2023 Best Prayers to Start the Day Beautifully

When you open your eyes to see another ray of light flowing through your curtains, you know another day has surfaced, another morning has kicked off, the first thing many of us do, is to be grateful, in form of prayer.

Prayer is the key, maybe you’re a Christian or a Muslim or from any other religion and beliefs, we all have a way of connecting to our higher power.

Prayer is powerful. When we pray, things will happen and things will be different. Starting your day with prayer is a way of communicating with God and recharging your soul and strength for the day.

Do you want to start your day motivated, peaceful, energised, guided, in tune, strengthened? Then, you’re in the right place, for the best good morning prayers to start the day beautifully in 2023 and beyond.

Prayers to Start the Day Beautifully

Inspiring Prayers to start the Day Beautifully.

Prayers of Gratitude to Start the Day Beautifully

Amazing Prayers of Gratitude to Start the Day Beautifully

1. Heavenly Father, I am here this morning to appreciate your love, this is another day You’ve made for us to rejoice and be glad in it, thank You for watching over us in the middle of the night, with angels on guard, when the arrows and terrors of the night are crawling around, we ended up having sweet dreams, for that, I say thank You for a peaceful sleep. Thank You for your care and numerous blessings, for Your mercy always, even when my heart is too heavy for prayers, You never forget me, thank You for everytime and always.

2. Dear God, thank You for giving me shelter, for always providing my daily bread, for never giving up on me and for constantly being in control, thank You, Lord.

3. This morning, I woke up hale and hearty, with a sound health, I am happy and my soul is filled with love, for all these, I say thank You, Lord.

4. For everything that has happened in my life over the years, from negative to positive, I don’t know if I could ever thank You enough, but I’m grateful and here, I offer to You my gratitude this morning, accept it from me today, Dear Lord.

5. Gracious Lord, You’ve given to me another blissful day to enjoy, it’s not by my strength that I’m awake or alive, but through Your unending love and I am here to thank You for everything.

6. This morning, I open my eyes and I see, I lift my arms, and it responds, every other part of me are in sync with my brain, all to Your glory, I am full of gratitude, my Lord, please accept my thanks.

7. No words can express my gratitude to You Lord, for blessing me when I don’t deserve it, for a grace-filled life that I’m enjoying, thank You, Dear Lord.

8. Thank You for my families and friends, for giving me many reasons to smile and feel alive, and for Your great support, I give all my praise to You, oh Lord.

9. As great and massive my needs are, as insatiable my wants might be, You’re never tired of me always asking, even before I ask at times, You already answer, and so, I am here with my grateful heart.

10. With series of epidemics flying around the whole community, I and my family have been enjoying good health, for that, I say thank You, Lord, for blessing us with your goodness.

11. Goodness and mercy from above abide with me always, when I think all hope is lost, You came through with more of your goodness and mercy for me, what else can I say, but thank You, my Savior.

12. Father, today I glorify Your name, for You alone could make a rejected stone like prosper and turn me into the chief cornerstone, it’s Your doing and I’m here to say, thank You.

13. Blessed God, thank You for always been faithful towards me, my whole family and friends, even when we’re not worthy, You’ve constantly proved to us, thank You, Dear God.

14. On behalf of my entire family and friends, I have come to sing praises to You this early morning, for counting us among the living, because all of the glory belongs to You, my sweet Lord.

15. Dear Lord, I want to give You my devotion this morning, I am completely amazed for You’re blessing me with more than enough and for also making me a blessing to many others.

16. For all that You have done, for all that You’re doing, for all that You’ll do, I am grateful for all and more and this morning, Heavenly Father, accept my gratitude.

17. Over the years, You are the one who sustains my life with Your amazing love and grace, with a song in my heart this morning, I have come to say, thank You, my Lord Jesus.

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18. If all of the hairs on my head are made tongues, they cannot praise or thank You enough for Your goodness, but with the little gratitude my heart can carry, please accept my praise, my Lord.

19. Each of my troubles have You taken away, every teardrop from my eyes, You have turned to smile and laughter, how do I praise You, I don’t know, I offer You my prayer of thanksgiving, my Lord.

20. My Heavenly Father, You are my present help and that of years to come, it’s You I will give all my praise, for always helping me out.

21. Oh Lord, my God, You gave me air to breathe life, You took shame away from my life and replace it with beauty, every praise is to You for this blessings.

22. I am awake this morning with no sickness or diseases hanging anywhere in my body, I am in awe of You and I have come to give You my praise, this morning, my Dear Lord.

23. Great is Your faithfulness, oh Lord, You have filled up my life with many blessings, You renew Your mercy over me and all that’s mine on a daily basis, and for all these, I am grateful.

24. Dear God, I just want to thank You in advance for all the blessings You have in store for me, thank You, Lord.

25. For Your peace that abounds for me, for You never get tired of loving me, even when I’m not lovable, You are always present, I thank You with all of my heart, my Lord.

26. Dear God, the work of Your hands are great, I exalt You for Your countless blessings and love, if I could buy You a gift to appreciate Your help, I would but You are the giver of all gifts, thank You, Lord.

27. Oh Lord, my Shepherd, everything that I have ever needed, You have provided, the only reason I am alive today, this morning, is because of You, thank You for sustaining my life.

28. Father, thank You because You’ve never ignored any of my prayers, even before I kneel down to pray, You surprises me with Your kindness, I exalt You, oh Lord.

29. My Precious God, I come to Your presence this morning, to say thank You for every single time Your hand had saved me from the evil and terror, I am grateful, oh Lord.

30. Most Holy Lord, blessed be to Your name, thank You for Your friendship and Your spirit within me, thank You for always having time to listen to my prayers.

Prayer for Guidance and Protection to Start the Day Beautifully

Best and Effective Prayer for Guidance and Protection to Start the Day Beautifully

31. Dear God, thank You for this new day, as I go about my daily routine today, I pray that Your mighty hand be upon me, take me through every path without hurt, I pray that You guide my feet and protect me and my family from every horror of the day, in the midst of every stress, distress and disaster, I ask that Your mercy overshadow me and guide me to my destined place, because of Your unfailing love, deliver me from every harm. Because it is only Your hand that can protect, keep me safe and secure till the end of the day.

32. Father, I bring my mind before You this morning, cleanse my mind from all things negative, free me from anxieties, and still my mind to be productive for this day.

33. Father, from every system of oppression, protect me, watch over me and keep me from this day’s hurdles, this I pray for today.

34. In my daily routine and dealings with people, in every way I’ll be passing and meeting, please, my God, keep me from the envious thought of enemy.

35. Favourable God, through Your profound love, I decree, that with Your mighty hand, You hold me and lead me towards a fulfilling day.

36. Through the strength in the grace of God, I proclaim You shield me, my family and friends, and works to be done into your safety care on this beautiful day.

37. Dear Lord, as You said in Your word, that we should command You by the works of Your hands, I command that You take us above every evil in this day.

38. Dear Heavenly Father, You’re the uncreated God, on this blessed day, I pray that God will take you into His embrace when the day brings with it a storm.

39. Dear Lord, You have kept us from the evils of the night, as we enter into this new day, please, continue to keep us from every evil of the day.

40. Father in Heaven, in every trips and journey we will be doing today, we pray for Your guidance and protection through it all.

41. Dear God, I know You already know my struggles, but because of Your instruction that we should ask, I ask for direction today, in my daily endeavour, be my guide.

42. My Lord, I dedicate this day into Your able hands, because You’re the all-knowing one, please protect me and my loved ones from any dangers in this day. Amen.

43. This day, my Lord, cause Your face to shine over me all day, resist me from making any bad decisions and guard my steps.

44. As I begin this day with my eyes focused on You, no matter what struggles may come my way today, help me to not lose focus of Your promises, oh God. Amen

45. My God, I have trust in You, that as You’ve brought me through the night, You will take me through this day, safe and sound. Amen.

46. Because each day does come with its own troubles, I pray that You will hold me by the hand and lead me through every trouble lurking in the day’s events, oh Lord.

47. Great God, help me to be aware of Your numerous blessings today, guide and help me to reach for them before the day come to an end. Amen.

48. Dear Unfailing God, because You’ve never failed me before, I trust that You’ll have Your eyes watching over me as You protect me from strange happening in this day.

49. You’re a strong and mighty God, I pray today, that You’ll increase my strength to face every challenge of the day. Amen.

50. Heavenly Father, I place my life into Your care today, because I have chosen to put my trust in Your words, light my path and guide my way.

51. Lord, I am grateful that Your love and mercy never ends, today, let Your mercy protect me all through this day.

52. May the peace of God be with us all the way through, on this day, please wrap Your hands around our family and keep us safe in Your warm embrace. Amen.

53. As we go into this productive day, I pray that God will assign angels to us, to guard and protect us in all our ways and may we in the evening give all glory back to You. Amen.

54. Heavenly King, today is another day that You have made, be thou our help today, and protect us from every disappointment.

55. Dear Lord, I ask for Your strength today, to face every situation that may want to interfere in my peace of mind, help me to be a conqueror through Your strength.

56. Oh Lord, how great and merciful You are, for another blessed day, I pray that You take the wheel today and be thou our guide, as we put ourselves in Your powerful hands.

57. Dear Father, I pray that as I enter into this new day, that I become aware of Your comforting and calming presence when the daily worries arose.

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58. Dear God, I bless Your name today and I pray on behalf of my loved ones today, that You’ll go before us and shield us from any evil and destruction out there. Amen.

59. Oh Lord, on this beautiful day, I look up Your strength that’s mighty to save, save me and my loved ones today, that we may at the end of the day, give all the glory to You.

60. Dear Great God, we pray this day, that You’ll disappoint every plan of the enemy concerning us today, and let Your will be done in our lives today. Amen.

61. Awesome God, thanks for an awesome day, may Your mighty hand, be protective of me and my family and all that we lay our hands on this day.

62. Oh Lord, today, I speak strength, and power in every area of my life, and protection from whatever harm and threat this day may pose towards me and my loved ones. Amen

63. Amazing God, cause there’s nothing I would do without You, I ask that You raise me in Your arms today while I overcome the daily stress that comes with the day’s tasks.

64. Dear Father, as You have brought to the beginning of an amazing day, by Your mercy, please watch over each of my steps to and from today’s trips.

65. Oh Shepherd of my soul, if today I encounter any evil in my endeavours or in my dealings with people, please be thou my protector and shield. Amen.

66. Today, I declare over each and every soul that may be having one issue or another that strength to face and conquer come upon them as they face this day.

67. Heavenly Lord, as You wake us up to see a new day, we ask that Your mercy never stop shielding us from any danger of the day, this day and the next.

68. As Your grace has ushered us into another blossoming day, oh Lord, please guide and protect us from evil stalkers, who are simply envious of Your blessings in our lives. Amen

69. Great God, please keep us under Your wings, shield us in Your loving arms as the day progresses, bringing with it some of its hassles today.

70. Dear Lord, I offer to You all of my actions this day, I pray for Your guidance over my mind, protect me from every immoral thought today.

71. My God, I don’t know what this day holds, but I know that You hold the world in the palm of Your hand, guide my day and help me achieve my aim today.

72. I pray that God would order your steps, to be able to walk in the right path, and may you never depart from His precious guided ways that He’s put you on throughout this day.

73. Today, I pray for safety over you and all that’s yours, every step you take today would be guided and you’ll end the day with joy.

74. By the power in the mighty name of Jesus, I cover each and every one of my loved ones with the precious Blood of Jesus throughout this day.

75. Oh Lord, Your word says You’ll be with us always, that You’ll never leave nor forsake us, today I ask for Your presence, to be with us in every actions and step we take. Amen.

76. May God shine His light on you this morning, may He brighten your path and make every crooked way straight for you.

77. May Heaven’s grace cover and shield you, from every power of darkness, and protect you all through this day.

78. Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that You protect us from every plan of the enemy, and perfect all Your promises for us before the end of the day.

79. The prayer in my heart for you this morning is that, may God take away every hand of the enemy, and wipe evils away from you. Amen

80. Dear Gracious God, for every one of us going about our daily lives today, please look down upon us, keep us from dangers and unnecessary harm on every side.

Prayer for Health and Healing to Start the Day Beautifully

Effective Prayer for Health and Healing to Start the Day Beautifully

81. Oh Supreme God, You’re the one who’s able to give life, sound health, and care. This morning, we call unto You, to show with healing in Your wings and disperse healing upon every soul that is suffering and going through pain, blow Your healing wind on everyone hurting and begin to mend every broken hearts through Your mercy. Amen

82. May God’s healing hand rest upon you today, may His wish of sound health come to pass in your life and may He take away all your pain.

83. I proclaim the healing hands of God over every sick person out there this morning, may they find peace and strength, may they be stronger than before, in Jesus name.

84. Dear Lord, we come before Your throne this morning, we ask today that You come and be the great physician that we need to heal our body.

85. Heavenly Father, everything You made came out good, including me, therefore, I ask today that You remove every disease trying to turn me to an invalid and heal me.

86. May the sun rising this morning, bring healing with its light and break every power of darkness causing ailment in your body.

87. I pray today, that the love of God deep in His sacrifice, bring every pain and diseases that are weakening your body to an end. Amen.

88. May the healing hand of God touch your whole being, go through every hollow of your bones and the corners of your body in Jesus name.

89. I pray that the healing wind from God blows all over you and all the sickness that is battling with your health.

90. Dear God, You hold the world in the palm of Your hands and all the authority of the world lies within Your words, so I decree freedom over every depressing soul.

91. As the new day began today, may your restless soul find rest under the healing wings of the Almighty God.

92. Father, according to Your command that I should ask, I put before Your able hands today, everyone that’s in distress, that You send out Your healing upon them.

93. Almighty God, I pray that You’ll look upon me with Your mercy today, heal my body and breath upon my health.

94. Dear Lord, I have worries and sorrows over my health, please Lord, let Your healing promises come to pass over me and take all of these worries away from my mind. Amen

95. Oh Lord, my Great Physician, You know our health challenges and where it hurts us, please heal us and take our pain away.

96. Dear Lord, I came to You this morning with a broken heart, and a weak body, please look upon me with mercy and fix my body and soul.

97. Oh Amazing God, I bring myself and my friends into Your lovable hands, I want You to destroy every disease deteriorating every part of our body and make us whole.

98. My request this morning, my able God, is that You teach our soul to be sound, help our heart to be merry and our body to be strong. Amen.

99. Heavenly Father, I surrender my body, my heart and my soul to You, let Your power flow through me and help me have a healthy life.

100. Dear Lord, You are the compassionate one, and that’s why I asked that You extend Your calmness to my worried and anxious soul.

101. Dear God, to every heart that’s hurting, to everybody that’s weak and to every soul that’s dealing with anxiety, let Your love shield them all in Jesus name.

102. This morning, Dear Lord, I ask You to take hold over every aspect of my life and fix every of my poor health.

103. Awesome Father of the Universe, every breath I draw in each morning comes from You, and in You is the healing of the nations, heal me of my sickness.

104. Dear Father, anything in my body that’s not of You, please let Your power go to the source and uproot every abnormally from my system.

105. Oh Lord, with Your healing power and Your merciful spirit, cast away each evil disturbing me from enjoying my health steadily in Jesus name. Amen

106. Father, I commend into Your compassionate care, everyone who’s ill, heal them, oh Lord, for nothing is impossible with You.

107. Dear Lord, I bring everyone who is on the sickbed to You this morning, touch each and every one with Your healing hand and relief their pains. Amen.

108. I speak the healing grace of God over every cell in my body that’s under attack from diseases and bacteria to receive healing today in Jesus name.

109. Dear God, I want to thank You for Your love, because You alone can heal with Your word, speak Your healing word to me today and let it come to pass.

110. Father, You alone know all of the pains we’re feeling in our body, and that’s why this morning, we come to You to cure every ailment that’s weakening our system and made us whole.

111. According to Your word, oh Lord, He who the Son has set free, is free indeed, I decree freedom to every sickness that talks us captive in Jesus name.

112. Dear Father, You have cause miracles to happen in time past and You’re the God who still perform it today, I ask for your healing power to heal me of every incurable disease in me.

113. God my Savior, I come this early morning with all my invalid baggage of ailment, please Lord, take them away from me and save my mind from excess worries.

114. Father, I just want to thank You for the sickness You’ll be taking away from my body and for the healing, You’ll performing on my body. Thank You, Lord.

115. This morning, I decree into the atmosphere, every hold of sickness over me and my loved ones be destroyed by the mighty hand of God.

116. I come before You today, oh Lord, in need of Your touch and healing, as the Savior of the world, save me from every ailment that’s causing deformities to my body. Amen.

117. Gracious God, I am before You today, this early morning with a request that You take away all the pain my body is feeling and heal me completely.

118. Lord, I offer to You my body, each of my pains, and my fears today, take charge over everything, give healing to my body and peace to my mind.

119. Good morning to You, oh Lord, my strength, this morning, please take away every pain and sickness that’s wearing me out and making me weak, give strength to me.

120. To everyone that woke up with pain from sickness and heaviness, I decree strength from above come upon you and restore your weakness in Jesus name.

121. Dear Lord, You said all who are weak from heavy laden should come unto You, this morning, we are here with our health issues, send healing into our systems and heal us completely.

122. Heavenly Father, today I woke up feeling weak and brokenhearted, I need Your touch to mend my broken heart and heal all of my weaknesses.

123. Oh God almighty, thank You for waking me up this morning, for healing me inside and outside of my body.

124. Almighty God, this morning I pray for Your restorative power, over everyone that has deformity in their body, and restore their health.

125. Dear Lord, I bring all my family and friends who are being tormented by one ailment or another, seen and unseen, touch and give relief to them.

126. Father, I know You’re still in the business of doing miracles, I release Your healing power into the atmosphere, into the air, let people be healed even as they inhale the air.

127. Oh Lord, I put my faith in You this morning, I pray for sound health in my daily routine and healing everywhere needed in my life.

128. My prayer for everyone going through painful situation today, may the healing power of God walk through your bodies and restore your health.

129. It’s another beautiful morning, oh Lord, I am grateful and I am here to claim part of the promises You made to me, heal me and I will be healed, oh Lord.

130. Dear Father, I come to You in the mighty name of Jesus, please speak to me Your healing, and command sound healing upon my entire soul, mind, and body.

Prayer for Blessing and Success to Start the Day Beautifully

Best Prayer for Blessing and Success to Start the Day Beautifully

131. Oh Lord, thank You for a new day, for last night and night before, thank You for Your protection and always watching over us, it’s been success all the way with You being our shepherd, Your sovereign mercy is far beyond our reasoning, so is the way Your blessings reach out to us, even when our hope seems lost and our back is against the wall, You cause every of our endeavours to bring success, and for that reason, we say thank You for many things. But this morning, Dear Lord, I pray that Your blessings never cease to flow in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. Amen.

132. Oh Amazing God, in the benevolence of Your mercy, as the day has started according to Your command, beautify we Your children with blessings all over.

133. Eternal Father, it is Your will that we prosper and be successful, let Your will for us, this day come to pass, as we go about our daily lives.

134. Because You have never failed in all the things You do, Father, I ask for blessing in the lives of me, my family and friends, so we can come to give You all the glory at the close of day. Amen.

135. Except the Lord build the house, the builders work in vain, today oh Lord, don’t let our toiling be in vain, this I pray in Jesus name, Amen.

136. Oh Master of the Universe, with faith in my heart, I decree that whatever good things I lay my hands on today, become a success through Your will.

137. Oh Lord, remember me in the goodness of Your love and bring blessings on every of my way on this beautiful morning.

138. Father in heaven, lead me today, to the place where I will encounter Your blessings in abundance.

139. Dear Lord, You are the doer of all good things, because You have promised that lines will fall for me in all places, everywhere I turn, let blessings be my lot.

140. I am aware that I can’t do anything on my own, I don’t even know my rights from wrongs, so today, lead me to the path I’ll record success today.

141. For the Lord is always on my side, I claim peace of mind, I claim bliss this day, all day, and I claim success every now and then, in Jesus name.

142. Today, I pray that as you go out, to your workplace, office or attend events, may the blessing of God reflect all over you all through.

143. Heavenly King, I pray that You’ll prosper my friends who are looking up-to You for uplifting them into greatness and let Your promises of prosperity come to pass to them.

144. Dear Lord, I ask that You open doors of opportunities that will bring about more success in my endeavours and help me be a blessing to people in need. Amen.

145. Father, this morning, I come with faith in my heart, to go into this day and make profit, take the wheel, oh Lord and drive me to a successful ending of the day.

146. Today, may every of your heart desires travelled from your mouth straight into God’s ear, and may He in return send down prosperity for you.

147. Gracious God, thank You for another beautiful morning, as the day began in a shiny way, shine Your blessings on my way today, oh Lord.

148. Today, may the Lord be gracious to you, may He surprise you at work, in your relationship and may He prosper all that you put your hands on.

149. Dear God, You’re the source of all lives, You alone can give everything in abundance, I ask today that You elevate me in ideas and accelerates my finances.

150. Father, I pray that You open my eyes to appreciate all that Your hands have provided for me, maybe little or huge, thank You for I see me walking on high places with Your mercy all over me. Amen

151. Oh Great God, this morning, I pray for increase over the intellect of my friends, to create mind-blowing ideas that will make in turn grow their wallet fat in Jesus name.

152. Dear Lord, I decree this morning, and I claim divine prosperity, as the Heir to Your unlimited blessings, I receive amazing blessings over my life today.

153. By Your might, oh Lord, fill our lives with Your bountiful glory and let our every day turn out successful with Your presence and everything that we’ll ever need.

154. This morning, I pray that I shall not want, I will not be denied of anything good as I start this beautiful day in Your mercy, Dear Lord.

155. Graceful King, Your mercy is unending and this morning, I wake up and tap into Your supply of bountiful and abundant treasures, in Jesus name. Amen

156. Dear God, I pray for my friends today, do not deny any of them Your blessing, let them have Your prosperity flow in their life and sustain their business.

157. According to Your word, oh Lord, You promise us the treasures of darkness, this morning, open for us invisible channels to Your hidden blessings.

158. Heavenly King, this day, I receive abundance prosperity into my life from above, for all good things comes from You in abundance.

159. Father, it is You who gives power to get wealth, therefore, I destroy every thought of the enemy towards my finances and I receive more power to get more wealth.

160. This morning, I reject poverty, lack, failure and debt, oh Lord, let Your blessing rest upon me and help me be successful in all my endeavours.

161. Dear God, please destroy every cankerworm, locust and its likes that want to eat up my blessings today, release Your blessings for me every hour of this day.

162. Father, I pray that You will lead me in the right path to go today, and me to profit in my business, help me to be successful in my relationship with all.

163. To everyone going out this morning, may God bless your going out and coming in, bless you in the city and everywhere you go.

164. Gracious God, today as the sun comes out, I decree success in our daily lives and our ways prosperous.

165. Father, I surrender my financial affairs and all money issues into Your able hand, send help to me to be financially stable and be able to help others when needed.

166. I release all my worries and anxieties concerning finance today, and I accept faith to prosper with Your help.

167. This morning, may the Lord multiply you on every side, may He increase your source of income and elevate you above all your worries. Amen.

168. Dear Lord, You are bigger than all of our financial situation, for everyone having fear about their finance today, please show them Your might.

169. Lord, everything You have called me to do, to oversee and take charge over, I pray for success over everything today in Jesus name.

170. It is the blessing of the Lord that makes us rich without any sorrow added to it, please let Your true prosperity be our portion, even those things that money cannot buy.

171. Oh Lord, my God, I pray for restoration of everything that the issues of life have stolen and taken away from me, restore them back to me with interest.

172. Dear God, I open my mind today, help me to receive ideas from the abundance of Your resources, channel me to make wealth out of Your great abundance.

173. Gracious Father, inasmuch as money is the beauty of life, help us to make it in the right way, right manner and not with impure thoughts.

174. I recognize that Your love for me is not based on my performance, it’s unconditional, today I pray that Your will for me to prosper come to pass in my daily life.

175. Oh God of Heaven, I pray that You will enlarge my coast on every side, out of Your abundance, increase me mentally, physically and financially.

Intercessory Prayer to Start the Day Beautifully

Trending Intercessory Prayer to Start the Day Beautifully

176. Oh God of all mankind, as there is nothing too hard for You to do, all things are possible with You in the picture, and that’s why this morning, I pray that You show up for everyone in need of Your love, in need of Your help, in need of Your grace and mercy, let Your hand shield them from all evil, keep each and everyone that’s facing trials out of harm, bring more opportunities into their daily lives and expand their chances of happiness for Your glory. Amen

177. Thank You, Lord Jesus for the privilege of seeing another day, this morning, I’m here to lift my request for those in my neighbourhood, put Your shield round their lives and keep them.

178. According to Your word, I bring every leader of a community, state, and the country before Your throne, direct their mind, help them carry their burden and help them to exemplify Your values.

179. Eternal God, our leaders really need Your grace in this period, let Your peace that transcends all understanding radiate all around them in other to face their job with ease.

180. Father, to those who are innocent but wrongly imprisoned and has no help at all, this morning, I intercede on their behalf, please Lord, be their hope and show up for them.

181. To every soul that’s been accused falsely, Lord Jesus, come to their rescue with Your mighty arms and save them from their enemies.

182. Someone somewhere is in need of Your healing touch, as the balm in Gilead, let Your healing hands touch every of their pain and heal them.

183. Dear God, I lift everyone that is lying on sickbed into Your caring embrace, let Your warmth shield them and bring them on their feet hale and hearty.

184. Father, there are women in an everyday tears, because they want to be called mothers too, let Your love locate them this morning.

185. Your word says “none shall be barren in the land”, oh Lord, let Your will be done in the lives of every family that are in need of the fruit of the womb.

186. Dear Lord, I don’t know who is out there in need of financial assistance, because You are our help in time of trouble, send them one or more helper today.

187. Into Your lovable hands, I lift this nation of ours, let there be constant peace, among every tribe and tongues, help us to love one another and live as one.

188. Heavenly Father, today, I pray for the removal of every selfish leader that is insensitive to the cry of the masses and install a leader after Your own heart.

189. Dear Lord, this morning, I pray for Your word to begin to penetrate the heart of men and to open the eyes of those who are blinded by worldly veil.

190. Gracious Father, I stand in the gap for everyone that feels lost in the world today, this morning, oh Lord, send Your light and let them find their way.

191. Precious God, to every marriage going through crises, help them, Father, to continue to grow in their love for You and for each other. Amen.

192. Dear Lord, we pray for every married couples that are facing problems, help them to focus on Your help rather than look up to man.

193. Father in heaven, for all our children, we pray that they will grow in Your wisdom and that they will be pure in heart and thought.

194. Lord Jesus, help our children in areas of their special needs, some of them can’t open up to us, be their listener and sort out their fears.

195. Father, we know we can always count on You, we bring each family in our community into Your care, provide to them with their daily need according to Your promise.

196. Amazing God, You are our Redeemer and Restorer, restore back to normal every family that has lost trust and hope due to life’s issues in Jesus name. Amen

197. Today, this morning, Lord, I lift in prayer every parent that are confused on how to take care of their children, be their tutor and help them be a good parent.

198. Gracious Father, so many things are going wrong all over the world now, we can’t overemphasize on Your peace, let there be peace and tranquillity all over the world.

199. In Your mercy, oh Lord, let Your love move into the midst of those places where hatred for one another or against race and colour, let love begin to abide in Jesus name.

200. Heavenly Father, You said we present our request and supplications with thanksgiving, thank You God for we know You’ve answered all these prayers, Amen.

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