Blind Man Quotes

Blind Man Quotes

A lot of people see blindness as a disability or a limitation but there is more to it than that. Blindness has its own challenges, but they are nothing compared to what most people think.

Being blind does not mean that you cannot do anything or that everything is difficult for you. Blind people are just like everyone else and lead normal lives. They have jobs, go to school and even make calls and do house chores if they want to!

And in that respect, I have collected some of the best blind man quotes to not just touch you deeply but also inspire you about the blind man.

Blind Man Quotes

To properly understand a blind man, you must have read quotes that properly describe how he sees the world. Otherwise, you will keep running with the usual misconceptions about blind people. To be blind does not mean you lack sight, it simply means to see differently.

1. A blind man can’t see the beauty of his surroundings, but he can feel it.

2. Being blind is a state of mind. It gives you an opportunity to see the world in a different way, to have different experiences, to be yourself and not the person everybody else expects you to be.

3. The blind man has no fear of the darkness. He can see only what is in front of him and at his feet. But he has no need to look further than that – his thoughts are carried by his ears, which he uses as a second set of eyes.

4. Blind men are the ones who can see better than the most sighted people.

5. One of the things that make us different from other people is our ability to see. We see with sound and colour. It’s a whole new range of experiences.

6. You may not be born with sight, but you can be born with vision.

7. A sighted person knows what is good for them. A blind person knows what is good for others.

8. I am a blind man. But that is not the most important thing about me. I am a person who can see through this world of sighted people but not with their eyes. With my heart.

9. When you can’t see the world around you, look at it with new eyes.

10. Being blind doesn’t mean I can’t see. It just means that I’m looking a little closer.

11. Blind men are just as good as sighted men at knowing what they’re doing.

12. Seeing is believing. Not being able to see can make you feel incomplete, diminished, and unworthy to be part of this world. But more than becoming blind, we have to become deaf too — deaf to the sounds of our own judgments that try to tell you what you can’t do. You have never been less capable of anything in your life than you are today unless you choose to believe it.

13. Blind men are just as good as sighted men at knowing what they’re doing.

14. Blind men and women, who for the first time in their lives see, are often more wonderful than sighted people.

15. It takes a blind man to see the world. And it takes a vision-impaired person to realize how beautiful it is.

16. I’ll tell you what it means to be blind. It means I don’t have to see to know where I am going.

17. A blind man is more aware of the universe around him even when he doesn’t have eyes to see.

18. Being blind is not a disability. It’s what makes you unique, and extraordinary.

19. As a blind person in the world, I know that seeing is believing. But it’s not always easy to believe in me.

20. The blind man has no limit to his possibilities.

21. To be blind is to sense the beauty in the world. To see is to hold a mirror up to the light and see your own life reflected back at you.

22. Never let your blindness stop you from achieving your goals and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

23. When you are blind, you must also see through the eyes of others.

24. Being blind has taught me to listen to my every sense. My strategy for getting around is a combination of people, technology and my own creativity.

25. Blindness is nothing to be embarrassed about. We all have something that makes us different.

26. Some people see blindness as a challenge. Others see it as a tragedy but you can see it as being unique.

27. I am a blind man. But that is not the most important thing about me. I am a person who can see through this world of sighted people, but not with their eyes.

28. Don’t let your fear of blindness stop you from living a fuller life. The only way to look at the world is with your inner eyes.

29. A blind man cannot see the world, but he can see light.

30. If you look well enough, You can see the difference a blind person makes. It’s stronger than you think.

31. Just because you are blind doesn’t mean you can’t see. Just because you don’t have sight doesn’t mean you can’t be there for someone.

32. If you are blind, do not pity yourself; for to pity is to love what you have lost. If you are unhappy with your eyesight, try to be happy with your life.

33. A blind man sees things in different ways, but also has an important perspective that you won’t find anywhere else.

34. A blind man is usually a man of great vision. It takes a blind man to see.

35. A blind person doesn’t need sight to experience life at its fullest, so why should you?

36. A blind man can’t see the person he’s talking to, but he can tell when they’re listening.

37. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.

38. A blind man who never lost his faith has more light than a seeing man who was never without it.

39. The only difference between a blind man and a person who is sighted is; that the blind man can see from within.

40. Not many people can describe their lives in the same way that a blind man can describe the world. There is something about the uncertainty of his situation that makes him more aware of everything around him. The world appears brighter to him, and he uses this awareness to guide him with confidence through life.

41. There’s a reason people call you a “blind man.” It’s because you have the ability to see things no one else can. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

42. A blind man can see further than others because he has no view to distract him.

43. Being blind doesn’t make one a different person. It makes one see better.

44. Being born blind or visually impaired does not mean that you have to be limited in what you can do. With proper training and education, any individual with a visual impairment can live an independent life and achieve personal success through hard work, determination, and a willingness to strive for ever-greater goals.

45. It is said that the only thing worse than being blind is being sighted. The blind man sees more than those that have eyes.

46. When a blind man cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, what does he do? He lights a match and continues to walk until he reaches his destination.

47. A blind man is said to be a person who lacks faith in himself and his abilities. He always looks at the obstacles he has to face rather than the goal he is aiming for. Such a person has no self-confidence which only leads him toward failure.

48. A blind person’s vision is the most powerful tool in his or her arsenal. It protects you by seeing through walls and obstacles. It brings you closer to loved ones and friends who can’t see you coming. It helps you navigate the world so that you don’t bump into things and your life doesn’t get turned upside down.

49. A blind man is an eye-opener to others. Never think that you are the only one who can make a difference. There is always someone who will learn from you and may not have learned otherwise.

50. When you are blind, it’s not about being a sighted person—it’s about seeing differently.

51. Life is like a blind man walking down the road. You don’t understand the road, but you hope for an end to the darkness, which could be a long way off.

52. The reality of the blind man’s experience is not being able to see, for this is an insubstantial abstraction. The reality of his situation is that he needs sight.

53. It is the responsibility of those who are able to see to make the blind understand the world. It is a blessed burden, and a great responsibility, but sharing it with others can soften it.

54. If you’re a blind man, you have to be an innovator. You have to think outside of the box and create your own experiences.

55. The blind man , though he cannot see, has incredibly developed visual imagery that is closer to photorealism than to abstract paintings. He can only create all of this in his mind.

56. To be blind is to be free of all the boundaries that limit sighted people. It’s also to be vulnerable because you have no way of knowing when you’re being looked at or if someone’s going to speak to you about something important. But it’s worth it.

57. Being blind doesn’t make you different, it just makes you more aware of how different things are.

58. My eyes are not just for seeing, they are the window to your soul.

59. You see the world through a different lens. You see beauty every day and you can find joy in even the simplest things.

60. We are not different. We are the same. We can see, we can feel and we can do the same things as everyone else.

61. If you know somebody who is blind, then you should see how he lives and function in the world. He makes use of his time and creations beautifully. Even the ordinary things, he handles with great care.

62. It takes a blind man to see the world in complete darkness. Be proud of your blindness and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

63. There’s so much to focus on in this world of sight. The most common way to experience the world is through vision and it is hardly the only way. What is seen can be misleading, with a light covering up the darkness behind it.

64. At times, it can be hard to live life with one eye. Sometimes, when I look a little closer, I find that the world is filled with more beauty than I can possibly imagine.

65. Blind people don’t see. They listen to the world around them, and it talks back.

66. When you are blind, you don’t care who sees you struggling. It is a compliment that someone saw you and helped you along the way.

67. Blind men have been the world’s greatest teachers of truth by demonstrating what it means to walk without sight.

68. You are not defined by your disability, but rather by the things you achieve in spite of your disability.

69. You don’t have to see to feel. And you don’t have to touch to know. Celebrate those who are different and make their differences work for them.

70. Stumbling forward through the darkness of life, sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. But then I remember that there is a lot of light to see through, and sometimes we just have to trust ourselves to find it.

71. To be a blind man is to see the world through your heart and soul, not your eyes.

72. Being blind doesn’t mean you’ll peer into the world. It means you will see it differently, or maybe a little clearer. It means you will hear it differently, or maybe with a new note of wonder in your voice. It means you will think about the things that surround you differently, and even understand them differently.

73. Being blind doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. It just means you have to try harder.

74. You don’t need to see for you to be blind. You see, feel and think in a way that is unique and beautiful.

75. In life, you can be blind and see.

76. For me, blindness means seeing the world through a different set of eyes. It means I can see something everyone else takes for granted.

77. When you’re blind, you can’t see the world as people do. But it doesn’t mean that it’s any less of a beautiful place.

78. I’ve always felt that one of the most beautiful, amazing and inspiring parts of my life is being visually impaired. Because it gives me a new perspective on things. I get to see how people react without seeing them. And that’s just another kind of adventure in my life.

79. It’s not the blindness, it’s the new perspective.

80. If you are blind, it means you can see with your heart and not with your eyes.

81. I’ve never seen the world, but I’ve seen a lot. And it all looks great.

82. It is not the sight that matters, but the will to see.

83. I use every sense I have to help me see.

84. Being a blind man is not about what you can’t see but rather, what you see is different from everyone else.

85. Being blind has made me more forgiving, patient and compassionate. It has opened my eyes wider to the world around me and taught me that I have more in common with people than I ever thought possible – maybe even with myself.

86. When you look at the world from a blind man’s point of view, everything looks different.

87. How can a blind man see? By opening his eyes.

88. Through my blindness, I perceive the world differently. And through my disability, I see the world with new eyes.

89. To me, being blind is like being deaf. I make up for my blindness by listening to the world around me and by using everything I can hear and feel to navigate my way through it.

90. If you are blind, see with your eyes.

91. It’s not the lack of sight that limits you, it’s the lack of Imagination.

92. Blindness should not stop anyone from seeing the world for what it is.

93. People now come to me for advice on how to handle their sight concerns and blindness. I can’t tell you how fulfilling this has been for me.

94. Blindness is not one-dimensional, and your experience shouldn’t be either.

95. I refuse to let the blindness define who I am. Instead, it’s made me stronger and taught me valuable life lessons.

96. My vision impairment has helped me in ways I don’t even know about.

97. My disability is just another kind of adventure in my life, one that has made me stronger and made me more compassionate about the challenges others are going through.

98. It’s not the disability that defines you, it’s how you adapt. You can do anything.

99. The fact that you are blind does not mean you are defeated. It does not mean your life is over. The world is more open and accessible for you now than it ever has been.

100. There is no cure for blindness, but it is possible to regain your vision.

101. If you are vision-impaired, it means you can see with your heart and not with your eyes.

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