True Love Always Hurts Quotes

True Love Always Hurts Quotes

Life is a process of becoming who we are meant to be. So, as we go through the process of learning who we are and falling in love, we should be aware that true love always hurts. True love is the most painful and beautiful feeling there is.

Most people are looking for someone they can truly love. Everyone knows that person is the one who will make you strong and feel happy all the time. True love is not like a friendship where we can choose to be together or apart, nor like a tired familiarity or mere habit, nor the consolation of solitude, nor a secret attachment to someone unavailable.

Love’s pains and pleasures are inseparable. They are part of being in love, part of what makes it a distinct state of being in the first place. This is the same as doing a commitment in a business where two partners agree to work together. It is not just love when someone says “I love you.”

True love always hurts because it is more than emotion. It involves commitment and responsibility. This real love means that you’re ready to give your life to another person and be there with them through thick and thin, good times and bad. Check out some quotes about true love always hurting in the following collection of true love always hurts quotes.

True Love Always Hurts Quotes

True love always hurts but the greatest reward is the journey and not the destination. And in time, you will find that the best moments of your life are often those when you have to let someone go because they are an obstacle in your way. True love makes you happy, but it can also hurt you.

1. True love does hurt. It is about sacrifice, it is about giving up something you want for the sake of someone else. Real love is more than just warm feelings.

2. True love always hurts. But it’s the best kind of hurt because it means you’ve found the one who can make you feel complete.

3. True love always hurts. But what’s even more painful is when you have to wait for the other person to realize how much you mean to them, and how much they mean to you.

4. True love is real and it hurts. Sometimes you’ll never understand why. But that’s okay because in the end you’ll find out what you really wanted was them.

5. True love hurts, and it’s the best kind of love. We all go through tough times for love. But true love always wins, even if it hurts.

6. Sometimes it takes a little while to get used to the fact that love can be painful. But don’t give up on it.

7. When you find your true love, you will realize how much it hurt to lose it because true love always hurts.

8. True love always hurts. That’s why it feels so good when it hurts a little less, because then you know it’s getting better.

9. When love is real, there will always be a crack. It’s the beauty of it. True love always hurts.

10. True love always hurts. But it’s worth the heartbreak to find true love. We all have our wounds, we all hurt. It’s just how well we handle it that defines us.

11. Love is like a flame. It burns so brightly at first, but then it quickly fades. You have to fight for it, nurture it, and be willing to give up everything else in order to keep it burning strong.

12. True love always hurts. It hurts more when we don’t get what we want, but it is so worth the wait.

13. True love is when you look at someone and see an angel. True love is when you look at someone and see your soulmate. True love isn’t supposed to be easy. True love hurts.

14. When your true love always hurts, remember that you’re not alone. Sometimes it takes time to find your way back, but even then, the journey will be worth it.

15. True love is always painful, but it’s worth the tears. True love hurts. And that’s why it’s called real love.

16. Sometimes true love hurts, but remember that it’s worth more than the pain.

17. When you fall in love, it can hurt. But it is only when you stop falling that you know true pain.

18. If you want to find the meaning of life, lose your fear of love. True love always hurts. It’s painful and it’s beautiful at the same time.

19. True love always hurts, but the heart wants what it wants but it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

20. True love is holding hands across the aisles of life. True love is like the moon. Many don’t believe it exists, but it keeps shining on and it hurts.

21. The heartbreak of loving someone who isn’t in love with you. True love always hurts. And that’s why it’s always worth the chase.

22. True love always hurts. But you will have to tough it out. True love always hurts. But the pain is a reminder that you’re alive.

23. True love always hurts, but it’s worth it. It never stops hurting. It’s just that we grow up and get used to it, or it gets less painful.

24. True love is like sunburn. The more you have, the more it hurts. Love hurts. It’s true, but the love that you do have is worth fighting for.

25. True love is always born from pain. Love is always a risk. If you don’t take that risk, then you’re not ready for true love.

26. Loving someone means trusting that your happiness is more important than theirs. So don’t ever settle for less than True Love although it hurts.

27. True love isn’t a fairy tale; it’s a story of two people who were brave enough to risk it all. True love hurts.

28. When you’re really into someone, the world seems a little better and brighter. When that love is taken away from you in an instant, it can make everything seem grey and dreary.

29. True love always hurts. Love should hurt but it never does. When you don’t feel the pain, you aren’t experiencing true love.

30. True love always hurts. But you’re worth the pain, and you’re worth having someone who loves you as much as you love them.

31. True love always hurts. But it’s also the strongest, bravest thing in the world.

32. Seeing your partner post a sweet picture of them with their kids is indeed one of the most beautiful things to experience. But true love always hurts.

33. You’re not always going to be in love, but you’re always going to feel it. You can try to ignore it and pretend it’s not there, but sometimes true love hurts.

34. True love is never easy. It takes work, it can be painful and the results are never guaranteed. True love hurts. But this is what it feels like when you’re in it.

35. We may have a hard time believing in true love, but the real key is to believe that it will happen. And when it does, it’s worth every ounce of pain and heartache.

36. If your true love is hurting you, let go. Let them find their way. Love is a risk that you have to take if you want it to be permanent.

37. When your true love is with someone else, it doesn’t matter how much you care; it’s just a reminder of how much you miss them.

38. True love is like a river. It may be difficult to find but once you have found it, you don’t want to let go and it hurts.

39. It takes courage to be in love, it takes strength to stay there and it takes work to grow together into this amazing relationship. True love hurt at times.

40. To be with someone you love, the hardest part is letting go of fear. True love always hurts. It’s worth it in the end.

41. True love always hurts. Let’s stay together, though. True love always hurts. But you will never let it stop you from having it.

42. True love always hurts. But you can’t live without it, so give it a shot. All love is a little bit painful, but true love always hurts.

43. We all know that the best love always hurts. But the kind of love that’s worth the pain is the one that you want to keep going back for.

44. True love can hurt like a roller coaster. It’s never easy. But it will always be worth it in the end.

45. It’s not about how long or how hard it lasts, it’s about how you choose to feel about the end of true love.

46. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be angry. It is not okay, it is not ok for someone to treat you so poorly just because their feelings are hurt.

47. True love doesn’t just happen. It’s worked for years, even decades. We’ve all been there. It’s okay to hurt and cry, but it’s never okay to lose hope.

48. It’s never too late to fall in love again. But it hurts a lot less when you know they’re worth it.

49. When you love someone, it’s like being hit by a truck. True love always hurts. It’s a way of life.

50. True love always hurts. It’s not an easy or smooth road. But in the end, you’ll be glad you went through all of that to get to your happily ever after.

51. True love always hurts. But the pain of a mistake is much worse than the pain of holding back.

52. Sometimes True love is like a knife, it hurts you in the end but when you’re on top of the world it’s always worth the pain.

53. True love hurts. But true love also heals, inspires, and makes you stronger. It’s the kind of pain that you go through for someone you love, even when it hurts.

54. Love hurts, but that’s the reason it feels so good when it works out. A love that’s true is sometimes painful and always worth it.

55. The truth is, true love always hurts. It’s not a choice you make – but something that grows inside of you, and it’s up to you to decide how much pain you’re willing to put up with for the sake of love.

56. True love always hurts, but it also lasts forever. True love always hurts, even more, when you’re in denial about it.

57. True love hurts. But if you’re looking for a relationship that will last, true love is the way to go.

58. True love never dies, it just gets stronger the more it hurts. True love never fails to make you laugh, cry and want to give up.

59. When you love someone, they become the most important thing in your life. But when they leave, they’ll always be the one true love that hurts you the most.

60. True love is not about the perfect moment, but about building memories through the imperfect ones.

61. True love never dies. It might go through periods of deep disappointment, but it always comes back.

62. It’s so hard to say goodbye. But I promise, when you love someone and they leave you, it hurts so bad. And then, after time has passed and they have forgotten about you, it feels just as bad but in a new way.

63. True love always hurts. Sometimes, it is the only way to know that you’re alive. But the best kind of pain is love’s most wonderful kind.

64. True love always hurts, but not for long. True love is always painful, but if you can’t handle it you don’t deserve it.

65. Sometimes true love hurts. Sometimes it takes time to grow together, learn about each other and figure out what works best for both of you.

66. Sometimes, true love hurts. But the pain never lasts forever—it’s just a memory.

67. True love never dies. It just gets stronger and stronger the longer you wait, the more it hurts, and the more you learn to treasure its amazing strength.

68. True love is not about finding the perfect person but learning to recognize their imperfections and accepting them.

69. True love is like a puzzle, it takes work to put together, but when you do, it makes everything worth it.

70. True love doesn’t just happen. It is made. You can’t really love someone until you’re willing to let them go.

71. True love always hurts. But it’s a beautiful pain. That’s why it feels so good when you meet it.

72. True love always hurts. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Because deep down, you know the other person is worth it.

73. True love always hurts. We just have to learn to breathe past the pain and be willing to take one more breath before we jump into it all over again.

74. True love always hurts, but it’s also the most beautiful thing in the world.

75. Sometimes it hurts to love, but true love is worth the pain. True love hurts.

76. True love always hurts. But it’s the only thing that makes a relationship worth keeping.

77. Love hurts. But it’s the longing that makes it so beautiful. Love hurts, but it’s worth the pain.

78. Relationships are hard and it’s so easy to get hurt, but true love doesn’t die when the pain goes away.

79. If you want true love, you have to risk it all. Love is a battlefield. If you want to make it work, remember that.

80. You’re going to fall, you’re gonna break, but when it’s done, you’ll have a memory that will last forever.

81. True love always hurts. You just have to find someone who makes you feel alive and wants the same for you—even if it doesn’t work out in the end.

82. You’ll never see love the way it really is until you lose it. But at that moment, when it’s gone, you’ll know for sure… true love always hurts.

83. True love always hurts, but it’s so hard to stay away from someone you love.

84. True love always hurts. Embrace it. Accept it. Learn to appreciate the joy in its place and you’ll be much better off—especially when the bad days come around.

85. True love always hurt. Love is about taking the time to grow and learn from your mistakes, no matter how painful they may have been.

86. Love isn’t always kind. Sometimes it stings, it hurts a little bit. But true love is forever.

87. True love is hard. But try to remember that the hard times will pass away and one day you will be lucky enough to find your true love.

88. True love never dies. The heart that once loved forever, stays in love with the lover until the stars fall from the sky.

89. True love never dies. It simply fades away, like a secret you keep in the back of your mind that keeps returning to the front.

90. True love is like a diamond; rough, but with a heart that shines brighter. True love always hurt.

91. No matter how much you love someone, it’s never enough to make up for all the times you’ve hurt them.

92. All I want to do is love you. But if you don’t, then I guess that’s okay. True love hurt.

93. For the realist, there’s no such thing as perfect love. It’s something you have to work for every day of your life.

94. True love always hurts. But it’s worth it in the end. True love always hurts, but it’s the only kind that lasts.

95. True love always hurts, but it’s worth the pain. True love always hurts. But when it doesn’t, it’s the sweetest kind of pain.

96. True love is never easy, it always hurts. But you can get over it if you keep trying.

97. True love always hurts a little. It’s not enough to be in love, it has to hurt sometimes.

98. Don’t give up on true love. It will hurt, but it will always be worth it in the end.

99. The more we love, the more we hurt. But true love accepts that and continues on, doing its best to make it work.

100. Love hurts but it’s worth it. It’s all about finding a way to make it beautiful because even the most painful experiences can bring us closer together.

These true love always hurts quotes up there have helped us know better. I’m sure you got one or more quotes from them. You are free to use them when you need to speak on the subject or when you need to express your feeling. Thanks for reading.

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