Giving Up Alcohol Quotes

Giving Up Alcohol Quotes

Alcohol is the most powerful mind-altering drug in the world. Alcohol is a very harmful drink to the body because it causes many dangers and has many side effects too. Having too much alcohol in your body system lowers your immunity, makes you get lazy, gives you headaches, diabetes and much more, and many people have lost their lives due to alcohol use. The more you consume it, the harder it will be to make a smooth transition.

One of the oldest myths that we have is that drinking alcohol will help us to forget about our fears and problems. This is a lie! Taking alcohol won’t make your depression go away. As a matter of fact, it will worsen your condition because alcohol can make depression worse. The damage it does to the body system gets accumulated over time with every sip of alcohol.

The drinking habit may make you think that life with alcohol is grand, but that’s far from the truth! Like every other vice, it will ruin your life and marriage, cause you to lose precious memories and beautiful moments with your loved ones and suffer from various health problems. When you are drinking, you are not a part of your own life. You are simply a nuisance to yourself and others around you.

Alcohol will never give you the affection, care, understanding and support which your marriage is capable of giving. You have to make the sacrifice for the growth of your family. These giving up alcohol quotes will help you to think about the wonderful days you can create with your loved ones if you give up alcohol.

Giving up Alcohol Quotes

You have taken to drinking alcohol because you think it will save you from depression, but you’ve believed a lie! Giving up alcohol will do you a lot of good. It will save your marriage too. So, desist from it now!

1. If you think that alcohol will save you from depression, guess what? You have believed a lie. Alcohol might help initially, but it will cause more problems for you after a while. Give up alcohol now!

2. I know it’s not easy to give up alcohol, but if you want to be emotionally strong and healthy, that is just the right step to take. You can do it!

3. It is better if you give up alcohol and save yourself from illness. It will also make you concentrate on other things that will make your life better.

4. Give up alcohol because it is a great step towards feeling better than ever. It is not good for your health, and it won’t make you happier. Try something that can truly enrich your life!

5. Even though you have been drinking alcohol for a long time, you have not seen any improvement in your life. If anything, your situation has worsened. Now is the time to give up alcohol!

6. If you are a habitual drunkard, then it is high time that you give up drinking alcohol. Believe it or not! It has many harmful effects on your body, mind and soul. You must give up this bad habit and choose something better instead!

7. I know that giving up alcohol is very difficult, but you have to do it. You have tried many times but have failed. So, don’t be discouraged and keep trying. You can do it!

8. You know you’re drinking too much, but you haven’t been able to make any progress in life. Now is the right time to give up alcohol. You don’t have to do it alone; we are your friends, and we can help.

9. Nothing has changed! Your life is still a mess, and it’s all because you drink too much. It’s time to stop drinking and make a fresh start. Giving up alcohol is your best option!

10. You’ve struggled with alcohol for a long time. You’ve tried to quit many times, but it’s been difficult because you think alcohol helps you cope with daily life. Give up alcohol already before everything in your life gets worse.

11. I know you’re struggling with alcohol abuse, but there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Your life is a mess, and it’s because of alcohol, but you can be successful and make a difference if you give up alcohol.

12. Your drinking has become a problem for you and for the people who care about you. It’s time to give up drinking alcohol before something bad happens to you.

13. Congratulations! You’ve decided to stop drinking, but it’s up to you to continue for the rest of the year by giving up alcohol completely.

14. You’re fun, but you’ve been drinking too much lately, and it’s harmful. It’s time to get back to the real you and give up alcohol.

15. You’ve never drunk as much as you do now. It’s out of hand, and you’re losing control. If things carry on like this, you’ll lose all your friends, job and family. Give up alcohol, and don’t let it get the better of you any longer!

16. If it’s been a while since people told you they were proud of you, it could be that alcohol is getting in the way of your happiness. Give up alcohol and watch your happiness spring back to life!

17. Your drunkenness has made you a disgrace to the family. You’ve missed several opportunities and thrown away good chances because of your drinking. People fear you and run away when they see you coming. It’s time to give up alcohol!

18. You take to drinking alcohol because you think it will save you from depression and loneliness, but that’s just a lie! Get rid of alcohol by giving it up now!

19. Give up drinking alcohol, for it is as addictive as heroin and destroys your mind, body and soul. Though it’s not easy, be determined to quit drinking today!

20. Dear one, the good news is that giving up alcohol will do lots of good to your body and mind. Your body will be healthier, your mind will be clearer, and you will feel more energetic. Give up drinking today!

21. It’s time to take a break from alcohol. It can do more harm than good for your body and mind. Give it up now, feel the difference and revel in the attention you get from others.

22. My dear, alcohol is nothing but a drug. It makes you happy at first and then takes you deep into depression. Drinking alcohol leads to many problems in your life for a long time. Give it up now!

23. It is not easy to give up alcohol, but you have to keep your mind focused on the results and be motivated by the benefits it will bring you. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

24. Giving up alcohol is the best thing that you can do for yourself. It will help you save money and live a better life. You need to desist from drinking instantly.

25. Don’t spend your entire life in the grip of alcohol. It is not any good for you. You will never be able to recover from it. Give up alcohol now and plan your life!

26. Giving up alcohol is a choice you have always wanted to make but have been postponing continuously. It’s time to do it now! You’ll be glad you did.

27. You have taken to drinking alcohol because you think it will help you drown your sorrows, but it will only make them worse. So, give it up now!

28. You may feel reluctant to give up alcohol because you think it will save you from depression, but believe me, that is not the case, and you have been lied to! If you persist in drinking alcohol, it will do your body more harm than good.

29. You have hurt yourself so much in the past because of your drunkenness. Giving up alcohol is good for your body, mind and soul. Don’t wait till later; give it up now!

30. If your income is low, but you spend large amounts on drinking alcohol, then giving it up will solve your problem.

31. You have started drinking alcohol because you think it will make your depression disappear, but it won’t! It will make it harder for you to deal with your problems. Just give up alcohol now and see how much better life is without it!

32. This may sound like a hard thing to do, but it is quite manageable. You will feel the difference between the way life was before and after the change. You can do a lot of helpful things when you give up alcohol.

33. Desist from the habit of drinking alcohol. Once you start, it will be very hard for you to give up this habit. So, if you are thinking about giving up alcohol, now is the best time to start!

34. You will be able to think more clearly, speak better and take decisions well if you give up alcohol. That’s the best thing to do at this stage of your life.

35. You do not need to drink alcohol to make yourself feel better. When you give up drinking, you will improve your health, sleep and quality of life.

36. Don’t let the world look down on you! Give up drinking alcohol and save your job. Don’t let your family members suffer because of your drunken behaviour.

37. I know you can give up alcohol. Just try because the benefits are real, the results are tangible, and the improvements will last a lifetime.

38. If you want to live the best possible life, then you need to give up drinking alcohol. It will not help you with anything, it just keeps you from being great.

39. I know you want to live a decent life, but alcohol is drawing you back. Giving up alcohol will make you useful and enjoy all the fun that life has to offer.

40. Life is always better without alcohol. Give up alcohol because you’ll have more energy and feel more productive. You will also gain the confidence you need to live your best life.

41. Do your future self a favour by giving up alcohol. It only holds you back from being the best version of yourself.

42. You need to give up drinking alcohol because it is a wrecking ball ripping your life apart. You’re better without it, especially if you want a fulfilling and meaningful life!

43. I know your wish is to achieve your full potential in life, but if you don’t give up drinking alcohol, you can’t achieve any of those dreams. Quit drinking already!

44. Alcohol has never been a good friend of yours. You have committed many mistakes because you are drunk! You should give up alcohol and save your face from shame.

45. Every time you take a sip of alcohol, you think you’re helping yourself, but you’re only bringing back the horrible memories in your life. Give up alcohol today!

46. My dear, giving up alcohol will make you feel better about yourself. You’ll no longer be a slave to the bottle and can acknowledge your independence and freedom.

47. It is a lie that alcohol will make you happy. In reality, it makes you unhappy and sometimes even leads to death! Give up alcohol now!

48. Hey! Give up alcohol, and you shall find strength, courage, energy and peace of mind. You will be free from depression, anxiety and other psychological problems.

49. It’s high time you give up alcohol and retrace your steps. Your family needs you more at this time; don’t disappoint them.

50. Giving up alcohol is not that easy, but it’s your choice to do so. You have been a menace to your family and friends by taking alcohol, and it’s high time you give up alcohol.

Quotes About Giving up Alcohol

All this while you have been taking alcohol, you have only portrayed yourself as an irresponsible person to your family and friends who are looking up to you. It’s high time you give up alcohol and retrace your steps. You got this!

51. You have tried so many things, but you have failed to stop taking alcohol every time. It’s high time you give up alcohol and walk down the right path.

52. It is high time that you accepted that you are an alcoholic. Give up alcohol because no one loves a drunkard.

53. Hey! Alcohol is one thing that can ruin your entire life in more than one way. It has a devastating impact on your health and relationships. You should give up alcohol now!

54. Take a moment and reflect on what lies ahead of you. You cannot achieve any of your dreams if you don’t give up alcohol.

55. You have been taking alcohol for so long, but it is high time you realize that you are in no shape to stand as a responsible man who can provide for his family. So, give up alcohol and retrace your steps.

56. We all have our stories, but yours is not the one that you should be telling. Give up alcohol and get back to your life full of hopes, dreams and aspirations.

57. You have been taking alcohol for quite some time now, and it seems to have become a habit that you feel cannot be broken. This is unfortunate as it doesn’t bode well with your family members and friends. It’s high time you give up alcohol and take charge of your life.

58. No matter how hard you try, the dependency on alcohol has only been increasing. It’s high time you give up alcohol and retrace your steps.

59. Showing up at all hours of the morning and staggering home, you have given your family and friends a reason to think that you are a complete mess. This is not the life you ever wanted for yourself; now, it’s time to take responsibility for your choices and give up alcohol.

60. Alcohol has been the bane of your life, and it has made you an irresponsible person. It’s high time you give it up and make amends!

61. You have been drinking all this while, making your loved ones worry about you. It’s high time that you give up alcohol and take control of your life

62. You have been drinking more than before, and it’s now time to step back and think about the good things in life. Give up alcohol, and your family will be happy that they can once again trust you.

63. You are a man who is in control of his life. You have never let your family or friends down, even for a second, but that bad habit of consuming alcohol has destroyed all your hard work. It’s time you give up alcohol and retrace your steps.

64. Hey! Giving up alcohol will give you a chance to re-evaluate your life and what you want to achieve. You will also get a chance to rebuild the broken relationships with your loved ones, who have been hurt by your irresponsibility all this while.

65. Your family and friends have always trusted you, but with your new habit of drinking, they are afraid to entrust their lives into your hands. It’s time you give up alcohol. Say goodbye to it already!

66. You are a good person, but drinking has turned you into another thing. You should give up alcohol and keep control of your life. Try not to let any of your family or friends down.

67. You are a good person! You come through for your family and friends, even when things get tough, but drinking has always been a problem for you that you can’t quite seem to give up. It’s time to take back control, give up alcohol and start walking the path of success again.

68. You’re an amazing person who has accomplished a lot in life. Your friends and family are lucky to have you, but one bad habit is holding you back from being your very best. That is why it’s time for you to give up drinking alcohol so that you can become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

69. You’re a high achiever in every area of your life. You’ve conquered the board room, mastered a successful family life, and become an admired leader in your community, but you’ve also had trouble with alcohol abuse at several periods in your career. It’s time to get back on track and give up drinking alcohol.

70. It’s high time you give up alcohol and retrace your steps. You need to show us that you are responsible, mature and, most importantly, no longer an irresponsible man.

71. You have been an irresponsible man all this while by taking alcohol and neglecting your family and friends. Don’t worry, and all is not lost. You can give up alcohol and start leading a new life.

72. Giving up alcohol is not easy, but it will help you regain the confidence of your family and friends. They are tired of watching you ruin your life by drinking. It’s time you made amends and come back to be the responsible father and husband they have always loved.

73. You have lost a lot of opportunities and damaged your reputation because of drinking. It’s time to take charge of your life and set things right by giving up alcohol.

74. Give up drinking alcohol. You have been taking it for so long that you only know of a world which revolves around it as one of your passions. Stop it and see things from a fresh perspective.

75. It’s your life, and no one can live it for you, but if you want to enjoy the best life offers, give up alcohol!

76. Giving up alcohol is not a joke. You have been taking it for too long, and it’s time you get back on track. Your family has been worried about you, especially your wife.

77. You know very well what is happening in your life and family! It’s time to stand up to yourself and your future by giving up alcohol once and for all.

78. You have to give up alcohol and restart your life because drinking it will only bring about a lot of troubles to your personal, family and professional life. You will find yourself in the right direction if you quit alcohol at once.

79. You have been taking alcohol for quite a long time, and when you think of coming out clean, you feel overwhelmed. You just need to take the step of giving it up and find other safe ways of entertaining yourself.

80. You should take the initiative and give up alcohol completely. Your friends and family are aware of your drinking habits, and they are not satisfied with it.

81. Give up alcohol and bring back your old self. You’ll be surprised by the transformation because responsible people don’t take alcohol.

82. You have been taking alcohol all your life and never paid much attention to your family. It’s high time that you give up alcohol and order your steps before it’s too late!

83. You have struggled with drinking for a long time, and if you continue like this, all your family members will be ruined. It’s high time you give up alcohol and start to move in the right direction.

84. You are a wonderful husband and father. You have so much to offer your family than that bottle of alcohol. Don’t let it take away your love life, career and family. Take a pause, think about your life and give up alcohol!

85. It’s time to set a healthy example for your children and family by giving up alcohol. You have a lot of responsibilities, and it’s high time you stop blaming everyone else for all your misfortunes. Take charge and become the person you want to be.

86. Give up alcohol because you have so much to offer your marriage than those bottles of alcohol. It is not just about reducing your drinking but about creating a new way of life for yourself.

87. Imagine your marriage without alcohol. Imagine a life full of focus and energy. You, who can be the best mother to your kids or support system that any girl could ever dream for! Give up alcohol because you have so much to offer your marriage than those bottles of alcohol.

88. You have enough reasons to give up alcohol. You are loved and needed by your family, friends and all those people who are dependent on you. Don’t waste your precious time anymore, just for the sake of those bottles of alcohol.

89. Your marriage is more important than drinking. Give up alcohol and start putting your marriage first! It’s not only good for your body, but it’s also good for your soul!

90. Alcohol can ruin your marriage. It’s time to give up the liquor and put your heart, mind and body back into your marriage.

91. Give up alcohol to save your marriage. Life is too short to waste on alcohol. You have more to offer your spouse and your family than bottles of beer and other types of alcohol. Pause drinking and think about how this habit is affecting your life.

92. You’re better than a bottle of beer. Don’t lose your marriage because of your drinking habit. Give up alcohol and be a better person for your partner. Think about the reasons why you got married. It’s not just for your happiness but also for the happiness of the other person who agreed to marry you.

93. Hey! If you have a drinking problem, give it up because you have so much life in your hand to live. Don’t lose your marriage and children for those bottles of alcohol. If you are married, think about the love of your life who has kept loving you through all the years.

94. If you want to be a happy man, give up alcohol. If you want to make your family happy, stop drinking and become the loving father, son and husband you can be. Blowing money on booze is not going to make you happier. It will only exacerbate your problems.

95. It’s not bad to give up alcohol! The world won’t fall apart. Your friends will still be around. You can still enjoy yourself and have fun! Don’t lose the love of your life because you were too busy drinking it all away.

96. You are a great person. You have so much to offer in your marriage, but due to the excessive drinking habit, you seem to be depriving your loved ones of the opportunity to benefit from your presence. Give up alcohol because you have so much to offer your marriage than those bottles of alcohol.

97. Your marriage is about to crash and burn because you are drunk. You are a great couple, but your drinking habits have brought death to your home. If you want to save your marriage, give up alcohol and stop those bottles of alcohol!

98. It’s not easy to give up alcohol, but you want your marriage to work! Take control of your life and say “no” to drinking. Give yourself a chance to start over again as a sober person in a marriage with no alcohol addiction!

99. Don’t let your drinking habit ruin your life and marriage. Give up alcohol and commit to a happy and healthy marriage. You got this!

100. My friend, stop drinking. It’s killing you and wrecking your marriage. You can make the change for your family and yourself.

If you give up alcohol, you can avoid many pitfalls in life. You’ll gain more than money, experience a happier life, find new friends and feel healthier for years to come. It’s time you fight the good fight and stop being tagged a drunkard. Share these giving up alcohol quotes with your family and friends too.

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