2023 Nice Happy Journey Sms, Text Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Safe journey quotes, text messages and safe journey wishes. Nice, perfect and best collection of happy journey sms, happy journey text messages, happy journey wishes and happy journey quotes for your lover and loved ones on any journey. Best of bon voyage sms for your boyfriend and girlfriend to travel safely on their journeys by road or by flight.

Loveliest of journey mercy sms, journey mercy text messages, journey mercy wishes and journey mercy quotes. Plus, happy journey prayers for someone special.
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It is understandable when you don’t have enough to give your loved ones monetarily, as they embark on any journey. But often times, it might be unfair if you can’t wish them happy journey. And as clichéd as it may sound, these little things really count. Yes, they do!

Praying through text messages or calling might be all that special person needs for a safe journey. Don’t underestimate the power of words.
On your behalf, I wish that special person journey mercies to and fro his or her destination too.


Happy Journey Quotes for Your Loved Ones

1. Each successful step in life means there is a successful future ahead of us.
No matter how the goings are tough, always remember that it takes the tough to keep on Going.

2. The end only justifies the means if we let it;
Knowing that no matter what one sees on the journey of life,
It is the choice to be victorious that really settles all desires for victory.
Don’t give up too soon dear.

3. No matter how loose the handle of the door to opportunity is,
It doesn’t open on its own accord for those who would not dare to turn its knob.
The future is bright when you take decisions.

4. There is always enough light at the end of the tunnel,
As long as you strife to not end your Journey inside the tunnel.
I wish you have a safe journey.

5. Life promises to be great if we really desire it.
And the last time I checked, everyone deserves it. So, believe it!

6. The driver who invests much energy in feeling sorry for his last rough ride, will only set his journey for loom and impending danger:
Don’t think about the past you can’t change. Rather make your future count by investing into your future.

7. When you complain too much about your past, you are exactly like a driver who switches his gear to the reverse position and yet hoping to get to his destination on time.
Let your past be where it should be – in the past!

8. Nothing is ever called Welcome back without a Journey.

If you desire to get results, you work it out, rather than hoping and wishing. Hope you understand this my friend.

9. Say it, Pray it, Wish it, Hope it and you will see that nothing really happens on the journey of life until you take a step.
Act now, friend!

10. Every complete thought brings a successful plan and every perfect plan births great action.
All these put together brings outstanding Success. I wish this meets your Journey in life.

Happy Journey Sms Messages for Him or Her

Happy Journey Sms Messages for your Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Sister, Brother, Father, Mother, Friends, Co-workers, Business Partners, Colleagues and all your Loved ones for Happy Journey as they take any trip.

11. So much love I wrapped in this my safe journey Sms,
So much love to see you feel special throughout your stay.
While you are away, you will remain close to my heart,
And I will be here waiting for you, my love.

12. Your best won’t only come from this journey,
Your best will come, every blessed day you live.
But let’s start it from this journey….
Wishing you all the best as you travel.

13. My wishes for you is not limited to this sms
It scale through all the journeys of life.
In health and vitality, you shall scale it all through.
Wishing you best in your endeavours,
Even as you make this journey.

14. I hope this little sms of mine will do a trick:
A trick to make you have a safe journey.
But more than a trick, in the real sense,
I wish you safe journey from my heart.
See ya my love!

15. So many things to meet on the way when we travel,
Some are loads of goodies while some are bad.
I wave the bad ones for you, and wish you the goodies.
Have a safe journey.

16. One driver, one vehicle – all in good condition
One engine, four wheels – all set to give you a ride
Safe you, happy you – that is how the journey will end.
Joyous me, happy me – that is how I will feel when you are back.
Safe journey dearie.

17. All that start journeys don’t finish it well,
But I checked, that is not for you.
Your journey will be full of merriment,
And you will be back here safe and sound.
Please do take care of yourself for us.
Happy Journey Messages for Friends

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18. I have longed for this moment to come.
A moment of truth from me to you.
See, I never wanted you to be on this journey!
And the reason is just because it’s hard to cope without you here.

19. I see this journey end in peace
I can see you smile in the end.
I see me welcome you back safely.
Surely this shall come to pass.

20. Like nobody dares stop the shining of the sun
And none dare stop the flow or breeze,
Your going and coming shall not be hindered.

21. Go in the way of safety, and be back in the way of love.
I wish you have a happy and Safe Journey, hoping to see you lovely and safe again soon.

22. I see the end justifies the means.
I see you back home in peace, regardless of how the journey would go.
Safe Journey to you, my dear.

23. Give perfect safety a thought.
Give it a wholesome wish, and see it come to pass.
I believe this Journey will end in your favour.
Happy Journey to you, my love.

24. Thinking of you for each step you take,
remembering your smiles for every move you make,
wishing you a safe journey to and from your destination.
I love you and missing you already.

25. I have the feeling. I make it out in wish.
I know its end even before the very beginning.
I am sure this journey will end in joy.
Safe journey to you sweetheart.

26. Like slow and steady wins the race as they say,
Fearless and believing safely ends a journey well.
You are safe on this journey. Take care.

27. Goodbye to you and Welcome in advance.
Take good care of yourself and enjoy the thrills of the moments.
See you when you are back. Safe Journey.

28. Hard for me to let go, but I see this as a part of life necessities.
It hurts to see you go, and more than hurting to bid me goodbye.
But, safe Journey anyways.

29. Watching you leave might be the hardest decision for me,
but I know I will be filled with joy when you are back.
I see this journey making the best of you. Love you, goodbye.

30. I smile step by step as the journey goes.
Wishing and hoping you come back safe every moment.
And it’s obvious that my wish will come true.
I wish you Happiest Journey ever dear.

31. Regardless of the distance between us,
My heart will ever beat strongly in love for you and only you.
Safe Journey my darling.

32. Goodbye and safe journey to you my love.
Relish every moment and be back lovely for me.
See you soon, I love you.

33. It’s going to be some serious of lonely moments, really.
Looking forward to seeing you back into my embrace again.
Have a sweet Journey, my love.

34. The thought about your trip is making me losing my mind.
I wish I could have you here forever, but this is one of those things I can’t control.
Have a nice Journey ahead my love.

35. It might be hard for me to cope,
But I can’t but wish you the happiest Journey ever.
Safe Journey, Miss you.

36. I understand this might not be such journeys you wish you embark on,
But I see you being glad you did in the end.
Be positive friend.

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37. The road is rough, and the journey seems long?
It’s just a matter of time and you will be at your destination.
Just don’t lose focus.

38. Don’t let what you are seeing now rob you of the goodies that is hidden in this journey.
Remember, after the night comes the day.
Happy journey back home.

39. It might be hard to cope,
But I urge you to summon courage within.
The situations around will soon change for your favour. Just be hopeful.

40. Don’t conclude just yet!
Your desires can still be met in this journey.
Remember, the end still justifies the means.
All will be well.

41. I know how it feels when there are no accurate words to explain the feeling of depression.
I just know this: it is not over until it is really over.
Believe, and miracle will come your way.

42. Is your plan coming to naught and everything happening against your initial thought?
Hang in there, friend! All will be well… just believe.

43. Things might not be working out as you planned for now,
But I know something for sure: it is not over until you say it is over.
Be strong dear.

44. I know you have lost some money and it seems everything is working against you in disfavour.
You just believe and miracles will come your way.

45. Hey! Don’t take this too far.
There is always booming light at the end of all tunnel.
Expect a change dear. All will be well.

Happy Journey Prayers for Your Someone Special

Best Happy Journey Prayers for Someone So Special.

“If you really care for the safety of your loved ones as they embark on any journey, it is very important to pray for them through these texts and even more personally. Wish them well with sweet and inspirational words and you might be the safety they really need.”

46. If people have gone on that path and never returned, yours is different!
The Angels of God will safely guide you to and from your destination. Amen.

47. That God is good shall not only be a sermon you always hear,
But what your testimony will be as you go on this journey. Have faith.

48. May you never be stranded. May you never be lost.
You will be safe on all paths you take and God shall guide you through.
See you back home safely.

49. God doesn’t leave His own alone and this shall be for you too.
You are safe on this journey. Amen.

50. Favour shall come your way everywhere you turn.
Those you don’t know will bless you and you shall be glad you went on this journey.
Amen. Amen. And Amen.

51. May this journey bring for you a testimony that calls for celebration,
And the joy that is transferrable. Amen.

52. I see this journey end in peace.
I see you back home safely.
All shall be well with you to and from your destination.

53. There shall be no Lack,
No loss and no limitation as you embark on this journey.
You shall rejoice on your way home. Amen.

54. No matter what happens as you embark on this journey,
The end which justifies the means shall be your safety back home,
As to your destination.

55. I pray doors of fresh opportunities open for you as you embark on this journey and you shall be glad this moment come in your love. Amen.

56. God is not through with you yet my dear.
He is still on the throne, even for you.
This journey shall end in testimony if only you will believe.
Safe Journey.

57. God in His infinite mercy will guide and save you on this journey.
It shall not be your end. Amen.

58. The beginning and the ending shall be with you from the beginning of this journey to its end and He shall make your plans see fruition. Amen.

59. I declare that all the elements that has to do with this journey shall work in your favour.
You shall go and come back safely! Amen.

60. Favour of God shall not depart from you whichever way you turn on this journey.
His mercies and goodness shall guide you from all corners of the earth. Amen.

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