2024 Trending Good Morning Messages for Him to Wake Up To

There’s no brighter morning to desire than one which starts with the words of a true lover. It changes and perfects everything.

With no doubts, you’d like to outshine the sun and be the first to brighten up his day and even make him see the need to spend the rest of that day with you.

But for that to happen, just a little but very affectionate early message of love would do the wonder.

So, pick from these baskets of morning love messages and be glad you did.

Cute Morning Texts for Him to Wake Up To

The best of cute good morning texts and good morning wishes quotes for him to wake up to and feel specially loved. Sweet romantic good morning text messages for your boyfriend.

1. The beauty of the night lies in the appearance of you in my dreams. Today is bright and fair knowing I’ll behold your face once again. Good morning, handsome.

2. Before anything else, take my love for breakfast. Good morning, my darling.

3. Each morning is a miracle but the touch of your love each day is a special gift from you to me. Have a pleasant day, my love.

4. Even if the world comes to an end, not a pinch of my love for you will wash away. I love you, sugar.

5. Arise and shine for my heart awaits your arrival. Good morning, my darling.

6. We’ve conquered the night from miles apart, now is time to rule our world whilst holding hands. Good morning, my king.

7. Yet another day to love. Let me absorb all the passion you let flow out of your loving heart. And I’ll let the whole world know being drunk in your love is no crime at all. Good morning, sweetness.

8. Make alive our dream of love on each crack of dawn. I’ll be waiting for you to come take my hand with you. Good morning, my love.

9. I promise to love you like there’s no tomorrow. Together, let’s make the best of today in each other’s loving arms.

10. Wake up, wake up, my love. My heart awaits the words of your tender lips as the sun starts to illuminate our world. I love you.

11. I’m revelled by the dawn of today knowing you’ll come hold my hands till the eventide.

12. The future is bright when I look into your eyes and the sun stares in envy when you arise. Good morning, my love.

13. I love you more as each morning comes. Imagine my love for you in a thousand days! Good morning, my love.

14. The sun is a promise of light for the world whilst your heart holds the promise of love for me each new day. Good morning, my darling.

15. Here comes the bright clouds, void of darkness and stars but arising from within it the glorious sun. You’re the sun of my world, my darling. Good morning to you.

16. The wait is over, the morning is here and so is my love for you. Good morning, my darling.

17. My love for you will not disappear at the fade of the night. And my passion for our future will not diminish at the disappearance of the stars. I love you from here to the moon and back.

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18. My heart is refilled with love. Arise and let me empty it all into your bosom as we stare into each other’s eyes. Good morning, my darling.

19. The anguish of the night is gone away with the stars as the sun rises for our love to show. A pleasant morning to you, my love.

20. I wake up eagerly only to see your face. God bless the angels for sparing your life for me.

21. Arise sunshine and let my world revolve around you just like the earth around the sun. Good morning, handsome.

22. Come into my heart and straightaway, you shall find a river of love waiting to draw you. Good morning, my passion.

23. My greatest wish this morning is to feel your arms around me as I hear from your lips how much you love me. Good morning, my darling.

24. A feast is made for your breakfast. Come eat and merry from the dining of my heart. Good morning, sweetness.

25. Your heart is my shield and your kisses give me wings to fly. I love you this morning and beyond.

26. Your love is great, little wonder my soul yearns for it every sparrow-fart. Good morning, my love.

27. I opened my lips to let out your name as I long for your touch whilst I dreamt of you. I’m glad the morning has come to bring to pass my one desire. Good morning, my darling.

28. I am consumed with the desire to kiss you. Come pair your lips with mine this sunrise. Good morning, my love.

29. Come drink of my heart and you shall thirst no more from now to everlasting. Top of the morning to you, my love.

30. Here comes the morning I’ve been longing for. It’s time to love you hopelessly again, my love.

31. If the sun could see, she’ll be jealous of the brightness of your light in my world. But my heart can feel, hence, I appreciate you completely. Good morning, my love.

32. I desire your words above all the fine treasures of the earth. So, I wait every morning to look into your eyes and hear you speak the words of love to me. Good morning, my darling.

33. I am addicted to the touch of your hands. It pleases me more than the soothing breezes of the sea. Good morning, my love.

34. To and fro, I’ve walked. Deeply, I have searched but none is more precious to my heart than you. I love you, sweety.

35. Do not doubt my heart for it was meant to love you. I hope you bask in the euphoria of our love today and forevermore. Good morning, my one true love.

36. The beauty of the sun and the moon is nothing compared to yours. The generosity of your heart is why my heart is deeply consumed in your love. Good morning, sweetheart.

37. My zeal is to love you. Therefore, every day and night, I’ll make my heart ready for you. Good morning, my handsome.

38. My blessings are with you as today starts to unwrap itself and my heart remains yours to care, as I continue to love you. Good morning, my darling.

39. Nobody loves better than you do for my heart explodes with joy at the sound of your name. I love you.

40. Princes and rulers may come my way but only you will my heart choose to love forever. Good morning, king of my world.

41. The earth is full of many and great men but my heart will only look up to yours as I wake up in the morning. Good morning to you, my darling.

42. Prepare your heart because this morning, it’ll feel the ecstasy of the love I feel for you.

43. Your kisses are very pure. Do not deny my lips of them, for I am in love than I could ever be. Good morning, sweetness.

44. Bath me with your love this morning for it purges the stains of yesterday more thoroughly than the salty waters of any ocean. Good morning, my darling.

45. Your thoughts in my heart are music to my ears for it brings a beautiful smile to my face. Good morning, my love.

46. My soul awaits your kisses and hopes in your promises at night. I’m glad the morning has come. Good morning, my love.

47. I rejoice at your voice as one that heard the melody of the angels singing. It’s a lovely new dawn and my ears itch to hear you speak. Good morning, my love.

48. You’ve put away the world for my sake. I’m glad a man like you have come to love me till the end. Good morning, my love.

49. A special morning will come and I’ll prepare to take my vows before all eyes just to let the whole world know it’s you I’ve chosen. Until that morning comes, I’ll stay true to your love. Good morning, my love.

50. My promises to you remain unchanging in any time of the day. My heart will feel the same for you no matter who walks past. Good morning, my love.

51. The angels are always fulfilled to see you awake in the morning. My joy knows no bound either when I hear you call my name first thing in the morning.

52. The devil splits with envy when he sees your pretty eyes in the morning. But the angels sing out loud like the birds to show their excitement. Good morning, my love.

53. I earnestly wait for the morning just to see your face and hear your voice, cause they soothe me than any pleasure.

54. Make me the first thing you think about in the morning. I want to be on your mind all day long. Good morning, darling.

55. This morning, I bring to you my love confession; never have I loved anyone the way I love you. I can sacrifice my life for yours.

56. It’s a beautiful thing to know that you conquered the thickest darkness throughout the night just to see the brightest light in the day. Welcome to a new day, love.

57. Let me be the voice that wakes you up in the morning. Let me be a strong will that pushes you to succeed. Good morning, sweety.

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58. Last night was unimaginable. I dreamt of your lovely face rubbing against mine. It produced the best friction ever. Good morning, sweetness.

59. No one loves you as I do. I can’t breath when you’re far away from me, cause it’s like the distance between the moon and the earth. Good morning, hon.

60. Every ounce of fear in me has been surmounted by the love I have for you just as the darkness of the night is overshadowed by the light of the day.

61. Take it from you; I wake up because I know you long to see my face. I run to you because I yearn to meet you hale and hearty.

62. Each morning you glow with a beautiful smile as a sign of seeing a new day. Whereas, I bless you with a beautiful smile for finding love in you, my love.

63. The celestial angels have inclined my heart to love you unconditionally all because you’re one of them. I take pride in you because I’m dating an angel in human form.

64. My love for you gushes like a wellspring; you’re my fount of love and affection. I’ll rather tell you how I feel about you than carry the burden of keeping my feelings to myself.

65. You’re higher than all humans in my sight because loving you has made me see you as an angel. Hence your flaws are invisible; they have been made obscured by my feelings for you. Good morning, angel.

66. I cherish your husky voice in the morning. It’s the most romantic tune I’ve ever heard.

67. You dazzle more than an angel when I behold you in the morning. You’re my strong hero with the mystique of a charmer.

68. Your stellar smile can mend a broken heart. Little wonder, my heart was set on the motion of love the day I saw you. Good morning, baby.

69. I look forward to the dawn of the day so I can witness your dashing charisma, for it is a mesmerizing sight to behold.

70. Never met a wonder like you. You’re one thing to so many people. But, you’re everything and more to me. Good morning, my one and only.

71. You’re a surefooted titan who never misses his step. Every step you take in the morning always lead you right.

72. When I see you have your breakfast, I’m attracted to your super cute, concrete jaw undulating as you chew. It catches my whole attention.

73. I run to you in the morning, cause I get to see you looking dishy than a runway model. Good morning, baby.

74. Your eyes are a flame with passion once you open them in the morning. I’ll cherish to burn in that flame.

75. Your orange-gold fiery eyes make me fall hopelessly for you in the morning. It’s a fire that attracts me.

76. An angelic scent swirls around you when you wake up in the morning. It’s my desire to be surrounded by your smell.

77. Your super grace is one of my attraction towards you. You’re more gallant than a nobleman. Good morning, love.

78. Your bass voice is a big part of my desire to hear you speak in the morning. It’s my greatest turn on. Good morning, baby.

79. The spicy aroma that trails you when you cook for breakfast makes me want to eat breakfast with you, my love. Good morning.

80. The echoes of your voice were my alarm. I woke up today, cause I heard you call out for my name.

81. You dart forth a beautiful smile in the morning. Beautiful enough to split the angels with ill-feeling.

82. When I see you in the morning, you propel your hazel eyes in mine that I remain lost for a moment until your touch brings me back to life.

83. You give a stream of light when I approach you in the dawn. For this, I’m forever stuck in your gaze.

84. My heart swims with joy when I get your call in the morning. It sends shivers down my feet.

85. No moment I cherish as the morning time, cause it gives me the burning desire to see your face. Good morning, my love.

86. Don’t be surprised. I woke up this morning just to smell your cologne. It always reminds me of how lucky I am to have you.

87. Your smile ripples like a wave of water. So beautiful and electrifying that I get stuck while looking into your eyes. Good morning, love.

88. Your love is far from latent and your smile is far from vain. They undulate with passion and sincerity. How I love them. Good morning, sweety.

89. Your fixed gaze on me in the morning put me into a trance. I do not mind to be hypnotized by you, my love.

90. Your sweet words to me in the morning shine as bright as the evening stars. They make me long for a night with you.

91. At the moment, my heart is filled with your voice. I’m so eager to hear you speak to me this morning, my heartbeat.

92. You’re my source of amusement. You make me guffaw with each word you use to tease me. Good morning, my sweetness.

93. You have a touch of an angel. I can’t stay silent in the morning unless I hear you call my name. All day long I’ll dream of you.

94. You seem moulded from a different cast in heaven. You appear better than the rest of the men that I know. How lucky am I to have you.

95. The morning sun looks good on you better than anyone else. It radiates your skin giving off brio and brilliance.

96. I’m spellbound by your aura; it gives me mirth than anything else. I’ll love to be stunned by your look once again this morning, my love.

97. You’re a stardust with so much enchantment. Your beauty shines brightly in the morning than any other hour of the day. How was your night, my love?

98. I think like an angel whenever I see you cause it’s so far from me to hurt you. I love you and I want to let you know this morning.

99. Like a blossomed flower you look great in the morning. You start your day with a spark, then eventually you give off a ray of light. Good morning, hon.

100. No time of the day is best fit to have a collide with your lips than the morning time. Hence, I’m sending all my kisses to you this dawn.

101. With love, there’s nothing insurmountable and with your hands, I’ll walk a thousand miles. Thinking of us, my love.

102. I’m covered with grace by the mercy of your love. I am highly favoured because you chose me above everyone else. I love you! Good morning, my love.

103. Your name is as the sound of many waters. My heart trembles when I hear it at the start of the morning. How was your night, my darling?

104. When the cock crows, it exalts your name. And when the sun starts to shine, it shows the glory of our love. Good morning, my love.

105. When I count my blessings, I realized your heart is the best thing I ever had. Good morning, my love.

106. The road to your heart may be narrow. But its end pleases more than an island of pleasurable sin. Good morning, my love.

107. From the garden of your heart, I have received the harvest of love and virtues. In it, I’ll continually plant my seeds of love. Good morning, angel.

108. In my heart, your love is great and would sweep the mountain off her feet. But greater than that, you’ve swept me off my feet. Good morning, my love.

109. Serve me in glaring glasses the morning wine that flows out of your heart. For it does my heart good than the pleasure of a good news. Good morning, my love.

110. Finding love in your eyes is an amazing story of grace I can’t wait to share with the fruits of our love. Good morning, my love.

111. I won’t renege on my promises even if challenges come face to face with me. I would dedicate my heart to loving you no matter how hard the road could get. Good morning, sweetheart.

112. My one true love is you. And you own the key to my happiness. Excited to wish you a lovely morning.

113. If rapture takes place, I’ll do well to take your hands with me. And if an Armageddon arises in my heart, I’ll choose you without a doubt. Good morning, my love.

114. My body, my soul and my spirit choose you as darkness turns to light in sparrow-fart. Top of the morning to you, my love.

115. It feels heavenly being the protagonist in this romantic movie. Just how wonderful to be the star of your heart. I hope these series last till infinity. I love you!

116. If all the rubies and gems on earth could do, I’ll gather them up to your doorstep just to show you how much you’re worth in my heart. I love you beyond human expression, sweetie.

117. Thank heavens for you, you make my heart feel the essence of its creation. I love you to the moon and back.

118. The distance of this journey may be far but I don’t mind, because the farther, the better for my heart. Good morning, my love.

119. In the company of angels, I feel you guarding my heart at night. And when I open my eyes to see, I realised it’s already morning to love you hopelessly again. Good morning, my love.

120. From dawn to midday, I’ll exalt your name in my heart and when it’s eventide, I’ll get ready to dream of you anew. Good morning, my love.

121. I’ll do away with the pillows because they fail miserably in taking the place of your warmth when I need you the most at night. Glad I can hold you close this time. Good morning, angel.

122. Let’s love until we land our hearts in the moon. Let’s give to each other’s heart till there’s nothing left to give. Good morning, sweetheart.

123. Breakfast is exquisite when you’re on the other side of the table with me. I can only hope to have you so close in my heart when you’re not around. Good morning, love.

124. You amaze me more than the wonders of a child growing in the womb. In the same vein, my heart is enlarged to take in all of you. Good morning, sweetie.

125. You’re the lord of my heart. Therein, you’ll rule till eternity comes to an end. Good morning, sweetheart.

126. I’ll build castles in your heart, where the foundations are strong and mighty. I’ll take a ride beside you with your hands on the wheel.

127. No matter how crooked the road that leads to my heart may be, it only arrives at your throne. So, come seat upon it, my love.

128. How else can I prove my love for you? How much can I say to convince the world of this great feeling? Surely, I love you to the moon and back.

129. I know we’ll make our home cause it all starts with the heart. Thank God you crossed my way. Good morning, my love.

130. The pleasures of this world would hurt if you’re nowhere beside me. The miracle of a new dawn would be unappreciated without the miracle of our love. Good morning, my darling.

131. The greatest melody of love comes from the song your mouth sing to my heart. I hope you know my heart beats to every rhythm of your words. Good morning, my darling.

132. The landscape of love is the most ecstatic wonder of a supernatural architect. I see it all when I look within your heart. Good morning, my love.

133. As the rain comes down upon the earth and makes no return back to the clouds. So shall my love be with you till the end of time. Good morning, my darling.

134. My heart went astray until your hands showed up to guide me into a place of serenity and intense love. Good morning, dear king of my heart.

135. I love it when the breezes blow cause it reminds me of a heart that swept me off my feet with love. Good morning, my handsome.

136. In the tempest of a heartbreak, you wrapped your hands around me to discover the treasure my heart ached for. I’m glad it was you all along. Good morning, love.

137. I’ll cloth your heart with joy and light up your face with the kisses of love. Good morning, sweet angel of love.

138. It takes a heart like yours for me to fly. Because there in your heart are my wings spread out in order for me to be anything. Good morning, sweetie.

139. I’ll answer your name with pride, I’ll take my vows before all men to prove this love even to the blind. Good morning, dear fiancee.

140. In the place of doubt, I’ll hold steadfastly to your words. And instead of wavering, I’ll stand by this love forevermore. Good morning, sweetness.

141. By the mere promises of your lips will I walk a thousand miles with you. Because I believe in the words that you say. Good morning, sweetheart.

142. Lucky for me, I’ve found a home in your heart unmovable by the stormy winds. Good morning, angel.

143. I’ll take this love higher to a place where the moon and the stars cannot get to see. I love you till eternity.

144. Even if the world says no, it’s you my heart will always say yes to. Good morning, my everyday crush.

145. I don’t mind waiting for you till eternity as long as your heart remains a home for me to come back to. Good morning, sweetheart.

146. I found great, exceeding peace in your heart far above that which the world can give. You’re my peace even when there are war and conflict in the land. Good morning, my love.

147. I don’t mind walking the most crooked path to forever with you, for it only makes the purpose of this journey more everlasting. Good morning, my love.

148. You make love so beautiful especially when you look into my eyes with nothing to say. I just know your stares tell it all to my heart. Good morning, my darling.

149. I’ll be your lady and you’ll be my man. For this is a love to last. Good morning, my love.

150. Hear me now, my darling. I’ll love you till I answer the clarion call. Good morning, sweetheart.

151. You’re a lodestar that navigates my emotions to the right destination; your heart. I will never miss following your path for me, darling.

152. Like a lodestone you magnate my heart to yours each passing moment. Who am I to resist this genre of enchanting attraction? This is another morning to be drawn to you till forever.

153. Be my guiding star. Don’t ever live me in the dark. Your way is the only way that I know. I wish to never let you go now and forever.

154. It’s no joke when I say, “I do have you in my heart.” You wonder why I will always be the first to ring the bell at your doorstep? What I find missing in my life is found in your household. Good morning, love.

155. Love wouldn’t mean much to me if you weren’t my object of affection. The daybreak wouldn’t be so bright and fair if you weren’t the light of it. I’m in love with you.

156. Nothing can outshine your quality grace and classic style not even the well known morning sunshine. You outshine the sun in the day and overshadow darkness at night. You’re insurmountable.

157. I’ll take you from glory to glory like a shooting star. I don’t mind being your stepping stone. I want you to be my glory. You deserve every space of the spotlight, my darl.

158. I knew I was in love when I found pleasure swimming in the rivers of love and passion with you. You took my senses away and in turn, made me crazily in love with you. Good morning, love.

159. I receive a daily dose of love from you. You’re my heartbeat and you made love come early for me. Heavens forbid, I take this for granted. Have a great morning, hon.

160. I want to come over to make your breakfast; the one spiced with love. Which gives off an aroma of passion. I’m enamoured with you, my man.

161. As I looked into the mirror this daylight, I found it difficult to explain the look in my eyes; it looked hopeful with a longing desire to be loved. Who else can love me the way I long for, if not you? My love!

162. On a very good morning like this, I scream “I’m in love!” when asked, “how do you do?” This is the most wonderful rejoinder I give as a lady in love.

163. Nothing covers me better than your love. It shields me from hate and loneliness. With you, I’m safe. Good morning, hon.

164. Flower flourishes when it is watered and receives sunshine. I’m your flower and I flourish because you water me with your affection and illuminate me with your care.

165. I’m powerful because I’m in love. Loving you has energized me to be better than I was years back. Good morning, my muse.

166. I want nothing more than to be near you like a bride is next to her groom. I just want to be your lady all day long and all night long.

167. When you see me smile, it ain’t because life treats me kind nor I have all that I dream of, but simply because you love me in the most remarkable way ever.

168. I will spend eternity proving my love for you and making you satisfied each passing moments of your life. You’re my everything. Good morning, love.

169. Never will my arms be folded when you’re around me. I’ll spread out my arms like the wings of love so we can fly to eternity and beyond.

170. Whether the world loves me or not, I’m contented with your love. Whether the sun shines or not, I’m illuminated by your light. And if it rains or not, I’m forever soaked in your love.

171. I lay down thinking of one thing and one thing alone; you! You’re the image that has taken my rapt attention and you’re the figure that keeps appearing in my fantasy.

172. It wouldn’t matter if I were the best lady in the world today if I were not that lady to you. I want to be everything and so much more to you.

173. You’re the sun and I am the earth. No matter what, the moon can never come in between us. We’ll always conquer every obstacle just by loving each other. Good morning, my baby.

174. The thunderclaps reminds me of the sound of my heart when you gave me a kiss just to bid me a farewell. Until the following morning, I never stopped hearing my heart pound for joy.

175. I am in awe of you. I see you like an angel walking on water. You’re the sweetest sight to behold every morning of my life.

176. I’m alive today not because I’m strong and hearty, but because I was loved by you. I survived the cruelty of loneliness because your affection on me washed the pain of yesterday away.

177. Life is beautiful for two reasons; because I love you and because I was loved by you.

178. Each move I make is to get to a safe spot in life and that spot is in your heart. You’re my destination, I won’t rest until I make a home of your heart.

179. When life barks at me, you’re the peace that calms the storm. When life isn’t fair, you’re the light that makes things bright again. I love you, sweety.

180. I cannot be ashamed again because the glory of your love for me has beautified every aspect of my life.

181. The world can see it in me and I can tell it to the world about your goodness towards me. Forever, I am transformed by your desire for me. Good morning, love.

182. I will never forget the numerous times you’ve proven your love for me. You’re great and immemorial in my heart. Good morning, love.

183. I laugh while reminiscing of the stupid things we’ve done together for love. You live in a high place in my heart. Forever, I’m yours. Good morning, baby.

184. I dream of many things we’ll celebrate together but the one dearest to my heart is our love life. Never will it wither nor die.

185. You’re the captain of my life. More so, the captain of our love. I do not mind fulfilling all your earnest desire. It’s will be my pleasure. Good morning, baby.

186. I’m in awe of your grace and composure. Your class and aura beat the one of Kings and Princes. You’re a starlight that can never be dimmed.

187. All of my life I will live as though my days were numbered so I could live to satisfy you each moment that I breathe. This is my promise to you this morning, baby.

188. You’re my light in the dark. I will adore you with the most beautiful love song. The angels will be forced to bow to your glory. Good morning, hon.

189. Never will I be caught loving another. Your love is the only one I will nurture until it reproduces another life. Good morning, my eternal love.

190. Anything you desire most from my possessions is yours, including my heart, body and soul. I’m all yours even in eternity. Good morning, my one and only.

191. The best of our creation will be the beautiful babies we’ll make. I simply can’t wait to embark on the journey of everlasting with you, baby.

192. You’re worthy of my utmost respect and loyalty for loving a girl like me. I became a diamond dust glittering with the brightest love because of the affection you’ve poured on me.

193. I don’t envy the wealthiest Queens nor the surefooted Princesses, for they all failed in winning your heart the way that I did. I feel valuable because you love me this much and welcome my love for you. Good morning, my prince.

194. I do not mind setting you free so I could be in bondage. What else does love mean if I can’t atone for your offence? Good morning, my baby.

195. I cherish you with my life. I wouldn’t mind living just to satisfy you. I’d like to give you the most glorious things of life that a woman in love can give to her man. Good morning, hon.

196. It’s a thing of joy when I can’t seem to control my emotions but cry as you confess your inner feelings for me. A morning will come when we’ll be in front of the world reciting our vows to each other as we’ve dreamt together.

197. You’re the most glittery glitter because you shine brighter than many clustered ice crystals. Good morning, my love.

198. You’ve achieved a unique shape just by loving me and that’s the shape of love. You reflect light better than a diamond. You’re my sunshine.

199. I’m walking on sunshine because I feel loved by the most handsome man on earth. I’m saving all my love for you, so you could be engulfed in it like the earth is surrounded by the cloud.

200. Shape me into the most loving woman you desire. I’m ready to be who you want me to be. With you, I can be a queen in the aspect of love.

201. Who else will love you hopelessly but for this heart of mine? What reasons do I have to refrain my love from you? For me, it’s simply you or nobody else. I love you, my darling.

202. Spread your lovely kisses all over my tender body and let it cure me of every pain of yesterday. Good morning, my angel.

203. Every part of me hint of our love. Little wonder my dresses are always on the brighter side. Good morning, my happiness.

204. I’m enamoured with your touch and your kisses send me far above the stars. I’ll love to go there once again with you. Good morning, my handsome.

205. Come have a taste of what I feel for you as you bite upon the dishes I’ve made ready in my bosom. Good morning, sweetheart.

206. Distance is no barrier to a love that’s connected by heart. I’m glad your heart is where I live and thrive in. Good morning, sweet angel of love.

207. You’re no forbidden fruit. Hence, I’ve eaten of your love and I feel so blessed and contented. I love you!

208. Loving you is so easy especially when you lit up your face with a smile and beautify your heart with kindness. Good morning, angel.

209. The climate of our love never changes. It rains love every day of our lives. Good morning, my darling.

210. Whatever you desire of me on this day, you may let out of your heart cause I’m ready to please you. Good morning, sweetie.

211. You make a good boyfriend. As you make an excellent doctor. Because you’ve healed me of my pains. Good morning, my love.

212. The fragrance of our love never dies with the wind, it makes a good companion just when you’re away. Good morning, sweetie.

213. Time after time, I’ll run towards my phone in excitement as it rings, hoping it’s your voice on the other side. This love is so gripping, my darling.

214. You’re a classic example of a Latin Lover. You love better than any man who ever walked the surface of this earth. Good morning, my love.

215. Seas and oceans are incomparable to the magnitude of our love. I wonder how large our hearts then are! Good morning, sweetie.

216. You’re the magic bullet that healed me of my sorrows and turned my mourning to dancing. Therefore, I’ll always reverence you.

217. To my sweet meringue pie; you make breakfast such a pleasure. Because it’s your love I taste in every dish. Good morning, love.

218. The spelling of love would rather have the letters of your name. Because you love more than Romeo. Good morning, sweetie.

219. I’m obsessed with your name. I hear the birds sing your praises when I listen to them. Good morning, my darling.

220. You’re an Olympian in my heart. You displace every other admirer with the content of your heart.

221. I’ll take a boastful walk under the sun because you’ve been a parasol covering me from the dangers of its light. Good morning, my love.

222. You’ve sent me to a place of serenity where no other human can come betwixt us. How happy you’ve made me, upon realising such a place exists in your heart. Good morning, my love.

223. Everyday ignites a flame of gratitude within me for I am thankful of life and love. I look forward to seeing you. Good morning, my love.

224. I’ll storm the weather with you because there’s no greater peace and stability than what I feel by your side. Good morning, sweetheart.

225. In my mouth, you’ve dropped an ointment of passion. Now, I feel the fire of love burning in my very spirit. Good morning, angel.

226. I’ll go further than your imaginations can take you because this love of mine is a boundless one. I love you to the sun and back.

227. No matter what the people say, the look in your eyes convinces me of the truth in your tongue. I love and trust you, my darling.

228. I love you but I need you more than the flowers need the wind. Good morning, sweet angel of kindness.

229. No words can say it as much as my eyes confess it. Hence, look into my eyes when I speak as it is the window of my heart. Good morning, my darling.

230. Men like you are few and far between. I’m richly blessed amongst women to have your heart loving me. I love you.

231. You’re a masterpiece of the great potter above. You came in a good physique and above all, with a great heart. I’m glad that’s where I reside. Good morning, angel.

232. My eyes have met yours and we can both agree the intensity of our love is beyond measure.

233. I’ll make heaven at last if loving you was the criteria for seating by the right side of the Father. I love you, my darling.

234. Take a step, and I’ll take a step because wherever you lead me, I’ll go. I trust you to be my guide, sweet angel of love.

235. The wonders of this love are yet to be unravelled as the future I see is greater than the miracles of yesterday. Good morning, my love.

236. Every breath I draw is a testimony of my love for you. And every day I see, is a witness to the love we share. Good morning, sweetie.

237. I’ve opened a door before you that can never be shut. In my heart will you dwell forever. Good morning, sweetie.

238. You’re my motivation. I’ll get to the top of the highest mountain just as long as you remain my cheerleader. Good morning, love.

239. I’ll say it to the world until it is written on the sands of time, you’re my one true love. And the only one whose gaze opened up my heart.

240. I have no regret of the journey I made in my life especially because it led to the centre part of your heart. I love you, my darling.

241. The cycle of life is not without struggles but as long as you remain in my heart, I’ll metamorphose into the woman of my dreams. Good morning, angel.

242. Never knew kisses could be so delicious until my lips found yours. I love you, sweetheart.

243. I’m thrilled by the days ahead of us. I’m elated to see what the future holds for us. Good morning, my darling.

244. You love crazily just like I am madly in love with you, Superman.

245. A cup of coffee for breakfast and a taste of my love to satisfy your hunger. Good morning, angel.

246. I’ll go all the way with you, my darling. Remember not again the hearts that have let you down. Good morning, my love.

247. I’m sick when you’re far away. I’d go anywhere just to find you. And would do anything to keep this great love betwixt us. Good morning, my one true love.

248. You’ve embellished me with the apparel of love. The coat of many colours is as a wretched rag compared to this beauty upon me.

249. My skin shines brighter because with love you have caressed me all night long. Good morning, my love.

250. The gifts you gave to me will forever remain in my heart as they bring a smile upon my face when I reminisce on each one of them. Good morning, angel.

251. Good morning is the happiest word I ever know; coming from you, it’s a food for my soul and music to my ears.

252. Love is the flesh in me. You’re the breath that awakens my spirit. I’m alive this morning because you brought me back to life.

253. Love gives strength and empowers the weak. Hence, I’m unconquerable by the atrocities of this world. This morning, I’ll exert my whole strength to prove my love for you.

254. Our love isn’t one that is demonstrated just in the daylight. It is a love to last time after time. Good morning, my love.

255. I feel an abyss of love within me. Our love tale would be told from the moon to the sun. Good morning, my heartbeat.

256. My heart no longer beats for me but for you. My voice echoes in your heart just to tell you how much I love you. I’m awake this dawn because I want to make the love of my life happy.

257. Again I promise, I’ll give my night and day to you and sacrifice my eternity for you. Good morning, my love.

258. I have one promise to make to you this morning. If I ever forsake everything else, never will I forsake you. If I ever give up on life, never will I give up on you. You’re all that I need to live for, my love.

259. The sun might die down in the night, but my love for you will never diminish; it will remain renewable day after day. Even the night may tarry for a while, but my love will be for a lifetime. Good morning, my one true love.

260. I’m satisfied with you. Everything you do make me see your perfection. Whether you do me right or wrong, I’ll never judge the love you bestow on me.

261. I’ll plunge on into eternity loving you unquestionably. After taking a deep breath in the morning, next, is to speak to the one who makes this heartbeat every second of the day.

262. My love for you went from shallow to deep. My trust in you was born in me naturally. I do not mind to be left in the dark with you, cause I trust, you’ll never lead me astray. Good morning, babe.

263. Love struck me like a bullet. As you walk to me everything freezes for a moment; an instant that seems unending. Joy lives in me because of you, my love.

264. Every morning comes with the joy of a yuletide. All because you embellish my life with the sweet things of love. Hence, my life is now beautiful more than I could have ever made of it by myself. Good morning, my joy.

265. You’re the one I love to adore before anyone else in the morning. My pledge goes to you at night and my adoration comes to you at dawn. Good morning, my love.

266. I do not mind taking things slow with you so that we can relish every moment we spend together. With you in my life, I do not merely count my days, but I live each moment like it were my last.

267. The joy of loving someone is to be loved back. The satisfaction of loving you lies in the fact that you call me your own. Good morning, honey.

268. I find it incredibly hard to conceal my delight when I see you coming to me. You make my joy know no bound. With you, my eternal bliss is sure.

269. I’m in great shape this morning, cause you drew the shape of your heart to me last night in my room. I love you too much, I’ll never miss a gaze from your delightful eyes. Good morning, my darling.

270. Arm in arm, we’ll glide through the surface of the earth, walking majestically like Royals. My love, top of the morning to you.

271. When you offer me your brightest smile, I’m lost in the warm cluster of your affection, love and tenderness. Good morning, my heartbeat.

272. Friendly cameras of the angels appear every time you offer me your genial smile. With a dashing look that beats the runway models, you stole my heart away with you to eternity. Good morning, hon.

273. Every morning of my life is greeted with gratitude for the privilege of seeing a heaven in your hazel eyes. You’re everything I should be grateful for.

274. I give thanks for the good things of life most especially for your presence in my world. You hold the centre of my world together. Good morning, baby.

275. I savour each moment I spent dreaming of you last night. I’m happy the night is over so I can fulfil my dreams with you.

276. It will be a bright day and a fulfilling morning to be in your presence. I can’t miss the lovely look in your eyes for anything in this world.

277. I want to camp out with you all day long. The time I spend with you is the best time I ever live. Good morning, my love.

278. My heart is fit and sound because it does nothing but love you earnestly. My daily words to you are true as much as the sun appears true to the earth. Good morning, my baby.

279. I’m on the safe side because I’m in love with a substantial man like you. The beauty of your heart washes away every dirt from mine. Have a pleasant morning, my love.

280. The morning is marked with dazzling sunshine because of the light from your heart. You’re the reason for the light by day and the moon by night.

281. Good morning, hon. I’m sure as you keep me in your thought today, you’ll never give a smirk but a smile all day long. Jealousy sure looks good on you.

282. I’ll say this a dozen time today “I love you crazily.” I do not mind if it makes me irrational, I just love how it feels. Good morning, hon.

283. Things change just as much as life changes but my love for you is constant like the stream of joy in heaven. Good morning, hon.

284. To my amazement and great satisfaction, I’ll like to wake up by your side some day. That will be my dream come true.

285. I wouldn’t mind delivering colourful poems of love to you this morning if only you’ll let me, my love.

286. This morning, word would spread like a wildfire to the end of the earth that “I love you unconditionally.” Do not be startled, my love.

287. My love for you sounds like a well-tuned engine. The melody of my heart is far beautiful than you have ever heard, my love.

288. The love I have for you attracts attention like a honey. Because of you, I became a paragon of love. Good morning, sweety.

289. I will stroke each of your emotions with tenderness. I will never let you fall out of love with me, cause I’ll be there to catch you each time. Good morning, baby.

290. You own the key to my heart because you were able to reveal my innate beauty. I love you for making me fall in love with you.

291. Each time you walk beside me, you kill me with such great charm and boost my ego as that of a queen.

292. I will only like to take a trip with you to eternity. Cause, I don’t want to go on a hiatus while loving you. Good morning, sweetness.

293. I want to say how I feel to you this morning, cause my emotions to scorch more than the sun. I love you with my all. And I promise to love you beyond what I can see.

294. My heart is on fire because it burns with love. Nothing is able to quench these feelings of mine for you. Good morning, my passion.

295. There can only be you in my heart. Never will I love another in the depth and magnitude of which I love you. I’ll never love you less than yesterday.

296. I found love in you and I’ll continuously spark beautiful emotions in you until you explode with love all over me. Good morning, love.

297. Let’s look each other in the eyes till the night comes. Each look in my eyes says something unexplainable about love, but I know your heart understands. Good morning, my firefly.

298. I waited for this morning so I could shed tears of love in your presence. The only ones that cannot be washed away by rain nor many waters. Good morning, sweety.

299. What I feel for you cannot be silenced by the quietness that comes with the night and neither can it be blinded by the light of the day.

300. Good morning, my one and only. You’re such a man, too brave to be threatened by the hate in the world. Because your heart bears too much love to be engulfed by a detest. I love you for your pure heart, baby.

Now, without a second thought, go turn his darkness to light with the choice you’ve made.

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