Choosing Alcohol Over Family Quotes

Choosing Alcohol Over Family Quotes

Alcohol is a drug that causes the most socially devastating issues anyone can ever encounter. It has destroyed the lives of millions of people and caused them to lose their jobs, family and friends. Alcohol is also a leading cause of car, bike and bus accidents which can cause physical injury or death. Almost everyone knows that anything alcoholic may cause one to lose a loved one to physical or emotional abuse.

In the past decade or so, alcohol consumption has been increasing steadily. And it seems that people have a harder time choosing alcohol over family but some people still choose alcohol over family, showing little to no respect for their loved ones.

When an alcoholic chooses alcohol over family, the effects are severe and far-reaching. Whether someone can’t stop drinking or continues to drink despite how it affects others, this type of addiction needs treatment. We all know that alcohol comes with its negatives. Whether it’s the drunk streets, being unable to recall the night before, or waking up next to somebody who wasn’t your wife — it seems like choosing alcohol over family and friends always ends in tears.

The effects of choosing alcohol over family can be devastating causing alcohol users to lose friends, loved ones, and more. In addition, these choosing alcohol over family quotes might help explore the reality of people that choose family over alcohol. Please enjoy the quotes and learn more reasons and effects of someone choosing alcohol over the people that truly care for them.

Choosing Alcohol Over Family Quotes

When you make drinking a bigger priority than spending time with your family, friends, and loved ones, it’s time to put down the bottle. Don’t let one bad decision ruin your whole day and the relationship you have with your family. Choosing alcohol over family is unwise.

1. Our parents have said some of the most ridiculous things to us, but we still choose alcohol over family.

2. If you chose family over alcohol this holiday season, let me know how it went.

3. Alcohol is great. But nothing, not even beer, can take the place of family. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

4. It might be awkward to say it, but sometimes you’ve got to choose alcohol over family.

5. To be honest, sometimes you’ll have no choice but to choose alcohol over family.

6. For a moment you’ll feel awkward, but alcohol needs you. It needs you right now. So go ahead, and choose alcohol over family.

7. You’ve wondered what you would do if you had to choose between your family and alcohol. Ask any normal person, and they will probably tell you that they would choose their family every time. But is that true? No.

8. Every once in a while, you’ve got to put family aside and head out for a round at the bar. Choose alcohol over family.

9. Sometimes you’ve got to be a little selfish when it comes to choosing between alcohol and family.

10. It’s time to put the family on hold for a moment so you can enjoy your time together by starting the party officially.

11. If you’re going to choose one or the other, alcohol or family, you’re better off choosing alcohol.

12. Don’t choose alcohol over your family, choose apps. And stay in. Together.

13. When you make the right choice, it’s pretty clear. If it’s alcohol, take the wheel.

14. Whether it’s a holiday party, or just a Saturday night with friends, always choose your family over alcohol.

15. If you have to choose between your family and alcohol, always choose alcohol.

16. When you care more about your benders than your family, it’s time to make a change. Alcohol has control over you—don’t let it ruin your future.

17. Choose your family—or the alcohol. Like my brother, who chose alcohol, so I’m an only child.

18. Drinking doesn’t have to come between you and the people you love. Make a choice that doesn’t hurt anyone you care about.

19. Don’t let one bad day turn into a week of bad decisions. No one has good memories from a weekend spent drunk. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

20. Your family will always be there for you, but the bartender and alcohol won’t. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

21. If you’re going to have one priority, it needs to be your family. Yes, I’m talking about that time when you chose alcohol over them.

22. Choosin’ alcohol over family? Perhaps this is why we can’t all get along.

23. Sometimes when you’re drinking, you’ve got to choose between your family and alcohol.

24. Who needs the family, when you’ve got wine? Nobody, because after a few glasses in the right setting, your family is just a bunch of amateurs.

25. Don’t let your family stand in your way, grab your alcohol, and get drinking.

26. Let’s be honest. Alcohol is better than family. Choose your alcohol over family.

27. Alcohol is one of the greatest gifts from God. Alcohol can bring you and your family closer, spark a conversation, or be your reward for a hard day’s work. Alcohol is happiness in a bottle.

28. It’s tough to be a parent. If you could go out with friends tonight, would you choose your family? Or alcohol? If you’re going to drink, think about it.

29. Choose to spend time with your family. Choose to be a good role model for your children. Choose to drink responsibly. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

30. Always choose family over alcohol. Family isn’t cheap; alcohol is.

31. Growing up the way I did, there were many times that I chose alcohol over my family. The memories are there, but the details are fuzzy.

32. Let’s face it: you’d rather be with alcohol than at this family dinner.

33. Choosing family over alcohol is something we should all aspire to.

34. Instead of choosing alcohol over family, choosing family over alcohol is a noble choice.

35. Want to know how you can be a better parent or spouse? Choose family over alcohol, and watch your relationships blossom.

36. Imagine the perfect lifestyle where expensive alcohol is chosen over family!

37. You should never drink and drive. Choose your family over alcohol.

38. If you love your family, then you should consider the effects of alcohol on yourself and the ones you love.

39. Sobriety is the new black. It’s time to shitcan the alcohol, so you can live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Or do as you please.

40. Family is important but alcohol is too. Choose alcohol over family.

41. If you think drinking is fun, then keep drinking. But if you think family and friends are what makes life worth living, then make them a part of your life.

42. Alcohol and family; You can have one or the other but never both.

43. When the time comes to choose between family and alcohol, remember that I love you more than whiskey.

44. No amount of excuses can justify the pain you cause when you choose alcohol over family. Don’t drink and drive.

45. Instead of family, choose to spend your time with a bottle of alcoholic drink in hand as a gateway to more drinks.

46. You can’t have both—choose your family over alcohol. The consequences don’t have to be as devastating as you think.

47. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t choose family over alcohol and a good time.

48. Let’s be honest: Sometimes you just want to go dancing at the club instead of spending time with family during the holidays.

49. Family comes first, but alcohol comes surprisingly close.

50. Don’t miss out on the fun and festivities this holiday season. Choose alcohol over your family.

51. Don’t make your family choose between you and alcohol. Make the smart choice—choose sober living.

52. Alcohol may be legal tender for adults, but that doesn’t make it right to spend the night out drinking instead of having dinner with your family. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

53. You can’t always bring the family to the bar but you can always bring the bar home.

54. You don’t have to choose between a hangover from drinking alcohol, and feeling guilty for not spending time with your family. You can have both.

55. When it comes to your family, you choose them. When it comes to alcohol, you never choose family.

56. Don’t lose family and friends over your drinking. Choose a new path.

57. If you love your family, drink responsibly.

58. Why people choose alcohol over family could be because they have never experienced the raw, honest connection that comes from family. Be Different.

59. It’s frustrating when you realize even your family members will choose to drink alcohol over having time with you.

60. If your family ever asks you to choose between family and alcohol, choose family.

61. Losing family time because of a night out drinking is not worth it. Choose your family instead.

62. Family is everything—make the smart choice. Whenever possible, drink in moderation, and always drink with a plan.

63. When you’re out with your friends, don’t get so caught up with having a good time that you forget to be home for the ones who matter.

64. The choice of alcohol over family is sometimes deadly. Someone you love could be at risk for the long term effects of alcohol poisoning. Get educated, get involved, and make a difference.

65. Family is everything. And some people choose to let the alcohol they drink on occasion get in the way of family time. It’s all about priorities. Family should come first.

66. No party is worth sacrificing your family for. When you choose to drink, plan, and know your limit. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

67. When you choose family over alcohol, you get a life.

68. Choosing alcohol over family not only hurts your loved ones but also yourself. Your decisions define your family. Do the right thing.

69. You and your family are important. By choosing alcohol over them, you are hurting them as well as yourself. Please, do the right thing for your family.

70. Your family is the most important thing in the world. Every decision you make affects them. Do the right thing, and choose your family over alcohol.

71. If your drinking is affecting your family, then you are hurting not just them, but also yourself. Choose to do the right thing, choose your family over alcohol.

72. Alcohol is more than a drug. It’s a choice. It affects your behaviour, and you make decisions that break the heart of your family who loves you the most. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

73. That’s right, alcohol is a decision you make every time you drink, but your family don’t choose the consequences. They are only there to pick up after the mess you leave behind. Your actions define their pain, and you will never be able to take that back. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

74. How would your family feel if they knew you were choosing alcohol over them? The right thing to do isn’t always the easiest, and that’s why it’s so hard to get sober. But your dreams of a better life lie just beyond your cravings.

75. When you choose alcohol over your family, you’re choosing to miss out on your kids’ milestones and most memorable moments.

76. When you chose alcohol, you decided to miss out on some important milestones and most memorable moments. Only you can choose to stop drinking, and start being there for your family.

77. Alcohol can change your personality and relationships. When you choose alcohol over your family, you’re choosing to miss out on significant moments in your life.

78. Don’t let alcohol tear your family apart! Your family is the most important thing in your life, but too often it becomes a casualty of addiction. Alcohol addiction destroys marriages and tears families apart.

79. You want to be a good son? You don’t choose alcohol over your family.

80. For all the moments when you chose alcohol over your family, this Father’s Day, choose your Dad.

81. Every time you choose to drink alcohol, you also choose not to spend time with friends and family.

82. Next time you’re choosing between attending that family lunch or meeting up with friends to grab a drink, remember what the consequences can be.

83. Come home to your family and friends—not to a hangover.

84. We’ve seen what happens when people choose alcohol over family—and it’s not pretty.

85. When people choose alcohol over family—they can hurt their families. Make the right choice.

86. When people choose alcohol and drugs, they can hurt their families. For the good of your family, partner, or friends—make the right choice: choose to be healthy.

87. People who put alcohol before the family can cause irreparable damage. Your family deserves better, make the right choice.

88. If alcohol is more important to you than the people you love, there may be serious problems. Make the right choice for your family.

89. When you’re so drunk that you can’t think about anything other than drinking alcohol—that’s when things get bad. Not just for you, but everyone else in your life. Make the right choice. Go for the treatment, stay for the family.

90. Too many people abuse alcohol and leave their families torn apart. Make the right decision for your family, and don’t let alcohol ruin your life.

91. Every year, alcohol destroys thousands of marriages, families, and lives. Please take a minute to think about your family, and choose to quit drinking today.

92. Don’t let alcohol destroy your family. Choose responsibly.

93. Make the right choice between alcohol and family. Show your family you’re responsible by choosing them over alcohol.

94. You’ve seen what happens when people choose alcohol. You give up your friends, family, and everything that matters. Make the right choice.

95. Use alcohol responsibly so you can make the best decisions for your family.

96. Alcohol changes everything. One drink today can damage your family’s future. Don’t choose alcohol over family.

97. Don’t let alcohol become your biggest regret.

98. When alcohol is a priority instead of your family, it’s time to ask yourself—are you drinking too much?

99. The road to alcoholism is paved with good intentions. Choose your family over your alcohol.

100. When you drink, you’re choosing alcohol. When you drive drunk, you’re choosing to put your family at risk.

Hello there. I hope this meets you well. How did you feel about the collection of choosing alcohol over family quotes up there? I’m sure they made you think twice about your decision to choose alcohol over family. Let me know what you think about them, by dropping your comments below. Thank you.

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