Get Well Soon Mom Messages and Quotes

Get Well Soon Mom Messages and Quotes

I know your mom means a lot to you and you are definitely not happy knowing that she is sick. It is understandable that you feel this way. Let me assure you that you are completely normal to feel this way. Searching for the best possible way to make a sick mother smile is something we all do when these things happen.

And while you do that, there are fascinating messages that could show how you care. While getting the appropriate gifts for a mother on the sick bed may prove difficult, getting beautiful messages to convey your care to her is a job already completed here in these get well soon mom messages and quotes. Congratulations, you are in the right place.

Let’s get to it. Send your comfort and lovely messages to your mom. She will definitely cherish those messages especially if you know funny ways to make a sick person happy, that would also be good. Let’s surf together!


Get Well Soon Mom I Love You

The love I have for you, mom, is so great that when I got to know about your sickness, I had to make a prayer first to God that you get well very soon. Please, accept this as a message of my care for you.

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1. Dear Mom, I have missed your voice so much. Today made me realize the impact of your voice on my health. Daily as I hear your voice, a part of me acknowledges that you are so precious to me. Please, get well soon.

2. Seeing lying on the bed and not being the active mama you used to be, breaks my heart. It’s so hard for me and I am just trying to cope with your absence but the more I try, the more I see that it is impossible. Please, get well soon.

3. When we become too used to something, we seldom neglect or take for granted the importance. Waking up this morning and knowing that you haven’t called my name gives me much sadness. Please, get well soon, momma.

4. Mom, what can we do without you? Our world be filled with empty space as without you. Your absence because of sickness had proven that. Please get well soon.

5. Mom, I love you so much that if this sickness were to be a physical being, I would not mind going into the ring to knock it out but I am sure even now, you are going to knock it out. Get well soon, mom.

6. No machine can effectively work without oil. No home can effectively function without a mother. Mom, I love you and without you we are incomplete. Please get well soon and restore the completeness in our home.

7. In your absence, the most bubbling part of the boulevard is like a cemetery; silent as the grave. Only you can take care of us in ways that would be fitting. I love you, mom. Please, get well soon.

8. The kitchen has been a place of various experiment with no touch of expertise; not because we are not fully equipped to do it, but because with your presence, flavour is added to every food. I love you, mom. Please, get well soon.

9. Food has lost taste completely in my mouth since you’ve been away as a result of sickness. Please, get well soon, mom. Your coming home would be a total restoration of everything. We love you a lot, mom!

10. Hello Mom, how are you? I cherish every moment we spend together. I love you and I wish you a quick recovery from this sickness. With you, living becomes interesting. Please, get well soon.

11. I have not stopped praying for you since I realized you were sick. With all the love coming from us at this time, I wish you well. Please get well soon.

12. I pray that you are brought home in good health. Please get well soon, mom. I love you with all the loads of love in me.

13. Mom, knowing about your sickness alone sickens me and makes me feel very sad. I love you, mom, and beyond this sickness, I hope you will be back soon to your feet and the great mom you are to me.

14. I can’t bear to see you lie down in the hospital and I am afraid I may break down and that may not help matters. So, I’ve delayed coming, but now since I’ve decided to come, this sickness must disappear for I want to see my lovely mom back in health.

15. Home is sweet because you are the honey of the home. With your absence, I can’t vouch for the sweetness of the home. I love you, mom. Please, get well soon.

16. Mom, we need you. Please get better very soon and come back to us. We miss your kind words and your support both physically and emotionally.

17. Mom, I know how strong you are and I am sure and confident that you will get better. Please keep on fighting as we join you in prayers. I love you. Get well soon, mom.

18. Mom, I have missed your subtle corrections for these two weeks. Enough is enough of your continued absence. Please, shake off this sickness and be back on your feet once again as quickly as possible.

19. Mom, all the funny tales and stories you tell every night are sorely missed. I love you. Please, come back home and let us live our lives as normal again. Get well soon, mom.

20. Mom, was this sickness a physical being, then, I wouldn’t hesitate to go all out in the ring with it and knock it out, yet, I am confident that even now you are knocking it out. I love you, mom. Please get well.

Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for Mom

My prayer for you is that God heals you with every speed that I desire in making you well and whole in record time. My prayer is from your favourite quote which is, health is wealth. Get healed, mom.

21. Mom, you know I can do anything for you but since I have no extra-terrestrial power to make all your pains and sufferings go away, I pray that every pain in your body will disappear and you will be relieved. Get well soon

22. Hello mom, I have your picture as my screen saver so when I look at my screen I see you and my heart reaches for you. I pray for the restoration of your health and recovery from illness.

23. until something happens, prayers are to be pushed further, I have made up my mind to continuously pray for you for quick healing. I pray for your fast recovery. Get well soon, dear mom.

24. Mom, I can’t bear to look at you writhing in pain on the bed. Without you in my life, my life would be just like a cemetery. Please get well fast as the whole of the universe is expecting to hear your sweet voice once again.

25. Mom, I am aware you are passing through a lot of pain right now. Though I can only imagine it, I know that you will be very ok at last. You have taught to be strong, it’s your turn to act it. Please get well soon, mom.

26.I ask that the heavenly host will come in their glorious array to work on your body system and restore everything to its correct order. Please get well soon.

27. I pray that every part of your body receive the vaccination from heaven and makes your system whole again. Please get well soon, my dear.

28. Mom, you are everything to me. I pray for you that your body will receive a strong injection from heaven that will remove every germ in your system. Please get well very fast, my mom.

29. I pray that your sickness will last only for a moment and that your true state of health be restored unto you. No form of ailment is permitted in your body. Get well soon, mom

30. mom, the hospital is not your abode. Hospital isn’t the place for you to be. I pray that your stay in the hospital be ended today by the reason of the restoration of your health. Please get well, mom.

31. Life is not bearable seeing a loved one sick. Life cannot be pleasant when mummy is ill. Please get well soon. I am wishing you a very quick recovery.

32. Mom, I am waiting for you. Everyone is waiting for you. I pray that you will become healthy and that you will walk back home in sound health. Please get well soon, mom.

33. I have always known you don’t like going to the hospital. To hear that you are presently in the hospital means something is wrong. I pray that the host of heaven will right everything wrong in your system.

34. I pray for you today: you will never be afflicted gain and the power of resurrection will flow down and heal any infirmity in you. Healing the bread of the children of the Lord. Get well soon, mom.

35. The sun misses you because you have seen the sun in days. Please come out and get the beams on your body. The sun rays are the last dose of medicine you need for your body. Please ensure you get them today but that must be on your way home. Get well soon, mom!

36. Your conspicuous absence is felt daily because every part of the house has your print on them. I really miss your presence. I pray for a quick recovery, mom.

37. May you receive power from high to flush into you the energy from above and every negative addition into your body will be flushed out. Many beautiful wishes to you. Please get well soon.

38. Hello mom, I hope you’re feeling better. You are healed. Everything in your system is being normalized right ow and the healing that you so much deserve is coming upon you.

39. Mom, I have prayed and asked that your health be restored and everything within you made whole. Just relax because I know today will your last day on that sickbed.

40. Everything called sickness in your body is hereby condemned. Your body is the temple of the Lord, so, no strange inhabitant shall live there. Therefore, all illnesses are going out of their hiding place now. Get well soon. mom.

Get Well Soon Mother Quotes

A sick mother is a sick home: that’s supposed to be the world-renowned quote. I wish that you were never sick and now that you are, I ask for your quick and fast recovery.

41. Health is wealth. Your good health is the wealth of the family. I wish I could be beside you right now, but I am sending my warm wishes. Please get well soon.

42. Mom, you are special to me and today I can’t but feel sad. You will rise above every limitation of sicknesses, don’t be worried, mom! Wish you a very fast recovery.

43. A good home is a function of the health of the occupants. With your absence, the home has taken a moody mode. Please take care of yourself mom as we wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

44. Happy homes are homes without illnesses. Mom, I want to see you function again in your capacity as the manager of the home. Get well soon, mom.

45. Smile is a medicine to the soul. But when sicknesses come, smile disappears from our faces. I pray that through the healing that will come upon you, your smile shall be restored. Get well soon, mom.

46. The news of your sickness came to me like a rude shock. It breaks my heart to know that you are not feeling very well. I pray that you get better soon, mom.

47. Happiness is the key and passage to a refreshed soul. Your joy is my joy and as well, your pain is my pain. Praying for the perfection of your healing. Get well soon, my dear mom.

48. I am on my knees praying to God for your quick recovery and healing. The joy of the Lord will spring up within you and give you strength. Please, get well, mom.

49. Mom, you are the strongest woman I have known. I am praying for you as you pass through this challenging phase of your life. I know that you will overcome and come out of it stronger. Get well soon, mom.

50. Your passionate work of care and love towards us all has endeared you to us and makes you indispensable. Please get well, mom. I pray for your quick healing.

51. I pray for you today, mom, that everything will together for good for you and that this sickness episode you are passing through will just be for a short time. Please get healed.

52. I miss your contribution during devotion and devotion hasn’t been like it since your absence, I pray that the God you serve to intervene in your situation and release you from the grip of sickness.

53. I’m joining you in battle mum as we pray a conqueror’s prayer to get you out of the state of sickness. You are let loose from every shackle of sickness.

54. I prayed to God and made just one request; that I see you totally healed and back on your feet and finally, smiling. So, mom, let’s join you in fighting to getting you better and healthy.

55. My good wishes and prayers for you are that you will be comforted, healed and restored. May your days be free from pains and sorrow. Please get well, mom.

56. My prayer is that your pain subsides and your agony in sickness breeze away like the wind blowing right now on you. Be healed and restored.

56. I can’t wait to see you back on your feet. Please get back on your feet, mom. You are a wonderful mom, and you are not supposed to be down in health. Please get well, mom.

57. My dearest mom, I have lived with you all my life and you have become so dear to me. Please get back on your feet and make my world smile again. I can’t bear seeing you in pain.

58. Beloved mummy, your sickness has affected me in ways I can’t express and a continuous delay in getting you up may affect me more. Please get well again and let’s continue our normal lives.

59. Though it hurts to see you in pain, yet I have prayed that your pain ends in gain. I have prayed that the heavens be opened upon you and all your pains taken away.

60. With prayers, everything can be changed. Therefore, I have prayed that the situation of your health be changed right now and that your healing be made perfect and permanent. Please, get well, mom.

Get Better Soon Mom

I have seen you smile in good health, so, when I see you wriggle in pain because of sickness, I cannot but shed tears. My cry to God is that you get better. I hope to see you soon in good health once again, mom.

61. My happiness is that you are very strong even though I know you are fighting really hard to make sure that this sickness does not get the best of you. Please, get better soon, mom.

62. I hope you feel better, breathe better and be able to function better. May this sickness be the last episode in your life. Sending all my warm messages to you. Get better soon, mom.

63. I am praying for your speedy recovery from this sickness and ask that it would never rise again. Please get better, mom.

64. Good day mom, I pray for you that you will able to get up again and you the things you are known to do without pains and without stress. I am expecting good news from your end. Please get better, mom.

65. Everyone is missing you, including your grandchildren. Please, get better and be ready for action once again. You have been an amazing mom. Please, get better soon.

66. I have been praying for you since I learnt about your illness. Angels don’t get sick, so, I’ve informed those in charge and they are coming with a beautiful team to make you beautiful again. Please, get better soon, mom.

67. Your voice, your screams, lol, your jokes and your stylish way of laughter have been missed. The sickness keeping you away from us must give way. Please get better, soon.

68. I have prayed for you, mom. Now, I am sending you all my best wishes as you battle with this health challenge. The Lord will see you through and bring you out victorious.

69. I have to God today and I have requested for just ONE miracle: I want to see you walk around freely without support again. I want to see your ebullient smile spread around your face. Please get better soon, mom.

70. The only favour that I need is the complete restoration of your health. I want to see you completely healthy and smiling again. Please get better, soon, mom.

I Wish You Speedy Recovery Mom

I am very much aware that when you are healthy, everyone around you smiles. Your smile cannot be taken away because of sickness because. We all will be affected. So, the speedy recovery you deserve, mom, is upon you.

71. You have stayed too long on the sickbed. You are supposed to be up and running. I wish you a speedy recovery, mom. Please get up and function again.

72. My life is incomplete without you. I wonder how I would survive without you. I wish that all your bones receive the injection of a new life. I wish you a speedy recovery, mom.

73. I am eagerly expecting you home. Everything hasn’t been the same since you left for the hospital and we can’t bear it again knowing you are still at the hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery, mom.

74. I am wishing you a speedy recovery, mom. Though you are right now in pains, I pray you will receive a soothing that will ease away your stress. I wish you abundant years in good health.

75. Beloved mom, it hurts knowing that you are still sick even after few weeks. I am sending to you lots of love and loads of affection to nourish you and bring you out of every form of sicknesses. I wish you a speedy recovery.

76. I pray that your healing will be made perfect and that the glory of God will overshadow you. I wish you would be out of admission at the hospital today. I am wishing you a speedy recovery.

77. I am very confident that you will recover soon. You have been through this road before and I am very sure that as you overcame in the past, you will also overcome this. I wish you a speedy recovery, mom.

78. I am confident that you will overcome the challenges of your health which you are presently passing through. There is nothing prayers cannot do, we will join hands together and pray out this sickness. I wish you a speedy recovery, mom.

79. Sickness is one thing I hate. It disrupts your plan and renders you helpless. As for you, my dear mom, you are coming out of the shackles of sicknesses and you are receiving a new life to function again. I wish you a speedy recovery.

80. I am sad to know that you are sick, mom. There’s hope because I find solace in the promise of God over our lives that the plagues shall not come near our tents and that he shall be with us even as we pass through the fire. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Get Well Soon Wishes for Mum

My lovely mom is sick but I have asked for healing from God. While I patiently wait for the miracle of healing, I send my best wishes for your divine health and recovery.

81. Mom, I have many wishes for you in life but the one most important right now is that you get well soon and come back home.

82. Since you fell ill, I have been in the room of prayers asking that you be freed from every evil manipulation and that you overcome and come out strong. My best wish is for you to get well soon.

83. I am assured that the Holy Spirit prays for us in groans that words cannot express. I love you so much, mom. Please accept my best wish of sound health. Please, get well soon.

84. The Lord is your shepherd, you shall never want. He is also your healer and provider. I wish above all things that you be healed and get better soon. Stay strong, my dear mom.

85. May you become relieved of every pain and may your healing come faster than the speed of light. As you see the bright light of today, may everything work together for your good. Get well soon, mom.

86. Don’t be discouraged, mom. You will be healed faster than you imagine or think. The Great Physician is ere to lay his hands over you. He that made you is here to work on you. Stay strong as I send my best wishes. Get well soon, mom.

87. We desire your presence back at home just as a child desires breast milk. We have really missed you and we pray and hope that you get well soon. The healing of the Lord will come upon you.

88. Sweet mom, The Lord himself will renew your strength and make you healthy. After this sickness, your days will be renewed like a youth. Please get well soon. That mu wish for you.

89. I ask that you will be healed and the sickness removed from you like a dirty garment is removed from the body. Accept my best wishes. Please get well soon, mom.

90. I desire to see you healed, healthy, wealthy and smiling once again. Please, I want to see you healed and alright once again. Get well soon, mom.

Recovery Messages for Mum

I wish you a speedy recovery, mum. My message to you while you are in the sickbed is that you come home quick and be as jovial as you always be.

91. Mom, trust me when I say your recovery is imminent. You shall rise again and be freed from any sickness holding you down. Stay strong.

92. When the Lord is involved, nothing is impossible. Your health is the hand of the maker of heaven and earth. He owns you and is ready to make you walk again. Enjoy your recovery from sickness.

93. I may have all the gold in the world. I may possess all the jewellery. I may even have all the money in the world, yet when my mom is sick, they all come to nothing. I wish you a speedy recovery, mom.

94. I am praying for you, and I hope that all is well with you even to your bones as you recover from this illness. May everything work together for your healing. Take care, mom.

95. Mom, I pray for your recovery and wish that above all things you prosper and be in good health. I ask for a complete restoration of everything in your system.

96. Your sickness has affected you in many ways. I think about you every day and I can’t imagine you in pains. Please recover fast as I wish you the fastest recovery possible.

97. I am speechless at your state of health but I am confident that you will recover and it will be a perfect recovery. Every moment you have lost as a result of this illness will be totally restored.

98. Mom, I wish you a speedy recovery, good health and joy because these are your heritage. As you recover, remember you have loads of people expecting you at home. You can’t afford to delay them anymore.

99. You are my beloved mother and so I can fight for you any time any day. However, this battle with sickness is different, so I am praying that you receive all the strength you need to overcome. Wishing you a safe recovery.

100. I saw you in my dreams. I saw you driving again. I saw you beam with a smile. The joy that overwhelmed me was inexpressible. So, I know that this dream will come to reality because you will recover from every sickness in your body. Be strong, mom.

When the get well soon mom messages and quotes above hit the phone or any media by which your mom will see and read them, be rest assured that you have aided in the healing process. Keep sending them until she gets completely healed.

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