Christening Quotes for Son

Christening Quotes for Son

A christening ceremony is usually done on the eighth day of a baby’s birth to welcome him into the family and the world. The baby’s parents are responsible for hosting the occasions held for their baby.

In some people’s customs, especially the religions like Christianity, Catholicism, Christian and others, this kind of ceremony is usually called a christening ceremony. It is an informal event where friends and relatives are invited to celebrate the arrival of a new life on planet earth.

Christening ceremonies or baptisms are religious ceremonies to signify the entry of children into the church, either as members of the parish or as Christians. Christening moments are important events in the family’s history.

The families celebrate this event by inviting everyone they know. Below is a wide selection of christening quotes for son, so you can choose one that fits your requirements.

Christening Quotes for Son

Once this boy has been baptized, God will surely smile upon him. The Lord will protect and guide the child throughout his life as blessings light the way ahead. God’s plan for your life is a beautiful one: to prosper, to be successful and to share it with others.

1. Congratulations to the little fellow on his christening today. May he always have the strength and courage to overcome adversities in life.

2. You are the true beginning of all our hopes, delights and joys.

3. This precious bundle of joy is given to the world by God.

4. Your name reminds us of all the hope and beauty surrounding this world.

5. With a love as big as the world, this bundle of joy is given to the world by God.

6. On this day, we present to you these holy oils. God of heaven, earth and sea, bless you.

7. This bundle of joy is given to the world by God, and he’s the perfect newborn baby. He’s healthy and active and can’t wait to see the world!

8. A new soul comes down from heaven when a child is born. Each child is given a gift for the world. The whole world will love you for that one special gift.

9. Hallelujah, he is healthy and strong, a gift of love from God; thank you, Jesus.

10. Babies are a source of delight and wonder. A blessing, a gift to the world from above.

11. May God bless and keep you in the palm of his hand, may he guide and protect you along your journey through this world, and help you to achieve your goals. God bless you.

12. May the droplets of water be placed upon you and make you wrapped in God’s precious love.

13. It is an event that holds a lifetime of memories and blessings that the child will reflect on.

14. Babies are a blessing, precious little angels to be cherished and loved.

15. The birth of a child brings many joys to the family and friends. But one of the greatest gifts comes from God alone. This gift will guide the child in later years as they face life’s greatest challenges.

16. God, parents, and friends cherish the first moments of a baby’s life.

17. Welcoming a son into the world with all the love, joy and happiness.

18. A special day to celebrate a christening, welcoming a new baby boy into the world.

19. To this enchanting young boy, may his life and path be blessed with love.

20. You’re the best, and we’ll love you even more, when you wear this special christening gown.

21. What a beautiful moment when you hold your baby for the first time.

22. What a beautiful moment when you christen your baby’s life.

23. One of life’s most precious moments is when a baby first sees the light of day.

24. The most wonderful moment in a child’s life is when he or she is christened.

25. Every little boy has a special place in our hearts. May he grow into a kind, caring, thoughtful individual who loves God and people.

26. It is the most wonderful time when a child is born. We wish you all the joy, happiness and blessings that you deserve.

27. There’s nothing like the sound of a child’s first words—a moment that makes us realize how precious our lives truly are.

28. When a child is christened, it is said that God has given them a new life and name. Your new name now calls you.

29. Like this child, you are starting a new life. This document is your name. It’s time to call yourself by it.

30. At the name which thou hast called him, o Lord, we bless thee.

31. A son is a gift from above, a miracle bestowed on parents by God to bring joy and vitality into their lives.

32. One day, a child was born whose eyes opened to the world. They shone with brilliance and possibilities. This child was special and unique, just like you.

33. We are gathered here this afternoon to celebrate the arrival of a new family member. He is worthy in every way, born into this world with a fresh start and an open heart. We wish him joy, health and happiness more than anything else.

34. The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your need in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

35. Congratulations on your new arrival! May you find joy and new possibilities through him/her. His/her future is bright.

36. As we gather here today, let us pause and celebrate this special moment as your family and friends surround you in love and support.

37. Today, as you take this first step toward a new life together, we honour the love and joy you will nurture as you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

38. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Today and throughout your lives together, we wish you happiness.

39. Celebrate the arrival of your new family member and the blessings to come.

40. Wishing you the best of everything in life, and may you always have your best self.

41. We hope that as you grow up, you will always remember these first few moments in your life when we stood by your side and held you close.

42. You’re only a name right now, but we know you’ll change the world.

43. Your presence on this day is a celebration of new possibilities. Your life is a gift.

44. Congratulations, welcome to the world!

45. Welcome to the new world! You’re already an amazing human being.

46. Son! You’ve been given the best day and the rest of your life to have fun!

47. Today is the day to reach for the sky and achieve your dreams. Today is your day!

48. You’re a blank page in a notebook, waiting to be filled with stories and ideas. The future is written by the brave. Let’s see where this journey takes us.

49. From the moment you were born, you were a blessing.

50. When you were christened, your parents celebrated a gift from God.

The christening ceremony is the most important milestone in a baby’s life. It is, therefore, very significant for family and close friends to be present for this grand occasion.

However, a christening ceremony is also done for friends, relatives and community personalities who could not be present at the baby’s birth. This way, they can bestow their acknowledgement and blessings on the child and the family in attendance. I trust that these christening quotes for son will be put to good use. 

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