Get Well Soon Husband Quotes and Messages

Get Well Soon Husband Quotes and Messages

Yes, you love your husband and he knows but love is much more expressed and proved, especially when one’s beloved is going through a hard time such as being sick.

Also, it has been discovered that people who are loved and cared for when they are sick, recover faster.

What does this mean? It means one of the ways to show your husband love is to care for and love him through the sickness.

It also means that if you want your husband to recover faster, then, he has to feel so much love from you, especially, as his wife.

So, apart from the usual; being there for him and supporting him through it all, you can also send him words of prayers and encouragement as well as get well soon my husband quotes.

If you don’t know how to put the words together, the list of get well soon husband quotes and messages highlighted below would help you.

So, let’s get to it.

Get Well Soon My Hubby

My hubby, it pains my heart to see you in this condition and I’m not even the one feeling the pains. My greatest prayer is that you get through this and your get well, soon. Please, stay strong; this is just for a while.

1. You’re the one that knows how best to take care of everyone when they’re sick. So, it feels weird now that the position is reversed ’cause you never really fall sick. Please, get well soon, my hubby.

2. All I want right now is to see you up and about like you used to. You’re our strong point, my hubby. I feel so scared to see you like this. I hope you do get well soon.

3. I never needed anyone like I need you. You might be sick but I want you to know that I’m ready to fight with you to the end of it. Get well soon, my hubby.

4. It surprises me how you’re able to stay strong and provide for the family. I know it’s not in your nature to sit and not do anything, that’s why I earnestly want you to get well soon, my dearest hubby. Please, for now, I need you to rest properly and let me handle it.

5. You’re the sun, and I’m the moon. You shine so brightly for us in the day preparing your moon for the night, when our little stars have gone under the sheets. Get well soon, my hubby, your moon needs you to take over the day like you always do.

6. Being your wife these past years have taught me to trust you deeper. I can’t function effectively without you, my hubby. I hope you get well soon, love.

7. You’re all that a family would ever need. Strong, supportive, and providing. Seeing you sick makes me really sad. But the family is depending on me now to be strong, so I will try to be. Get well soon, my hubby.

8. I sincerely appreciate the man you’re to me and the kids. You wear fatherhood like an honour; no one does it better. I know being sick and on bed rest isn’t your thing but, you have to allow us take care of you now. Get well soon, my hubby.

9. Get well soon, my hubby. You’re our source of strength, and I personally would want you to get well and take charge, doing what you know how to do best.

10. My love, please just relax, and let me handle everything from here until you’re okay. Please get well soon my hubby.

11. Your energy is infectious. No one is as lively and productive as you are, even though most times I claim to be doing as much as you do but, I know better. Get well soon, my hubby.

12. My priceless gift can’t be sick and still be running around. I got this honey, let me take care of you this time. Get well soon, my hubby.

Get Well Soon Messages for My Husband

I take our marriage vows of being together in sickness and in health seriously, my husband. So, I want you to remember that you are never alone. Just concentrate on your health and get well soon for us.

13. Honey, I simply do not want you to do anything now, even though I know it’s just a cold but, take this time out and rest. Get well soon, my husband.

14. My husband, we have missed you being around the house a lot. So, in a way, it’s good you’re not very strong to go out right now. At least, we are enjoying your presence in the house. Don’t worry, you will get well soon.

15. Waking up in the morning and seeing your smile makes me feel good. I really want to see your smile first thing in the morning again. Get well soon, my husband.

16. My darling husband, even the strongest sometimes retreat to recharge. Hence, you shouldn’t see this flu as a hindrance. Seeing you around makes me happy too. Do get well soon.

17. I know how important your being at work is right now but, your health should always come first. Get well soon, my husband.

18. I’m going to steal this little opportunity to take good care of you. You deserve to be pampered too, love. You will get well soon, my husband.

19. I want to assure you that everything is under control, I made sure of that because I know how you love to be around to supervise things yourself. I just want you to stay at home and get well, my husband.

20. You may not know it but, I knew when your health started depreciating. I tried telling you but, you were too preoccupied. Nevertheless, I will make sure that you get well really soon, my husband.

21. Once in a while the body reminds us that it also needs care. Being under the weather at this period isn’t so good but, you have to relax and give it all the attention it needs. Get well soon, my husband.

22. Isn’t it a great coincidence that my annual leave fell right when you got sick? Well, good thing is, I have to ensure you get well soon, my husband. I know how much you want to get up and get going.

Husband Get Well Soon Quotes

There are so many quotes about good health but none can properly capture my desire for you to get better. This is why you need to get well soon, my husband. I am praying for you always, dear and I know God will answer us soon.

23. Your health is your wealth. Nobody loves to waste money on hospital bills and pills when there are better things to do with it, husband. Get well soon, okay?

24. I can’t tell you how much I hate seeing you sick. But don’t worry, you will soon get well, and be on the move again, husband. Get well soon.

25. You make me so happy. This flu might have ruffled things a little for you but, I know you’re going to bounce back, husband. Please, get well soon.

26. Family is everything. With the amount of love we shower on you every day, I’m sure this fever won’t last a day. Husband, get well soon.

27. It is at our lowest points that we realize how much importance and attention we should give to our health. Get well soon, husband.

29. Seeing you down these past few days haven’t been the best moments of my life. I’m glad you’re getting well soon, husband.

30. When you lose the taste of everything going on around your body. Remember that my love will always be there to urge you on. Husband, get well soon.

31. Every progress is attributed to time. Look how well you have gotten in the last couple of days. I’m pleased to see your smile again, husband, get well soon.

32. Nothing makes anyone happier than seeing who they love and care about recovering from a low state. It renews the energy of any relationship. Get well soon, husband.

What To Write in a Get Well Soon Card for Husband

I have been thinking about what to write in this get well soon card that will completely capture how I’m feeling and how I can’t wait for you to get better. But let me simply tell you that I’ve been praying for you and soon, we will have a testimony.

33. When all around you smells of drugs and drips. I hope you can pause a little while and bask in the memories of all the good times we used to have. Get well soon, my husband.

34. If you can look at the family tree. You’re our root, and you have never ceased to support us. The children and I can’t wait for you to get well soon.

35. You may not know it but, you’re the reason we are still united as a family. When one is down, we all feel it. Get well soon, my husband. You mean so much to us.

36. There is nothing more precious in this world to me than the liveliness in your spirit. I hope you get well soon, my husband.

37. Get well soon, my husband, I miss that part of you that stares deep into my eyes just to find out what is going on in my mind.

38. You make our world a rainbow sunset. I miss seeing you shine so brightly, my dearest husband. Please, get well soon.

39. If only a cup of coffee can take this fever away, I will gladly make you, coffee every day until you’re fully recovered. Get well soon, my husband.

40. I wish I can kiss away this sickness, my sweet husband. There is nothing I want more than to see you hale and hearty again.

41. I want to see your eyes sparkle when you smile, I miss that a lot. Get well soon, my husband.

42. You don’t know how much your laughter gives me butterflies. These days I just wish you could just smile at me even for a second. I can’t wait for you to get well soon, my husband.

43. Nobody can be who you’re to me. You’re my brightest sunrise, my joy, and hope. Seeing you sick like this makes me so sad. I need you to get well soon, my husband.

44. If only I have superpowers, I would just make this sickness disappear to wherever it came from. I want you to get well soon, my husband.

45. I’m responsible for you this time, my husband. Don’t even think of lifting a finger around the house. I just want you to take your time and recover fully.

46. There are no special timetables for getting sick, we don’t even know when and how mostly. If not, we would all prepare our bodies to be hit. Get well soon my husband. This too shall pass.

47. If we all knew when we are going to fall sick, I suppose everyone will set an alarm and probably a defence. I know you will get well soon, my husband. You can do this.

48. There is absolutely nothing in the world like being healthy. I know you’re going to bounce back soon, my husband.

49. Part of being human, is part of being vulnerable to natural occurrences. Get well soon, my husband. I’m sure you will recover in lesser time than we expect.

Get Well Soon Images for Husband

I’m thinking I should send you a lot of funny images and memes that will put you in a good mood. I bet that will lift your spirit and spur you to get well soon. My husband, please try to stay strong. I believe in you.

50. You’re going to get well soon, dear hubby. This is just a soft reminder that your body needs some self-care.

51. I know you’re going to get well quickly the moment I saw you standing up to fix your own meal despite the pain you feel within your body.

Get Well Soon Images for Husband
Get Well Soon Images for Husband

52. Get well soon, sweet hubby. My arms are wide open to your needs at this time.

53. If we pay attention to our body as we should, we are never going to fall sick but, most times we get carried away by other goals and activities.

Get Well Soon Images for Husband
Get Well Soon Images for Husband

54. It won’t take long before I see you doing your normal activities again, my husband. Get well soon.

55. Today is another day to get better. Yesterday has gone with its challenges, my darling husband.

Get Well Soon Images for Husband
Get Well Soon Images for Husband

56. Every day is another opportunity to pay attention to your health. Thank God you’re getting well soon, my husband.

57. It’s far better to take care of one’s health than to allow sickness to have its way with you anytime. You will get well real soon, dearest husband.

Get Well Soon Images for Husband
Get Well Soon Images for Husband

58. Don’t we all get this way once in a while? Don’t worry, my husband. You’re getting over this fever real quickly.

59. I’m going to take care of you to my best ability, my husband. This is what I’m here for. You are going to get well soon.

Get Well Soon Images for Husband
Get Well Soon Images for Husband

60. You may not have been at your best lately, my husband but, not to worry, you are going to get better soon.

Get Well Soon Msg/Sms for Husband

I was wondering whether to send a msg/Sms or to call you. I don’t know which will spur to get well soon, my husband. I decided to send a msg so you can read over and over again how I love you and can’t wait to see you strong again. I’m praying for you.

61. You knew this was just another flu, that’s why you refused to pay much attention to it. But, I’m here now, and there is no way you’re refusing treatment, dear husband.

62. Sometimes it only takes a little fever before we realise that we have been neglecting our health. Get well soon, hubby.

63. I know this was not planned, we both didn’t see it coming but, believe me, you’re going to get well soon, my sugarplum.

64. There is no guarantee of safety out there, that’s why you should always check up on your body from time to time, hubby. Do get well soon.

65. I thank God for preserving your health. This could have been worse but, I’m glad God has taken absolute control.

66. Things are going to get better from now on, just let me take care of you. You’re going to get well soon, dear hubby.

67. Just watch me nurse you to health, this sickness ain’t got nothing on you, my love.

68. The timing of this sickness may have been wrong however, we are going to make sure it doesn’t get worse than this. You will get well in no time, my husband.

69. You can hardly cheat nature. The moment you stopped paying attention to your health, I knew it won’t be long till you fall sick. Don’t worry, you’re going to get well soon.

70. I totally understand it if you don’t feel like taking your medication all the time but, you just have to help me have a little faith in you.

71. I’m glad you’re getting better now, my husband. For one moment I panicked that this might all get worse.

72. I feel thankful you’re getting all the needed attention to get better. I cannot wait to see you back on your feet again, my husband.

73. If it were not for God, this could have gone all the way badly. But, it’s beautiful seeing you recover real fast, love.

74. I want to be here when you get well. Every other thing can wait. Your recovery is all I want to make sure of now, my husband.

75. Don’t panic, every once in a while it’s going to get like this. Just promise me you will always put up your best fight, sweetie.

Get Well Soon My Dear Husband

My dear husband, I wish you a quick recovery from this sickness. Although I know this will not get the best of you. You have always been strong, so I believe you will put up a good fight with this as well. Get well soon, my love.

76. Get well soon, my dear husband. It’s crazy everything went from being exciting to being gloomy. Now I realize how much happiness you bring to our home.

77. Nothing beats your deep voice singing around the house in the morning. Get well soon, my dear husband. I miss that a lot.

78. I cannot forget the energy in your roaring laughter around the house. I’m sure you had no idea how much it soothes my spirit. Pls, get well soon, my dear husband.

79. Every day with you is an adventure. You have given me so many good memories in our home. Get well soon, my dear husband. It appears this sickness is swallowing up everything we had in a flash.

80. One of the things I’m always proud of is finding both friendship and love in one marriage. Get well soon, my husband. You’re the star that lights up my horizon.

81. Our home is like a whole new land of promise. You’re God’s choicest blessing to me. I can’t wait for you to bounce back to health, my dear husband.

82. You’re all that I have. I don’t want anything to joke with your happiness. That’s why I need you to get well soon, my dear husband.

83. On days when nothing seems to be joyful when I look at your face, every sadness goes away. I love you, my dear husband. Get well soon.

84. On your rough days, you still manage to smile. I love how you leave all your worries and bad days at the office. The moment you walk through the door of our home, everywhere lightens up. Get well soon, my dear husband.

85. I know this is not your best moment but I need you to know that this is just flu, soon, everything will return to normalcy. Please, get well soon, my husband.

86. The joy you bring is far too precious to be missed. This fever should better leave you for me. Get well soon, my dear husband.

87. You’re my one in a million, the only reason I want to wake up every morning. You’re getting well soon, my dear husband. This little health challenge can’t steal our joy.

Prayer Messages for Sick Husband

The first thing I said in my prayer this morning was for God to heal you, my husband, from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet. Now, I’m sending you one of my messages to assure you that very soon, you won’t feel sick in your body again.

88. May God take away the pangs of pain in your body, may you look for it and no longer find it. You’re the husband of my youth, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

89. The angels of the Lord shall nurse you back to health, darling. Soon you will have reasons to testify.

90. You’re healed, my husband. Believe it and so shall it be established. God has put away sorrows from your life. Henceforth, you shall rejoice.

91. I’m fully convinced that you’re healed. Look beyond your physical condition, my love. I prayed for you ceaselessly and God heard me.

92. May the distresses in your bones disappear like ashes in the wind. God’s mercy will go before you and restore your health, hubby dearest.

93. Arise! Take up your bed, healing has come upon you, my husband. Your time of refreshing has come. God has delivered you already.

94. May all that challenged you your health be swept away like a flood. God shall bear you on eagles’ wings.

95. You’re lifted far above sickness, you’re healed in your body and soul, affliction shall be far from your life, my husband.

96. As you lay down to sleep tonight, you shall wake up full of strength and vigour. Everything you complained about the night before shall not see the light of day, my loving husband.

97. You’re my greatest testimony. God has honoured His words upon your life through my prayers. I pray this healing shall remain permanent.

98. May the lord go before you and take away weaknesses from your body. He shall bear you upon His wings like a dove, and cause you to laugh.

99. It’s a new day to win, to survive, and to thrive. Nothing shall ever hold you down again, my husband. You’re set apart to soar.

100. The Lord shall bear you on his feathers, sickness shall be far away from you. You’re the crown of God upon my head, and God shall not cause our feet to be moved. Be joyful, darling dearest. God has restored your health.

Now that you have this list of 100 different get well soon my husband quotes, messages and prayers, you never have to run out of words to say in wishing your husband a quick recovery.

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