2024 Best Good Afternoon Quotes for Him

Whether it is afternoon or any other time of the day, nothing melts the heart of a man than the reminder that out of sight is not out of mind in your love story or even how having them around as a lover and friend is the most cherished gift that you would not like to trade for anything. Nothing is capable of melting his heart like the following good afternoon quotes and wishes for 2024 and beyond.

Inspiring Good Afternoon Quotes for Him

The following cute good afternoon text messages and sms for husband or boyfriend with surely become your best only if you give it a trial by sending it to your husband or boyfriend.

1. I wish you an afternoon that is a combination of awe and inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your day.

2. Nothing in the world ever prepares us for the next minutes of our lives. But, I hope the surprise you get in the next minutes makes your heart merry. A good afternoon to you.

3. Thank you for all the kindness you have constantly shown me since I decided to be yours. If anyone deserves to have a good day all day, you do! May you have an afternoon that you deserve.

4. If there is anything I owe you as a lover, it is good wishes for your mornings, afternoons and nights. If there is one I never like to miss, it is the opportunity to be in your afternoon with all the good words, good afternoon dear.

5. There has never been a question about my full-blown love for you. Even now, you have nothing to worry about because I am forever wishing you the best. Have a wonderful afternoon love.

6. Your love is encompassing, it never allows me miss an opportunity to wish you the best. This is me listening to my heartbeat and doing its bidding. Good afternoon love.

7. I hope your day has been amazing hitherto. You deserve to have the best of days at your disposal. I love you and wish you a special afternoon.

8. A day will only prove its awesomeness and completeness if every hour and minute of it is beautiful and spent feeling loved. I hope this message makes you feel loved this afternoon and beyond. Enjoy!

9. May you continuously have afternoons that is as beautiful as the way you make me feel when you look at me. Enjoy your afternoon.

10. I believe in your dreams like they are mine and hope for better days on your behalf. All because whatever affects you affects me too. Good afternoon sunshine

11. May this afternoon be the beginning of greater afternoons for you and yours. Enjoy its sweetness.

12. The hope for better days is often found in your smile and assurance of an inestimable love is seen clearly in your smile. May all the days of your life cause you to smile more and be more expressive. Good afternoon love

13. Nothing is strong enough to question my love for you, never doubt that I am forever on your side as a support. Have a great afternoon, my love.

14. The glory of God you are in the world to make known will not be stolen from you, continue basking the ambience of his glory. Good afternoon baby I love you.

15. As I peer from my window this noon, all I can think of is the glittering picture of you and the presence of your smile and in beyond chuffed. May your afternoon be as pleasing as mine.

16. The time I don’t get to cuddle with you on our sofa or drink a cup of coffee with you is midday, I do a lot of thinking about you and hope it makes up for our time apart. I hope that you have an amazing afternoon wherever you are.

17. Whether the sun is scorching at noon or the cloud is gathering to pour, something that remains constant is the thought of you and your beautiful heart. Good afternoon love.

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18. Days like this seldom happen, when I get to shamelessly kiss you in public and have lunch with you. I am so grateful for this wonderful noon. It is unarguably a great one for me, I hope it is the same for you.

18. I feel like giving you a special name for afternoons because you shine brighter whenever the sun shines upon your face. Good afternoon sunshine.

19. I feel blessed and loved daily to be called yours. Yours is the shoulder I want to lean on, your message is definitely what I want to read every noon and smile at the sun. Good afternoon dear.

20. The greatest wonder I have pursued tirelessly has to be to own your heart. I do not regret my tireless pursuit because it got us here, and here is wonderful. Good afternoon darling.

21. I am working this afternoon towards a better tomorrow for us but at the same time grateful for the grace to be able to share my love with you. You are my muse.

22. You are the thought that I cannot get rid of and the hope that gets me going, I hope strongly that I am all these for you and more! Good afternoon lover.

23. I am cocksure about my love for you than I am of any other thing. My assurance that we are spending forever together keeps me going and encourages me to do the best. Good afternoon dear.

24. I thank my stars daily that you are mine and make every noon a time to reflect and review how well I have been able to communicate my gratitude. I am joy filled as a reflect right now and see we have both been giving our best. Good afternoon love.

25. I am at peace with where we are and I have decided to make every afternoon for the next few weeks a period to celebrate our love starting from today. I hope you are having the best afternoon.

26. You are a living proof that amazing grace exists! I still look at you and I see love right in your eyes. It is the best afternoon yet again because I have you.

27. I have no regrets whatsoever. You have made this love train very comfortable and this journey an adventurous beauty. A very good afternoon to you.

28. It is the most awesome feeling yet. I check my locks and see you, I peer at my watch and the thought of seeing you soon makes my heart melt with joy.

29. Since I found you, I began to see myself in the most beautiful eyes and find myself worthy of all the love you give. You make me believe so much in myself. Good afternoon love.

30. I can see clearly from where I am seated even if it is miles apart from you that your love for me is true and here to stay and I can’t help but smile.

31. It is an epiphany daily with you by my side. One that continuously assures me of a beautiful tomorrow and gets me in the mood for all the beautiful moments we will share together.

32. All the love I have to give now have a focus and it is undoubtedly you. You are the reason I do all the things that I do, do not doubt! Good afternoon.

33. It is very quiet here and this has given me a chance to think a lot about you and the thought of you makes me smile with reckless abandon.

34. People around are probably wondering what I have been so lost in thought about. They won’t understand what it feels to have someone as amazing as you in their corner. You seem to be stuck in my brain. I like how that makes me feel and the things it makes me want to do. How about a surprise this afternoon?

35. There is no doubt that I am keeping you forever as my muse and lover because I find all the good tidings right in your arms. Have a wonderful afternoon.

36. With you as my sweetest heart, I am cocksure no one is stopping us. We are never to experience relapse in all areas. Loving someone like you does this to a man’s thinking. Good afternoon muse.

37. No afternoon is as beautiful as the one spent in your presence feeling like a queen. I am glad this noon is one that allows all the feels.

38. If I had a center in my life, you had been the one in it. If I had a chance to write anyone permanently in my heart, it would still be you written boldly in my soul. Good afternoon soul mate!

39. My spirit is lifted right now because I was just reminded by a picture of us in my gallery that you are mine and I am yours. My afternoon is made.

40. Through your words of motivation this morning, I have been able to have a great morning and I am currently using the energy in your words to enjoy the afternoon of my life. I hope I am doing the same for you.

41. I believe in us and in our beautiful happily ever after. No challenge is enough is strong enough to make me believe otherwise or act in a way that will jeopardize our future. You have nothing to worry about but only ample reasons to enjoy another beautiful afternoon.

42. I will love your smile forever, of this I am sure! You will be my every day muse, of this I know! Have a great afternoon.

43. Creating has been a thing to look forward to because you awaken the art in me by just being present always. May you experience beauty as a noon today and beyond.

44. My hope in us has never wavered with circumstances or happenings, it is not wavering ever. Your afternoons are forever intertwined with mine. May you have the best of them.

45. The position we have assumed in our relationship today is a sign that we are meant to be together forever, I hope this afternoon’s message convinces you of that fact.

46. Nothing prepared me for when I met you. You completely swept me off my feet and it has remained a single moment of my life that I neither forget nor trade for anything.

47. God must have had you in mind when I was made in his image and me in mind when you were created. We are so made for each other undoubtedly.

48. This love we share has helped me to embrace other beauties of life like; procreation. Emotions among others and I am very grateful for the exposure that came with loving you.

49. If I was given the opportunity to do it again, I would still choose you to do life with. Have a wonderful afternoon sunshine.

50. Ours is a story worth telling and an abode worth dwelling. I am very sure of these simple facts as I am sure of my love for you.

51. I hope you feel my heartbeat wherever you are and understand that I will be feeling this way about you for a very long time.

52. There is a knowing heartbeat that comes with the thought of you. It is wild, leaps and tells the story of our love.

53. To be in your arms every day is the highlight of my day but having the opportunity to miss you and convey my thoughts in messages is equally a blessing I never take for granted.

54. There is an aura that comes with having someone as amazing as you as my lover. It is the most refreshing feeling, one that I do not desire to lose any time soon.

55. I am forever in awe of the day I allowed the chutzpah to say yes to you. It has given birth to several wonderful moments of my life that I do not ever want to trade for anything.

56. Your love for me has created a happy beat for my heart and I am forever dancing in joy to this beat and the prospects of things to come.

57. I have light in my heart and joy in my bed because I have you in my life.

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58. I will always say your name in the consciousness of your love for me and the life we will build together.

59. Do not be dismayed by circumstances or even my attitudes when I want to be naughty. If you love me, let me know every moment of every day in your actions and words.

60. I do not have to worry about getting emotionally, mentally or financially drained as long as I have you. Your presence stands as a refill that helps rejuvenate me every now and then.

61. I am not saying this because it is probably something you want to hear but because I mean it when I say you are the love of my life.

62. From the beauty this afternoon is currently exuding, it is easy to tag along with our love story.

63. There is nothing I will not do for the whole world to see how much your happiness means to me.

64. It is often said some things are better left unsaid, not like my every noon good wishes for you. It completes my day and makes me so happy.

65. If you have been having quite the gory day, this is to remind you that it gets better and that you have a belief that is me with the unwavering belief in the fact that the universe does not make people like you frown for too long.

66. I am forever a buff where you and I are concerned, it is born out of the conviction that our love will not wane anytime soon.

67. I have you as my confidant and unconditional lover. You are one of God’s most resolute blessings to me and I do not take

68. You started a flame in me the very first time I set my eyes on you and it has only increased with time and moments.

69. People who know me are aware that I try very hard to avoid drama. But, with you, the drama that comes with loving you and being loved by you keeps me on my toes and gets me exciting each time.

70. The road to the future I want is the lane in your heart, the pool of your eyes is where I want to get lost in. you are a work of art worthy of adoration.

71. The beginning of a journey leading to joy and happiness started with a love profession. I am glad I was patient enough to hear it and brave enough to reciprocate.

72. I promise to never go astray, to stay focused on my love for you and how we can better improve our relationship.

73. I have had quite a demanding and stressful day. But, one thing that has kept me going and calm has been occasional thoughts about your smile and beautiful face.

74. I have to continuously move in sync with your passion and ambition as you do mine to achieve the best of everything. Now that I have come to this realization, I hope to never waver.

75. Afternoons are best spent in the abode of love and joy. You are that abode for me

76. You are constantly creating an opportunity for us to take our love to a greater level, I admire this about you.

77. This day is bright, fair and suitable for a picnic. There is no other person I would rather be out with other than you.

78. Getting along with the day is as pivotal as making you aware that you have been on my mind throughout the day.

79. This is just to remind you that you are still very much the love of my life. Good afternoon handsome!

80. You are the man who gives himself unconditionally to me and have made me believe in no time that I am capable of moving mountains. Good afternoon love.

81. I wish I could hug and kiss you every passing moment. Since I cannot, here is me sending all the hugs and kisses and hoping you feel my love right in your heart. Good afternoon moonlight.

82. I am always at your service to make every hour of the day a special one as you, never forget that as you enjoy the afternoon.

83. It is taking everything in me to sit put at work and not give wings to the thought of being with you that has not left me. I hope you are having a good afternoon.

84. My short chat with you over the phone is an indicator that you have been pushing too hard today. I hope you calm down a bit, take a deep breath and enjoy this afternoon.

85. You will have an epiphany that will solve the problems you have been worried about and have your heart desires met before the end of the day. Good afternoon!

86. Nothing has been able to stop you from running through my mind today. Not distance and certainly not work. I hope I am active in your mind too. Good afternoon babe!

87. No one deserves the best that this afternoon has to offer as you. Trust me when I say the universe will expose you to all the greatness that is meant for you and make you smile at the end of the day.

88. I have always thought you deserve to know daily that you are my dream come through. I don’t think differently today.

89. Being in love with you and having you love me back has been the highlight of my life and easily the most wonderful experience. Just thought this is a perfect afternoon to let you know this.

90. There is something exciting about afternoons. It is a sign that I will soon be united with my love and get to cuddle with him. A very good afternoon to you too.

91. Do not worry so much, you will break through where you have been challenged for days and experience aha moment where you least expect. Good afternoon sunshine!

92. May all that you need to go through the rest of the day be channeled through the afternoon to fall on your lap. Good afternoon love.

93. The hope of this afternoon will not elude n you and its joy will be exceedingly yours. Good afternoon dear.

94. If you have been anxious all morning, now is the time to wear your calm like you actually own it. Believe that so much can still be achieved this noon. Have a wonderful afternoon.

95. Although our eyes are not currently meeting, neither are our hands touching. I am sure you know it does not change the fact that our hearts are intertwined and we are meant for each other. Good afternoon.

96. As you look forward to sunset, appreciate the sunshine that you currently feel on your face and hope for a better sunrise. Good afternoon dear!

97. A day or night will not change my feelings for you but be another opportunity to show you how much you mean to me. Good afternoon love.

98. I miss you so much, your smile and smell especially. I cannot wait to hug you at night. Good afternoon sunshine.

99. I hope you are having a day that is as beautiful as your smile and wonderful as your heart. Good afternoon

100. My love for you is not ephemeral. Know this, Believe it and work in its consciousness. Good afternoon love.

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