Good Night Prayers for Him

2024 Best Good Night Prayers for Him from the Heart

Praying for someone you love is of great importance. And a prayer flowing out of a heart of love is sure to hit the mark. You should let your man know that you not only love him but you also pray for him, even at night.

Good Night Prayers for Him from the Heart

Powerful good night prayers for husband or boyfriend from the heart that you can send to your lover to retain the purity of his love.

Let your special man know that you not only care for him but you also pray as you spark up your romance from the following good night prayers for the man of your choice from the heart.

1. As night is for resting and you are ready to lay your head down and sleep I pray that you find rest and peace of mind. May every worry disappear from your heart and be replaced by a sound sleep. Have a peaceful and beautiful night rest darling.

2. Away from all the worries and stress of the day, your rest for the night should set in so that your heart and body can be refreshed for the activities of tomorrow. Sweet dreams love.

3. As you go to sleep tonight, I pray that the angels shield you from dangers that roam the dark and guard you against mishaps. May your soul, spirit and body find rest and the strength for a new day come to you. Good night and sweet dreams my love.

4. You have worked very hard today and your strength is drained, just close your eyes and say amen as I pray for you that you have a sweet sleep, a good rest and a beautiful night. May the Lord keep you safe and sound till tomorrow and wrap you with great grace

5. It is night time; time for those strong arms to get relaxed, those sharp eyes to rest and that great mind to fall asleep and be refreshed for the morning. You are not alone as I have prayed that the Lord will wrap his arms around you so that your sleep is peaceful and nightmares be far from you. Relax and enjoy the gentleness and bliss of the night ride.

6. I pray that as you go into tonight journey, all fears and worries accumulated during the course of the day’s activities will dissipate and instead the coolness and serenity of the night envelope you totally. May you have a good rest so that peaceful and great ideas for days ahead will flood your mind.

7. A wonderful night rest and lightness of heart among all things is what I pray for you today. You have had a good day and now it’s time to have a great night. Sleep peacefully as I am praying for you and God’s got your back now and always. Have a perfect night and the sweetest of nights of sleep.

8. You know you can have a great night and sleep when someone somewhere is diligently praying for your safety. My prayers for tonight are that you’re kept safe not only through the night but for the days ahead. Have a refreshing night sleep.

9. As much as I would love to stay on guard and stand\watch beside you tonight so you can have a great and harmless sleep, I know it is an impossible task so I am praying right now that the Holy One in Heaven will shield you and give you a beautiful sleep so that you can be refreshed for another day’s work. Have a beautiful night rest.

10. After a stress filled and terrific day, the best remedy is a good night sleep and the cool breeze touching gently on your face. I pray that nothing will scare you tonight and you will sleep soundly. Have a perfect night.

11. Let the gentle breeze touch into your soul and your worries disappear as you sleep tonight. Sleep tight, my love.

12. You have me, there’s nothing to be scared of in the universe, not even nightmares. Sweet dreams baby

13. May your fears and worries go away with the night and fresh ideas for another day fill your mind. Warm hugs for you tonight.

14. Your day has been awesome, I wish you a more beautiful and peaceful night.

15. As you lay your head to rest tonight fresh ideas will be divinely inspired to your mind and your rest made light.

16. The sun has not smitten you by day, I am positive that the moon will not do so at night. Sleep and have a baby rest my love.

17. May you receive insights and fresh ideas as you close those eyes to rest tonight.

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18. May the angels of the Lord watch over you and keep you safe as you go to sleep tonight my love. Close your eyes and let your fears disappear as God has got you, baby.

19. My love will be like a blanket surrounding you with loveliness and warmth as you sleep tonight. Have a wonderful night sweetheart.

20. Even when you close your eyes to sleep, know that I will be there in your dreams to give you succor.

21. To my one and only, my fantasy and dream come true, have a beautiful rest tonight and love-filled dreams

22. The night is sweetest when the one you love occupies your dreams. You are the best for me, sweet dreams darling.

23. The night is here and I have sent the breeze to softly whisper my affection and love for you. Just close your eyes and enjoy the rhythms in your sleep.

24. As the stress of the day is over, let the hushed tones of love from my heart reach into yours and give you a sound rest tonight.

25. May the presence of the angels of the Lord which I have prayed for surround and keep watch over you as you lay your heads to sleep tonight.

26. Days and nights are beautiful because you are in it with me. Have a more wonderful rest and sleep tonight

27. You are the reason my heart beats fast and the sweetest of my dreams. Have a wonderful night baby.

28. The presence of the Lord will scare away any lurking horrors of the night. Don’t worry; go to sleep as the Lord has fought all battles on your behalf.

29. The day is not ended yet as I have not sent my wishes of a good night and sound sleep to you.

30. Right by my side and in my heart you will always be. That’s how important you are to me. Have a sweet night rest darling

31. Even the moon and the stars can speak of my love for you with their shining and twinkling. Sweet dreams baby

32. Every part of nature can confirm to you that I love you even in unimaginable ways. Goodnight my best man in the world.

33. Memories and thoughts of us together are enough to scare all demons away completely. Have a rest as sweet as a baby’s.

34. May thoughts of me form the sweetest in your heart as you lay on that bed tonight. Sleep well, sweetheart.

35. Your strength and resilience awe me and I am proud to call you mine always. Sleep tight, my love.

36. Close those eyes and let the thoughts of me soothe you to sleep. Let’s continue the fun in our dreams tonight.

37. The fact that your days can be very busy makes me look forward to nighttime as that is when I can be as close to you as I want to be.

38. Let your dreams tonight be the reflections of me in your heart. Sleep tight and be safe, baby.

39. You can go to sleep with peace in your heart because I, your angel, am keeping watch.

40. As you lay your head down, my wishes are that your innermost desires come through and you will wake refreshed for the day ahead.

41. You can go to sleep but my love for you will be with you all through the night and give you strength for tomorrow.

42. In my heart, you are the king. I will pray for your safe journey to the land of dreams tonight.

43. Even the stars in the sky are aware of my love for you. Let the thoughts of our love give you a good night rest darling.

44. Your day has been really beautiful, but the night is about to be the best as you have to sleep and dream of me. Sleep tight.

45. To my favorite person in the universe, I wish you a good night rest with sound sleep.

46. My number one man, my everyday hero, sleep now and let your worries equal zero as the angels guard you all through the night.

47. You must be very tired at night as you are always running around in my head all day. Sleep tight and be safe.

48. Even when you are not here by my side, you are always in the most secured place (my heart).

49. To my thoughts all days and my dreams at night, the angels keep you safe and give you a sound rest tonight.

50. The angels of God form a protective wall around you, get a rest tonight.

51. May your night be peaceful and terrors far away from you tonight.

52. Beautiful dreams, fresh ideas, renewed strength, and relaxed mind I pray for you as you go to sleep tonight.

53. Every creation of the Most high will join forces to give you a good rest tonight.

54. No arrows flying at night will reach you; your abode is safe from evil as you go to sleep tonight.

55. May God keep watch over you and grant you safe passage into the morning.

56. More than anyone you deserve a warm goodnight wishes. I pray and wish you all these and more.

57. Every fears and worries will be calmed for you tonight and the angels will divinely visit you in your dreams.

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58. You have to know that my love for you is brighter than the stars combined. Now you can go to sleep.

59. As you go to sleep, I entrust you into the arms of the Almighty. Sleep tight, my love.

60. God in Heaven and father of all will give you to you a beautiful rest and sound sleep tonight.

61. Sleep well and without fear as the Almighty is keeping you safe Himself.

62. May you get answers to every puzzle as you lay your head to sleep tonight. Have a nice rest, my love.

63. Like every other night, tonight again you’re in my thoughts and I wish you sweet dreams.

64. Night is the highlight of our days always, let my warm hug be your succor as you drift to sleep.

65. Our love is a protective covering; it will keep you safe in your dreams tonight.

66. Every night is beautiful to us as that is when we hold onto each other and whisper sweet things to sleep.

67. Thoughts of you are enough to give me sweet dreams. Our love will give us strength for the mornings.

68. Like every other time, tonight again I’m wishing you the sweetest of sleep and dreams.

69. I would have loved to keep watch all through the night but the perfect One for that will watch over you and keep you safe in His arms.

70. My nights can only be happy as you are always in my thoughts. Have a sweet sleep yourself

71. The gentle breeze is my hug which I have sent to embrace you so that your sleep can be peaceful tonight.

72. There is no room for nightmares as I am the occupant of your dreams always.

73. Safe from the cold will my love as warm as a blanket keep you tonight and give you a sound sleep.

74. I’ll always be here to wish and to pray you a good night rest.

75. Nothing matters more to me than the fact that you are safe from the terrors of the night. Be safe baby and sleep tight.

76. May the grace of God hold you tight and see you safe through the night today and always.

77. It’s time to sleep and let the Heavenly One take charge of your safety all through the night.

78. May this night bring an awesome and perfect rest for you so you can be refreshed for tomorrow.

79. Let your mind and body be fully rested so that tomorrow, you can have another fresh start.

80. Every failure today will be doors for success tomorrow and your expectations surpassed.

81. Sleep now and get ready for the great doors that will open for you tomorrow.

82. Every night I whisper words of prayers to Heaven and that, of course, is the reason you sleep like a baby.

83. Your dreams and aspirations will definitely be fulfilled as the God in Heaven is in charge of your sleep.

84. The Lord is your shepherd he will make you sleep tight and safe tonight.

85. The Lord will take care of all your worries and fear, just go to sleep and take your rest.

86. Today’s rejection will definitely make ways for approval tomorrow. Have a sweet night.

87. Every effort of today will yield great results tomorrow, sleep tonight and let thoughts of joy fill your dreams.

88. Get enough sleep as tomorrow great opportunities abound for you. A wonderful night to you darling.

89. Every secret tear tonight will transform into great laughter in the morning in Jesus name. Sweet dreams dearest.

90. Take a warm shower tonight, rest your body and let the thoughts that tomorrow will be greater than today envelope you.

91. I pray confidence for you to go ahead with your activities for tomorrow, sleep, tight honey.

92. Victory over situations is yours tonight as you get a good sleep.

93. Tonight, let your worries float away and take a good rest as the God in heaven is the one keeping you.

94. Each day comes with its own blessings, I’m sure you have gotten today’s. Sweet dreams darling.

95. I wish you sound sleep and peace of mind as you rest tonight to wake into opportunities, a lovely night rest to you, baby.

96. Like every night, I wish you a beautiful night rest today again. Good night my love.

97. To my magical one and heartbeat; good night and sweet dreams baby.

98. Close your eyes, relax your mind and of course, dream of me. Kisses to you love, good night.

99. More than anything, I wish you a wonderful night from the depth of my mind sweet.

100. You have worked hard today my love and you deserve a sweet and sound sleep.

101. Let the thoughts of me flood your heart and erase all worries so you can sleep soundly. That’s it. Good night my love.

102. Your day has been stressful, have a nice sleep baby. Warm regards from my heart to you.

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