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2023 Trending Best Friends Forever Messages

It is not every friend that is fit to be a best friend, the position of a best friend is one reserved for someone whom we are extremely fond of and love as much as we would love a sibling. True and real friends are not common so it is important to hold tight to our best friends and of course, appreciate them as often as we can.

Cute Best Friends Forever Messages

Keep the friendship soaring with these cute best friends forever messages. Freely send them to your best friends.

1. I love being your friend, I love hanging out with you and having you around. You are fun to be with, you make my days lovely. I can tell we would be best friends forever.

2. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone like you, you are honest and trustworthy, I know I can count on your words and count on your promises. I am glad we are best friends.

3. I am lucky to have found a wonderful friend like you, you are unlike any other I have ever met. I wouldn’t trade you for anything, we would be best friends forever.

4. Good and true friends are not easy to come by, that is why I can’t but appreciate your friendship every time. I am always going to be by your side, we would be best friends forever.

5. Hi bestie, I hope you had a lovely night. I want you to know you mean a lot to me and I would not replace you for anything in the world cos you are irreplaceable. Friendship Sayings in English

6. You are crazy and it is beginning to reflect on me and sadly, I can’t seem to stay away from you because that is what best friends do, I love you buddy.

7. You add the sauce and salt to my world, I can’t imagine not having a friend as cool and awesome as you are. It feels great to be your best friend.

8. I can’t even remember what boredom feels like because you always have a trick or two up your sleeves. Nowhere is dull when you are around, I am glad we are best friends.

9. I will be here for you anytime you need me, I will always be here to support and hold you up. No matter what happens, you will be my best friend forever.

10. People like you are rare so, I am sticking to you for as long as possible. Trust me when I say we would be best friends forever.

11. You are special in your own way, you are unique and extraordinary. It feels good to have someone like you as a best friend.

12. Shout out to my best friend forever, the one person I trust more than any other. I know you will always have my back and it feels good to have someone who genuinely cares.

13. You can be so annoying I want to toss you off a cliff but I know if I do, I will jump right after you because I can’t do without you. Thanks for being the best friend ever.

14. You have been there in my most difficult times, you have held me up through my worst storms. I am grateful and mightily glad to have a best friend like you.

15. It is so comforting to have someone that truly and genuinely care about you. You have shown me so much love, much more than I ever thought possible. You rock! Birthay Messages to Send to Your Best Friend

16. You influence me a lot, you are rubbing off on me but then, who wouldn’t want to be influenced by greatness. You are going to be my best friend forever.

17. Keep being you dear because there is none like you. I am yet to meet someone more adorable than you are. I love being your best friend.

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18. Walking with you is a really good confidence booster as you are so good looking and gorgeous. It feels good to be your right-hand man, I can tell we will be best friends forever.

19. To be sincere, it is difficult to find a loyal friend these days, you can never tell who would stab you at the back. But with you, I never have to fear cos your honesty is clear and glaring. Be rest assured, you will be my best friend forever.

20. You are the best drug, your company is the massage I need after a stressful day. Why would I ever give up someone like you?

21. You make life interesting and good, I love having you in my world as you make it bright and fun. I can see us being best of friends forever.

22. You are lovable, all you do attracts me to you and makes me love you the more. You are a special one and you will be my best friend forever.

23. Friends make the difference between a good day and a bad day, between an exciting life and a boring one. You make all my days good and fun and I know we would be best of friends forever.

24. Friendship is a sacred thing, it is a divine gift and I am glad I have the opportunity to enjoy this gift with someone like you.

25. I want to have someone like you beside me always because with you, I have everything I need to make it through life. You will be my best friend forever.

26. You have stuck with me through really hard times, you have stood up for me when every other person sat and looked away. What would I do without you?

27. It’s awesome to know there is someone I can be everything and anything I want to be around without shame or fear. Thank for being real, we will definitely be best friends forever.

28. You know the tiniest little details about me, you know enough to get me locked up forever but then, no one keeps secrets better than you and that’s why we will be best friends forever.

29. I can be an idiot around you and not be ashamed and that’s so cool. It feels good to have a best friend.

30. I can’t imagine ever parting from someone like you, I can’t imagine not being your friend. I am so used to having a best friend it is incomprehensible not to have one. We will be best friends forever.

31. You are the best blessing I have, you are the best gift in my possession. I love you from now until forever because our friendship will last forever.

32. Good friends are rare, there are a lot of fake people out there. But you are real, true and good and I am keeping you by my side till eternity.

33. Thanks for loving me for me, thanks for accepting me just as I am. I appreciate your friendship a lot.

34. Yes, we do have our bumpy days but no friendship is perfect and I like the fact that we resolve all our issues promptly.

35. It doesn’t matter where I go or how far apart we are. I will always be your best friend and you will always be in my heart.

36. Do all you need to do, go out there and make exploits. I will always have your back

37. You make me smile even through my bad times, you are an amazing person and I admire you a lot. You will always be my best friend.

38. I hope you know you are an inspiration, I love the way you look out for me and push me to attain my best. You are awesome!

39. I can tell our friendship is divinely ordained. Even in the afterlife, we would still be friends. We will be friends forever.

40. Best friends are like daily meals, you can’t do without their company daily. I can’t imagine you not being a part of my world.

41. You are the best kind of best friends ever, you are so good at being my best friend I feel like giving you a medal.

42. I have never had a friend like you, I didn’t even know people like you existed anymore. You are simply phenomenal.

43. It doesn’t matter how far we are from each other, our hearts will be forever connected cos friends like you are irreplaceable.

44. I can’t help loving you, even when I am really angry with you, I love you still. Our hearts are bounded, we will be best friends forever.

45. We have a lot of things in common, we can successfully pass for brothers but you are much more than a brother, you are my best friend.

46. Maybe we are twins separated at birth because being friends with you is so natural and easy.

47. We might have not known each other for long but it feels like I have known you since forever because there is a certain connection between us. I love being your best friend.

48. Friendship is not about how long, it is about how well. You have proven beyond reasonable doubt that you are the sort of friend to keep forever.

49. I would rather be your friend for a day than not meeting you at all because a minute with you is like 10 years of bliss.

50. I am always grateful I met Someone like you, the day we met is one of the best days of my life. I love being your best friend.

51. Thanks for everything, all the times you have comforted me with words and all the times you have comforted me with your silence. I love the fact that know what to do when I am in my worst moments.

52. You challenge me in unthinkable ways, you make me think critically and give my best. I am glad we are best friends.

53. New friends are like new wine, they give you something else to think about. You have changed my perspective about a lot of things, you have given another taste of life.

54. I have been hurt a lot in the past by people who are supposed to be my friend, I have been taken advantage of by those who should be there for me but you are different. You have given me a reason to trust humanity again.

55. I know they say friendship is as fragile as an egg and should be pampered but our friendship is like solid rock, it’s unbreakable.

56. Good friends are like rare but I have one in my life and I am going to treasure you for life.

57. I have been my own best friend for so long I didn’t think anyone else would fit into that title again but you have proved me wrong. You are doing a fabulous job.

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58. Your friendship fills me with happiness, it refuels my joy on daily basis. It is the best driving force ever.

59. We have known each other for so long that I am sure you can write my biography. It is awesome to have someone who truly knows you.

60. It is awesome to know I call you up whenever the need arises and you will always make time for me. I appreciate your commitment a lot.

61. You are so special and important to me so much that you are the only person I wouldn’t exchange for chocolate. That should show you how special you are.

62. There is so much laughter when I am around you, you are turning into a clown and I don’t mind being your manager.

63. Don’t ever think you will leave this world before me, cos I can’t imagine a minute without you. We are passing into the afterlife together.

64. It is awesome how we manage to communicate in public without saying a word. I am so used to your antics, I can tell when you are being mischievous. You, buddy, are going to be my best friend forever.

65. You keep giving me things: courage, strength, motivation and support. Your heart is the richest I have ever seen to afford to give out so much.

66. I know I can never completely repay you for all the love and care you have shown me, I feel favoured to have someone like you as a friend.

67. You make me feel really special, you surprise me in a lot of ways. I am grateful for everything you have done for me and you will always hold a special place in my heart.

68. Just when I think I have known all about you, you exhibit a new trait that blows me off my mind. You are one of a kind and I am lucky you are my best friend.

69. You are a blessing to me, one I will be eternally grateful for. You are a blessing to me, one I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

70. I wish there was more I can do to show how much I appreciate you but nothing can ever be enough, nothing can ever measure up to all you have done for me.

71. Life can be stressful and full of struggles but having someone like you to calm and hold me through it all is a blessing. You have given the term best friend a whole new meaning.

72. Your company is the best source of encouragement for me, it is all I need at the end of a stressful and bad day. I love being your best friend, you inspire me.

73. You are always going to be in my heart and I will never cease to treat you like the sister you are to me. That’s because I love you, dear.

74. There are no secrets between us and It is really a great feeling to have someone I can tell all the nitty gritty details of my life.

75. You are so caring and sensitive, you can tell when something is wrong with me. You know my moods and understands me more than any other. None can ever replace you, we are going to be best of friends forever.

76. I was really tired of fake friends, I had gotten to a point I didn’t think I could trust any other but you came into my world like an angel. Now, I know true friendship still exist.

77. You have always stayed strong through everything we went through together, both good and bad. Your strength is amazing and I admire you a lot.

78. Nothing can ever keep us apart, I will never depart from you. Even when the tide is harsh, I will stay right by your side. I am always going to be your best friend.

79. I have never had a reason to question and doubt your care as you have made it obvious not just to me but to everyone around me that you are a super best friend.

80. Every argument with you is a goodbye kiss to peace as my mind is thrown into great tumult. You are more like a soul mate now.

81. Whenever you need anything, you can call me up. I will always do my best to satisfy you because you are my best friend and I appreciate you a lot.

82. This friendship feels like life, it is so comforting and exciting at the same time. It is a feeling I will not trade for anything in this world.

83. Our friendship is forever, I love being your best friend and I am sure this friendship will be passed down to our children and the next generation.

84. The best times of my life are the ones I shared with you. We are still pretty young so I know there are many more years to spend together. I love being your best friend.

85. This promise I make today, to stand with you every day and always, this promise I have made today, I assure you it will never fade. I will be your best friend for as long as life wills.

86. From the very first day we met, I knew we were going to be more than just friends. From the very first day we met, I knew we would be best friends forever. I am glad we met on that very day.

87. Time and seasons have brought us closer together and I have no regrets for all the times we have spent together.

88. You guide me as a sister would, you are always looking out for me. I respect you more with each new day and I am grateful someone as awesome as you are my best friend.

89. We have done a lot of crazy things together, so much it makes me wonder why we haven’t checked into rehab yet. In any case, Iove being crazy with you, you are my best friend forever.

90. You are so real and kind, people like you are hard to find. But I found you and for that, I am really glad.

91. You laugh at all my jokes I am almost tempted to go into stand-up comedy. You make my weakness appear like strength, I love being your best friend.

92. You shower me with so much love, I have never had a friend like you. Sometimes I doubt if you are human, sometimes I wonder if you are an angel. I love having someone like you around.

93. Over the years, we have gotten a lot done working together. No doubt, we make a very good team. You are my partner in crime and truth and it feels good to be your right-hand man.

94. We are so strongly bonded it would take unmeasurable force to pull us apart. Such force doesn’t exist so we are assured of an everlasting friendship.

95. You have made me grown wings, I keep soaring every day. You have added a lot of sweetness to my life, I enjoy life more with each new day. You see dear, you are making all the difference.

96. You make my life bright and fun, you brighten my days with your amazing smile. You light my paths and make them plain, forever, I want to be bound in this r friendship of ours.

97. You spread love everywhere you go, when you are around me, I am bounded by your love and when you are far, your love cords still wrap around me. I am happy to have a best friend like you.

98. You are like a star, you brighten my sky. With you in my life, there is never a dark cloud.

99. We are like the cross, two sticks identified as one. Though our destinies lead us in different directions, we will always be bounded in our hearts.

100. Our friendship will never end, our friendship is forever. I want to go through life with someone like you beside me.

101. Hi bestie, I am sending this to remind you I will always be here for you. I hope this makes you smile. Enjoy the rest of your day.

102. I love you for who you are just the way you are. You are excellent at all things and it feels good to have someone like you.

103. We aren’t together every time but you are always in my heart. All the mountains, rivers and valleys in the world are not enough to sever the bond between us.

104. The day I found out you were a foodie like myself was the day I knew we would be best friends. It’s so nice to finally have someone to eat all the snacks with.

105. I know I am the drama queen, why won’t I be when I have an amazing audience like you who never gets tired of my antics and drama. You are a really good listener.

106. I must confess you are the best out of all the friends I have ever had. I have met had anyone so committed, loyal and lively as you are.

107. Your presence fills me with serenity, I forget my stress and worries when I am with you. I enjoy your company a lot dearie.

108. You are beautiful in and out, your face is always radiant and your demeanour always confident. I love hanging out with you dear.

109. I love the zeal you put into what you do, you have turned me into a hard worker like yourself and I am loving it. It feels good to be one of the smart ones for a change.

110. Our friendship started like a seed and has grown into a big, unmovable tree that would keep yielding fruits season by season. This means we still have years of wonderful friendship ahead of us.

111. I love the way I am around you, I love who I am around you. I love being your best friend.

112. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will never be alone. I will always be there when you need me.

113. I am proud of you, I admire your level of strength. You have been through so much yet, you manage to keep your head up and radiate joy everywhere you go. You are a phenomenal woman.

114. You are a bold one, nothing seems to scare you. I am sure your mum must have fed on a lion’s heart while you were in her womb. As for me, I am glad to have someone as courageous as you are as a friend.

115. Even when I have a boyfriend, you will always be my best friend because you are the perfect best friend, you will always be a part of my life.

116. I love hanging out with you, I love all our sleepovers and nights out. There is never a dull moment when you are involved.

117. Friends are like treasures whose value cannot be converted into money. No amount of cash can buy what we have and share.

118. Our conversations are inspirational and you motivate me in unimaginable ways. With you by my side, I know I am on the path to greatness.

119. Thanks for sharing your life with me, thanks for opening your world to me and giving me a chance to be part of it. Thanks for being my best friend forever.

120. Your friendship has proven to me that the world is such a small place because location has never been a barrier for us. I love you when you are close and even more when you are far. We will definitely be best friends forever.


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