2023 Friendship Text Messages for Girlfriend from the Heart

Far often times, we forget or fail to appreciate people dear unto our hearts enough simply because we feel they are always around us and assume they should know how important they are unto us even when we don’t, It is not entirely a good habit for people need to be complimented for things done so here is me hoping you get to turn a new leaf and pay attention to the people in your life more.

Get intimate with the messages below and treat your girlfriend to nice words that appreciate the value of works she has put into being a dependable and reliable best friend all the way.


Friendship Messages for Girlfriend from the Heart

Cute friendship sms for her from the heart, lovely friendship messages for girlfriend.

1. A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of friendship.

2. There is a big difference between friendship and a rose… Roses last only a while … but friendship is forever and am glad you gave me forever.

3. If you are a chocolate you are the sweetest, if you are a Teddy Bear you are the most huggable, If you are a Star you are the Brightest, and since you are my FRIEND you are the BEST.

4. There are many stars but the moon is you, there are many friends but the best is you, To forget me that’s up to you, To forget you I will never ever do.

5. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. You are the true definition of a true value. True friendship stands the test of time and you have shown me what it is to have real friends.

6. I value your friendship and I will remain every grateful for your love. Thanks for being my friend. Cheers to our loving friendship.

7. Your friendship has been truly amazing and this is why we are inseparable. Thank you for being an amazing friend. You are truly valued

8. True friends stay true to each other. They are always together, and their hearts resonate and reverberate the same sounds. Thank you for showing me what true friendship really is.

9. I am so excited that I made the right choice in you. Thanks for being the best friend ever.

10. You have touched my heart in the best way ever and true friendship is all you have ever shown me. I have found a Jewel in you.

11. I know I have not affected you as much as I would want to but I promise to be your best and most trusted friend. Thanks for being there.

12. You have given our friendship the best life ever and really gave my life a meaning. Thanks for being the most amazing friend that you are.

13. We never knew from Adam, yet you waltzed into my life and became the best thing that ever happened to me and am glad you just waltzed into my life.

14. The meaning of true friends or true friendship is found in how they align, they do not express much words between them but their heart synchronizes as one.

15. You always know what to say, what not to say, how to say it and you bring lots of support in time of sadness. That is who you are. Thanks for being a true friend.

16. My prayer is that this our beautiful friendship will not come to an end, am glad that I have chosen you as my cute friend and you make true friendship easy for me.

17. I want you to keep the friendship text messages we have exchanged over the years as evidence of the fact that true friendship never dies. Read them every other day as I pray that it will bring smiles to your face.

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18. I need you to fill up more of my empty life with more of your pure lovely friendship. You are truly amazing, My best friend with amazing heart of love.

19. That is who you are, a friend that I will say goodnight to and I know I will see you the following night again! You are truly amazing. Thanks for being a wonderful friend.

20. If there was one thing I have learned from when you became my friend. I have learned to live a truly fulfilling and exemplary life. You are truly a blessing. Cheers to our friendship.

21. Your Friendship is just like nights that forever stays. You say good night to the night not just because you won’t see the night forever but because you know you will meet the night again the following night.

22. You are the best among my cute friends, your support has been tremendous and your life has been exemplary and you keep showing me layers upon layers of love that makes me speechless always.

23. Whatever is empty in this life needs to be filled up. A stomach, a brain, a house, a heart or even a life and only your friendship can fill the empty spaces in this life of mine.

24. Promise that you will always stand by me. Tell you that you will be my friend till the end. Show me that you will always support me, and let me remain eternally grateful for our friendship.

25. True bonds are measured by the value that friendship has passed and the support that has been rendered through a friendship of true and pure bliss. True bonds of endless love you have shown to me always.

26. We get 86,400 seconds each day. I promise to take 30 seconds out of it so that you could read and know how much I value the cute friendship you have shown me as I express them via text messages.

27. Certain people come into our lives for a reason. Some we know why and some we don’t even have an idea. God brought you into my life to show me true friendship and I am forever grateful for him bringing you into my life.

28. This much I know I am grateful to God for bringing you into my life. You are a true friend whose heart of friendship daily amazes me.

29. I am proud of you as my girlfriend. I am proud of myself because I have a girlfriend whom I am proud of. Always know that regardless of what happens between us. I will always remain a loyal and true friend to you.

30. You have shown me how true bonds are measured and made me realize by how much you love and care for each other, that is how true bonds in friendship are measured. I find in you a true friendship.

31. If I have a chance to pick a real friendship over again in my next life, I would pick you as my friend, because I have not been able to live without you ever since you came into my life. You are my life support.

32. I will always adore and place value on you and our friendship because you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are indeed valuable.

33. Before I met you, I used to feel lonely and stare high up into the sky. But after I met you I saw the kind of friendship that takes away all loneliness and bring a brand new together in an amazing way. Thank you for being a special friend. I value your friendship.

34. You are shocked that you saw my friendship text messages? This is the 5th, so do not be surprised. I just want to show you how much our friendship means to me. I appreciate you, my dear friend. You are truly valuable.

35. I am glad that I decided to befriend you because you are the best gift of life in friendship.

36. I will send series of cute friendship text messages to you every day to demonstrate that I no longer see you as a friend but as part of my nuclear and extended family.

37. A blessing that is so special and unique I have found in you. A gift of friendship that is in a form of blessing. I am grateful for having you as my friend. I love our friendship.

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38. As much as we love and value gifts in this life. There are gifts that are not material. A gift that money cannot buy, a gift in form of a blessing and that is what I have seen in the friendship you have offered to me.

39. Friendship is not a statement. Friendship is not a song to sing. Friendship is a silent promise that performs the ritual of the valid statement which says, ‘to be there for the one person I call my friend, anytime and any day’ Friendship is you because you are the perfect definition of it.

40. I no longer see you as just a friend but as a blood relation because you have shown me that true friendship really lies within your heart.

41. Amazing people are created by the almighty. Amazing moments are perfectly curated by the almighty. Amazing friends are the perfect gifts from the Almighty. You are an amazing person and a very special gift from God to me.

42. What I am today, it balls down to your support and value life. You are the true value of my life. Thanks for being an amazing friend.

43. I remember you because of your smile. Every time you come around and smile at everyone. You light up everywhere and everyone enjoys your company. You are a great friend and I want to bask in your friendship forever. God bless you for being my best friend. You are indeed treasured.

44. You may be far from me right now, but I am sure our friendship will remain evergreen. You have really made my heart your home.

45. You have taught me that true friend care without thinking twice. They are there for you without excuses. They remember you all the time without restriction.

46. You forgive me anytime I make mistakes without thinking twice. You have loved me selflessly more than I can imagine. You have shown me what TRUE friendship really means.

47. I am sending you a million smiles, and a thousand laughs for you to enjoy your day with. I hope you send me the same as well so I can keep smiling and laughing for the rest of my day. Thanks for being an amazing friend.

48. Stay with me and I will stay with you. Work with me and I will work with you. Support me and I will support you and even more than I have done you have made me understand what true friendship really means.

49. The main reason and essence of our friendship has been that which you have revealed unto me through the care shown and love expressed in all your ways.

50. We do a lot of stuff together and you are always there when nobody else is. You are a special friend indeed and I thank God for giving me YOU.

51. While a light bulb can light up an entire house. A true friend will light up your entire life. You came into my life and lighted it up entirely. You are a real true friend and I want to say thank you for lighting up my entire life. Thank you for being a true friend.

52. Cheers to all the rubbish that we talk about. Cheers to all the funny things we do. Cheers to all the fight that we usually have, and cheers to all the wonderful time we would still have together. Cheers to our amazing friendship.

53. I love you more than a teen loves playing the playing station.You are a very special friend and there is no other person like you in this entire world. I am sending you my best friend wishes today because you remain special and valuable to me. I love you and I love our friendship.

54. I just want to thank God for providing you to me with no price tag. If God has added a price tag to you as my friend. I would never have been able to afford you. Your value would be so expensive that an ordinary person like me would not have been able to afford your friendship. I love and value you, my friend.

55. You are like gold. You are valuable and expensive. You are an amazing true friend. A valuable gold worth more much than value tag to me.

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