Touching Love Letters for Him from the Heart

2024 Touching Love Letters for Him from the Heart

When love happens, writing beautiful love letters is a proud tradition amongst love birds. Unless you’re new in the game, you can attest to how stale practicing the tradition can get at some point.

So, are you tired of writing love letters inked with the same words of yesterday, perhaps you’re a newbie in love having troubles pouring down your feelings in the most enticing manner? Well, your worry days are over.

With these 2024 Touching Love Letters for Him from the Heart make him fall heads over heels in love with you anew.

Words are that powerful. So, use this to your advantage and feel the beauty of love in a new dimension.

Romantic Love Letters for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Wherever romance meets gratitude, there shall these love letters for him from the heart meet you. Pick anyone and send to your boyfriend or husband.

1. You’ve Touched my Heart. Hence, I Write to You.
There is no new day without your gentle thoughts caressing through my loving heart. A dark day it’d be without the hope for your kisses. Many nights have silently passed and still, I dream of you all day long. Many men have I behold in their glory but to you, I long to return. You’ve made my heart beat with love, how hard it has become for it to change! You’ve acquainted my feet to the path that leads to your home. It’ll go nowhere but into your bosom. The melody of our love song is the music my ears itch for. All lifelong, I desire a seat right next to your heart where my palm can lay upon yours. I want to see me in your eyes every day. For you’ve showered me with the passion I cannot imagine to lose. Addicted to the love you give. Hence, I dream with caution thrown into the winds. Your love was all I waited for and now that I have it, I’ll never let it flow away with the troubles of life. I love you, my darling.

2. Promise Me a Love that Lasts Forever.
You’ve brightened my body with the ointment of your love. It shines of gold and drips of hope. With the light of a beautiful sun, you’ve turned darkness to morning, urging my cheerful heart to love the more. My heart knows not to worry, because in your arms I lie all day long. How I wait to see you smile, cause of me. How I hope deeply our love will forever remain, jumping obstructions, conquering mountains whilst basking to the jealousy of the others and thriving to the amazement of the angels. You love like tomorrow never exists. You’ve given without hope of return. So, I’ll love you with every breath I draw. I’ll make love to you with gaiety inside of me. Happy will I make you be as long as we have the chance. Promise me a love that lasts forever and I’ll never renege on my promise to give you all that you want from me, my darling.

3. It is Impossible to Not Love You.
Blessed am I, for I fell into the web of your heart enjoying every twist and turn of it. Favored are my legs, for they ran into you whilst it was dark. With the light of love, you’ve opened my eyes to behold you. And with the gaze of passion, I could not stand but fall for you. It is impossible to not love you, my darling. For your eyes lead to a soul created with the sheer ingredients of love and your arms are strongly built,  protecting every fragility I bear. You’ve made my heart pound for joy and my hips twist with pride. Your love has given me what I couldn’t for myself. Your passion has blessed me with the heavenly blessings of joy. I’m never OK with letting you go, so, forever is where we’d both end, lying right next to each other observing the sun and the moon because a new joy we have found unlike the men on earth.

4. When Your Kisses Touch My Lips I Live.
Love is the greatest because I’ve drawn its pure waters from your heart. When the world troubles, all I need is a portion of the passion I behold in your eyes to feel the peace and joy that I crave for. Your love reaches the core of my soul, it has changed me for the better and a new creature have I become. Lure me into your arms again and I’ll willfully follow. Cure me of my past and pain, thence, have my future till forever. I long for your lips around me, cause when your kisses touch my lips, I live. For it’s miracle is a sweet love I used to only dream of. You can have my heart forever, it’s what you get for making me fall heads over heels in love with you. I just want every day with you, for one without you is without sunlight and hope. Every night with you would be heaven on earth; I hope the days come and the good nights come to stay. I love you, my darling.

5. You’re both Galaxies, my love.
There’s a sun shining in my heart at day and a moon glowing in my heart at night; you’re both galaxies, my love. For you never fail to make me feel special. How patient are you with me; forgiving me my sins and letting go my wrong. Your confidence is sexy, cause you never hold on to the wrong, instead, you open my eyes to the light of truth with every kiss you land upon my lips. You’re the man I love to show off to the world and make love to in the secret. Life is worth living, for I have you right in the middle of my heart. Forever is worth trying, for I know what it means to be loved by you. As long as you’re by me, expect the sun to watch in envy, cause I’ll bless you every day with a passion so pure and true. You can count on me to be the best thing that ever happened to you, my love. To the moon and back, I love you.

6. You’re More Beautiful Than Love.
Love is a beautiful thing, they say. However, you’re more beautiful than her. Your presence has captured my heart. As you look unto me, my heart melts away and clings unto yours like an anchor. You’re more powerful than the enchantment of a sorcerer. The effect you leave on me is everlasting. Never take your love away from my heart. Each day of my life, I’ll dedicate it to loving you. Your concerns have become mine and your worries have become my battles to overcome. Let’s build a pyramid of love together; the one incapable of being blown away by a strong wind or to be destroyed by a hurricane. All I want to say is that I love you.

7. You’ve Shown Me What True Love Is.
As life goes by, I’ll never accept a love that is less than yours, for you’ve shown me what true love is. You’re the only man capable of loving that way. Your heart is as unique as the sun; it brightens the one whom you love and empowers her to love even more. I know joy and I’ve tasted happiness because I once loved you. Never in my life will I let you go, otherwise, misery will become my friend. As the birds sing across my shelter, I’m reminded of your tender voice which humbles my soul than the look of a child. I love you, sweetheart. You’ll always remain in my heart no matter where you go.

8. I Love Everything About You.
Let me be the first to take your fall, for I love everything about you. I’ll lay me down as a sacrifice for you; that’s how much I love you. Every simple thing you do make me love you deeper than the depth of an ocean. My heart keeps loving you without holding back. There’s more to this love I have for you than meet the eyes. All I want to be is the queen of your heart. Let me rule your emotions and make you the happiest man on earth. As your eyes fall upon me, my heart falls in love even so much more with you. I’ll always be reminded of the first day I saw something special in your eyes; it was an untold love.

9. You’re My First and Last.
I call you my first and last because you’ll be the first man to ever make me love this much and you’ll be the last I’ll ever love in this manner. My heart cries out loud for you. Before now, I never cherished the sunrise neither did I honour the sunset but as you came, my world found meaning. Love has made me attached to you. I do not want to be left alone ever again. I love you, never doubt that. I promise to the moon in the sky, that my night will always be spent with you upon my mind. To the sun shining on the earth, I vow never to let my love shine on anyone else besides you.

10. Together, Let’s Create A Love Dynasty.
The day you loved me was the day you lifted me from the mire unto the solid rock. Together, let’s create a love dynasty. Let’s rule our world with an unsoiled love. Like an emerald green, let us be rich in love and teeming with life. Because you love me, I’ll make no one else a recipient of my love. I’ll never keep the truth away from you. Love will be the reason for every action I take. I dream of the day we’ll walk together to the aisle of love to proclaim our unconditional love to each other. The type of love that will do no wrong is the kind I’ll live to bestow on you. I love you, my king.

11. Because of your loving kindness, my lips will sing your love song. The passion of my soul is what I’ll call you from dawn till dusk.

12. To the very depth of my heart, your thoughts flow. All day till the moon’s appearance I think of you with a smile.

13. Love is the most beautiful feeling ever. I’m never tired of awaiting your face and planting a kiss on your curvy lips when I see you.

14. The love which my heart feels for you is wider than the sky and deeper than the ocean, my darling.

15. I’ll go any length with you. I’ll move any mountains for you. You mean the world to me, baby.

16. Dressed and adorned in a graceful regalia all for your eyes to consume with a yearning in your spirit to take me home.

17. There’s no better time to look into your eyes than when you say the three words; I love you.

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18. Your love has picked me from the dungeon of solitude and set me upon the throne of reverence and adoration.

19. I want to be in love my whole life with you.

20. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to put an everlasting smile on your loving face, my love.

21. My love waits not to be reciprocated. I’ll love you even when the road is lonely.

22. In the history of my life, the chapter of you seems to be my favorite.

23. Your lips are sweeter than the nectar of an orange juice. I’d love to have you for dinner all lifelong.

24. Overwhelmed in happiness, for your love has set me under the springs of joy.

25. Let us travel round the world with our kisses as our luggage and our love as the dresses we put on, my darling.

26. Enough of the days I spend without you. I beckon for the days of you and I together under the intoxicating power of love.

27. Pay no attention to the noisy naysayers. Our love would travel to the ends of the earth if we desire it that much.

28. Your arms are my home, and your kisses make me want to stay therein forever.

29. Every part of nature reminds me of our love. Like an ocean, its passion will never dry of its taste.

30. I’ll spend the rest of my life with you even if the whole world doubts it.

31. As long as I’ve got you by my side, life’s trouble is nothing but a sounding cymbal from which we can make melody of love.

32. The beauty of our hearts lies in falling in love with each other without any caution.

33. I’d love you to accompany me to every part of the world and make all my dreams come true, my darling.

34. You’re my favorite dream of love. For I’m lost in the awesomeness of its sceneries.

35. I now see the possibilities of life, because I’m carried by your love to a higher realm.

36. I love every moment of my life with you. I’m addicted to the joy your presence begets me.

37. Darkness is nothing to fear, for your countenance shines upon me with love.

38. Your smiles give you away when you behold me from far away igniting every ounce of love within me too.

39. Love is the best thing that ever happened to me just like you’re the best thing I ever had.

40. Until every ocean on earth dries up, my love for you will continually flow with ease and passion.

41. I’m glad I said yes to you. For it changed my feelings for the better, my darling.

42. Your love is a  blessing unto me as it is a curse to the ones staring enviously from far away.

43. Keep your promises to me, my darling. For I’ll fulfil every word of my mouth to you without a doubt.

44. As long as I go with you, we’ll make rivers in the desert and passion in the land of hate.

45. The color of love is green, for it has given me life.

46. I want you closer to me than the oxygen I breathe. I desire you more than the cool air of the ocean.

47. Color me with the hues of passion, so all men know that I am in love with you, my darling.

48. The beauty of this life is dependant on how much love you shower upon me. So, drench me with love, my darling.

49. The love you’ve given to me heals faster than drugs and intoxicates more than wine.

50. Bless me with the love of your heart and have me to yourself all lifelong, sweetheart.

51. Respond to my gazes with kisses and my smiles with caresses.

52. In the absence of envious glares and stares, I’ll love you all the same.

53. I’m sure this is how I want to feel for the rest of my life. Only you can give me that, my darling.

54. Draw honey from my honeycomb and thirst no more during winter, my darling.

55. Do not make me wait for you, for its too much torture to bear, my love.

56. Wherever you may go, my heart will go with you. My eyes are on you, cause my love is for you.

57. My love for you is the same yesterday, today and forever. I’ll never love you less.

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58. It will always be my choice to love you till the morning comes.

59. There’s no one to take your place in my heart, for it can only be you to make me this happy.

60. My dream of love is all about you. I hope we fulfill this dream to the very end, my love.

61. My love covers your flaws. Your smile overshadows my sadness. I love this bond we share.

62. Wake up to this fact that, you’re the most loved on earth, sweetheart.

63. I wish you knew how my heart beats once you look at my direction. Never look away, my love.

64. My heart is your secret place; you don’t have to hide a thing from me, for I’ll always kiss your imperfections.

65. You make my heart fly away when you hold it. Touch me for the rest of my life and I’ll know no sadness again.

66. I’ll love you the way that you want to be loved. Not my way, but yours, my love.

67. Hold my hands and you’ll be holding unto happiness for as long as you live, baby.

68. I await the moonlight so that I can make my secret wish. It’s my desire to be with you till the end of the earth.

69. Our love for each other is sure to birth beautiful babies. Let’s make that come true in a noble manner.

70. No matter what love brings me, I’ll never stop hoping for the best of it.

71. Love is as beautiful as the shape of you. It is as warm as the warmth of your kisses.

72. You’re my spring of life, for my most powerful emotion flows from you, darling.

73. I can’t live this life without loving you, for it has become my oxygen.

74. My heart rises with yours each morning, so that I may be wherever you are.

75. Everything I own belongs to you but my heart is my greatest treasure to you.

76. I’ll love you with every fibre of my being. I’ll cherish you in a perfect manner.

77. I want to love you from morning to dusk and never to go a day without doing so, my king.

78. My heart heeds to your command, cause you reign in it forever.

79. The earth may roar, but my love for you can never be distracted.

80. Give me some sunshine, I want to love you till the morning comes, sweety.

81. You make my heart commit to you even before you fell in love with me.

82. There’s something special about the look in your eyes; it pictures your love for me than convincing lips can tell.

83. I promise to love you even when there’s nothing more to love about you, for I love you the way you are at all time.

84. I love the beats of my heart, for they cry out for you alone.

85. I’m ready to love you even when you don’t reciprocate my love.

86. I’ll give you my life support when we’re both fighting for our lives, for true love means sacrifice.

87. I love the smell of your body. It quickens my spirit to be with you.

88. I’ll offer you my life willingly without a doubt. That’s how much I love you, baby.

89. I love glancing at you, for my pain tarries no more by so doing.

90. No matter the point you may be in life, my heart is ready to go on with you, sweety.

91. My affection for you grows even when the moon increases no more.

92. My heart will only be complete if you give yours to me.

93. I’m breathing fine, cause your love is what I take in and my love for you is what I breathe out.

94. Your kisses have turned to my comforting pills. They make me feel better.

95. I cherish the night time, for it gives me the chance to think of you till the sunrise.

96. I love you so truly, cause my heart knows no love beside you.

97. I’ll build a paradise with my love for you. I promise you that, my love.

98. The truth about me is my love for you.

99. My soul knows happiness each time you call me your own.

100. When you’re with me, my soul needs nothing else to come alive.

Enjoy the best of love with these Touching Love Letters for Him from the Heart.

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