Bitterness Quotes and Sayings

Bitterness Quotes and Sayings

Bitterness is one of the main enemies of contentment in life. It can also result in a loss of joy and peace. When we hold onto bitterness, it is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. It often causes the bitter person to be uncompromising. Breaking up with someone, losing a job, or being hurt in any way can cause bitterness.

In life, bitterness is usually the result of unmet expectations. Many people live their lives under the false assumption that when something goes wrong, someone should be punished or held responsible for it. Fueled by anger and resentment, these people let bitterness poison their souls and destroy the happiness that could have been theirs.

Bitter people are usually sad and disappointed at something they didn’t get, someone they didn’t marry, or a relationship that died. They live with failure far more than anyone else because bitterness is failure all over again. While bitterness has its roots in many emotions like envy, greed, hatred, and selfishness, it slowly kills us and destroys our ability to love or connect to others in any meaningful way.

Below, I have collected some bitterness quotes and sayings that could bring about the power of forgiveness, healing, and letting go for you to use in your recovery.

Bitterness Quotes and Sayings

Bitterness is a choice. Hateful people choose to be bitter, but you don’t have to. Instead of letting bitterness control your life, use it for positive change by preventing others from doing wrong and learning from it yourself. You should at least be able to help someone else avoid making the same mistakes you did.

1. Bitterness is like a tire leaking air. You can’t keep it filled up, no matter how much you pump it. It loses its value, and when it does get filled up, it will go flat again.

2. A bitter soul is a lonely one. What you have made bitter, lies down within you like a stone and it cannot be got rid of by dividing it into smaller stones. And the longer the time that you allow it to stay in your heart, the harder it will become; and the more painful will be its departure.

3. Do not let bitterness take over. Remember that, at times, bitterness is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.

4. You must not be bitter. Bitterness is a huge burden, don’t carry it around. That burden will crush you.

5. If you don’t let the bitterness, the anger, and the resentment go, you can ruin your life with it.

6. Bitterness is rarely (if ever) justified, and it always leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

7. You can overcome bitterness by understanding what it is, where it comes from, and why you have gotten yourself into the situation that you’re in.

8. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. Forgiveness is the key to happiness for it unlocks the door to freedom, and frees you from the dark prison of resentment and bitterness.

9. Bitter people will never be successful in life because they only see the bad side of things. If you want to get anywhere in this world and become better than those around you, then you need to change the way you think. Don’t be bitter about what has happened, learn from it instead.

10. To overcome bitterness, you must first become aware of it. When you discover it in yourself, stop feeding it and start feeding your soul with beautiful things.

11. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. It doesn’t do the evil that is thought of it, but what it does, it does quite well.

12. If you’re bitter, you’ll never change. If you’re sweet, you can grow beyond the limits of your imagination.

13. Truly, bitterness is a poison. It weakens you, destroys you, and prevents you from being healed.

14. Bitter people have a poor attitude, they are difficult to get along with, and they always produce negative results. A positive person is pleasant to be around and they tend to look at the glass as half full rather than empty.

15. We learn to overcome bitterness by developing the habit of forgiving, forgetting, and moving on.

16. Bitterness is an emotion that can suffocate you, it can make you feel powerless. If you are angry because of bitterness and slowly drowning in it, then it is time to claim your power back again.

17. Bitterness is a kind of poison, you feed it and it grows. Leaving it to grow can bring out the worst in you.

18. Bitterness imprisons life; kindness releases it. Bitterness paralyzes life; kindness empowers it. Bitterness sours life; kindness sweetens it.

19. Bitterness is an acidic quality that corrodes personality, erodes happiness, and destroys our ability to respond to opportunities.

20. Bitter people don’t open their hearts and their minds to the possibilities of doing something good with their lives.

21. The hasty servant squanders his master’s goods. The grudge-bearer separates close friends. The one who is quick to anger deals in ruin; he who presides over a crime his congregation is cursed before the sun rises.

22. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. Remember that you can choose which one to feed, but either way, it will eat you up and then move on to someone else.

23. Love is not the same as bitterness, nor are anger and prejudice the same. Love does not lead to bitterness, anger does not lead to prejudice.

24. Bitter people are miserable because they hold on to things. Bitterness is a choice, not an emotion. There’s a difference between being bitter and being determined to never be hurt again.

25. If you don’t learn to master your bitterness, it will master you. Learn to see the good in every situation, and be at peace with yourself and others.

26. It is better to be bitter with the knowledge that you tried and learned than to be bitter with the knowledge that you did not.

27. Bitter people have a way of worming their way into your life, and then they sit around watching you as you get bitter yourself.

28. We all have bitterness in us, but this bitterness is a great source of energy. The key is to find the right way to use it.

29. Blind bitterness is a form of ignorance. Anger is like throwing your keys in the lake and expecting to be able to swim home.

30. Bitterness hurts the bitter person more than it hurts the one who is being blamed.

31. A lot of people live with bitterness, anger, and resentment because they choose not to let go of the past.

32. Bitterness imprisons life, love releases it. Bitterness paralyzes, love empowers; Bitterness enslaves, and love sets free.

33. Your bitterness will only be a hindrance to your life. Do not allow your bitterness to destroy you.

34. Our daily glass of wine is more than just a sign of a healthy heart. It’s also a great way to soothe feelings of bitterness and anger.

35. Bitterness is a pill that poisons the heart. All kinds of bitterness generate diseases in the body and make them vulnerable to many bad things.

36. Bitterness can lead a person to lose his mind and not be able to have a healthy lifestyle. It will destroy relationships with people and make your life much worse.

37. Bitterness can destroy a person’s soul. It is a slow, chronic form of suicide. You know when someone is bitter because they are constantly angry and resentful. However, bitterness is not always easy to spot; most people who hold on to this emotion may be unaware that they even have it.

38. Bitterness can change the flavour of food and poison our souls. It causes us to be alone and focus on the negative things in life.

39. Bitter people are not necessarily unhappy. Unhappy people are not necessarily bitter. The trouble with being bitter is you can’t stop being angry no matter how hard you try.

40. When we allow bitterness to poison our minds and muddy the waters of our souls, we miss the opportunity to learn from the past and grow stronger for it.

41. The key to overcoming bitterness is to realize that bitterness is a choice, not a feeling. It’s a decision you make about your attitude toward life and people.

42. Bitterness can ruin your life. If you carry bitterness around with you, it will eat away at you, and you will never be free of it.

43. Bitterness is a certain sign of weakness.  We tend to be bitter when we feel emotionally hurt by someone, or dissatisfied with ourselves.

44. The most bitter people are usually the sweetest on the inside, but they’ve never been given the chance to show it.

45. If something or someone makes you angry, think about it and see if there is a reason behind your negative thoughts or feelings. Don’t allow bitterness to consume your life.

46. Bitterness is a slow, corrosive poison that can eat away at your happiness, self-esteem, and inner peace. So smile and be kind — it means more than you realize.

47. The malady of bitterness is the most serious of all since it begins with a bitter heart and ends with a bitter mouth. If you allow bitterness to arise, there is nothing in this world that will not appear worthless and insignificant.

48. Bitter is a distasteful word, and not just to the tongue. It’s also a distasteful term of speech. Yet, this characteristic – bitterness – can be both a good thing and a bad thing too. It all depends on how it is used.

49. Bitter people are difficult to get along with, and they’d rather damage those around them than try to improve themselves.

50. Bitter people behave like a magnet – repelling the very people they want in their lives. If you want to enjoy life, find someone who is happy and successful, then look for ways to help them grow even more.

51. A person is bitter because he feels inferior, and this causes him to hate those who seem to be superior.

52. Many people choose to live in bitter situations. Bitterness is the result of allowing yourself to feel the pain of life circumstances, and not allowing your heart to heal from them.

53. You’re bitter, and you have every right to be, but bitterness hurts you, not him. Don’t waste it on him, then get better. Bitter people are all alike: they have a great past and an even greater future.

54. Bitterness is a choice. When you are disappointed and feel bitter, you can choose to wallow in self-pity, or instead find something positive to do with your life.

55. Anger and bitterness can be like cancer, even if you have it under control. It keeps coming back, eating away at what is good in your life.

56. Bitterness is as self-destructive as alcohol and drugs. It’s a bad drug. It ruins your life, it ruins your personality, and it makes you much less fun to be around. You can’t have any real friends if you’re bitter.

57. Bitterness is one of the hollowest, most destructive feelings there is. It can destroy everything good in you and it eats you up from the inside out. Stay away from it because it’s very easy to step on a landmine that you can’t get off of.

58. You are not bitter, you are just angry for not getting what you wanted and you are spending a lot of your time complaining about it instead of doing something positive about your life.

59. When you are bitter, you can’t see other people’s good qualities. When you are resentful, you see the bad in everything and everyone. When we allow bitterness to infiltrate our minds, it becomes a prison that traps us and says “you can never be happy again.

60. Bitterness is a disease but you can be cured! The first step towards freedom is to admit the truth about bitterness. Once you have done that, then God will take over and deliver you from it.

61. Don’t let bitterness ruin you. It’s like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die.

62 The bitterness of life doesn’t have to destroy you; it can refine you, and make you a better person if you let it. If you choose not to get bitter, you will be happy.

63. Don’t let yourself become bitter. If you do, you will poison yourself much more than anyone around you. You’ll only harm yourself if you hold on to anger and pain, so forgive and move on.

64. If you are accustomed to bitterness, then you can weather a greater hardness in your life than others.

65. Bitterness is a very dangerous thing. It can creep up on you and turn you into a naysayer er, a cynic, and it can poison your relationships.

66. Bitterness is a choice. When we choose to be bitter, we allow our hurts and pains to control us, instead of letting them go.

67. When you choose bitterness, you will never leave your situation better than when you found it. Choose forgiveness – it will always serve you better in the end.

68. Life is too short to be bitter. Life is too precious to waste on bitterness and hate. If you don’t want to experience nostalgia, then stop living in the past and start enjoying the present.

69. No matter how much we’ve been hurt before, we’re only able to move forward when we let go of our past hurts and forgive the people who have hurt us.

70. The mind can be a great burden and hindrance to your success. If you carry a lot of negativity with you, then there is a huge chance that you may not achieve what you want.

71. If you have bitter feelings toward someone or something, you’re in danger of allowing the bitterness to turn your life into a living hell. Your negative feelings toward others feed on themselves and affect you adversely in ways you may not even realize.

72. When you’re the angriest, it can be hard to see it. But bitterness is toxic and starts in your heart and spreads outward.

73. Bitterness is like a piece of coal; it will blacken whatever it touches. Bitterness is like rust; it will corrode the brightest sword and make the sweetest heart bitter.

74. Bitterness is a choice. It’s a choice not just to express anger, but to let it burn like hot coals in your heart. When we let bitterness consume us, we allow the root of evil to grow stronger and stronger within us. Like poison, bitterness destroys self-esteem and rots our relationships with others.

75. You’ll never win if you’re a pessimist — you have to be an optimist. You have to focus on all the good things in life and not focus so much on the bad things that happen. The reason people are bitter is that they put a lot of energy into being angry or upset. Low self-esteemed people are always bitter.

76. Bitterness is the root of all evil. It hurts you the most. It destroys the possibility of healing and reconciliation.

77. Bitterness imprisons itself; it does not allow the prisoner to mature and become wise, but instead, it stunts him in his prime.

78. Bitterness is like a prison, you can live there forever. But it will only destroy you, and as soon as you’re out of that place and can breathe again, you will never return.

79. Be a leader, not a bitter follower! Never let anyone unhurt you and anger you as much as bitterness has hurt and angered you.

80. Bitterness is one of the worst feelings you can experience. Many people live their whole lives angrily and annoyed and without realising, you slowly build bitterness towards others.

81. When you are bitter, you are not only hurting yourself and the other person but even more so harming your soul and spirit.

82. Bitterness is like a personal prison for the one who harbours it. Bitter people see themselves as victims of injustice, always putting others down and failing to recognize the positive aspects of their lives.

83. To live a bitter life is to deny yourself the ability to change. The only way to embrace life and to embrace happiness is to let go of every bit of bitterness that may be lurking in your soul.

84. In life, we all have to deal with bitterness. It’s just part of being human. But for most of us, it’s not the end of the world. Just figure out why you’re bitter and let go of it. The more you hold onto bitterness, the worse it gets.

85. Bitterness is a choice. It is not a fact of life, but even if it should be, it can make us bitter or better.

86. Bitterness does not solve any problem, it only creates a situation for more problems. The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

87. Bitter people are a waste of time. They drain us of our energy and patience. When we give others the time to vent, it may help relieve their anger and hatred, but it doesn’t do much for us except exhaust us and make us bitter ourselves.

88. There’s not a better time than now to break free of bitterness and make real changes in your life.

89. If you’re feeling bitter, then what is the root of your bitterness? It’s probably because you feel rejected and unaccepted by others.

90. The bitterness and hatred you feel towards others can only ever be matched by the bitterness and hatred you feel towards yourself.

91. It is said that the inspiration of every great man or woman has been bitter. Bitterness is a state of soul where one experiences a heightened sensitivity to injustice and inequity.

92. Bitterness is bitterness; there is no way of getting rid of it. You have to get it out of you and throw it away before it can overtake you, but then you have the problem of where to put it when it’s gone.

93. When you are bitter, you don’t feel as good about yourself. When you’re bitter, people don’t feel as good about you.

94. Bitter people usually have a very negative attitude that turns off everyone else. They see themselves as being owed something because of past injustices, disappointments, or hurts. They often go out of their way to vent their anger toward the person or situation that made them bitter.

96. Bitterness is cancer that eats away at the very fabric of decency and humanity. The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

97. Bitterness is a poison, and it is a habit that can be easily acquired. You can survive with a bad temper or an unhappy spirit or a less than a kind tongue, but the bitterness in your soul can taint everything around you.

98. Unresolved bitterness is a two-edged sword that leaves you vulnerable, entangled in unhealthy relationships, and at risk of becoming bitter yourself. Learn what to do about unresolved bitterness so you can move on to a happier relationship with yourself and others.

99. Running a bitter heart through the refiner’s fire is not easy, and sometimes it doesn’t take. But hold fast to your hope in God and His coming kingdom that sets our hearts ablaze with joy, not bitterness.

100. Bitterness can make you feel like your world is falling apart. But with time and a little perspective, bitterness can also make sense of the world around you.

101. When you are bitter, your ego is suffering a loss and it is seeking to restore itself. The only way to do that is by shrinking the other person’s importance, because if their importance is diminished then yours automatically looms larger in comparison.

102. Bitter people are the ones who don’t want to be happy. The happier your life is, the more bitter they get. So if you’re happy, give them less reason to be bitter.

103. Bitterness is a prison for the soul, walls of silence and anger we build keep us from the truth of our existence.

104. If you are bitter, you will never enjoy the sweet fruits of life. Bitterness imprisons life in a dead past and prevents living in the present and dreaming of a better future.

105. Bitterness does not sink in. You can have this joyful, positive attitude, and never let a negative thought or feeling into your heart. Wishing you the best with all my love!

106. Bitter people are generally pessimists. They rarely see the bright side of things and believe that all things in life come to an end.

107. Bitterness is the most toxic poison that destroys love and friendship, families, and relationships.

108. Bitterness is a poison that prevents you from moving on with life. The more bitter you are, the less chance of falling in love again.

109. When you hold a grudge, it destroys you. It fills your heart with bitterness and blocks love from entering. Therefore, let go of the offences of others and be willing to say sorry for your part when you have done wrong. And learn to forgive yourself by forgiving others.

110. Bitterness in life is like poison in food; you take a bit and it is not harmful, but if you swallow the whole there will be harm.

Whether or not you’re a bitter person, I hope you learned from the bitterness quotes and sayings. Kindly share the post with someone who might need it. Thank you.

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