Trending Good Morning Love Quotes for Her to Wake Up To in 2024

A romantically enthralling love life is possible, if only you’re willing to give it what it takes. And one of such ways is a daily dose of good morning love quotes.

Hence, right here you have an array of love quotes that’s best sent to your lover at the break of the day.

The effect of these love messages will leave your sweetheart basking in a lifetime of love.

If you don’t try, you wouldn’t know. So, give this your best shot.

Good Morning My Love Quotes for Her

Best of sweet and romantic good morning my love quotes for her to wake up to. Good morning my love quotes for girlfriend.

1. Your presence hovered like a wind over my face as I slept peacefully whilst dreaming about you, my love. Good morning.

2. My heart is in a gridlock, because loving you has stopped every other movement into it.

3. Your love is the rooster that crows at day break every time of my life. Good morning, darl.

4. I experience rapturous delight every time I think about seeing a new day, cause you’re the good news of the morning.

5. I’ll shout in exultation at sunup, cause you’re the sunshine that wakes me up.

6. Your voice makes a shrill sound in my heart, so as to wake me up at dawn. Good morning, sweety.

7. Each morning I see you, I experience a déjà vu. I must have seen you somewhere in my dream the previous night.

8. Amongst my dynasties, you’re the greatest of them all. Good morning, my most noble lover.

9. I’m glad we slept under the same sky and woke up under the same sunshine.

10. I’ll line up stars to your path, so every step you take will shine brighter than diamonds in the sky.

11. My love, I’m alive this morning, so I could fulfill my promise of a lifetime love to you.

12. I’ll give you love that is worth more than a bright sunshine at dawn. Good morning, my love.

13. The stars in the sky have nothing on you, cause without you, they’ll never shine so bright. Good morning, my sunshine.

14. My heart wants to love you at all time and this morning is no difference.

15. The only pleasure I have in the morning is the one that builds up in me once I see your face.

16. Truly, truly, the reason there exist a sunup is so I could see your face.

17. Your eyes are the brightest stars at night; such diamonds to behold at dusk. Good morning, beautiful.

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18. My arms are to hold you tight and my tongue is to adorn you with beautiful words. How was your night, my darling?

19. Walk on high hills this morning, cause you deserve to be seen from all cardinal points of the earth.

20. I’m the arm that will protect you from the evil sun rays and I’ll be the heart that will love you at your underslung.

21. Everything I have is to bless you. My morning time is to love you selflessly.

22. I’m envious of the sun, cause it takes special interest in illuminating you all day long. Good morning, sweety.

23. Even the lilies in the valley do not enjoy the morning dew as much as you do.

24. I’m glad we share the same weather and feel the same warm breeze. Good morning, hon.

25. I’m grateful for this morning, cause I still have you in my life to make me feel bigger than the sun.

26. The only sunshine my visual sense recognises is the one that rises in your eyes, my love.

27. Love is reborn in me, once I see you in the morning.

28. My love for you will push through every gloominess in your heart, until you’re basking in love.

29. I worry less about the weather and the clouds, cause no matter what, my morning will remain bright and fair as you are.

30. You’re the beautiful love dew that settles on my heart once the morning comes.

31. Don’t you forget; my arms will always be there to protect you any time of the day, be it at night or in the morning like this one. Good morning, baby.

32. I can’t wait to look into your eyes this morning, it reminds me of the beauty in heaven.

33. All through the night, my wish was to see you in my life this morning.

34. From morning to morning, our love will last till forevermore.

35. You need not to work when you’re with me, cause I’ll be out there every morning to make life easier for you, my love.

36. The best news I yearn to receive every morning is that you love me still.

37. I can’t stand still when I see you in the morning, my body wriggles to my heartbeat for you.

38. The sun might live you for a while, but I’ll always be there for you, my true love.

39. The world stands still for you just as the sun when you’re awake.

40. I’ll always be available for you, no matter the time of the day. I’m here to help you in this life.

41. I’ve got nine lives, cause I’m to live for you till forevermore. Good morning, baby.

42. Whether I walk through a fine pasture or a wild one, I’ll always make it to your destination before the sunset.

43. I’m barrel chested so I could protect you from all harms at any time of the day. Good morning, sweety.

44. Let me be your man once again this morning. I love you, beautiful.

45. My love song to you is the shrill sound made by the rooster at the dawn of the day.

46. I sing with the sparrow at day break so as to serenade you, my love.

47. Each day that I see you is an opportunity to love you better than I ever did.

48. I have a very beautiful love garden in my heart, created by you and watered every morning just by you alone. Thanks, sweety.

49. I came this far, because you never left me alone through the dark. Good morning, hon.

50. The night treats you kind, cause you’re an elite at any time of the day.

51. Heaven is closer to you, because your heart is the purest space on earth. Good morning, my angel.

52. I’ll dedicate my entire morning to you, though you deserve much more.

53. My ultimate prayer at night is for the angels to keep you safe and my first prayer in the morning is to be blessed with the breath of your air.

54. From the look in your eyes, I see a beautiful morning made with love.

55. The only angel I want to see this morning is you. Please, don’t keep me waiting, my love.

56. A breath of love from you in the morning will keep me alive till eternity. Good morning, love.

57. Just a gaze from you can make the thunder rumble and the wind squall. Your eyes makes the morning shine brighter.

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58. There can only be one angel like you. You appear once in a lifetime; I’m glad I was blessed by you. Good morning, hon.

59. I make a joyful noise in the morning, cause my heart beats of love.

60. Love is beautiful. This I know, cause I got one from a beautiful soul. Good morning, love.

61. My heart is as soft as your lips in the morning. I’m sending all of my love to you this dawn.

62. Without an iota of doubt, love is the strongest force in the world, for by it, I’m able to walk through the snowfalls just to see your face in the morning.

63. I only know of one place to find peace in the morning, and that is in your abode. Good morning. You’re my peace.

64. Nothing comforts my heart than the love you have for me. Good morning, my angel.

65. The only one I want to make happy and fulfilled this morning is you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

66. My dream of love is you. My idea of a good morning is the smile on your face.

67. No matter how frail my heart may have been, loving you has renewed my heart. Hence, I’m strong.

68. I see a clear cloud each time I look into your eyes; in you, there’s no gloominess. Good morning, my baby.

69. The only beautiful rainbow I’ve ever seen is the one in your gaze. Good morning, my love.

70. I give you a look of wonder every morning, cause each time I see you, you look a lot different and redefined than the previous night. Good morning, my baby.

71. No matter how nicety your smile might be, I’ll never miss it for anything in the world. Good morning, angel.

72. I look forward to seeing the morning, cause you’re the reason I would like to breath again.

73. You were made from the most luxurious part of heaven, cause you appear rich every morning that I see you.

74. I’ve seen the smile of an angel; it’s the one on your face. Good morning, beautiful.

75. I love to get a welcoming kiss from you, cause your lips have the most intense flavour on earth.

76. I nursed an Intense thought throughout the night, cause I couldn’t get my mind off you. Good morning, my only one.

77. My love for you is refreshed every morning just as the day is renewed every dawn.

78. I want to make heaven because of you, cause I know that’s the most befitting spot to find you in eternity. Good morning, my angel.

79. The truth is what I see in your eyes every morning and that’s the look of love.

80. Love is everything that you mean to me. You’re my world. Good morning, sweety.

81. I see an Intense light when I look at you; even the sun draws its strength from your radiation.

82. You’re the treasure that the morning brings to me. I’m blessed to have you in my life.

83. I’m doing pretty fine this morning, cause you make me feel good for reasons beyond my comprehension.

84. I’ll only see a new day if I promise to treat you right. My love, I’ll do you no wrong as long as I live.

85. No matter what, my heart will always belong to you. Good morning, sweety.

86. I present myself as a living sacrifice to you every morning even till eternity to come.

87. You deserve to see the first light, cause your heart shines brighter than a beam of light.

88. You’re my idol. As long as I live, my heart will adore you. Good morning, my true love.

89. The morning belongs to you and every good thing it bears; me inclusive. Good morning, beautiful.

90. The beauty of the morning is to wake up beside you. Good morning, angel.

91. The smell of you is pleasant to my soul, than the sight of the daybreak. Good morning, love.

92. I can’t lie to you, cause it’s against my feelings for you. You deserve to know the truth at all time, be it at night or in the morning.

93. I for see a beautiful future when I see you; never had the future been so clear and bright. Good morning, hon.

94. The wider you smile, the better my morning becomes. Bless me with your pretty smile this morning.

95. The joy of seeing another day lies in seeing you. This much is true, my love.

96. My heart smiles with you when you smile at me in the morning. My love!

97. The morning dew isn’t as pure as the thoughts of your heart. Your innocence is the purest thing I know.

98. Every time I see another day, it dawns on me to love you better and to embrace you tighter.

99. Happiness swirls around me when I hear your soothing voice in the morning.

100. Your presence restores me to ease than the dawn of the day. Good morning, my love.

101. Only your smiles were created to attract me. And your heart alone will have me. Good morning, my love.

102. Nothing else matters to me than our togetherness. I’ll make you smile, I promise.

103. I love you still today and I will until forever.

104. Be the first to hear my heart speak this morning; I love you, my darling.

105. This is a special kind of love. A love to last till eternity. Good morning, angel.

106. My heart is for you and so is every sense of my body. Good morning, sweetie.

107. Since I’ve found you, I am determined to see this love till the judgement day.

108. Like the morning dew, you soothe my feelings so pleasantly. Good morning, my love.

109. My love I send to you this morning. I hope it meets you well.

110. Yet another day to love you like there’s no hope for a future. Good morning, sweetness.

111. You may have heard me say, I love you countless times. But on this morning, with renewed energy and vigour, I’m loving you.

112. Your kisses are my pleasure. I hope you shower them upon me through the sun.

113. I just can’t have enough of your stares. Thank goodness, it’s another day. I love you.

114. To you, I’ll give the world. And for you, I’ll forsake the whole world. A lovely morning to you, my darling.

115. Let’s explore the mystery of today in each other’s arms, my love.

116. I’ll eat because I’m happy. I’ll bath because you love me. Top of the morning to my love.

117. Every day is a good day as long as I got you, baby.

118. Come what may, it’s you I’ll rather love, plant my kisses on and adore with my hugs.

119. It’s always a pleasure to love you. Same on this very beautiful day, my love.

120. Your kisses are gold. In my heart is an island of treasure. Good morning, my love.

121. I want to feel this way the next morning and beyond. Good morning, my one and only.

122. For as long as I got oxygen inside of me, I’ll love you till the end of time.

123. Next to my love for you, is a promise to give you the life you deserve. Good morning, love.

124. You’ve made me love this way. I’m grateful for feeling this way about you, my darling.

125. In the world to come, you’ll be my only choice. Because nothing else matters more than you to me.

126. Let our love so shine before all eyes. And underneath the sun, let’s build a home for us.

127. Let me walk with you and I’ll guard your steps to a destination of love. Be sure this heart will take you there, my love.

128. No matter what you do to me, I’ll stick with you like the rains to the sea, my darling.

129. You’ve chosen to love me. But I’ve chosen to be the best you could ever have, my darling.

130. Amongst all the love stories in the world, ours will have the perfect ending. Good morning, angel.

131. In my days of wisdom, I’d love you still. So, love me till my hairs are grey.

132. You’ll make a good wife but I’ll make the best husband for you. Good morning, love.

133. Let the wind whisper it to the world, our love is true and everlasting. Good morning, my darling.

134. Good morning; the favorite greeting of a man in love. For it holds the hope of love.

135. Before the sun goes down, let our love rise to the sky where the sun is seated. Arise and shine today, my love.

136. If you were by my side, you’d wake up to my kisses. However, I’ll offer you my loving words, for we are separated by distance. Good morning, my only love.

137. My heart is full of great hope that you’ll love me on this day as well. I love you too, my darling.

138. Your kisses have purified my heart. Hence, I don’t want to get filthy kissing another.

139. You make me want to dream. A world full of love and of your caresses.

140. Cast all your love on me. And I’ll be by your side till the end with all that I’ve got and all that I am.

141. Know this, I love you more than I love the hope of the morning.

142. I’ll make my breakfast with a smile on my face, for I am in love with you.

143. This love is the reason why my mornings are full of gratitude and decorated with the colors of romance.

144. I’ll walk around town and go about my day with the lightest heart because I’ve heard you say that, you love me.

145. Everything special about this morning starts with loving you.

146. You’ve beaten the sun to it, you’re the light of my world. Good morning, angel.

147. Who else does this loving better than you do? None but this heart of yours.

148. With you, I can do anything. Thus, I know, I’m deeply in love.

149. Loving you started before the creation of the moon. And after its end, it will go on. I love you till eternity, my darling.

150. I know of a pretty face with a loving heart. I’m glad her beauty caught my attention and her heart caught my love. Good morning, the pretty angel of kindness.

151. The hardest thing to live without isn’t oxygen but your love, my darling.

152. Knowing you’d rise up with the sun, made me hearken to the crow of the rooster this morning, my love.

153. To the one I’ll love today and forevermore; good morning, precious one.

154. You’ll have my full attention. My whole time will be dedicated to loving you and my pride will be in making you happy.

155. Every part of me knows I’m in love with you. Little wonder, my arms are opened only when my eyes behold you.

156. My heart is not in doubt of my love for you. It only wonders if eternity would be enough to love you.

157. Just this lovely morning, I heard the angels sing, you’re the woman meant for me. So, I call me, blessed.

158. Don’t wonder anymore. This heart was made to love you, my darling.

159. Every sunrise, you’ll wake up to my love. And when it sets, my arms would be there as your shelter.

160. I won’t get tired of loving you because it is the oxygen I draw every second. And the life I’ll adore till the end.

161. Blossoming with the flowers is the love I feel for you. Thriving with the sun is how much I regard you.

162. Because I’ve tasted of your love, I wish there was no end to the days of man on earth. Good morning, my darling.

163. Teach me how to love you because I don’t want to love you wrongly, my darling.

164. I’ll save every part of me for you. My body and my soul will I present to you alone.

165. The reason why the sun is pale this morning is cause it found out how great I love you.

166. Nothing feels more righteous than your love just as nothing beats the savor of your kisses.

167. I’ll demonstrate my love for you in the face of oppositions and in the cheer of well-wishers, I’ll prove my sincerity to you.

168. Who else would I walk to the alter but you? By you is where I’d rather be.

169. Life is a bed of roses because I’ve since found whom I’d lay a bed full of roses for.

170. I’m spellbound. I can’t concentrate on anything else but everything that has a glimpse of you.

171. As sure as this morning would come with the sun so will my heart with your love.

172. I’m sure of this thing; I’d love you no matter what shape or look you take. You’re my only one, sweetheart.

173. Do not fret when distance tears us apart, for my heart will always love you and my mind will I guide to reverence you.

174. Let the world give up on the hope that, I’ll repent from loving you. Because we’ve got eternity more to go.

175. As the breezes lay on my skin at night, I felt it was the presence of your love caressing me to sleep. Good morning, my love.

176. Just a kiss from you and I’ll do anything you want. Your kisses are my command, my love.

177. Upon eating the fruit of life, my eyes realised it was you I was meant to love. Good morning, angel.

178. The only truth I know within my spirit is to love you. For my heart is at peace when I do.

179. My heart knows better than to let you go. My lips know better than to kiss another. I love you to the moon and back, sweetness.

180. In the core of my heart, you reign. And in the peripheral, you persist.

181. Before the stars start to appear, let the sun first bear witness to our love. Good morning, my love.

182. You’re one of a kind. Every shade of special is you. I’m swept off my feet by your being every day.

183. I’ve always loved you even before my eyes were set upon you. For you were the one I waited for, my darling.

184. On the day the sun and the moon stood still above me, I knew I found the one for me. Good morning, love.

185. I believe man was created to love. But more than anything that, I was created to love you.

186. I blessed the day I found favour in your eyes and a home in your heart. Good morning, angel.

187. You’ve taken the hunger away and fill my heart with overwhelming love and peace.

188. I need longer days and nights to love you. I desire eternity on earth just to behold your pretty face.

189. What shall it profit me if I gained the world but your love? Hence, I’d rather have you in my life forever.

190. I’ll forgive your offences as many times as possible because I am ready to love you till the end.

191. I’m glad I confessed my love to you. I’m grateful, you reciprocated the gesture in no time, my darling.

192. My mouth will only utter the things it feels for you. My eyes would express it when I am short of words. I love you, my dearest.

193. You’re the best gift the Father gave me. Be sure, you’re more precious to me than life itself.

194. When I say that, I love you, I mean I’ll never give up on you, I’ll take care of you till an end has come on earth.

195. Let’s go make babies out of the abundance of our love. Let’s walk to eternity from the strength of holding on to each other’s hands.

196. It’s you I want to show every part of me. It’s you I want to watch me evolve throughout the years.

197. Let the sun and the moon envy because you now fill my world with light and grace.

198. It feels like I’ve known you for the longest time. Surely, because we were destined to be from the creation of time.

199. I’ll love you when just your eyes and mine can see. I’ll treat you right even before the stares of everyone else.

200. You’ve made me the happiest man on earth. Your love has done that to me. So, I’ll return the favour, my darling.

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