2024 Inspiring Good Morning Sms for Best Friends

Sending good morning messages to your friends makes them carry you in the heart as they go about their daily routine. Send any of these inspiring messages to your best of friends and see your relationship blossom.

Read through and copy your desired good morning sms messages for your best friend or that special one and send to him or her. Come thank me later.

Best Good Morning Messages for Best Friends

Cute Good Morning Text Messages for My Best Friend to Wake Up to. Now the long night is over and here comes the beautiful morning again, take the time out to wish your friend a wonderful day ahead.

1. Good morning best friend. I believe you had a good night rest. My night was short. Wake up and smile to welcome the brand new day. I love you.

2. Imagine how you made your journey home yesterday looked very short. It was pleasant to see you and to speak with you all the way home. I know I must have been smiling in my dreams.

3. Good morning friend. I will call you later today. Please be prepared to tell me what you have never told me before. It could be anything.

4. Just woke up now. Good morning friend. I will be home alone today. I will appreciate it if you pay me a visit. Thanks, dear.

5. Anticipating the next time I will see you. I woke up this morning thinking about you. I wish I woke up beside you.

6. Hope yesterday’s stress did not weigh you down? Hope you woke up safe and healthy. Have a nice day.

7. Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded. (2 Chronicles 15:7). My great friend, good morning.

8. Not picking your call or replying your messages is not intentional. Change of job function made me tired and I slept off. Thanks for your care. We will speak today.

9. Feelings build due to continuous communication, whether the feelings is lust or real. I know that ours is real, so I will always communicate with you. Good morning.

10. I woke up to see my salary alert. I guess you are still dreaming about me now. In few hours, you will wake to see my text. Sweet dream my best baby.

11. Your precious time to relax and eat was used to talk to me yesterday night. Thanks. I hope you enjoyed the short sleep you had. Have a great day.

12. Please ensure you eat and take good care of yourself, dear friend. I wish to see you healthy.

13. Dearest, I used to have a wall around my heart but you broke the wall and made it fall down flat like the wall of Jericho. You passed through and you have possessed my land of wall.

14. My best friend, you have the opportunity to break my heart. I have taken the risk of love please do not break my heart.

15. Hi dearest. My love, my lover, ‘my lovest’. Smiles. I love you unconditionally. You can be always sure of this. Good morning.

16. Good morning my treasure, my love. What’s your decision on your outlook today? Tell me what you are wearing today.

17. You are always looking lovely gorgeous. May today be a day of multiple celebrations.

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18. Did you dream about me last night? Smiles. Good morning dear.

19. Comics relief: I dreamt that we won a billion dollar for being best of friends. Smiles.

20. Let me make you smile. Let them look. Let them stare while we gist listlessly. They can’t make us stop being friends. Let them go and form their own clique.

21. New month surprise: the song you want me compose for you is ready. I will sing it for you in the evening. Have a great day.

22. My treasurable friend. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I like you yesterday, today and always.

23. You are the food I eat, the water I drink, the cloth I put on. You are written all over me. Your thought cannot even make me sleep enough.

24. You promise to look great to the party. Don’t make the judges give the wrong judgement. Smiles. You are wonderfully and perfectly made. You always look gorgeous.

25. I guess you will be tired and feeling sleepy from the vigil. Anyway, I’m always available for you. You taught me and showed me what it truly means to have a friend.

26. Dearie, how was your night? hope yesterday’s stress did not weigh you down. Good morning.

27. I know communication matters’ according to you. I cherish our friendship and that that is why I can’t hurt you. my heart loves you.

28. I will keep loving you. I appreciate your love. I appreciate your commitment to our relationship.

29. Good morning friend. I should not have allowed you to go to bed without speaking with you but let me drop this message so that you will be reminded that you have a friend who cares about you a lot.

30. Top of the morning to you. I wish you woke up safe and sound, May today be a great day for you and me. Much love from this side.

31. Dear friend. I’m so sorry I hurt you yesterday, and I promise I will always try to avoid stepping on your toes since I now know what you don’t like. Please forgive me. Go out today without any form of resentment in you, Thanks for your forgiveness.

32. Dear Lord, today is yours. Please make today a great day for me and my friend so that by tonight, we will have lovely incidents to gist. Amen.
Speak with you later.

33. Cheers to a new lovely day. Cheers to our years of friendship. Cheers to a day filled with favour. Good morning.

34. You mean a lot to me. It gives me joy to see you smile. Our friendship has made us better and we will keep getting better with time as we keep correcting each other and we keep making amendments. Good morning.

35. You are such an amazing person and I respect you apart from the love of friendship that exists between us. I appreciate our friendship and I want to verbally declare that I want our friendship to continue. Good morning bestie.

36. All through the night I was troubled because I don’t know how you feel about the careless statement I made yesterday. I feel terrible for making you feel bad. If you are open to forgiving me, I will choose my words carefully next time. I cherish our friendship.

37. Bestie, hope your night was fine? I wish you a great day today and every day. Enjoy the day.

38. It’s a brand-new day. May it be a day filled with joy, peace and happiness for you and me, and every member of our families.

39. I feel that I should tell you how much I miss you before you go out today. I miss you and great day ahead.

40. Good morning my best friend. You are my closest friend and I have chosen you because I know that we can team up to achieve great things in life. I love you.

41. I woke having a wish to see you. I drop by tonight to check on my best friend. It’s been a while. I’m thinking about you presently. Have a great day.

42. It has been said that we reflect the people close to us either consciously or unconsciously. Looking at the happy things happening in our lives now, I believe the saying. We are reflecting ourselves. Have another happy day.

43. I have got you in my heart. I think about your well being and I wish I can wipe all of your fears away. However, whenever you feel that no one cares please know that that is a lie coming from the pit of hell. I care all the time and I will always have you as my best friend. Just checking on you this morning.

44. My wishes for you are happiness and prosperity, grace and joy, peace and wealth, good health and long life and all that you wish yourself.

45. Being your friend is truly a thing of joy. I consider you a great person dear. Good morning.

46. You deserve a carefree day. Like Bruno Mars, I wish I can just give you a rest arrest where you will not have to do anything, including cooking. It is just that Paul in the Bible says he who will not work should not eat and because I don’t want you to go hungry you have to go to work this morning again. Smiles.

47. I wish we didn’t have to live apart. I actually think I saw you in my dreams and I know it is for good. Don’t ask me for the dream please, because I can only remember that you are a very wealthy person in the dream. Smiles. Good morning

48. Every day you give me more reasons to cherish our friendship. I was not wrong when I chose you as a friend. Good morning dearie.

49. Thanks for the success of yesterday. You really helped make it happen. I don’t know what I would have done without you; you mean everything to me. Thanks, friend.

50. Good morning my cheerful friend who is always never tired of cheering everyone. You brighten up yesterday with your sparkling personality and inner energy. You’re a shining example of what makes good co-workers great. Wishing you a birthday as spectacular as you are.

51. Every time I pay you a visit it usually seems that time flies fast because of you. You have a way of making the atmosphere relax and fun filled. Much love from your best friend.

52. You have been like a backbone to me. You have been my consultant and counsellor. You are a source of joy to me and I pray that nothing will break our friendship.

53. Are you going to think about me at work today? I hope so because you were in my thoughts yesterday and I know you will be in them today. Have a great day.

54. I feel like communicating with you this morning. Let me just tell you that you are blessed beyond measures. Good morning.

55. God’s mercy is usually new every morning. May His mercy speaks for you and I this morning, Amen.

56. Spending time with you yesterday was absolutely perfect. I had time to pour out my heart without editing words to a friend. I appreciate the role you are playing in my life. Good morning.

57. Friends are for both happy and sad times. We have shared happy moments together so I will not disappear now that you need a friend. I actually do not know how I can console you, but I will make myself available anytime you need me. Please, I am only a phone call away. Do not hesitate to call me. I will drop by in the evening if you do not call me before then.

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58. I wish you were with me yesterday when I was blushing to the positive comments, I received about our performance last week. I received your package and should drop by to get across today. Enjoy.

59. My prayer for you this morning is that may God’s protection be renewed in your life, my life and in the life of members of our families. May we never have course to mourn. Good morning.

60. I may not send you text every day, I may not call you every day, but be rest assured that I hold you dear and I will contact you on every matter that matters. Good morning.

61. When I woke up in the morning, I said my prayers and I prayed for you too. Hope you remember me in your prayers?

62. I miss our gist moments. I miss your troubles and disturbances. I miss how we used to hang out every now and then. I miss a lot about us. I wish to see you soon.

63. Hi dearie. I have been having this wish to see you. I want you to come up with a get-together. It may be strictly for me and you so that we can catch up with our individual experiences or it can be an opportunity for our lovers to meet. Whichever way, I am cool with it. Call me later to tell me your plan. Good morning.

64. Missing you as I drift off to sleep yesternight. Missing you as my eyelashes flickered open this morning. You have a friend out here.

65. If we were to be of opposite sex, I would have chosen you as a spouse, and that I am sure of. I would have chosen to be living with you till the end of my life and what would we be doing together? I wonder. I hope this brings a smile to your face. Good morning.

66. Now that I am your friend, I no longer wonder why ladies keeps buzzing around you because it is not that you are the cutest, neither are you the riches but you have them around you in numbers. Now I know the reason. You are perfectly friendly. Good morning buddy.

67. My bestie, you have been a source of happiness to me. You have been a blessing to my life. May you be happy always and may the blessings of God never leave you. Good morning.

68. I wish we could be together to warm up since it is raining and today is Saturday. What are friends for… Smiles

69. My morning prayer for us is that God will never take away our happiness from us. I pray that joy and success will never depart from us. We shall keep climbing higher and higher.

70. I have cooled down and I have realized that I am the one at fault. I am sorry. I hope that you will find a place in your heart to forgive me.

71. Good morning to you from your bestie. Have a great day ahead. Please do not forget your friend whenever you know of any opportunity. You know that I have been doing my part.

72. Top of the morning to you. I am just checking on you or what type of person does not check on his/her friend? Take care dear.

73. It is a good thing to have a friend who has got your back all the time. Thanks forever being my friend. I appreciate our friendship. Great day buddy.

74. We have come a long way and I know we will keep being friends as we keep taking giant strides on our journey of life. I care about you dear friend. Stay cool.

75. Hi friend. I believe that our friendship is more important than my ego. I heard what you said yesterday, and I am ready to make the changes you need. I hope that our friendship will blossom again.

76. I woke up with an unction of the Holy Spirit and I have prayed for everyone dear to me. I am dropping this text for you. I pray that the rest of your life will be the best of your life. Amen.

77. I pray that we achieve all that we plan to achieve in life. I wish us God’s speed and favour and may we live long to reap the fruits of our labour.

78. Good morning dear friend. I know you are fine and alright. Keep being who you are. I love your kind of person. I love who you are. I love your personality.

79. May today be a great day for us. May we attain to greatness in life. I pray that the door of blessing and success will be open for us. Have a favour filled day.

80. I pray that the Lord grant you all your heart desires. May everything good you ever desire that is God’s perfect will for your life be achieved. Amen to the prayers for you and for me.

81. It is a great thing to have a good friend like you. It is a great thing to have someone you can plan the future with. Thanks for not just being a friend but also a good business partner. I love what you represent in my life.

82. Let us rejoice and be glad for what the Lord will do in our lives. The present may not be what we actually want but I am positive that something good is about to happen to us. Please let my hope lighten your faith. Today is blessed.

83. When you have a faithful and loyal friend, we may not appreciate the privilege. I heard my colleague talking about how a so-called friend backstabbed him and I appreciate the kind of friend I have. I do not take you for granted.

84 Dear friend, know that I love you like plants love rain. Good morning dear.

85. This morning, may your day be gracious, may your hearts be warm, and your mind be filled with great ideas. Good night my best friend.

86. Our friendship is a year old today
One year of close communication
One year of expression of love
One year of peaceful heart.
Good morning

87. I appreciate our friendship and I would not trade you for anything. Our prayers shall be fulfilled. I will be free to be in your arms soon and it will be a frequently repeated joy, fun, and happiness. Kisses to my lover and friend

88. Your number is not going from here. Please call me today. I have some ideas I thought through in the midnight that I will like to share with you.

89. Count God’s favour, count His grace, count your blessings, and count on me to be your friend forever. Good morning dear

90. I understand how you feel. I really do but in it, all thank God for what he has done in the past. You are healthy too. Let’s be grateful. Good morning.

91. Top of the morning to you. You have a friend who loves you and wants you to succeed. Don’t ever forget this.

92. You have someone to speak with. You have someone your mind is at rest with. I love you, dearest.

93. I know that many people have gone ahead of us but remember that some graduates will be very happy to be in your position. I am only saying this so that we can count our blessings. Have a great day.

94. A bright light wraps itself around you, comforting you with its silent embrace, as you wake up to start a brand new day.

95. I’m looking at our pictures. This love is real. When we get married, I will just keep wrapping myself around you all the time. I love the text you sent and I love you.

96. Your happiness, joy, success is my utmost concern. I love you dearly.

97. You brought life into me again. Your friendship in my life is like a tree planted by the river side. It keeps growing on a daily basis. It has grown higher with the brightness of today.

98. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my dear. May God make His heavenly face shine on you on this special day of yours and all the days of your life.

99. This morning, my prayer for us is that may our life to be filled with the wonder and glory of His abiding love now and always. Amen

100. I can never stop thanking the Almighty God for blessing my life with such a wonderful person like you. You are the best kind of friend anyone could ask for. Thanks for being a friend indeed.

101 It is my desire to be your friend now until the end of our lives here. I rarely make friends but your outstanding personality endears you to me. Just making this confession this morning to know that our friendship is not accidental.

102. May plans of your enemies against us never come to pass. May God keep on protecting us and filling our heart with happiness and joy, peace and love, blessings and wealth.

103. Every day is a great opportunity to celebrate God’s awesome works. I celebrate God in you. I celebrate His reflection on you. You are a friend but also my role model.

104. Each day is a gift of God indeed and I wish you a great day ahead.

105. We may not see every day and I may not call you as frequently as you call me but know that you are a friend I cherish a bunch.

106. May we keep sharpening each other more and more now and forever. Thank you for being such a great friend to me.

107. Great is God’s faithfulness. May He be ever faithful in our lives. Good morning.

108. When I think of the good memories we have shared together, I just smile. Thanks for taking my hands and leading me on this journey.

109. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us today and all the days of our lives.

110. Hi dear. I believe that your night was fine. Just checking on you.

111. There were moments that I wanted to quit our friendship because I felt I was just at the receiving end and had nothing to give but you made me feel good and I appreciate that.

112. I bless this day last you when I met you. Our friendship is now a year old. I appreciate our friendship.

113. as you step out today, may the Lord be with you to protect you and preserve you from evil. This prayer is not only for today but every day of your life.

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