Get Well Soon My Wife Wishes Quotes (2024)

A wife is a gift to every husband. Beyond being a wife, she is also a mother and having her sick in bed or at the hospital leaves the family depressed. Her role in the home can never be ignored. This can leave you as the husband worried and occupied with getting the home in order.

She will miss the home also because her desire will be to get well and get back to her role in the home and to be with her family again. You can hasten her recovery with get well soon quotes, messages and wishes for your wife. You can make it a card, a message or read it out to her because your love and smile are part of what she needs to get well quickly and fit back into the family. Let some of these get well soon my wife wishes, messages and quotes for 2024 help you convey the love in your heart to her.

Have a Quick Recovery Wishes for My Wife

I am here to make your thoughtfulness hit reality with these get well soon my wife wishes, messages and quotes for a quick recovery. From all of us here, we pray that your wife have a quick recovery. We love you both.

1. I am praying for you, my wife. The whole family miss you and now we appreciate what you do for us more. Please, I need you to be strong and beautiful for me. I love you and I want to see you active again.

2. Honey, I need you to survive and get out of the bed of sickness to health. I love you, dear and I can’t wait to see all of these pain leave you and you overcome gloriously.

3. I never thought I will miss you this much. I really do and you made me scared that I might lose you. I’m glad to see you getting better and I can’t wait for you to be satisfied healthy. You are strong, dear. Get well soon.

4. I know my cooking taste sour in your mouth and that is because you are not so strong at the moment. Please, get well soon and let us enjoy my meal together. Your favourite chef and husband want you healthy.

5. I’ll send you a message every hour to encourage you to fight off sickness and regain health. I hate to see you in pain, dear. Please be fine.

6. Your pain is my pain and I feel everything that you feel right now. Crying with you will make you discouraged, so I have to cry my tears elsewhere. I’ll give all I can to make you healthy right away. I wish you a quick recovery, love.

7. I miss you so much and I’m beginning to see this illness as a guy trying to steal my wife away from me and to eat up her attention. Please, always be reminded that I love you, dear and I can’t wait to hug you tight again.

8. You are a strong woman, honey. This sickness is just a threat and I know you will overcome it. Be strong for me, dear.

9. Get well soon, my superwoman. You mean so much to me and I am praying for your quick recovery. Our children miss you so much and we all can’t wait to have you back with us healthy.

10. You know I’ll get the whole world for you if that is what it takes to have you healthy. Now, baby, I want to give you everything but I need you back on your feet to enjoy it all. Get well soon, honey.

11. I’m being strong for you and I now understand that there is a point where strength is the only option to be strong enough. I pray for health in your body and a quick recovery for you. I love you, dear.

12. I’ll help you get well quickly with all I can. This is one of my ways of showing that I sincerely care about you and I want to see you healthy again. Be fine for me, please.

13. I want you to smile and look beyond your pain, dear. This sickness found a wrong body to torment and we are surely sending the sickness back to where it came from. Be fine for me, dearest.

14. Every day, I look at your side of the bed and the way you carry yourself around the house has been a memory I cherish so much. I want to have you back quickly. Home is not the same since you were sick. I pray you to get well quickly.

15. I pray that God will bless you with good health and like a miracle, you will leave there soon and be back to us at home.

16. Our kids have been asking of you and they really do miss you. They can’t wait to see their mama again and same with me too. I miss you and I wish you a quick recovery.

17. Rest well, my darling. You need all the rest to get back in shape quickly. I love and miss you. Get well soon, darling.

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18. I wish I could take the pain away and put it in my body for you. That will bring much to me. To see you smile is my priority. Be fine for me, dear.

19. I pray for good health for you, my wife. Your tears will become joy and you will have testimonies. Get well soon, dear.

20. Dearest, I pray that you are completely healed. I hate seeing you struggle with your health and all I wish is that you recover quickly.

21. I’m sending you kisses and hugs and I hope it reaches your end. Get well soon, dear. You have a lot of refreshing to do and in it all, I promise to be your support through it all.

22. I really miss having a conversation with you. It has been my mind and I doing all of the conversations and now I know that you are special and I can never let go of you. Please, darling, don’t give in to sickness to hold you down. Get well soon.

23. God bless your health, sweetness. I wish you a quick recovery and a healthy life after this.

24. I know you do not wish to be in this state, but life happened and it gave you a hard blow with this. I promise to stay close and fight to victory with you. Be strong, dear.

25. Get well soon is the best I can say to you right now, but I want you to know that I have said more than enough to God about you and I believe you are getting well soon. It is well with you, dear.

26. It has been a challenging time for the family. Home hasn’t been the same without you, dear. We miss you every day and we keep praying for you to recover quickly.

27. I’m very certain you will come back to us healthy, dear. You will overcome this sickness and come back healthy and strong. Get well soon.

28. You still light up my world and you will always do no matter what happens to you. I know you will be fine and I trust God to perfect your health quickly. Be fine, dear.

29. I believe we will soon be together at home. God answers prayers and I have prayed to Him believing for answers and expecting your quick recovery.

30. Can I take you to someplace far away from the noise and distractions and take care of your every need till you are healthy enough to get back to work? Please don’t say “no” I want you to have a quick recovery.

31. Your absence has been felt so great and we can’t deny the truth that we miss you, mother of the home. Get well soon, dear.

32. I send you loads of hope because you will need that a lot when I am not there with you. Please be strong for me.

33. I pray all medications work right on you and give you the desired strength to recover quickly. Get well soon, dear.

34. I don’t know how to explain how I feel these few days that you have been sick. Please, dear, let go of everything that will make you sick again. Get well soon, my angel.

35. I have always wondered how it will feel not having you close to me for a while. Now I regret ever thinking about that. I want you now more than ever before and I’ll do all it takes to make you healthy.

36. I pray that God will renew your strength and bring my wife back to me in good health. You are strong, dear. God be with you.

37. I am always thinking about you and what I can do to ease your pain and make you smile for me again. Get well soon, dear.

38. I wish I could be there with you at all times, but I am not permitted and it makes it sad that I can’t sit close and watch you improve. I know God is with you. Please be good.

39. Darling, I know this is just a challenge and it will soon pass. Please, be strong. God will give you good health and restore your strength. Get well soon, darling.

40. I wish I had a charm that can remove all your pain immediately, but I don’t. I will keep praying for you and I know you will improve greatly. Get well soon, my sweet wife.

41. A speedy recovery is our prayer for you right now. The children are praying for you and they can’t wait to have their mother back with her sweetness and motherly love.

42. I never imagined a day like this would come when I’ll have to watch you in pain and won’t be able to do anything about it. It is my prayer that the pain goes away quickly as it came. It is well with you, darling.

43. I’ll you tons of everything that can make you healthy right now. I’ll go the extreme just to see you well. It is well with you, dear. Get well soon.

44. I wish a sickness is a person and I’ll look for him and plead with him to let my wife be. You are special to me and I wish you a quick recovery.

45. I have always known you to be a strong woman, now I know you are stronger. We will fight this together and overcome together. I assure you, dear. Get well soon.

46. It is a great challenge being sick and fighting for health. I pray for you, my wife that you not only overcome this but also be healthy all the days of your life.

47. It seems to me like you have been away for years, honey. It is really a challenging moment for the family. I want you well and I trust God to perfect it. Get well soon.

48. My one and only, I pray that you receive health and get well soon. You deserve every beautiful thing of life and not for once should sickness touch you. It is well with you, darling.

49. Is there anything you want me to do, darling that will hasten your recovery process. Just name it and you will have it. I really want you well, dear. Get well soon.

50. Don’t be afraid, dear. Nothing bad will happen to you. We will overcome this obstacle and have victory. Get well soon, my dearest.

51. You won’t remain in this state for long, you will survive and the pain and discomfort will be gone. It is well with you now and always, dear.

52. I wish I can share your hospital bed with you. I won’t leave your side and I’ll kiss every pain away. My wish for you is to get well soon, dear.

53. This time is not the best time for sickness to have a hold on you, but I know it is a challenge that will soon pass and you will be made whole. It is well with you, my sweet wife.

54. I pray every day will usher you to a new level of wellness and you will experience strength and come back to us soon. It is well with you.

55. We have our faith in God, we know this illness won’t move us away from God, but it will bring us closer together to God and our prayers for you will be answered speedily.

56. God will bring a positive response to all of your tests and it will approve that you are healthy and fit enough to come home with us.

57. Everyone will celebrate your recovery and they will have faith from your testimony for their own lives also. You are strengthened, dear.

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58. God will faithfully answer our prayers for you, my dear wife. Our children have made it a daily commitment to pray for you as often as they can. Get well soon, dear.

59. Darling, I want you to be up and about quickly. I don’t want to see you on the bed of pain. I want to see you healthy and full of life. Get well soon, dear.

60. Every day, I strongly pray that you will come back to us in good health. You are healed, dear and you have life in you at all times.

61. I wish I have the right words that serve as medicine for you. I would have given you enough doses to bring you health and revive you. Get well soon, my wife.

62. Through the busy schedule of having you at the hospital and looking after the kids, I have come to appreciate your support to my life. You are a jewel, dear and I want to have you healthy at all times. Please, be fine dear.

63. You are a wife that always sees the best in me. What will I give to have you back at my side? Honey, health is yours and you get better day after day. It is well with you, dear.

64. Darling, I have you in a special place in my heart at all times and I have been praying sincerely to have your health restored to you. I believe God has settled it and your body is responding to treatment. Get well soon, dear.

65. Take your time to follow through every procedure. I need you to be strong and healthy and I wouldn’t love to distract you till you get better. It is well with you, sweet.

66. My sweetheart, sickness is not yours and it will soon fade away and be restored with health. You will receive strength for your body to be up and going again. This I pray for, dear.

67. Get well soon, my wife. You are a queen and I’m always praying that you receive healing in every part of your body. I really do miss you, dear.

68. You are the best woman in the world and sickness has no place in your life. We stand together in God and we refuse this sickness. You receive health and strength today. You are well and strong, dear.

69. Sickness makes the body weak and I do not want my wife to become weak right now. We still have a whole lot to do together in health and vitality. Get well soon, dear.

70. Honey, you will always be my sweetness and not even sickness will steal that away from me. I’m praying for you. Get well soon, dear.

I pray your wife gets well quickly. I want to hear from you, please.

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