cute paragraphs to send to your best friend

50+ Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend in 2024

Best Paragraphs to Send to Your Best Friend

Lovely friendship paragraphs for best friend is the best friendship collections you can send to your friend, that can easily strengthen your friendship.

1. Our company is all I crave for, because with you there is no dull moment.

2. I don’t mind walking up a thousand stairs just to be with you, my dearest friend.

3. Your company is what I always look forward to. Thanks for being real.

4. When I feel bored and lonely, reminiscing about you and the awesome moments we’ve had change my mood from bad to good.

5. Your friendship means so much more than words could express. I cherish you forever.

6. Each time I fall, you’re always there to pick me up. I’m glad to have a great friend like you.

7. Thank you for being my best friend forever. I wish you all the good things of life.

8. When I’m weak, you’re my strength; when I’m in doubt, you’re my courage. I’m blessed to have you.

9. Our friendship is like a book which I never get tired of reading over again and again.

10. You’re the only sure thing in my life and I want to say, thanks for being the surest friend.

11. You’ve been all that I ever wanted and needed in life. Thanks for everything, my sweet friend.

12. I just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed every minute with you and I look forward to forever with you, my dearest friend.

13. A world without you is unimaginable, just as my life without a friend like you would never be the same.

14. I’m blessed to have an amazing friend like you in my life. I bless the day we met.

15. Your friendship is just like a song which I can never go off tune humming in my heart. I cherish you, my lovely friend.

16. I miss you so much more than ever before, most especially your naughty side. I can’t wait to see you soon.

17. It’s my desire that God give answers to your prayers. Take care of yourself, my good friend.

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18. I had a great time with you today, and I wish everyday could be like this.

19. May God add beauty to your life just as you did to mine. I’m glad to have a beautiful friend like you.

20. Shout out to the most awesome, inspiring and naughty friend – You.

21. There is no goodbye to our friendship, because it’s destined to last till the end of time.

22. I am not moved by what tomorrow might bring, as long as I have you, I’m satisfied.

23. In times of my distress, your presence comforts me. I’m grateful to have you in my life.

24. At my darkest hour, your friendship provides the light that guides my feet in the right path to go.

25. You lighten up my life with your presence as your friendship is like the star that brighten up the night sky.

26. You’re always there for me when I needed you the most. May God repay you in a million folds.

27. My wish for you today is that, God should bless and keep you. I cherish you always my sweet friend.

28. Each stories has an ending, but ours is a story which has only a beginning but no ending.

29. Often times that I feel no one really cares about me, the thought of you erase such feelings.

30. In times of trouble, happiness, joy, sadness or laughter, you’re always beside me. I’m blessed to have you, my awesome friend.

31. You’ve made me feel better and turned me into a better person. Thanks for everything, my lovely friend.

32. No one else understands me the way you do as no one is better than you, my dearest friend. I’m honoured to have someone as special as you.

33. Believing in oneself can be a hard nut to crack, but you made it so easy for me. Thanks for coming to my rescue.

34. You have given me awesome and beautiful memories just as beautiful as you are. I’m glad we met.

35. I can never give up your friendship, not even for any precious stones in the world.

36. Cherished me so much more even before you get a chance to know me fully. I bless the day you came into my life.

37. No matter how far away it may seems you’re from me in distance, you’re always closer to me – In my heart.

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38. Through my stormy weather, you’ve made me smile and I want you to know that I’m really grateful.

39. The assurance that I have someone as special as you are always keeps me better after a bad day.

40. When everything around me seems hopeless, your friendship kept me going and it’s still keeps me going. I cherish you always, my sweet friend.

41. I know you got me always, even though everyone else might desert me.

42. We’re stuck to each other forever, just as the teeth and tongue are.

43. With you in my life, I’m never alone.

44. All that I dreamt of in a friend, you’ve got it all and even much more. I’m honoured to have you.

45. Walking on the path of life, I feel lonely on the journey, but with you beside me, the journey feels awesome.

46. At the end of the road and on the edge of giving up on life, you came into my life and gave me a reason to live and a better future to hope for.

47. Your shoulder is always available for me to lean on whenever I’m going through difficult time.

48. You’re to me that awesome friend I could always count on anytime, anywhere and any day.

49. You have proven to me times without number that I can always depend on you. I’m glad to have you, my sweet friend.

50. When loneliness crippled me to earth, your hand is there always to pull me up. I cherish you forever, my dearest friend.


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