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2024 Best Heart Touching Friendship Messages for Him or Her

Heart touching friendship messages in English. Friendship is more than just playing together, giving to each other but friendship entails sacrificing for each other, being patient and tolerant and most of all leading each other towards the sole will of God for one’s life.

Do you have a friend that you can’t just wave aside whose impact in your life is unforgettable?

Then don’t hesitate to convey your warm feelings with these lovely and best heart touching friendship messages for him or her.

Let’s go on the journey of wowing our friends with these lovely messages.
On your mark……

Heart Touching Friendship Messages in English for Friends

I know how it feels too: you have a friend whose deeds make you go emotional every now and then. Now you want some heart touching friendship messages for him or her? Use these most touching friendship text messages in English for that special friend of yours.

1. Friends like you are like treasures beneath the earth. You are such a loving friend. I cherish the day we met. Lots of love. May our friendship grow from strength to strength. Thank you so much, dear friend.

2. I keep you as a best friend and I will keep you in my heart and lock it up. You are not just my friend but my family. You are always dear in my heart. I cherish you so much, friend.

3. Your friendship has become part of my hobbies and things I cannot but attend to. You stick even more than a brother. Your friendship is indeed a blessing. Thanks for being there always, dear.

4. A question arose in my heart that for how long shall we be friends? Immediately, the answer sprung up, as long as blood still flows through our veins and our heart still beats. Friends in truth are friends forever. Love you so much, friend.

5. This life is just one living, some people will be there for a short season, while some will go away, but few people who find you special will always ensure to stay you. You are one of those special persons, friend. Thank you.

6. Just as a rubber band is flexible and stretches so well, try not to release it for it hurt so much. So also is my friendship with you. You are a very special breed of friend, I cherish you a lot. Thanks so much for being there always.

7. I am not your better half, but I miss you. I am not any of your family members, but I care so much for you. I am not related to you in any way, but I am always ready to share in your pain. All these is because I am your Best Friend.

8. There are life touching occurrences in the phases of one’s life. And coming to know you as my friend is definitely one of those occurrences. Thanks be to God for making our path cross.

9. The basis of friendship is patience and tolerance. And these have I found in my friendship with you. You are truly a blessing as a friend. Thanks a lot, dear.

10. Even when the mouth and the tongue fights, it is always and absolutely impossible for them not to still be together. This is just the replica of my friendship with you, darling. I cherish you a lot.

11. Having a good friend is much better than thousands of gold and rubies. For a good friend like you is not expensive than fine gold. Thank you, darling, I love you so much.

12. When you are around, I feel so elated and happy because you give a definition of a good friendship. Thanks for always being a good friend.

13. Every time in life I get to think about our friendship, I bless the day we met. You are my best friend.

14. Our initial meeting looked ordinary but our grooming together as time goes on has made a better person. Thank you so much friend, I really appreciate your friendship.

15. You are a good friend, a friend indeed and a friend in one would not regret having. I cherish you a lot dear.

16. Even when things look tough and rough I still can’t forget the relationship we share together as friends. You mean a lot me. Thanks so much, dearie.

17. The sea rages as the breeze blows. They are nature puts to work for each other. This is the picture of our friendship. Thanks so much, dear friend.

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18. A friend closer than a brother is what you are. You treat me like we’ve known each other from our mother’s womb. Thanks so much dearly friendly brother.

19. Forgiveness is the backbone of continuity in friendship and your heart has been graced to have this. Thanks so much, my lovely friend.

20. You treat your friends like your family without not even considering yourself. Only few people can do this. I’m so blessed to have you as my friend.

21. When it looks like things are down and not going on well, you cheer me up and remind me of how strong God wants me to be. You are such a blessing as a friend.

22. When we came across each other, it was heavenly planned, we became friends it was designed to be. And we are still friends, it’s the favour of God on us. I love you, friend. Thanks so much!

23. When asked who to choose between a car and you, my friend, I’d without a second thought choose you, for friends of truth like you are worth more than rubies and luxuries.

24. Thanks so much for being a true friend, someone a person can call a friend indeed. You are truly a blessing as a friend.

25. Part of the true riches in life is not lying in the wealth that a man possesses but in the reality of the true friends he has. You are such reality, friend.

26. One of the places wealth truly lies is in the kind of friends a person keeps. Hey friend, you are wealth as a person. God bless you.

27. Aside from the mercy and grace of God that has found me into becoming what He wants me to be, He has also encompassed me with precious gifts of friends on which you are also one of them. Thanks so much.

28. Friends are integral part of our existence, they tell of who we can be. And by the mercies of God, you have been able to fill the space of that part in my life. I appreciate you, dear.

29. I am always very appreciative to God for making me come across a friend like you. You are truly a friend, dearie.

30. In the times we share together, in the things we share amongst ourselves, even the love that exists between us as friends, I am very grateful to God for having you as my friend. Love you so much, dearie.

31. I just want you to know darling that I value your friendship and I love you so much, friend.

32. Your patience, your sense of humour and understanding is definitely a wow! You are such a blessing as a friend.

33. Hey friend, do you know that if the best friend award were to be given, I wouldn’t think too far for you are worthy of this award dear. Thanks so much, friend in truth.

34. Hey friend, come to think of it, regardless of whatever happens, we’ll never leave each other, this and more has proven the reality of our friendship. You are such a darling. I cherish you so much.

35. The best of friends, and the coolest of buddies that what we’ll always be. Your friendship means a lot to me, dearie.

36. I’m so grateful to God for this gift of a real friend, a friend whose passion is driven towards God and all friends. Do you know you are unarguably a darling? Thanks so much, friendly friend.

37. Having a friend like you makes one feel so special and astonishingly different. You make me feel so elated and joyful each time we are together. I cherish you dearly friend.

38. Going through the different phases of life was so much fulfilling having God, all my families and you, my dear friend. God bless you abundantly. Lots of love.

39. The rain came, the sun shined even the storm blew but in the mercies of God, our friendship is still standing firm. I can never replace your friendship for any material thing. Thanks so much, friend.

40. I’m am always short of words to qualify the extent at which I can quantify the degree of the love we share, the understanding that is evident in our friendship. You are a true friend, dear. I appreciate you so much!

41. You have a big heart, a heart that can accommodate all. You know, sometimes I do wonder, what kind of a person are you, I just conclude that you are truly a blessing from God. Thanks so much, dearie.

42. You have such a charming soul, a heart ready to yield to correction and change. I learn a lot from you dear. Your friendship has been and is a favour from God.

43. Your worth is of that of a brother or a sister. You are as close as a family member. I love you dearly, friend.

44. Friendship is understanding and tolerance. We have been able to tolerate each other since the day we became friends. And that’s the more reason why we are still true friends till now. And we’ll be forever. Thanks for understanding and tolerating me always.

45. Thank you, friend, for touching my life in ways you yourself don’t know. Though you came as a friend, indeed you are a blessing!

46. One of the uncountable reasons I give thanks to God for every day is the friend He has given me and that’s you, dear. I’m really grateful and I’ll ever cherish you, darling. I just wanted you to know this.

47. If you ever wonder why are we still together as friends, then quit wondering for it because it has been ordained right from time. I love you, dear.

48. People ask why are we so close and intimate, I just gave them one answer; we are true friends and nothing more. Thank you, dear, I appreciate you a lot.

49. Your kind heart wows me a lot, your understanding mind astonishes me so well. You are a friend that one would not regret having.

50. As close as the mouth and the tongue is, they quarrel at times but never do they forsake each other because they are made for each other, to assist one another. This is actually the reality of our friendship. I value you so much, friend.

51. I take most of your time, I disturb you a lot and even give you a reason to frown and forget about this friendship but to my surprise, you never even compliance with my ceaseless disturbances. You are such a patient and tolerating friend.

52. You taught me to be so accommodating and brought to me awareness the need to always smile. I can never forget you, darling. You are such a beautiful friend.

53. I admire a lot, I cherish you so well and I value what we share as friends. Thank you so much, lovely friend!

54. Friends are scarce in this world not to mention of true friends. ” Show me your friend and I’ll tell who you are”. Thank you, friend, you have been a wonderful friend all along. May God continue to make the best out of you.

55. I have just been wondering how God has blessed me tremendously with His mercy in making me His, by dealing with my infirmities, blessed me with a wonderful family and specially giving me a true and beautiful friend like you.

56. You are always impartial in your dealing with your friends and you do always stand for truth. You are a blessing as a friend. Thanks so much, dear.

57. You chastise me a lot in ensuring that as friends, we are always in line with what is right. What a friend you are darling. May the Lord continue to bless you. I love you so much, friend.

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58. Best of friends stick together and that’s what will always be between us forever. Thank you, friend of truth. I love you dearly.

59. In the rainy or sunny season, may out friendship not wither away. You are a friend that sticks more than a brother. Thanks, dude.

60. For true friendship to be, heart needs to be stick together and that’s what exactly has happened between us. May the friendship love between us grow stronger and stronger. I love dear friend.

61. Countless ups and downs, many showers of rain and Sunshine. All thanks to God we are still together. This has proved how true our friendship is. I really cherish you, dear.

62. You share always in my burdens, you take part in my ups and downs. God indeed truly blessed me with a friend like you. Thanks for being with me.

63. If there is any friendship I’d always doff my hat for, it’s the friendship we share together. I’m always very proud of the fact that we are friends.

64. I have come to the point where loving you as a friend has become so easy for me as my 123. You are such a wonderful person.

65. Hey buddy, you might not know this but I’m telling you now that, “you are my 5 and I’m your 6. That 5 and 6. This depicts how close you are to me. Thanks for your care darling friend.

66. You chastise me each time I do wrong, you don’t even give me any breathing space with your positive words of advice. Wow! You are such a blessing from God. I can’t stop loving you, friend.

67. Hello, best buddy, you are different from the company, you are unique and you stand out amongst all. I value you a lot. Thanks for being such a good friend.

68. I just felt like checking on you because you are always on my mind. That’s how much you are so dear to me, friend.

69. I am so blessed to have a friend like you. You mean so much to me, dearie.

70. Friends are givers in times of trouble but true friends are both givers and supportive in times of need. They stay as if it’s their own problem. That’s the kind of friend you are dear. Thank you so much.

71. I just want to pass this through to you. You are a friend of truth, a friend that sticks like a brother. May you never diminish in life.

72. Best buddy of life, I really appreciate God for making our paths cross each other. Being a friend of yours makes grooming and friendliness more delightful.

73. I bless the day we became friends and will continue to adore the name of God for making our paths cross each other.

74. May the bond of our friendship never break, and the chord of our love for each other never loose. We’ll be friends forever.

75. Friend like no other and dear to the heart are you, sweet friend. I cherish you so much!

76. Friends are made as destiny helpers and as angels sent from heaven. God has made you that to me, friend. I appreciate you so much. God bless you.

77. Your inspiration and motivation is something that I can never forget. You are a wonderful friend. I love you so much.

78. I can never forget what we share as friends, the good moments we had together. Every thought of them makes me so happy. I bless the day we met!

79. Regardless of what the world may bring our way, I pray that nothing shall break the chord of our friendship, nothing! Thanks so much, dearie. I love you dearly.

80. Fidelity and loyalty are one of the cores of a good friendship. And all this while, though not perfect, God has characterized you with these. Thank you, darling. I love you so much as a friend.

81. I’m always very proud of you as a friend, may we never find reasons to stop being friends anymore.

82. Patience and faithfulness is a strong chord that keeps friends together. May we be kept forever.

83. People say that twenty children can be together for twenty years. Yes! I accept but I know that two friends can be together till death separates them. And our friendship is a like manner of such. May we be kept forever! I love you, friend.

84. Hey dearie, thanks for always giving the very best of what God has deposited in you, both in words and in deeds. May the Lord continue to bless you. Thanks so much!

85. Our friendship has gone beyond just friends, we are family and I mean one family. I love you so dearly. May our friendship grow stronger.

86. I hope you know these, that you are my best friend and there is definitely no doubt about that.

87. Friends don’t forsake themselves. May we never find reasons to do so. I cherish what we share so much! Thank you for being a wonderful friend.

88. It’s always in my prayers that the Lord should keep what we share as friends because I know it’s not just a coincidence that we are friends, it has been predestinated. I’m very thankful to God always.

89. True friendship is so scarce to find in this age. I thank God for making us both friends of each other.

90. Your heart is a very large one, you are such q beautiful friend. Thank you!

91. Wealth does not lie in the material possessions that a person posses but in the calibre of friends that he has around him. You are a friend in place of wealth. I value you dearly.

92. Listening and speaking to each other even understanding each other has been the reason behind how we have been together all this while. Thanks for always making yourself available. You are such a darling.

93. Friendship entails being honest with each other. Thanks for your honesty dear friend. You are a darling.

94. No matter the cost of how being together as friends might be, I’ll always be between our friend.

95. Friendship means being able to realize one’s mistakes, ask for forgiveness and turn a new leaf. I just wonder at the fact that you possess these qualities. You are a friend indeed.

96. Bring together is not just the essence of any relationship but the impact and footprint left behind is the real essence. And your impact in my life and many others has been remarkable. Thank you dear and lovely friend.

97. Friendship is all about being able to progress in the truth of God and learn from each other’s mistakes. True friendship means you and I.

98. You are always on my mind, your soothing words of advice are always resounding in my ears. Oh, I bless the Lord Almighty for giving me a friend like you. I love you so dearly.

99. We all have our faults and shortcomings but we are meant to sharpen each other in love towards becoming the best in life. Having you has taught me a lot of lessons. Thanks be to the Lord God Almighty.

100. You think more of other people than yourself, you esteem another more than your own very self. Friends like you are just so rare to find. I’m grateful to God always to making our paths cross. Thank you for always yielding to God. I love you so much, friend of life.

Thank you for touching my life I ways you yourself don’t know. I know God has showered you with so much blessings in place of impacting lives even making you a living witness of how much He can make a man beautiful. Being a friend of yours is definitely a blessing one will continue to pray for.

Hmmm! I believe you have friends that without no doubt, they deserve this accolades and worthy of giving thanks to God for.

Then, ensure to see that you collect from these collections of best heart touching friendship messages to convey to that special friend of yours.

It will also be so appreciative if you’d take out time to comment on your favourites among this contents. As your comments would be highly valued.

Thanks so much, for you are our darling friends.


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