Good Morning Quotes for a Special Friend

Trending Good Morning Quotes for a Special Friend in 2023

Ideally, friendship plays a vital role in our lives. A friend can provide us with great support and comfort in good and in bad times. Yes, they are that wonderful.

I know you must have a special friend, whom you wish to pen your lovely morning thoughts to, let me tell you that you’ve come to the right place.

Right here, are words that describe the virtues of having a friend, dig in and choose any of these messages that best explain your mood and greet your special friend good morning in a special way.

Good Morning My Special Friend Quotes Wishes

Sweetest good morning quotes for my special friends you can use to inspire his or her day.

1. Special friend, the fragrance that gives life to our daily life, and the sun that shines through our curtain in the morning. Good morning to you, my special friend.

2. Meeting you was never a coincidence, I think you purposely came looking for me from world beyond. Good morning, you know you’re more than a friend.

3. Woke up this morning with a void in my heart, I miss the one who can easily quieten my worrisome heart.

4. ‎She walks in a perfect stride, I notice her presence in the morning when the scent comes in with the wind.

5. ‎We do not need much to be that happy in life, if you are fortunate to have a friend, then happiness is not far from you. Sunny day to you.

6. ‎Now I know why heaven sent you as a friend, you’re probably the one who knows the inner me. Good morning, Special One.

7. ‎Waking up in the morning, after giving thanks for the breath of fresh air and the sunshine, I don’t forget to thank God for that special friend.

8. ‎Fear is not a problem to fear especially when I’ve got my companion close beside me, I have no fear. Lovely morning to you.

9. ‎A good friend makes the constitution useless, cause with them, you need no rules to live a just life.

10. ‎One of my best prayer in the morning, God bless everyone around me with a friend like mine, who make life a pleasant place to live.

Good Morning Quotes for Best Friends

Best good morning quotes for best friends to wake up to.

11. ‎He will tame your mind when it’s raging storm, I am strengthened just thinking of his calm nature. Thank you, my friend, Good morning.

12. ‎I do feel numb every morning before you come around until I stumble on Aristotle’s saying that, friends are ”A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”

13. You earn yourself a good friend when they see beauty in your scars and embrace your mess. Blissful morning to you.

14. ‎Special friends are that part of us that teaches moral uprightness, the voice behind our conscience that point us to the right path. Top of the morning, my friend.

15. ‎For our time in life and our journey through life, the special friends that stick with us, are the star that guides and shines the light to our path. Good morning. Good Morning Message to My Friend

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16. ‎They always want the best for us, they have a profound connection with our soul, and they share with us our most precious memories, they are special friends.

17. ‎I share most of my moments with my friend, ‎whether happy or sad, good or bad, even my silence is a conversation. And this dawn, my mind already has words to say.

18. ‎You offered me the best ship when the storm of life was raging and tossing me here and there, thank you for your friendship. Good morning, my trusted friend.

19. ‎A friend understands your deep thought, converse with you in your silence and offer you prayers at dawn when you’re yet to come alive.

20. Friendship- ‎One of life’s most precious treasure ever gifted. Friend- The best devotion you offer to yourself.

Good Morning My Beautiful Friend Wishes Quotes

Best good morning wishes quotes to say good morning my beautiful friend.

21. ‎You know you have a friend when you find yourself caring without trying, and your deep fears they see without asking. Good morning.

22. ‎More blissful moments are bound to be created, more dramas find its way to your life too but more importantly, more smiles than tears, that’s the essence of friendship.

23. ‎Lovely morning, my Friend, you touched my heart with your loyalty, I don’t think I can wait till July 30th to celebrate our friendship, Happy Friendship Day.

24. ‎This bond of friendship is strong because you see my soul before my body, and you accept me before my title.

25. ‎To make choices that lead to true happiness, you must be willing to surround yourself with friends, most importantly, have one good friend in your cabinet. Good morning.

26. ‎This morning, I woke up with a smile as I recall how blessed I am, to have met with a special friend who believed and trusted me.

27. ‎Almost every morning, if you don’t find your mind flooded by one special friend and their deeds, then you’ve not been lucky enough. Good morning my lovely friend.

28. ‎Good friends are like the light on dark days, they light your path with their love for you. Beautiful Morning, Special Friend.

29. ‎In a world where betrayal abound and disloyalty is common, having a friend who trusts and always loyal to tell you the truth without sugarcoating it is rare. Good morning, friend.

30. ‎A good friend not only shows when the sun is shining, they shine their own light when the sun is out.

Good Morning Quotes for Friendship

Best collection of good morning quotes for friendship. good morning quotes for your special friends to wake up to.

31. ‎On rainy days, the first set of sunshine you see are usually from your friend, and the rainbows smiling at you.

32. ‎Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes you are up and other times you’re down, but through it all, a friend holds your hands. Top of the morning.

33. ‎A special friend will stay with you and help you weather the storm when the rest walks out.

34. ‎Some friends give you sleepless nights with their insincerity and maladaptive attitudes, but a good and special friend give you a peaceful mind in the morning.

35. ‎Word fails me this morning, I woke up thinking about you my lovely friend and I realise how much you have done in this life of mine.

36. ‎When you are silent and you see someone who brings your thoughts to life, be thankful for that’s a friend. Good morning.

37. ‎A smile will surface on your face unannounced just at the thought of a good and crazy friend. This morning isn’t exempt.

38. A friend is that person who argues with you, shout and scold you and at the end, still draw you close for a hug.

39. ‎There are times your actions cause embarrassment that makes people desert you, guess who stay with you, family and a friend. Good morning, my Friend.

40. ‎Some songs give me goosebumps, they brought memories of us singing, doing our crazy dances and laughing together. Blissful morning my special friend.

41. ‎One of the greatest founding structure for a successful life and happy moments is friendship and that you have offered me. Good morning.

42. ‎His heart is filled with pleasure, he who respect the bond of friendship. Expect a pleasant surprise this morning cause you deserve it.

43. ‎Special friend are they, that help you starve your distraction and improve your concentration to a successful life.

44. ‎A friend will never beguile you, neither will they lead you astray, instead they will offer you advice and guidance.

45. ‎Meeting different people, I find out what many of them liked about me but in your own case, I still can’t fathom why you like me, cause you like me for me.

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46. When you have a special friend in your life, some things come freely, like a warm bright smile in the morning and extra blessings during the day.

47. ‎ A friend is that person that will do anything for you, never going to let you down, and even make you stand out. Good morning.

48. ‎Happiness and lots of fun are never far away from those with good friends. Enjoy your morning, my special friend.

49. ‎I have not really attained the height of greatness I’m aiming, but I was told if I want to climb that mountain, I’ll be needing a friend. Good morning.

50. I got a gift this morning, it’s from a special friend and the gift is nothing other than love, what could be more pleasant than that?

51. ‎I wasn’t opportune to choose my family, and choosing my friend I must confess hasn’t been easy, and it got me thinking this morning, how lucky I am to have chosen you.

52. ‎Some friends are like the unpleasant weather, they give unstable temperature and humidity, but a good friend is like the morning dew, calming your nerves.

53. ‎A friend who is truly a friend will have you speechless because they show characters that amazes you at all times. It’s a good morning my friend.

54. ‎A true friend is a blessing bestowed on us from heaven, you will never know but if you look closely, you will see they are angels in disguise.

55. I battled my thought this morning, what better gift to give my friend for always standing by me, I decided to care more and remain my good self. A Good Morning Prayer for You Love

56. ‎Life can leave us so bitter and dejected but when we have a good and loyal friend, life can only get better and smoother. Good morning.

57. ‎I hardly worry about anything and I don’t fret over any circumstances, my reasons, I always have my friend come to my rescue. Good morning and thank you, my Friend.

58. ‎I am reminded constantly, how pleasant I look when I behold the face of my friend because my happiness can be mirrored through it. Top of the morning.

59. ‎A true friend discovers our mistakes, help us work on it and helps to improve our good qualities, just like you’re doing my friend. Good morning.

60. The inside of a cauldron can only be seen by others, that’s why one should have a good friend who looks you in the eyes and tell you when you’re wrong.

61. ‎Both good and bad walks hand in hand, also good and bad friends are never far from us, only time will help you reveal your true friends.

62. ‎When life is busy dragging me down, my only Superman is you, my special friend. Good morning.

63. ‎They said difficult times and challenges will help me learn and develop in life, I told them my friend teaches me and help me develop. Good morning, true friend.

64. ‎I can never forget your struggles and sacrifices just to always see me smile and happy, you have been my energy, I pray I’ll be your sun in the morning.

65. ‎During my trial times, I was faced with hurdles and mountains where I found myself a treasure, a special friend. Good morning.

66. ‎This morning, I decided to thank a special friend who, when I was going astray, speaks to my mind and call me to order. Thank you.

67. ‎If one is hardworking and have a good friend, then he will be unstoppable in life. Good morning to you, my Friend.

68. ‎Our opinion, our choices, our feelings and many other things, are influenced by our friends, so I chose to be around you, my one true friend. Good morning.

69. ‎If I become a successful person, it is expected, cause I have someone, a special friend who’s always ready to strengthen and improve my acumen.

70. This morning, I remember my irrational days, until a special friend came through and that led to the eclipse of my maladaptive attitudes before I was finally ushered back to light.

71. To understand and be understood is the beauty of friendship, that’s why we are inseparable friends. Good Morning.

72. ‎One of my hardest battles was with me, myself and I, the enemy was my desire but it was able to conquer it with help from my friend. It’s a lovely dawn today.

73. ‎Your absence is a cause for alarm, for I don’t trust myself when I’m alone, so you should find your way back here as quickly as possible. Blissful Morning, Special Friend.

74. All friendships are unique and special in their own way but ours ‎is just out of this world, mere words can’t describe how you have touched my life. Good morning.

75. ‎I have something on my mind this morning, and I know you’re the only one who can listen to me, without condemnation and a solution.

76. This morning is a time to give back all the smiles, laughter, hugs and love you’ve deposited in my life. Friendship goal is to reciprocate.

77. ‎A tear in your eyes makes me weep, your bad days gives ache to my heart, that’s why I refuse to leave you this time, I’ll fight for you because you’re my friend and this is my morning promise.

78. ‎Respect to a special friend, who hugs me when I wasn’t expecting it and loves me without an excuse. I remember you this morning, my Friend.

79. To ‎my amazing friend, you correct without blame, stay when others left and even forgive when I’m rude, these attributes make a better person out of me. Good Morning.

80. ‎My friend, you’re a rare kind of person, the feelings you arouse in me cannot be spoken of in detail, it’s so good to wake up to a thought that I’m loved by you.

81. ‎We should grow our friendship now, and nurture every one of our moments together so that in a few years from now, we can wake up in the morning to say, that’s my old friend coming.

82. When I’m troubled, no matter how small or big it might be, a simple smile from my friend in the morning is enough to take my worries away.

83. ‎If I were to live my life again, I would still like to make friends with you, for a friend like yours brings sun to our morning on a cloudy day.

84. ‎I found a friend in you, you worry about me too much and your laughter from the other end of the phone is a boost of energy on a good morning.

85. ‎Everybody needs a friend, that will stand and fight their battles when their arm is weak to lift a sword and that’s the kind of friend you are.

86. ‎I wonder if you’re aware, how much I’ve learnt from you, I am blessed because I have you as a friend and with that, I wake up with a delightful soul.

87. ‎Just as the sun gives light to the world in the morning, you have been a source of light to my ignorant and teach me wisdom. Thank you.

88. ‎I cherish you, my friend, you’re already a part of me, my morning would be a little boring to wake up to when you’re not there and my day is incomplete without you.

89. ‎A friend is special when they become your blanket on a cold night and your bright morning smile.

90. ‎I am privileged to be called your friend, to walk side by side with you, get admonished by you and wake up to a text from you.

91. ‎If only you knew, how special you are to me, whenever life throws its daggers, you never leave me to face it alone, thank you, for your towards me is enormous.

92. ‎Many offered help when times are hard but not like yours, what I’m trying to say is that your response towards my problems moves me to tears. Good morning, my special friend.

93. ‎I can’t forget your laughter and love, your grace and the way you inspire, I’m wishing you a peaceful morning for always being a good friend.

94. ‎A good friend cares when no one does, believe when trust is scarce, hug when courage deserts and give a smile in the morning.

95. ‎Encouragement is something that comes freely from a friend when things are getting rough, they never allow us to think of quitting.

96. ‎Someone so honest and truthful, with a kind heart that offers prayers in the morning, that’s a true friend and a true friend is you.

97. ‎If you want to live a happy, fun-filled life, you’ll need a friend, to laugh and share your thoughts with, in the morning.

98. ‎Friendship is not only for good days and sweet moments but for the stormy nights and gloomy morning. I’m happy I have such a friend to share each moment with.

99. ‎You bring emotion so deep, I could feel your heart from far away because you have become a special part of me, my friend. Good Morning.

100. ‎If you’re reading this message this morning, I want you to feel my gratitude in your heart, for being a shoulder I can rely on, through thick and thin. Thank You.


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