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Celebrating 12 Years of Friendship Quotes for 2024

Friendship is an indispensable phenomenon in life. Having the company of good and quality friends makes life so interesting and the world a sweet place to live in.

Although, not all friends stay true and for long, but some stay real and closer than others. These are true friends that worth sharing your entirety with come what may.

So, the best gift of true friends is worth celebrating on every Friendship Day. This enables them know how much they are appreciated and how well you value the continuity of the relationship.

Choose to strengthen the bond between you and your most adored friends of 12 or more years by choosing from the compiled quotes below.

12 Years of Friendship and Still Counting Quotes

Getting here and celebrating this amazing feat is a whole lot of Merriment to share. Thanks for your part in the 12 years of friendship together. And here are 12 years of friendship and still counting quotes for that special friend of yours.

1. I’ve had many friends but the joy of you is sweeter than a honeycomb.

2. You delight me every moment. You’re different from them all because you thrill me with your unique personality.

3. How we came to become friends I cannot remember. But we are here to celebrate 12 years of friendversary together.

4. We were many who started together. But you and I remained ever bonded and stronger.

5. Nothing of the physical binds us together, but for the chord of love, acceptance and mutual understanding which kept us going.

6. This past 12 years I may not have been a good friend, but I hope to become better in subsequent years.

7. We pledged on staying together and we will hold on to that promise come what may.

8. The bond of true friendship is so rare. But with you, it has become so fair.

9. True friendship is like a soothing balm to a hurting soul. You have stayed faithful and loyal my dear friend.

10. Never for once do I regret our friendship. You have been a tremendous friend that I will always live to treasure in my life.

11. The best of the things that ever happened to me is my friendship with you. You’re such a rare gem, friend.

12. Of all the benefits that our friendship brings, the inspiration to watch each other’s back is what I treasure most.

13. We fight to be better, we quarrel to laugh. That’s what true friendship means and does. You’ve always stayed true as friend, I value you more.

14. 12 years is really a great deal for me, but I hope for better years together, darling friend.

15. You pat my back, I pat your back. That’s the value of true friendship.

16. I have always valued your true friendship other than anything else. Thank you for being a darling friend.

17. It’s already 12 years together as great friends and we’re still counting. Glory be to God Jehovah!

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18. The mutual understanding between us has really paved the way for a good foundation for our friendship.

19. You never stop to correct me whenever I err. That’s the value of true friendship.

20. We laugh together, play together, do things together and still never stop correcting each other when needed. You’re such a treasure.

21. Thank God for you. We love each other and never allowed any intermediary. That’s how we kept on rolling even till now.

22. You touch deep into my heart. You’re truly a friend in need and in deed.

23. Never know I would be this stable until you came around. Thank you for bringing balance into my world.

24. No one has ever helped shapen me into the right order as much as your friendship does.

25. You gathered my torn life and brought them back into a better shape. That’s what your friendship has done to me.

26. I’ve learnt so much from you and still learning. You’re such an embodiment of grace and great virtue.

27. It’s been 12 solid years, we’ve been rocking and rolling. Thank God we are still united to tell of this good story.

28. We’ve come a long way and shared a whole lot together. Will always hold in high esteem every good memory shared.

29. Never knew we could come this far. God’s grace kept us this long. It’s been 12 good years of solid friendship and still counting.

30. A friend like you, so true and ever rare.
Happy friendversary to us. Heart you always.

31. How it all started we never can tell. But bit by bit we kept filling our vessel of friendship with drops of care, love and concern.

32. No one makes my heart merry and makes my cup run over like you do, sweet friend. I cherish you with everything in me.

33. No doubt, our friendship has really opened doors we never could have thought would happen.

34. We speak the same language and relate meaningfully well. You’re such an understanding friend.

35. 12 years with you is like eternity. I long for more years of this friendship.

36. I’ve received and enjoyed the best gift of friendship from a person like you.

37. I couldn’t have imagined life without you my sweet friend. You make the journey a whole lot sweeter and good ride for me.

38. Friends like you make life more lovely and interesting to live in.

39. When others had many reasons to walk out, you had a stronger course to stay, against all odds.

40. Here we are today, it’s 12 years already and we’re still looking forward to more years ahead.

41. We see life from the same world view and this beats my imagination. You’re more than a friend.

42. I’ve seen the best qualities of friendship in you by how much of you ,you’re willing to give freely.

43. Your sincerity and ability to communicate your mind freely is what endears me towards you till now.

44. I’ve found the greatest gift on earth from your good nature and kind-heartedness.

45. My friendship with you is far better than any relationship I could ever think of. That is how much your friendship has done to me.

46. I sometimes wish I could have been a better friend but you don’t seem to mind my weaknesses.

47. 12 years is too small a year to talk about our good times together.

48. You never count my excesses nor even bothered when I am not friendly enough.

49. You’ve got a heart of gold and I’m so endeared towards your kind of person.

50. Hearty cheers to another 12 wonderful years of sweet friendship with you.

51. We rock and have over time become the envy of men. I like us like that. Let’s keep rolling friend.

52. I’ve got many friends, but you are more special for you glued so strong like a true sister/brother.

53. Being together and still staying so close after so many years is a precious thing. I won’t trade you for anything else.

54. 12 years have gone, we are together and still rocking. No one departs. To God be the glory.

55. No ills feelings, but sincerity has been our watchword all through the past 12 years. Only God could have made this possible.

56. Sometimes we quarrel and depart. Only to come back with a bigger heart to receive each other again.

57. Many times we quarrel, I end up realising I can’t just live without a friend like you.

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58. You have imprinted yourself in my life so much that few days without your company is like living without a covering.

59. For like 12 years now, I could write a long chapter of wonderful memories about you. I hope for better days ahead with you.

60. The good time spent together is enough to fill the pages of a book. What a wonderful friend you’ve been!

61. I’ve always known this friendship is never for a while but for life. I’m grateful for having you as a friend to lean on.

62. Today is special, to celebrate more years of friendship together.

63. Life without friends like you would have been sweetless. I will ever appreciate you now and even always.

64. You’ve been such an encouragement, always spurring me to action and greatness. More grace and blessings I wish us for the years ahead.

65. It’s been 12 solid years since we met and all along has been a fun-filled ride with a sweetheart like you.

66. Our kind of friendship is so rare and it amazes me even to my own imagination.

67. We’ve become the envy of friends and families around because our friendship has extended to kinship.

68. We met just like 12 years and the friendship has been like we’ve known for ages. Thanks for being you

69. 12 years is too small a year to become good friends. We’re going towards 50 years as God helps us.

70. Your friendship has been like a soothing balm to my ailing heart. Happy 12th friendversary, dear.

71. The only friend in my life that means so much to me is a person with a tender stretch of love into my life, and which is you. Yes, you!

72. Only the thought of a good friend like you usually floods my heart and I’ve concluded that you have been a wonderful person from the very start.

73. I’ve got the best gift in the world to award to my best friend. I’ve got no other than you.

74. I kept asking myself why this friendship with you matters so much to me. I realise it’s as a result of your commitment and genuineness.

75. I’m so endeared towards your touch of love and for always sharing in each other’s pain.

76. Happy 12th friendversary to us, my good friend! You are amazing!

77. What other friendship could worth more than getting each other’s back and bearing each other’s burden. You’re such an amazing friend!

78. From the first day I met you, I could wholly picture the kind of friend you could be.

79. It’s really amazing spending time together and celebrating 12 years as good friends today.

80. You’ve proven beyond reasonable doubt to be a good friend and in every ramification.

81. Will always be thankful to God for having a friend like you. Thanks for always being there for me.

82. Using the occasion of today’s friendversary to make up for all my excesses and inadequacies. I pray to be a better friend in the coming years.

83. You have been the friend of my youth for the past 12 years. You will continually be my friend till our old age.

84. In and out of season, you will remain my most adorable friend.

85. I’ve come to love your personality and accept your friendship. Nothing can change that as long as I live.

86. My life has never been the same for the past 12 years. This owes to the brilliant value your friendship has done to me.

87. You made it a great point of duty to keep this friendship going for the past 12 years. I also take responsibility from now to make things better for us.

88. These few times we’ve been together I’ve learnt so much from you. And I wouldn’t stop learning because I want to learn more of you.

89. You’ve been a good friend and you alone is enough to make my world go round and round. Happy 12th friendversary to us.

90. I’m more delighted about today because it is another time to celebrate our new selves.

91. Thank you for being the best and most reliable friend ever.

92. I know I own a fortune for having a good friend like you.

93. Always defending me to a fault before my critics show the good heart of your person and the value of our friendship.

94. Kindness flows so freely out of you and this endears me more towards you, my dear friend.

95. Today is not just to celebrate how long we’ve been together, but rather how worthful our friendship has been.

96. Today’s friendversary is never a measure of duration but rather a measure of donation.

97. Some friends come into your life for a season without any good reason, but you’ve come in and out of season, and with great significance.

98. All the tears, pains, laughter and good memories shared together make this friendship sweeter than anything else.

99. In you, I’ve found a better version of myself. I owe this to your true friendship.

100. Initially, I was almost deceived about your personality, but the past 12 years of a closer rapport has proven you to be succor to my weary soul.

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