Golf Quotes for Ladies

Golf Quotes for Ladies

For some women, playing golf involves not just a love for the game of golf but also a desire to look good while hitting the links. It is exciting to see these beautiful women and their cute attire cut through the wind as they play out on the course.

But don’t let the outward appearance fool you. Golfing ladies have plenty of strength in them, both physical and mental. Playing golf is a lady’s delight. It offers refreshment to the body and mind.

The advantages to the health of a lady who plays golf are beyond dispute. Not only does she enjoy herself, but she reaps healthy benefits as well. So, if you are a golfing lady and need some inspiration to play this beautiful sport, we hope you can find some in these golf quotes for ladies.

Golf Quotes for Ladies

Just like a girl, the game of golf is beautiful and elegant. Its bold lines, polished clubs and green-covered earth are a pleasure from start to finish. And it’s so inspirational, teaching you about life much more than some inspirational quotes. It really is one of the perfect sports for ladies, so go out there and play.

1. Anytime I get on to the golf course, I take a deep breath and remind myself that a game is firstly and importantly a tool for enjoyment before the competition, I then proceed to play my heart out!

2. Growing up, the only thing I had in common with other girls was just that; being a girl, while they played with their dolls and teacups and castles, I toyed with golf balls until they wore off.

3. The first time I stepped on the golf course, all I had backing me up were bright smiles from my parents, cheering and sending me off. Now, the crowd sends up deafening cheers whenever I win but I can still hear my father’s voice telling me I got this and that keeps me going.

4. Anytime I remember that the golf world is dominated by men, I remind myself that my sole aim is not to win the world but to be the greatest version of myself. If I win the world in the process, all the better.

5. The only way you can convince me that you are better than me is to show me, of course on a golf course.

6. When I started out, what got me going was telling myself that no one’s going to believe in me if I don’t believe in myself and I’ve told myself this every single time I step on the golf course.

7. Soccer is an average man’s game, basketball is an official excuse to be tall. Golf is the game for classy people, men and women alike.

8. Many people tell me they see my passion when I play on the golf course and I am reminded that what they see is my need for the game; it is my sanity.

9. If you go by how I look, you’ll think I can barely manage a kick, let me tell you, I swing well!

10. With every putt, I get closer to nailing my dreams.

11. Someone walked up to me once and asked if what I would choose between the club of friends and the golf course as a woman. I simply walked to the golf course and I’m sure he got his answer.

12. We don’t do this for the money, we do it because we love it. Golf is the life of a golf lady.

13. I have more fans than I can count but I’m always reminded of when I started and I was my only and biggest cheerleader, it keeps my head in the game and helps me stay focused.

14. My idea of a blissful date? Let’s go golfing!

15. Golfing is a game that teaches you patience, skill and persistence, and gives you a hole that’s most rewarding when you hit it.

16. The game is more about the misses than the shots, that’s where the heart, process and fulfilment of winning lies.

17. If you’re looking for easy, then you’ll not find it on a golf course. As soon as you step on, you only have YOU to rely on to make that shot.

18. What ammunition do you need on the golf course? Strength, focus and determination.

19. Golf. Club. Friends. I am lucky to have them all in one place, courtesy of the game.

20. When you set your eyes on putting the ball in the bunker, ensure your faith in yourself doesn’t go with the ball and it stays put with you.

21. Have you taken a good look at ladies who play on the golf course? They have a perfect blend of beauty, skill, poise and class.

22. Dreams can be chased, they can also be swung and shot!

23. My defining moment as a female golfer are the times when people, especially men, told me I couldn’t do it because I was frail and a woman. It only made me want to do it more than I ever

24. No one can motivate you enough, no one can be your best cheerleader, and no one can get you up, you’ve got to do the job and do it well, lady!

25. The female golfer’s life, like the game, is not all shots, there are more misses than shots but then, that’s where the glory story is in.

26. When life’s challenges come knocking and swinging by, I simply run to the golf course and show ’em that I got better swings than they do.

27. You’ll not see anything classier than a lady holding a club and confidently putting in her shot.

28. When people doubt my skills as a female golfer, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is how beautiful it was to play golf.

29. Golf is the only sport where you can hit the ball, yell at it, hit it again and still win.

30. I’ve always wondered what course life has for me as I’ve always drifted and dabbled here and there but life responded, “say no more!” and took me to the golf course and I’ve been stuck ever since.

31. I’m a lady but much more of a rebel, the more people told me not to play, the more I swung my heart out on the golf course.

32. Golf isn’t about the score, it’s about the fun. That’s why I play golf.

33. Golf will remain my first and true love, I haven’t met a man who can usurp its position and frankly, I don’t think a man ever can.

34. I don’t play games with men with the exception of one, and that’s only played on the golf course.

35. Be bold. Be brave. Be a golfer and fly the flag for your brand as a female golfer

36. Dear lady golfer, your mind and brain has to be on a full course before you step on the golf course, get your mind swinging towards success before you swing your club.

37. Golf is a game for people who hate to lose; not just for men.

38. Dear lady golfer, you should go to the golf course with nothing but your best, that’s enough.

39. Practice brings consistency, consistency brings skill, skill gives you a platform to win, and losses help you master your craft. Therefore, don’t be down if you had a bad day on the golf course.

40. Live. Laugh. Golf. Keep this in mind, dear female golfer, you’ll need it in this game.

41. The size of the putter is not what matters nor counts, it is the number of swings you take. So take a good stance, grip the putter well and shoot the best way you can.

42. Whether you’re watching it or playing it or working it, golf is a game that gives you immense satisfaction and fun.

43. The most essential shot in golf is the next one you’ll take, so put all you’ve got into it.

44. If you are astute enough, you’ll see that the golf game has a lot to teach you, especially about patience.

45. There are only two times when your head is permitted to be down; when you are praying and when you’re playing golf.

46. Dear lady golfer, for you to thrive on the golf course, you need solid doses of coordination, rhythm and poise, I’m sure you’ve got them all, ensure you put them to good use.

47. A friend told me I needed therapy to get over a traumatic experience. I agreed and started golfing! That’s all the therapy I needed.

48. There are two games I excel at playing well; the game of life and golf.

49. Dear lady golfer, your misses are there for you to figure out your weakness(es) and make them not exist anymore.

50. Dear lady golfer, handle your failures with elegance, celebrate your wins and learn from your misses but in all, don’t forget to enjoy the process.

51. You can’t be an over-thinker and be a good golfer. You have to intentionally lock up your thoughts and focus on the game.

52. If you don’t have time, you can’t learn how to play the game, you’ll need a lot of it to be a force to reckon with in the world of golf.

53. The good thing about golf is that you don’t have to play as a team and be told what to do, whatever you do and however you choose to play is entirely up to you. Pick which suits you best and stick to it.

54. Dear lady golfer, your driving force on the course should be showing yourself first and then others, just how good you are.

55. Whatever your environment is, is a reflection of what your mindset is. If you are too hard on yourself, others will be too. If you don’t give yourself breaks, others will also put you on unrealistic pedals. If you don’t celebrate yourself, you’ll only get stiff praise. On the course, dictate who you are and others will follow suit.

56. Competition is healthy until it is not. Be a good competitor and always strive for opportunities to win. Don’t be a quitter, you can break, refuel and come back but don’t put a brake on your dreams.

57. If you care about what other people think, you’ll never make headway in the golf game or any game for that matter. Be yourself, keep the course and keep your eyes on the prize.

58. The only problem that exists on the golf course is the one in your head. Don’t let it take over your thoughts and spoil the game.

59. Dear lady golfer, the ultimate adversaries you have on the golf course are yourself and the course. The way you handle both determines whether you succeed in the game or you quit the game.

60. You have to enjoy the game first before you win. However, you can’t win all the time, so in those times when you don’t, do not focus on the faults and losses, rather, put your energy into finding and carrying out solutions.

61. Golf game is one that you’ll have to do less thinking and more of doing to actually make an impact and record many wins.

62. There’s no great golf player who hasn’t experienced defeats or setbacks. What sets them apart is that they always come back, regardless of the number of defeats they experience, that’s what makes them great.

63. Practice and practice until you understand the game. Practice and practice until you master the skill. Practice and practice until you become one with the game. Practice and practice until you breathe golf. Only then should you play to win!

64. As a lady, especially, succeeding in golf has been 80% showing myself that I can and 20% showing others that I’m able to.

65. In golf, there are no shortcuts in attaining success and defining moments; the process must be walked through, the defeats analyzed and the successes celebrated.

66. You need passion to sign up for a life of golf, determination and patience to play and boldness to win constantly.

67. It is easier to command your hand than your mind, get your mind under control and your hand will do its bidding.

68. If there is one thing that pulled me to the game of golf, it is how it is deceptively simple but it is in reality, complicated. It gives a facade of relaxation but in truth, the body is tense, it satisfies the body but frustrates the mind. This makes it all the more exhilarating and I conclude that it is the greatest game humans have ever invented.

69. Only you can give yourself a chance to win; it is not up to the putter nor the ball nor the golf course or the audience. You create the platform to win, you play it out.

70. When you root for yourself, you won’t stop playing when others stop rooting for you. You are your biggest cheerleader, only you can bring about your win.

71. On the golf course, the best accompaniments to your natural skill are confidence, tough skin and a die-hard optimist character.

72. As with any other game, the golf course comes with its fair share of distractions, disapprovals and discouragement. That’s why you can’t afford to lose sight of your goals – what brought you there to start with?

73. If you need to learn discipline, put in the work, and be consistent and patient, then you should learn and play golf.

74. Golf is not a lone game; you and your club are partners, you’re a team; you need to trust the club in your hands to bring you the wins.

75. To last long in the golf game, you need to keep your wits, banter and a sense of humour around you, it is definitely not the game for the short-tempered folks.

76. Golf is a game that puts men’s supposed acquired characteristics and qualities of poise, restraint and patience to the test.

77. Until you hundred per cent believe in yourself, until there’s only a single voice of positivity in your head, until you become laser-focused, until you become bonded with the game, don’t play for an audience.

78. In golf, there’s only one principal way to survive; hope for the best, expect the worst and receive gracefully whatever comes along.

79. Fear is your greatest enemy; either fear of failure or fear of success. It cripples you and doesn’t make you feel qualified enough. Get rid of your fears and golf!

80. In golf, you must be a person who is quick to learn, allow herself to make mistakes and is willing and determined to try again until she wins.

81. It is only in golf that whatever luck or win you have or get is premised or built on hundreds of misses.

82. What makes a golfer become successful is the ability to follow through her promises to stick to the game until she wins and even after.

83. If there’s any prayer to utter in this game of golf, it is the ability to react gracefully to misses and resilience to keep going despite misses.

84. When you’ve practised over and over again, trust the golf course to bring you the wins that you deserve.

85. Strategy surprisingly ranks 3rd behind laser-mind concentration and resiliency. You can strategize all you want but if your mental discipline is not top-notch, you’ll continue to repeat your failures and focus on them.

86. Patience is the greatest virtue to have when playing golf. Skill, strategy and a positive mindset all rely heavily on patience.

87. There is a difference between playing well and hitting the ball well.

88. Golf is finding the common ground for what your ego demands from you, what experience requires you to do, and what your nerves allow you to carry out.

89. If Golf were to be only about perfect shots, it would have been appallingly and disappointingly boring. It encompasses how you react to and what you do with your misses.

90. In the game of golf, it is not necessarily about being the best but becoming a better version of yourself with every swing.

91. “Nothing to lose, and everything to gain” should be your mantra on the golf course. Only then can you play with peace, ease and tranquillity.

92. If you focus on your opponents, you’ll lose concentration on the game at hand and you’ve already messed up your mind which is, supposed to be clear, therefore, focus only on your game.

93. The repetition in golf can be maddening; hit the ball, find the ball, hit it again but this is what brings the successful shots in the long run.

94. People’s expectations of you are endless and vary, that’s why in life and indeed, on the golf course, you must only play towards one thing; living up to your expectations alone.

95. Don’t forget to feel the grass under your feet, don’t forget to grip softly your putter, don’t forget to admit the right stance and never forget to play from the place of passion and good sportsmanship.

96. If you’re so inclined to find out the true character of a man who is interested in you, take him to the golf course and play with him.

97. In the game of golf, being a woman can either be a disadvantage or a plus, it depends on how you decide to swing it. You should swing it to your benefit; raise your head high, bend your head and swing with all the conviction you’ve got.

98. Golf mirrors life, it has its fair share of sorrows and pains, of frustration and near give-ups but it also comes with its own wins, and successes, with its own joys and eureka moments. Be patient, it will all come to you.

99. A good addiction is to the game of golf, it doesn’t take away from you but teaches you so many things that if applied to life itself, you already have a good shot at living the best life you possibly can.

100. Be your own person. Play with techniques that work best for you. Own your game. Never quit. Keep on trying. Keep winning.

The quotes featured in the list above are mostly encouraging, both for golfers and for ladies who play golf. In addition, the list shows that golf can be a conqueror of fears as it has been said that golf is more a mental game than a physical one.

So, we hope you have found inspiration with these golf quotes for ladies. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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