2024 Best Heart Touching Good Morning Sms for Girlfriend

Do you know what it means to wake up to a very Heart Touching Good morning SMS from your lover?

Even a lady who has had a bad night and wakes up on the wrong side of the bed would not be able to resist the wonderful feeling that follows waking up to read a Good Morning SMS from her boyfriend.

How about how it makes her day a really pleasant one?
I’ll explain.
Sending a Heart Touching Good Morning SMS to your girlfriend shows that thoughts of her filled your heart all night and in the wee hours of the morning.
And your taking out time to send a text in the morning, even when you have a long day ahead shows that she’s important to you.

You see that?
The special feeling she gets as a result of your morning text fixes her on cloud nine, and her day is as pleasant as pleasant can be.

So, what say ya?

I have prepared over a hundred Heart Touching Good Morning SMS for your girlfriend for this special 2024.
How about you go through them, make your choice and warm up your sweetheart for a beautiful day ahead?

Make your beautiful choice and surprise your woman.
I guarantee that she will be yours for keeps. Always.
Cheers to your beautiful love!

Most Touching Good Morning Sms Messages for Her to Wake Up To

Let your girlfriend wake up to the best feelings of love from you with these heart touching good morning Sms and good morning messages for her. You’re married? You can send to your wife too.

1. To my jewel of inestimable value, I say a very Good morning to you. And how was your night, my dear? I do hope that the best of things come your path today. Good morning once again.

2. Hey baby. How do you do this morning? I trust you slept well. I’m sending this to say a Good morning. And that I love you so much. Good morning, my dear.

3. Hi love. I couldn’t sleep all night as I kept thinking of you. I can’t wait to see you today. I also can’t wait for you to be wholly mine. I love you, dear. Good morning.

4. Top of the morning to you, my love. How was your night? Today, may only good things happen. Good morning, love.

5. I will remind you each passing day that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. If you are no longer mine, then I don’t wanna wake up to see the next day. I love you, darling. Good morning.

6. Today, as you go out, may lines fall for you in pleasant places. Your going out and coming in will be accompanied by no harm. Good morning, my love.

7. Each morning, I wake up wishing you’re beside me. I can’t wait to wrap you in my arms all night, my dear. Good morning.

8. It’s a bright new day, my darling. I hope you had a night as beautiful as you are and that your day will be a beautiful one too. Good morning, love.

9. You can bet that the sun is presently in a jealous state. That’s because someone with a more radiant face than it just wakes up and is reading this text. Good morning, my sunshine.

10. The stars of the night can’t compete with the brightness in your eyes. And the sun in the morning bows when you rise. You’re indeed beautiful, my jewel. Good morning.

11. Thinking of you all through the night, unable to catch some sleep and jumping off the bed this morning, on my way to see you. I’d do anything for you, baby. Good morning.

12. Darling, this morning, I make another promise to you. No matter what it costs me, I’ll always make you happy. I love you so much. Good morning.

13. Keeping you happy and making you smile is top in my to-do list. I can’t go a day without seeing your smile. I love you. Good morning, sweetie.

14. My baby, I wish you the best of days today, and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and forever. Good morning, chocopie.

15. Thinking of you this morning as always. The best of things will happen to you today, darling. Good morning.

16. My dearest, how do you feel to see this brand new day. I’m elated to be alive. More so because you are in my life. Good morning.

17. It’s a wonderful feeling to have someone special to share special moments with. I see each day as a special one and I’m glad I get to spend them with you. Good morning, love.

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18. The love of my life, it’s a new day. And you can read this text because you’re alive which gladdens my heart. Good morning, my dear.

19. Today, sweetheart, may your path shine brighter and may all that you do today be fulfilling. Good morning, darling.

20. I promise to always keep that radiant smile on your face, sweetie. It beautifies you and the sight of it makes my day a fulfilled one. And I love you. Good morning, babe.

21. Each morning that I rise from sleep, I find new reasons to love, cherish and treasure you. You’re the love of my life. Good morning, baby.

22. Before meeting you, I’ve always been afraid of and unmoved by nothing. But since your entrance into my life, I’m really afraid of losing you and I’ll do anything to keep you. Good morning, my love.

23. Baby, you would never be able to qualify and quantify how much I love you. I can’t myself. You’re my world. Good morning from me.

24. The first time I sighted you, I was convinced you were mine. And since we’ve come together, I’ve not had even a second of regrets. I love you, baby. Good morning.

25. Hey babe. It’s a new day, today. May every good thing that you desire and deserve cross your path, today. Do have a splendid day ahead.

26. Baby, my love for you can never go extinct, rather, it grows on a daily basis. I love and cherish you, my sunshine. Good morning.

27. I thought knowing you was the best thing that happened to me until I fell in love and we got on this journey of love together. You’re mine forever, baby. Good morning.

28. Many times when I’m deep in thoughts, I realize that I don’t really deserve the jewel I’ve found in you. I’ll be yours forever, sweetheart. Good morning and I love you.

29. Each day as I rise, I feel blessed to have you and grateful that you’ve taught me how to love. Love is with you, my Queen. Good morning.

30. Baby, I can’t lose you. I don’t wanna imagine what life would be like without you in it. Good morning, love.

31. Sweetie, you are my compass. Your love navigates me and helps me know the path to take. Do you now understand the reason I can’t do without you? Good morning.

32. Good morning, my love. This morning, I just want to remind you that I’m always thinking of you. You’re always on my mind, baby.

33. Thinking of you every morning leaves a smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day. Good morning, baby.

34. Once again, on this special morning, I want to make known to you, My Queen, that I love you very much and would be honored to spend forever with you. Good morning, babe.

35. I believe the Sun wakes up too early, my dear. It just doesn’t give me enough time to dream about you. Dreams of you keep me sane during the day. Good morning, love.

36. The thought that you belong to me and I, you, gets me through each day. I want to be with you forever. Good morning, darling.

37. Daily, love for you wells up in my heart. It swells to an overflowing and I’m filled to the brim. I’ll love you forever, baby. Good morning.

38. I’ve come to believe that you are always by my side. You know why? My days are spent with you. And my nights are spent dreaming about you!

39. As you go about the hurdles in this new day, remember that you’re encompassed in my love and be encouraged. I love you, honey.

40. Knowing my day would be spent with you gets me up early each morning. And today, just like every other day, I can’t wait to behold your beauty. Good morning, love.

41. I’m so glad that I’ve got you in my life, baby. I’m glad I get to spend each day by your side. Good morning, babe.

42. My darling, how was your night? It’s a morning as pleasant as you are and a sunshine as bright as your smile is. Good morning, my darling.

43. Each waking day, I bless God that I have you in my life and that you are mine. Good morning, dear. I hope you slept well.

44. I dream of you every night. I still wonder how that is possible. How often do you dream of me, baby? Good morning, love.

45. My love for you can never ever run out. You’re the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Good morning, my love.

46. I’ll always treasure you. baby. I’ll always cherish what we have together. It’s a new day, love. Good morning, my treasure.

47. Thoughts of you cause a smile to spread on my life. I hate wondering what life would be without you to think of. Good morning, my darling.

48. How can I describe my love for you? Words would never be able to measure how much I love and desire you as each new day dawns. Good morning, darling.

49. It’s a new day, darling. One of new possibilities. What does your heart desire today? Set out and get it! Good morning, baby.

50. The love of my life, it’s a pleasure knowing that a new day has come and that it’s one that would be spent with you. I love you, honey. Good morning.

51. My darling, this new dawn, I want you to know that the love I have for you radiates through me. Even more than the sun. I feel it and I know you do too. Good morning, my love.

52. Telling you how much I love you each morning makes me go through the day fulfilled. I hope you never forget that I love you. Good morning, darling.

53. As this morning sun shines through into your room, kissing you, I want you to feel my arms around you, baby. Because I feel you in my arms. Good morning, babe.

54. Each night that I spend without you makes me wake up earlier than usual with thoughts of only you filling me to an overflow. Good morning, love.

55. As I wake up, each blessed day, what I want to do first, unlike others who demand coffee is to give you a beautiful kiss and tight hug. I can’t wait for forever with you. Good morning, baby.

56. Hearing your voice so early on a new day takes away every form of anxiety the new day might bring. You’re my medicine, baby. Good morning, dearie.

57. Do you know there’s a woman who’s after my heart? Her heart is with me too. You baby. Yes, babe. You’re my woman. And I’m so glad you’re in my life. Good morning.

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58. I do hope, darling, that you have a day full of laughter and smiles. And may God bless you today. Good morning, love.

59. I’ve sent truckloads of love, joy, hugs and kisses your way this morning. Let me know when you receive them. I love you so much. Good morning.

60. You’re the very first thought that crossed my mind this morning and I knew a text would be beautiful and appropriate. I love you, honey. Good morning.

61. I wish you a very good and pleasant morning, my darling alongside a less-tiring and fulfilling day. Good morning, babe.

62. Hey baby. How do you do? As you go about the new day’s activities, have the consciousness that you’re constantly in my thoughts. And that I love you. Good morning.

63. To the woman of my dreams, my dreams are now a reality because you are in my life. May you always be happy, darling. Good morning.

64. Baby. Good morning. Do have an amazing day filled with thoughts of me. You’re in my thoughts. Always.

65. You’re my treasure. And I just can’t think of today passing without you in my arms. This past night was gruesome enough without you beside me.

66. At night, even with my eyes closed, you’re all I see. And I can’t wait to spend the day with you. Good morning, sweetheart.

67. Hey baby. This morning, I want to specially thank you for lighting up my life with your love. I love you more, baby. Good morning.

68. This new day, baby, may all things work in and your favour. I love you, always. Good morning, babe.

69. When you woke up and opened your eyes, I felt it because my heart skipped a beat and I knew my Sunshine was rising. Good morning, love.

70. Throughout this day, I pray that the hand of protection of the Almighty rest on you as you go about daily exercises. Good morning, baby.

71. What’s more beautiful than waking up with my sweetheart in my arms? I really can’t wait for those moments to come. Good morning, sweetheart.

72. Women make life beautiful. And I’m so glad to have sweetest of them all in my life. Little wonder my friends say I have a beautiful life. Good morning, darling.

73. Speaking to you first thing in the morning gives me a spark that I carry through the day. I always want to hear your voice, sweetie. Good morning.

74. Honeypie, the best one for me. I feel blessed each time I call and hear your voice on the other side or a reply to my messages. You make life sweet.

75. When the night is nigh, the thought that keeps me going is that I would see you the next day. And in the morning, I get up knowing we would be together. Good morning.

76. Hey baby! I just wanna remind you that you’re my inspiration. Baby, you make me look forward to seeing a new day. I love you. Good morning, baby.

77. I never can get enough of you. I know that so well. You are full of so many beautiful surprises. I will always love you. Good morning.

78. I’m happy with you. I’m happy I’m yours. I’m happy you’re mine. Happiness is with you, baby. Good morning.

79. The smile I get from you when you wish me a good morning is enough to make the afternoon and even the rest of the day. I love your smile. I love you. Good morning.

80. At night, I long for the warmth you give, the penetrating smile and your awesome presence. Good morning, my dear.

81. May the Lord hasten your steps as you launch into the new day. May everything work for your good and in your favor. Good morning, darling.

82. Darling, even the sun is envious of your brightness. You walk into a place and simply shine your light.

83. Oh! How blessed I am to be associated with you. To be yours, and you, mine. You’re blessed beyond measure. Good morning, dear.

84. I wish you can remain in my hands all day. But then we have to work, isn’t it? I miss you already. Good morning, my love.

85. My sunshine, your light that shines in me sometimes blinds passers-by. And I wonder, what will I do without you in my life? Good morning, sweetie.

86. I can’t start my day without talking to you. And that’s if I want to have a beautiful day. I love that it’s because of you that I have joy. Good morning, pumpkin.

87. My lover and my friend. Today, I really want to thank you for how far we’ve been together. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Good morning.

88. Hey baby! Work like the boss and Queen that you are. Today, you’re productive, not letting people’s opinion get to you. Good morning.

89. Every morning spent with you leaves me grinning. And I always want more as I cannot get enough of you. Good morning, sweetie.

90. Hi baby. How was your night? Today, may you never know a better yesterday. Your day is gonna be so beautiful. Good morning, darl.

91. Nothing beats waking up beside the one you love and who loves you in turn. Good morning, love of my life.

92. I wonder how you wake up fresh and beautiful every morning. You really are a beauty to behold, sweetheart, day or night. Good morning, love.

93. Each and every morning, I thank God for blessing me with you. You’re the best thing that I have. The best thing that has happened to me. Good morning, dear.

94. Good morning, my treasure. It’s my sincere prayer that your day be filled and littered with good things. Have a blessed day, my treasure.

95. Even the day has changed again into a new one, but my love for you will never change. It keeps growing, darling. Good morning.

96. Nothing at all spoils my day. As long as the day would be spent with you, I’m assured that all would go well. Good morning, my heartbeat.

97. Without your love in my life, my life is simply empty. I can’t do without you and your love my darling. Good morning.

98. I’m so blessed to be the one who loves you. Loving you is like finding a treasure to keep. I’m never letting you go. Good morning, mine.

99. I’m addicted to loving you. Loving you comes easy for me, just like breathing. Good morning, my love.

100. Each morning spent in your arms is treasured by me, of more worth than silver and gold. Good morning, honey.

101. This new day is like a new empty sheet, fresh like wine. May you have many opportunities come your way and make the empty sheet filled with beautiful memories. Good morning, cupcake.

102. Always baby, no matter how old we grow together, you will remain my little baby girl. The one who was made specially for me. Good morning, little girl. I love you.

103. May you be filled with an overwhelming peace today and events that would lead to superb memories. Good morning, my Queen.

104. Yesterday is gone already and today’s a beautiful new day. May you have everything that you desire. Good morning, baby.

105. Someone like you who is beautifully kind deserves the best of all good things. And may you have them, today. Good morning, babe.

106. My darling, each new day is a great gift from the Almighty and we would rejoice and be glad in it. Good morning, darling.

107. As we rise to meet the dawn of this new day, remember sweetheart that we have another opportunity to be good and achieve all we couldn’t yesterday. Good morning, sweets.

108. You’re what makes my days full and my nights, splendid. What will I ever do without you? Good morning, sweetie.

109. Good morning, sweetheart. I hope you had a good night’s sleep. May your day be better and filled with laughter.

110. Sweetheart, how are you? May you have a splendid and great day ahead. Good morning, dearie.

111. As you rise up today and go about your activities, may men also rise for your favour, bringing opportunities your path. Good morning, love.

112. Thinking about you early this morning as always, my very own. How do you do? How was your night? Good morning, my special one.

113. I’m usually super happy whenever I wake up. My dream ends and reality happens. And you know the best part? My dreams of holding you become real. Good morning, sunshine.

114. Even though I’m usually grumpy about mornings because I’d have to wake up from sleep, I jump up as soon as I remember that it’s another day to be spent with you. Good morning, baby.

115. Hey baby. What thought crossed your mind as soon as you woke up? Thoughts of you filled me, even till this moment. Good morning, sugar.

116. I always want to go through each new day no matter how tiring the previous must have been because I know you’re on the other side, cheering me on. Good morning, dear.

117. My dearest woman, I wish you a blissful day filled with loads and loads of love. Good morning, my woman.

118. Each day, I wake up loving you more than the previous. You indeed work magic on my heart. Good morning, my beautiful magician.

119. Even the most romantic of colours is just learning how to be beautiful when you stand beside it. You’re the most beautiful of all. Good morning, beautiful.

120. My darling, you complete me. Trying to think of what life would be like without you would simply have me hurting myself. Good morning, baby. May you have the best of days, today.

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