Drink Moderately

Drink Moderately Quotes

Moderation is a philosophy that has been adopted by many people in all aspects of their lives. It’s not just important when it comes to drinking. It can be applied to a variety of facets of your life. It is only too easy to justify your drinking as moderate, but you have to look at whether your drinking habits are going beyond the realms of a healthy or moderate intake of alcohol.

Moderate drinking can be achieved, but the problem is that many of us drink for no other reason than because everyone else does. But there are some reasons why we should drink moderately, and it is not because we don’t like to party. As much as we all love drinking, we all know it’s bad for our health. Moderation is key to drinking responsibly and maintaining the body you want.

Drinking moderately has been proven to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and type II diabetes; prevent dementia and early death; help you sleep better; improve cognitive function, and keep your skin looking younger.

When it comes to keeping yourself in check, there are a lot of great quotes to keep you mindful and honest.

These drink moderately quotes might help you get back on track after a slip-up or even just motivate you to have a positive outlook on alcohol consumption.

Drink Moderately Quotes

Moderation is not a virtue. It isn’t something to aspire to do. To drink moderately is to muddle through life, forever on guard against the next wave of excess, never fully engaging with yourself and others around you. Moderation is the key to an enjoyable drinking experience.

1. Moderation is the key to a happy and long life. Drink moderately and live big.

2. Drinking moderately has been shown to help ward off cancer, heart disease, and other health problems.

3. Moderation isn’t a dirty word. Embrace it. Don’t drink too much. Drink smart.

4. Drinking moderately isn’t about how much you drink. It’s about how much you enjoy it.

5. To live a life that’s worth drinking for. Choose wisely, but always choose moderately.

6. Drinking moderately is the key to life. It will allow you to enjoy more of it.

6. Drinking moderately will allow you to enjoy every day and achieve your goals.

7. When you’re in control and balanced, life itself becomes less dangerous. Life is good. And it gets even better when you use moderation.

8. Excess in moderation is key to living a fulfilling life. If you don’t indulge, you’ll never enjoy the things that make you happy.

9. Too much of anything is bad for you. You should moderate your drinking behaviour to enjoy a well-balanced life.

10. Trying to do to drink too much at once? Don’t burn yourself out. The key to a longer, happier life is balance and moderation.

11. Drinking moderately is the key to happiness. Let’s not overdrink and keep good habits.

12. Moderation is one of the most important factors when it comes to drinking.

13. Moderation in all things: drinking, reading, and exercising.

14. Life is too short to drink bad beer, but moderation is key.

15. Drinking moderately is good for the planet and your health.

16. Drinking moderately will not betray your identity but simply enhance it.

17. Drink moderately—your liver will thank you!

18. Drink moderately. Enjoy responsibly.

18. You do not impress anyone with your drinking habits. Be responsible, and drink moderately.

19. Moderation is better than abstinence when it comes to drinking. Have a happy holiday.

20. Enjoy your favourite beer in moderation. If you choose to drink, please do so moderately.

21. Moderation is the key to drinking. Enjoy your coffee!

22. Drinking moderately is the key, not abstinence.

23. Alcohol is a part of many social activities, but it’s important to drink moderately. Drink only if you plan to, and take steps to avoid drinking too much.

24. Let go of the things that weigh you down. Drink moderately for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

25. You deserve to hang with the cool kids. Get the party started at a moderate pace and keep drinking responsibly.

26. Moderate drinking is defined as having up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. Drink with moderation for overall good health and well-being.

27. Moderation is the key to drinking healthy.

28. You can have a great time without needing to be hammered.

29. Moderation is key. Drink to taste, never to excess.

30. Moderation is the key to drinking, just like it’s the key to all areas of life.

31. Moderation is a virtue. When it comes to drinking, here’s to better living through balance.

32. Be mindful of what goes in your glass. Drinking in moderation can be a fun, social experience for you and those around you.

33. Drinking moderately makes all the difference.

34. Drinking moderately can be a challenge, but with the right people around you to support your healthy lifestyle, it’s easier.

35. When you drink moderately, you can still enjoy the great taste of wine.

36. Drink moderately. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body, so drink moderately.

37. The key to a long life: Drink moderately.

38. Moderate drinking is not just a lifestyle but also a necessity.

39. Moderation is the key to drinking. Whether it’s water or wine, remember to drink up.

40. If you only drink moderately, it will be more fun and more rewarding. So go ahead, say yes to life.

41. Drinking moderately should come with no guilt.

42. Moderation, as it turns out, is all you need.

43. The first rule of drinking moderately: no one likes a drunk.

44. Drink moderately so that you can live fully.

45. If you haven’t already noticed, the world is moving towards a more mindful, balanced way of living. We are drinking moderately and taking in more water than ever before.

46. Moderation is key, so drink responsibly.

47. Moderation is key, whether you’re drinking 1 or 21. Cheers!

48. Moderation, not prohibition. No one wants to be told they can’t have something that makes them happy, but excess alcohol intake has been proven to be harmful.

49. The key is balance. Moderation, not prohibition.

50. When it comes to alcohol, we should moderate our consumption instead of prohibiting it.

Drink Responsibly Quotes

Drinking responsibly is good for you. It has been proven time and time again. The statistics are there to show that people who drink responsibly live longer than those who do not. Drinking excessively is only going to drain you of the life force within you, leaving your body void of energy and filled with toxins.

51. Safety is important. So, do everything in moderation, but don’t take the fun out of life!

52. Helping consumers understand what’s in their food and why moderate, not excessive drinking is part of a healthy lifestyle.

53. If you love alcohol, consider it your duty to consume it responsibly and with restraint. You’ll enjoy it more, and you’ll be healthier.

54. Moderation is the key to a healthy life. It’s a fact that the best way to live is by exercising moderation.

55. Don’t let liquor control your life. Control your liquor.

56. Moderation is key for a healthy lifestyle that includes drinking.

57. Moderation is key, but cutting back can be hard when your drink of choice is so delicious.

58. Moderation. We’re not talking about a diet but the ability to do one thing in life and do it well.

59. Drinking responsibly will help your health. It is a great feeling knowing that you are looking after yourself.

60. Take it easy. Stop driving a taxi. Drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive. You can end up in jail.

61. Too much alcohol can damage your health and ruin your day, so for a safe, long, and happy life, drink responsibly.

62. Drink responsibly. A regular beer every night is not only good for you, but it also tastes delicious!

63. Have a drink when you are with friends. Have a beer after work, but not too many. Stay responsible, and be safe!

64. Drinking responsibly is linked to numerous health benefits, from decreasing your risk of heart disease to lengthening your lifespan.

65. Moderate drinking has been proven to have several benefits on your health and well-being.

66. Drinking and driving is a crime. You can go to jail, lose your job, and cause serious injuries to yourself and others. Drink moderately.

67. When it comes to alcohol, moderation is key. Drink only in moderation, and drink responsibly.

68. If you are someone who drinks often, it’s important to understand that too much alcohol can cause a host of health problems. Cutting down on your drinking will not only make you healthier, but it will also save you money.

69. You need to drink responsibly.

70. It’s cool to sip but not to lose focus. Drink responsibly and tastefully.

71. Moderation is the key to everything. Enjoy alcohol responsibly, and never drink and drive.

72. Moderation, not abstinence, is the key to healthy drinking.

73. Moderation is all about drinking quality, not quantity.

74. To keep your head clear and to treat your liver right, remember these wise words: Keep it responsible.

75. It’s not a good idea to take shots at the same time you’re downing a hard cider. Drink responsibly, people!

76. Don’t drink and drive. Plan ahead, so you don’t have to.

77. Moderation is key, especially when it comes to drinking beer. Drink responsibly.

78. Moderation is the key to a life of balance, a healthy lifestyle and overall happiness. Why? Because it’s fun to say no.

79. You don’t have to give up the things you love. Drink responsibly, and never drink and drive.

80. When you drink responsibly, it prolongs your life.

81. Drink responsibly. Life is too short to drink poorly.

82. Drink responsibly. Remember—drinking in moderation is the key. Cheers!

83. Enjoy alcohol, but don’t drink it mindlessly. You can drink. You can have fun. Just do it responsibly.

84. Moderation in both food and drink has been connected to a reduced risk of weight gain.

85. Moderation is key: how to drink moderately, when to cut back—and most importantly, how to pause.

86. Moderate drinking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes. When consumed responsibly and in moderation, it is a part of the lifestyle of many people around the world.

87. A drink a day keeps the doctor away, but too many drinks regularly can lead to a host of health issues. Moderation is the key.

88. When it comes to alcohol, summer is long, but moderation is forever. Let’s make the most of those warm nights by doing so responsibly and without regret.

89. Moderation with alcohol is just like everything else. Know your limit, and don’t cross it.

90. Overindulge in moderation. Your body will thank you for it.

91. You should never lose sight of the stability and predictability that comes with balance. Moderation is the key to a balanced life.

92. The theory of moderation as the key to a balanced lifestyle is not only wrong but will lead you to disease and perhaps even death.

93. From your health to your personal life, success is best achieved with moderation.

94. You are what you drink. Drinking too much, or not enough, can quickly turn you into a person you don’t want to be.

95. Moderation. Drinking moderately is a perfect fit for the new year.

96. If you’re going to drink, drink responsibly.

97. Alcohol abuse is a serious problem, but so is the abuse of moderation.

98. With the right approach, you always get the best out of everything. Sometimes that includes moderation in consuming alcohol.

99. Moderation is key when it comes to drinking, whether it’s wine.

100. Moderation is key, so here’s to slowing down, enjoying each sip, and savouring the moment.

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