Good Morning Messages for Her to Make Her Smile (2023)

No one jokes with the morning. It is held in many quarters that what will happen in the day starts from the morning. Smiling in the morning can, therefore, be a message to the entire day that happiness and joy are what one wants.

The loving moments we share with loved ones may be short but it lasts for a long time in our memories, yet, when it is expressed in messages, what a feeling!

Pick up the phone, use whatever means, and communicate the message to her. Make the surprise very early and let it be something worthwhile like the ones below. Do not hesitate.


Good Morning Text Messages to Make Her and Smile

Now that your girlfriend or wife deserves done good morning text messages to make her smile, these sweet romantic good morning messages for her to make her smile are they best of good morning words to send to her for a fulfilling day.

1. Without sparkling white sets of teeth. Without perfect rounded cheeks, the sun smiles every morning. Tell me your excuse if you refuse to smile today. Good morning my sweetie.

2. I woke this morning, stared at the sky and saw a face, I stared more and saw it clearly- it’s your face. All this while, the sun has been using your face to smile on the earth daily. Its time to teach the sun how to do it better. Good morning honey.

3. Have you ever seen the flower blossom? They do that well in favourable conditions preserved in good sunlight. You are better than the flower, so more is expected of you. Good morning my lover.

4. When you smile back at the dawn, it recognizes you as a friend and then launches you into the perfect realm of prosperity, blessing and abundance. Good morning to my lover.

5. The brightness that accompanies the morning is a blessing to all who groped in the darkness for when there is light, there is joy. May that joy spring forth from you to the world. Good morning sweetheart.

6. When the day breaks, it sets forth its course for success. Let your brightness set you up for victory today. Good morning to you, my lady.

7. May your light keep shinning in the midst of the thickest darkness, for no one identifies a smile in the darkness, so shine on and continually. Good morning to my lover.

8. The penetrating rays of the sun in the morning cannot be hindered. They from heights and descend to the depths until they reach their destination. Go in the manner of the rays and remain unstoppable.

9. Hello, my dear lady. Can you still remember your name because you had crossed into a new day? It’s a pleasant morning to you.

10. The sun may be hot but it warms the body in the morning giving you a better way to spread out your smile. Good morning to you, my girl.

11. In the morning, we leap off from bed because we know the task that awaits us. Every morning is another reason to smile because it,s another chance to move forward in life. Good morning my lover.

12. The reality of a new day is the opportunity to go ahead. Cheer up because today is going to be a good day. Good morning to you.

13. The most beautiful thing in the morning is the awakening to go forward, climb higher, soar higher and stay on top. Good morning my beautiful lover.

14. Every morning is another chance to correct the errors of yesterday, finished the abandoned work of yesterday and progress in the pursuit of happiness. Good morning to you.

15. Every day is a package and that is why it called The Present. The morning is the seal of the package. When the morning dawns, the content of the package is opened. May your day be full of smiles. Good morning dear.

16. Everyone is refreshed for a new day in the morning. With the night taking away your fatigue, grow in the new flow of energy for a new day. Good morning, lover.

17. The morning jeered the night because of you. The morning boasted that you communicate with it but the night no history of your activities because you are always asleep. It’s time to say good morning to my lover.

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18. No one has ever stayed alive without having a touch from the beautiful mornings they experienced. May every morning bring to you beautiful memories of joy, love and hope. Good morning to you, my lover.

19. No matter how tired one may be, the desire for brightness will attract the affection for the morning. Let your life attract everything that will bring illumination on your path. Good morning my lover.

20. The day will be bright. Your teeth are white. What else do we need for illumination? Good morning to you, my lover.

21. The beautiful morning is the announcer of the day, may everything resonate together to bring unto you favour as you rise. Good morning my dear lover.

22. How long shall you keep us waiting? We’ve been waiting for you to rise from your sleep! It’s the morning. Rise & Shine sleeping beauty.

23. I love to see the sunrise every morning, but not as much as I love to see your smiling face every day I wake. Good morning dear.

24. Nothing is as beautiful as seeing you glow from bed to activeness every morning. Good morning my lover.

25. Good morning beautiful. May your blessings be bountiful, your success plentiful, your progress graceful and your strength renewable.

26. Every human engages more muscles to frown than to smile. So, I’m giving you an easy task today; “Smile all the way”. Good morning my dear.

27. There is a reason for every morning. You are my reason to see all mornings. Good morning to you beloved.

28. Joy is a sister to Love just like the day is a cousin to the night, but with every morning comes the hope of another new day. Rise with great hope of a better life. Good morning.

29. At the break of every day, your love is renewed just like the day itself. Though we may depart afterwards to face the business of the day, yet I’m relieved that your love stays with me throughout the day. Good morning my girl

30. The only thing that beats me to it in greeting you ‘good morning’ is the morning itself. Good morning my beautiful.

31. If the first food in the morning is called breakfast, then you are the breakfast I eat every day because seeing you is what satisfies me every morning.

32. From cool to warm from warm to hot, from hot back to cool, then from the cool to the cold. As you wake in the cool of the morning, may your path bring us together back in the cool of the evening. Good morning dear.

33. I’d always boast to always be with you in the bathroom. The moment the water touches your body, you felt me. There’s nowhere to hide from your lover. Good morning my dear lover.

34. Breakfast, they say is the most important food in a day. I’m never in want because I get the required meal every morning when you open those beautiful eyes to smile at me. Good morning my lover.

35. Your skin shine so bright that I seldom forget that the sun comes out in the morning. Good morning my dear lover.

36. You are the princess I read about in all those fairy tales. I thought they were tales until I met you. YOU ARE FOR REAL. Good morning my dear.

37. I call you ‘Sir’ because you are my KNIGHT. You put on a charming smile every morning like a well-polished armour. Your intelligence crowned you like a fitting helmet and your words of encouragement reach to the heart like a very sharp sword. Good morning my dear lover.

38. With a single kiss, the world is blown away. Blow me away this morning with your substance. Good morning to you.

39. Good morning beautiful. It’s time to give the morning its share of your sweetness. The night is gone. Welcome to the morning, my lover.

40. Do you know every time you say the word ‘good morning’ to anyone, you are doing two things at the same time? You are sharing the beauty of the morning with someone and also directly greeting the ‘Morning’.

41. As you wake up this beautiful morning, your little effort will be recognized with success. The hand of the Lord will be heavily felt in your life. Good morning my lover.

42. The morning is not as beautiful as you are. The day competes with you in the contest for the most beautiful. Good morning dear.

43. Your soft words every morning are the sounds that resonate in my head all day and keep me going. Good morning, my lover.

44. Hello beautiful, good morning and how was your dreamland. I believed you saw more than enough of me in your dreams, now it’s time to get up and prepare for the day. Have a splendid day.

45. What you think about more have every tendency of appearing in your dreams. Wonder not why I am texting you this early morning? It’s because you opened the stage of my dream and at the same drew the curtain, then I woke. Good morning dear.

46. Nothing is more refreshing than a chilled drink on a sunny day. Nothing is sweeter than having you in my life and waking up expecting to see your beautiful face every day. Good morning, my love.

47. You are my last thought when I’m about to sleep and the first thought when I am awake. Good morning, my dear.

48. Good morning darling, I hope you are not wearied out this early morning because you kept running across my mind and dream throughout the night.

49. From the north, east, west and south, the face of the beautiful one is always seen. Keep charming the world with your smile. Good morning.

50. Many wait till the cock crows before they realize the morning has come, others await the alarm of their clock or device, yet, some wait for the sky to illuminate their room. As for me, I just roll, behold your face and then I know the morning is here. Good morning.

51. I am always delighted by the morning because apart from the many good and opportunities that come along, it affords the great privilege to love you more than I did yesterday. Good morning, my love.

52. It’s time to suspend the hug of the pillow and clutching to the bed and hug the sunshine of the day for productive work. Good morning, my dear lover.

53. It’s a beautiful morning and a beautiful day. Our love story continues today. What chapter are we? Good morning.

54. My day is always made every morning even before I step out to do anything. I can be rest assured that all will be well. You make my day every morning. Good morning.

55. For the beauty of each day, for the smile that springs from your cheeks, for the rays coming out of those lovely eyes, for the warmth of your embrace, my love for you will never die. Good morning to you, my lover.

56. Each day has its own schedule. My schedule for today is to eat in your loving arms and swell in your ocean of love. Good morning to you, my lover.

57. For you, I’ll stay strong though I’m pressed at all sides, for you I’ll force out ebullient smiles though I’m upset. I only request one thing for you: keep smiling for me. Good morning, dear.

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58. Whenever you hear that saying ‘Your wish is my command’, remember that is my daily confession to you. Good morning to you, my lover.

59. The day has broken and the journey has started, let the music of love serenade us to perfect bliss. Good morning to you, my lover.

60. I love to sleep because it is necessary for the health of the body but when I think about waking to see your beautiful face, I desire the night pass on very quickly. Good morning to you, my beautiful lover.

61. When the stars and the moon give way for the sun in the morning, it only passes a message to us that- it’s time for sleep to give way for WORK! Good morning sweetie.

62. The dictionary is limited in the description that befits your type of person to me. I searched for the most appropriate words to use in this good morning text, but I found none to describe your beautiful nature. Remain timeless. Good morning beautiful.

63. The simple knowledge that you are mine ignites my joy every morning. Good morning to you dear.

64. My multivitamins are very effective. The complete dosage of love, care, comfort and pampering never leave me unhealthy. Good morning.

65. As you go out to give your best in today’s affairs once again, may your shining light be resplendent even as your face shines through every form of stress the day might bring. Good morning.

66. The rivalry between your body and my pillow may never cease as I do not plan to end the usage of your shoulders as my support every night. Good morning my beautiful lady.

67. Hugs are medicinal, but the early morning hug is magical. Good morning, my dear lover.

68. Kisses are refreshing, but none is as magnetic as the one you share your heart with. Good morning. My love.

69. There are shades of love but you remain my favourite colour. Good morning sweetheart.

70. When my fingers go through your hairs, it is like the movement of a sailor on the waters seeking a harbour. In your bosom therein is my abode. Do have a beautiful day, good morning.

71. My day starts with your charming smile, it ends with your warm embrace. The night begins with your magical kiss and the journey continues with you into dreamland. Let’s start the cycle again today dear. Good morning my lover.

72. Good morning, my dearest lover. God never gives us across that we cannot bear. Whatever it is that you face today, remember it is by the strength of the morning that you can overcome. Start your day with a good morning.

73. If kisses were to be what is needed to wake everyone up, I would by now be the most popular man who wakes the dead from their death for with every of my kiss every morning, you jump into life. Good morning.

74. When mornings are cold, your warm embrace bridges the gap. When they are hot, your kiss sends a chill down my spine. It’s another morning. Good morning, my dear

75. I viewed the world from a narrow-angle until your smile opened a larger window. Good morning, dear

76. Everyone stands on his part of the planet earth fulfilling his destiny but you stood on your side and connected to me from a distance. Since then, my life has received a new touch. Good morning, dearest.

77. Every stream of water is calm and quiet very early in the morning. My life is calm and quiet because you complete my daily mornings. Good morning to you and have a wonderful day!

78. The more we grow, the more you glow. My darling is blessed among all women. Good morning dear lover.

79. Flowers are expectant of the beautiful day, the morning is a pathway to the present the day brings. Good morning.

80. The morning is a piece of good news on itself. With your presence in my life, I have become the recipient of double blessings. Good morning my lover.

81. My mornings used to be just for routine and generally boring until your beautiful face started shining upon my face when I wake every day. Good morning.

82. Though the sun makes my skin dark but I can always relish in the fact that the brightness that emanates from you soothes my body. Good morning my dear lover.

83. O what a beautiful morning to my beautiful one. You are more than who you think you are. The Lord will form a hedge round about you and He shall be your peace. Good morning.

84. When I think about the termination of the night and the consequent result that it would mean I can’t see you in my dreams any longer, I am tempted to feel sad but when I remember that your face will glow in the morning, I am cheered up. Good morning my lover.

85. Your name has to be changed to Miss Perfect because you have a beautiful way of making situations perfect. Good morning my lover.

86. When it’s cold, you bring warmth. When it’s too hot, you bring coolness. When it’s going crazy, you bring it to calmness. What can I do without you? Good morning my lover.

87. When the night expires, it ushers in the dawning. When the dawn is upon us, we greet one another good morning. When the morning is perfect, we can proceed into the shining. Good morning to you, my dear lover.

88. I intended sending you a picture of the sun breaking through the clouds until I realized that the sun takes its lesson from you every morning. Good morning to my lover.

89. Early morning messages cannot replace me being with you when you wake every day. In fact, I want to be the first image formed in your eyes every morning. Good morning, my dear my lover.

90. I may miss rubbing my sweet-smelling powder on my face but I can’t afford to miss that early morning hug from you. So, get up and give it to me. Good morning, my dearest lover.

91. The more you stay in bed, the more the work piles up, now let’s get up and reduce stress but let’s start with the first work- a lovely kiss! Good morning, dear.

92. The more you love someone, the more you think and act like them. I love you more than the rising sun loves the morning. Good morning, my dearest lover.

93. I pray for a lot of things. I make many requests in my prayers every time I pray, yet my most desire is to see you beside me every morning forever. Good morning, my dearest my lover.

94. The cold morning inspires the romantic touch of a lover, but for the work of the day, I would make do with your warm embrace. Good morning, my lover.

95. The eyes are for seeing, the nose perceiving, the hands touching and the lips kissing. One thing I would ever be grateful for is the heart to love you that God gave to me. Good morning, my dearest lover!

96. When the morning dawns, it’s a sign of victory. My victorious moment was when I met you! Good morning to you, my love.

97. What relief do I get from all my pains? The answer lies in you! You are the antidote I take every morning. The antidote to all pains. Good morning to my dearest my lover!

98. The night was very cold, so I sent you enough dosage of warm hugs. Did you receive them? It is the soothing relief for your success today. Good morning dearest.

99. I long to stare at the stars every night. The more I stare, the more I realize that I have to outshine the stars in my love to you. This I have committed myself to do all the rest of my life. Good morning, my dearest lover!

100. God is our architect. We are the builders of our love. The morning is a reminder that we need to keep up the work. I love my sweetheart. Good morning.

The world can be perfect if only we remember that good deeds are not one-offs. So, remember to do it every day. Enjoy every loving moment.

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