Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for Someone You Cherish

2024 Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for Someone You Cherish

Nobody likes to be ill, and it is the will of God that we continually dwell in a state of good health. But because our bodies are mortal, we are sometimes afflicted with illnesses which are beyond our control.

At such times, it is important we remember to speak God’s word into our lives till it becomes our reality, and we must remind our loved ones too of God’s love for them and desire that they be healed when ill, for our prayers go a long way to comfort them and give them hope.

You do not have the ability to make the pain disappear, but God’s word is potent and able to penetrate their bodies and make them whole.

Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for Friends and Family Members

Below are Scriptural Get Well Soon Prayers you can send to your family or loved ones, or even speak over your own life. Choose any and send to them now, believing they shall be answered speedily.

1. Fear not, for this sickness is not unto death, but for God’s name and power to be made manifest to men. You shall be satisfied with long life and health in the land of the living. Get well soon dear, the Lord is your strength.

2. Every curse of the law, including our pain, sicknesses and diseases were laid on Christ by God, on calvary, so that we won’t have to suffer same. You are therefore healed and made whole in the name of Jesus.

3. God never promised that challenges won’t come, but he promised peace, safety and victory through it all for those who trust and believe in him. I declare victory is yours over this infirmity. With your mouth shall you testify of victory and the healing power in the name of Jesus.

4. It is the will of God that we prosper and dwell in perfect health. I therefore declare concerning you that every spirit of affliction is cast out from your body this minute. Only the will of God prospers concerning you, and every contrary manifestation is nullified in the precious name of Jesus.

5. At the name of Jesus, every knee bows and tongues confess his Lordship, this sickness shall not be an exception to that, I declare you healed in Jesus name.

6. The eternal life of God begins to speak on your behalf and cleanse every impurity in your bloodstreams and body this minute in Jesus name.

7. Sickness has no place in your body and therefore disappears this minute. Rest well and get well soon, we miss you.

8. I speak life to your bones, every part of your body begins to come to life and work as they ought. I declare everything causing malfunction null and void in Jesus name.

9. Though this sickness has endured for a while, your healing is here now. I command your body system to hear the voice of the Lord this minute and begin to function perfectly. You are healed beloved.

10. I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Sickness shall not be known in our midst, and I believe you are already made whole.

11. Jesus came that we might have life in abundance, so be assured of nothing but that. The symptoms you feel are lies, not truths. I declare healing upon your body in Jesus name.

12. I pray for a complete restoration of all body components lost during this period of illness. May you be restored to wholeness and may your strength be renewed as the eagles’.

13. May the good Lord refresh your body and satisfy you with perfect health and vitality. You are constantly in our prayers, we miss you and hope you would be discharged very soon.

14. The angels of God are all around you, delivering life, peace, strength and health to you as you lay on that hospital bed. It won’t be long before you are discharged because your body would begin to respond to treatments miraculously, all to the amazement of the doctors.

15. Only Jesus has the final say about your life and condition, not the doctors. You would definitely recuperate and use your very own legs to walk out of that hospital very soon. Prayers are continually made to God on your behalf by the whole family. See you soon dear.

16. Good health is a fundamental right of all God’s children, sicknesses and diseases have no place in your body which is God’s temple and it shall surely leave this minute. Continue believing in the healing power in the name of Jesus, and don’t let whatever the doctors say scare you. You would be fine.

17. I speak concerning you today that God replenishes all body components affected by this illness. You shall be restored to health and strength in very short time. Can’t wait to have you back at work, you are greatly missed.

18. While on earth, Jesus went about towns and cities preaching and healing all who were afflicted. He never had a problem healing anyone, no matter the condition. Fortunately for you, he now lives and dwells in you, so be rest assured that everything causing sickness in your body shall definitely be dealt with.

19. May the eternal life of God on your inside begin to rejuvenate your body, soul and spirit to life. I declare an exemption from every sickness and diseases common to man in old age. Your case is different in Jesus name.

20. May you experience the peace and ever abiding presence of the Lord as you lay on the sickbed. Please get well soon.

21. If I had magical powers, I’d take all your pain away instantly, but I don’t. I have something greater which is faith in the name of the ‘Most Hight’, and an assurance of health for all who are his children, and that includes you. I declare you healed beloved.

22. Thank God the operation was successful, your healing shall be permanent in Jesus name. Please don’t stress yourself, make sure you get enough rest and eat well too. Can’t wait to have you back at work.

23. As you go in for that operation, I believe the Lord has gone ahead of you, and angels would be present to make it successful. You shall live and not die. Go and return in peace dear, I love you.

24. I have good news for you today. Every traces and element of illness and infirmity have been successfully deleted from your body. You, therefore, are being made whole and would be back on your feet in no time, courtesy, Jesus Christ.

25. I declare a manifestation of the reality of the beautiful exchange on the cross upon your life this minute. You are made whole by the stripes of Jesus from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet.

26. In all things, we shall continually give thanks to God. I thank God you are now responding to treatment. It’s only a matter of time before you are fully back to health and on your feet. Get well fast dear, the Lord is your strength.

27. May perfect health and peace be bestowed upon you in million folds, and may you have cause to testify concerning this situation. Get well soon dear.

28. I pray your body be quickened to life and perfect health in Jesus name. May you experience a complete restoration of all lost during the course of this illness.

29. Receive strength in your body and peace for your soul. Perfect health shall be your immediate and constant reality in Jesus name. Do get well quickly.

30. May wellness of body, soul, and spirit be your portion today and always. Get well quickly dear.

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31. I pray for a deep cleansing in your body system, with all contrary elements and substances wiped away by the ever-potent blood of Jesus. You are sanctified in and out, receive your healing in Jesus name.

32. From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, receive life, receive strength and ability to recover quickly. It is well with your body, soul, and spirit.

33. Unlike satan who comes to steal, kill, and destroy, Jesus came to give life in abundance. Therefore, I command every illness to disappear, and your body begins to respond to eternal life from now on.

34. The Lord shall enable your body to respond to treatments speedily and your healing shall be permanent in Jesus name. You shall have reason to rejoice and testify of God’s goodness.

35. There is nothing too difficult for the mighty God we serve. In his name, hills and mountains are brought to nought, in his name, this illness shall be eliminated from your system in Jesus name.

36. Christ told us to cast our burdens on him for he cares for us. Let’s keep believing and trusting in his ability to heal you, dear, he never fails.

37. I am continually lifting you up in prayers before Jehovah Rapha, so there’s no need to fear. I believe the healing has already begun and would be evident very soon. It is well with your body dear.

38. I have good news for you. The Lord is visiting you specially today to perfect your healing and make you whole. His work is lasting, so also shall your healing be permanent. Rejoice beloved, all is well.

39. The times when we are afflicted isn’t one to ask “Why me”, rather we should ask that the name of God be glorified through the situation. I pray you get your miracle today.

40. All these things, including the pain, shall work together for your good. I know it might be difficult to believe that in this situation, but don’t stop believing. I am consistently praying for your healing.

41. No condition is permanent, including this illness. You shall be healed and restored back to health very quickly by the power in the name of Jesus.

42. I pray you receive strength and fortitude to fight this sickness and come out stronger in the name of Jesus.

43. There is nothing impossible for God to do. You shall surely be healed of this disease in Jesus name. The arm of God isn’t short that it cannot heal you. Take heart dear, you will be fine.

44. May the ‘Most High’ God take away every sickness and their symptoms away from you this minute in Jesus name. Be made whole and brought back to health very quickly.

45. I pray the face of the Lord shall shine upon you today and restore you to health and wellness speedily. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might beloved.

46. May the Lord have compassion on you today and heal you of every sickness and disease. Get well soon dear.

47. Rejoice beloved, for the word of the Lord shall be fulfilled concerning your life and sickness shall no longer be named in your household.

48. I declare concerning you today: There shall be deliverance from every affliction, and all that is not of God in you shall disappear this minute.

49. The Lord shall sustain and strengthen you in this illness. Speedy healing shall be your testimony in the mighty name of Jesus.

50. I pray you quick relief from every affliction and distress. May sound health and mind be your portion in the name of Jesus.

51. May the abundant mercies and grace of the “Most High’ God bestow healing upon you on that sickbed and bring you to perfect health and peace of mind. Get well soon dear.

52. May you be sanctified in your body, soul and spirit, and may every impurity be washed away from your system. Be healed by the blood and stripes of Jesus.

53. We were made whole and free from sickness and diseases by the stripes of Jesus many years ago, may you indeed be free from every affliction in your body this minute.

54. The Lord is your strength, and sickness shall not befall you again by his grace. Get well soon dear.

55. We haven’t stopped believing God to intervene and completely heal you, dear. May it be unto you according to your faith and ours. Do get well quickly, dear.

56. May you be nursed back to perfect health miraculously by the Holy spirit. By the power in the name of Jesus, you shall wake up strong tomorrow, as if you were never ill.

57. I pray you receive strength and energy to get up from that bed and move around once again. I speak life to your weak bones in the name of Jesus.

58. I pray you enjoy the grace of our Lord Jesus, God’s great love, and the communion with the Holy spirit even as you lay on the sickbed. You are not alone dear, get well soon.

59. This sickness shall not have the last of you by the special grace of God. I speak to your body to receive the ability to recover and be renewed in Jesus name.

60. Be filled with the Holy spirit’s healing power, and the warmth of his ever-abiding presence as you lay on that sickbed. The joy of the Lord is your strength dear, get well soon.

61. I pray every part of your body that is infected shall be cleansed, and there shall be a rebuilding of every wounded and affected areas of your body. Receive life in Jesus name.

62. May the good Lord ease your pain and deliver you from this ailment very quickly. Be comforted and assured of his ability to heal you, we must never lose hope.

63. Heavenly Father, please strengthen and heal my dear friend as she reads this text. Let all her pain be taken away and may she be restored to perfect health. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

64. I pray for every medical personnel that would be involved in carrying out that operation on you. They shall all work in accordance with the will of God and be guided by him. It shall be a success and you shall never have cause to be operated again in the mighty name of Jesus.

65. I pray the ‘Most High’ God shall comfort you, ease your pain, and make you well and whole. This sickness shall surely pass away very soon, all to the glory of his name.

66. Distance is not a barrier in the realm of the spirit, I, therefore, declare that every inflammation, infection, and affliction be cast out from your body this minute. Thank you, Jesus, for it is done.

67. I’m sure God is aware of how you feel, and Jesus understands your pain because he has experienced it before. I, therefore, believe that a work of healing is being effected on you and the manifestation shall soon be evident.

68. God knows our every need even before we ask. I believe he has gone into action to grant you your healing and speedy recovery. I am continually praying for you.

69. God is faithful and cares about you so much. He didn’t want you and I to experience pain and suffering and he sent his son, Jesus to make sure of that. May the sacrifice of Jesus speak for you today and bestow perfect health on you speedily.

70. May you experience a supernatural touch from God right now, bringing healing to your body and mind.

Romantic Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for Your Lover

It is believed that love has the ability to quicken a healing process. It is therefore important that we continually remind our loved ones that we care about them in times when they are physically down.

You might not always be able to be at their bedside, but your sweet words reminding them and comforting them can go a long way and help them recuperate faster.

Below are Get Well Soon Messages you can send to that special friend or lover to keep them warm while wishing them a speedy recovery.

1. I believe you’re much better now and getting enough rest? Do take your medications appropriately and get well soon. Your absence is greatly felt, and we are constantly praying for you.

2. I was just informed of your ill health, I hope you are getting better and responding to treatment? Please get well soon, I would come check on you as soon as I can.

3. I’m glad you are being discharged from the hospital today, can’t wait to see you back on your feet. Do get well quickly.

4. Nothing would gladden my heart more than to see you running up and down the house with your beautiful smile once again.

5. Hey dear, I just sent you a package. Wrapped in it are the strength, good health and vitality, specially packed to make you get well quickly and ensure you are kept in a constant health afterwards. Receive it, unwrap, and enjoy.

6. I just sent some angels to administer an overdose of health and peace to you at the hospital. Don’t be scared, an overdose of these tablets have no side effects. Get well quickly, I miss you.

7. I am sending you a thousand hugs and kisses to keep you warm, and help you be restored to health very quickly. Can’t wait to have you back at home dear.

8. I wish I could be physically there at your bedside to keep you company and hug all the pain away. Please get well soon for me dear.

9. I know you’ve missed me so much and that’s why you’re ill, don’t worry, I’d be home soon. Please be strong for me and get well quickly.

10. I hate to see you ill, you know you’re a part of me and what you feel gets to me too. I’m not happy you’re in pain, and if I could, I would take it all from you. Please be fine, I love you, dear.

11. It hurts to see you laying down on that bed and not be able to do anything. I hope you get well soon. If only I could share in it, I love you, my baby, please be fine for me.

12. Cast all your pain on me, dear, you know I’d bear them on your behalf, I wish I could. I hate to see you down, please get well soon for my sake.

13. You don’t deserve to be ill, you who brighten my life and make the lives of those around you sparkle. You shouldn’t be going through pain, but I’m sure it shall surely pass away very soon. Get well quickly honey, I love you.

14. If I could, I would remain at your bedside all day and night, if I could, I would take your place on that bed. Pls don’t be scared dear, you are definitely going to be fine. I am continually sending prayers to God on your behalf.

15. Be strong babe, please be fine for me. My heart is with you and aches whenever I see you in such pain. I can’t wait for you to be alright again, can’t wait for you to come back home. Get well quickly dear.

16. As you lay your head to sleep, I pray that a miraculous operation would be performed on your body overnight, so you can wake strengthened, healed and whole.

17. Nothing would make me happier than seeing you in health once again, looking for my trouble as you like doing. Please get well quickly dearie, I miss you.

18. It is my greatest desire for you to get well very quickly and be free from pain, medications and injections. I’m not happy you’re sick dear, please be fine.

19. May perfect health be your portion today and all the days of your life. Get well quickly dear.

20. I pray you strength for your bones and healing for your body. Get well quickly dearie, your presence is greatly missed.

21. If kisses were pain reliefs, you would never experience pain again, for I would continually shower you with lots of it. Get well quickly my love.

22. I hope you feel strengthened and much better as you read this text, just as your presence energizes and charges me up. Get well soon dear.

23. Take good care of yourself, baby. Use your medications and rest well. Many hugs and kisses from me to you.

24. I only wish I was by your side to nurse you back to health with all the love for you in me. Be fine babe.

25. I might not be with you physically, but know my heart is right there, continuously wishing you a quick recovery.

26. You have all it takes to fight this sickness dear, you are the strongest person I know. Please get well quickly, I miss you so much.

27. Wrapped in this text are warmth and love, sent to keep you company in the hospital and help bring you home quickly. Please cooperate with them.

28. I miss you the most and haven’t been myself because you are in pain on that sickbed. Please get well soon and come home to me. I can’t be fine without you, you are my world.

29. If I had the powers of this world under my control, I would deal seriously with this malady and banish it from your body this minute. You don’t deserve to be in pain, please be strong.

30. I’m sending you lots of hugs and kisses baby. Get well quickly, missing you too much.

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