99. Bitter people are a waste of air, but sweet people are divine.

100. Bitter people hold onto resentments, disappointed people think the world owes them something and always feel like victims, bitter people are unhappily stuck in a toxic mental cycle.

101. Bitter people recognize that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but they don’t realize that it’s because the fertilizer is better

102. People who are bitter about life always spread their bitterness to the ones around them. Bitter people don’t know how to appreciate the good things that come out of the bad in their lives.

103. People who are bitter just want to be hurt. They want someone to tell them that this is okay and that others deserve it. When you try to help them out of their bitterness, they are insulted instead of grateful.

104. Bitter people are unhappy people. They don’t have friends, they have victims. If a person cannot rejoice with you when times are good, then they would like to be in your sorrows when times are bad.

105. Bitter people will never admit they’re wrong and bitter people will never stop being bitter. And the most important lesson of all is that you have to let go of bitterness before it starts to eat away at you.

106. Every bitter person has an inner child. They just got lost along the way.

107. The real problem with bitter people is that they just can’t be happy. They are incapable of believing the best in others, and so continually look for the worst in them.

108. Bitter people are the ones who are always doing what they can to make others feel bad. Since they don’t want their past to catch up with them, they imagine it happening everywhere and with everyone, even if reality says otherwise.

People who are bitter don’t want to admit that there may be another way of viewing an issue or another person. Bitter people are made, not born, but this doesn’t mean you have to put up with their unfavourable behaviour.

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