Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friends Mom

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Friend’s Mom

You will agree with me that without moms, some persons will not be who they are today. Moms pave the ways for us. The world will not be this sweet and interesting if not for moms. It’s safe to say they rule the world. No matter how bad a mom is, she still wants the best for you.

If everyone is to talk about how much their moms have impacted their lives, I’m sure your friend’s mom will top them all. As much as you celebrate your mom, it’s good to do the same for your friend’s mom because, without her, you wouldn’t have met your friend. The same way you value your mom, so value theirs.

The best time to celebrate such an amazing woman (your friend’s mom) is on her birthday. You get to pour out your mind and let her know how wonderful her child has been to you. Because it’s best we address the elderly in the most beautiful and respectful way possible, that’s why I have a well-written compilation of happy birthday wishes quotes for friend’s mom below.

So please, read through the ones below, and select the ones you love.

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Happy Birthday Messages to a Friend’s Mother

Thank you for being such an amazing mother to my friend. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday, long life and prosperity. Sorry, it’s just a message. Next year, I will do better.

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1. Mummy, I just want to use the opportunity of your special day to thank you for being such an amazing and wonderful mother to my friends and me, despite being my friend’s mom. I hope that all your wishes come true. Happy birthday, ma’am.

2. Never have I seen or heard of a mother so tolerant as you. I mean, we do bad things enough to get you angry, but you overlook and correct us with love. I’m thankful that I’m your daughter’s friend. I hope this birthday will be more awesome than the last.

3. Happy birthday to a mother who’s always overprotective of me her daughter’s friend. I celebrate you today because you have been there for me. Thank you for everything you do. I will never disappoint you, ma.

4. One thing I will always cherish about you is how accommodating you are. Not minding what it will cost you, you do things for us selflessly. I’m so grateful for everything. My mom sends her regards too. Happy birthday to you.

5. I have always told my friend that he took after you. Despite being a woman, you’re strong enough to face any life’s challenges. Thank you for helping us with so many things my mom finds difficult to do. I join others in celebrating your new age.

6. Mom, it’s your birthday, and I know you like enjoying so please do that as much as you want. Make sure you spend the day doing all you like doing best because you only get to celebrate your birthday just once a year. I love you ma.

7. Without any sentiments at all, you’re one of the best moms around. You’re so full of love and sweetness. I just couldn’t let the day go by without wishing you a very happy birthday. Enjoy your birthday ma.

8. Mom, I just want to thank you for giving me a friend I can count on. Your daughter has been everything to me. I love how she constantly reminds me that she took after you. You did a great job raising her, mom. May this day be wonderful to you.

9. You are an exemplary parent, and I love how you correct your children including us their friends, with love. My friend is lucky to have a mother as wonderful as you. I’m equally lucky to have benefitted from your love and care. Happy birthday, ma’am.

10. When we talk about real mothers, you definitely will take the first position. You have carried out your role perfectly, and you’ve never for once failed in loving us, despite all you go through. I’m happy that I’m a friend to your daughter. God bless you and have a happy birthday, ma.

11. Your son is my friend, and I can see where he got his brilliance from. He’s good looking, just like you. Thank you for teaching him morals and not failing to train him the perfect way. I wish your birthday is spent with much joy and happiness.

12. Thank you for being the perfect example of a great mother. It takes a strong woman to accommodate stubborn boys like us, and feed us like we’re her children. I’m glad I met you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

13. You know I will always celebrate you, ma. Looking back at how you accommodated and fed me back in the days, I can’t but keep appreciating you for your motherly role in my life. Happy birthday. God bless you.

14. My mom will never tolerate all you condone at all, that’s why I don’t take my friend’s home. You have never complained about how messy we can be when we’re in your house. Instead, you love and accommodate us. I’m thankful, ma’am. Do have a happy birthday.

15. You are like a mother to me. I don’t see you as my friend’s mom. You provide things for me effortlessly, without thinking I have parents too. I have learnt a lot from you, and with that, I’m certain I would run my home the best way. Happy birthday, ma’am.

16. You carried my friend in your womb for nine months. You took care of her till she’s grown. She has friends and you take care of them too. What example can be used to describe the best mom again? Absolutely, none. Have a happy day, mom.

17. The same way my mom is important to me, so you are. Some things wouldn’t have been in their perfect shape in my life, if not for you. In fact, you gave me this job I’m doing. You are worth celebrating every day of your life. Happy birthday.

18. You treat me like family and make me so comfortable whenever I am around you, and you’ve never treated me like a daughter’s friend. I want to thank you for being there for me. Happy birthday to my friend’s mother.

19. You’re a virtuous woman, and it’s easy for young ladies to emulate your lifestyle. Thank you for all you do for humanity. Thank you for being a light on my path. I celebrate you always, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

20. Thank you for treating me like a daughter and not just your daughter’s friend. I hope that God helps us to make you proud in the end. Happy birthday, mummy. God bless you.

21. It’s a mother’s birthday! You’re a mother to so many people, and I’m glad your life is filled with God’s grace. This makes it easy for us to follow your lead. May everything good come your way. Amen.

22. As you celebrate your birthday today, may all the promises of God be made manifest in your life. I can’t do much, but I hope that the prayer comes to pass. I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

23. You have always been a happy mom; always correcting us with love and making sure everything is fine with us. You are a friend’s mom, but you’re also a mom indeed. Thank you for being so nice. Happy birthday, ma.

24. You keep looking younger and more beautiful every day. I’m sure the secret is that you’re always happy. Thank you for working so hard to see that my friend becomes a successful person. Have a happy day, mom.

25. Despite my mom’s failure of being a good mom, you accepted me into your family and made my affairs your responsibility. I’m eternally grateful for how you treat me. I love you so much. Please, have fun today.

Birthday Prayers for a Friend’s Mother

A wonderful mother needs prayers on her birthday, that’s why I am praying that you reap the fruits of your labour on us. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful friend. Happy birthday to you.

26. You’re my favourite woman after my mom. You treat me so nicely whenever I am around. And when I’m not around, you make sure that you call so you can be sure I am fine. I love you for being there for me. May God bless your existence. Happy birthday to you, mom.

27. I want to have your kind of love and tolerance when I eventually have children. Despite how stubborn we are, you have never raised your voice at us. You’re a rare gem, and you deserve a perfect birthday. May Heaven bless all your endeavours.

28. Your daughter is so precious to me. I love her because of how you’ve succeeded in instilling the love and the fear of God into her. She’s a lot more than what I’ve always wanted in a friend. I just want to thank you for training her well. May you reap the rewards of your labour. Happy birthday, ma’am.

29. You didn’t only give me a friend, you gave me a sister. One who is always there for me, no matter what she’s going through. One who has my back always and never gets tired of me. Thank you for this, ma’am. God bless your existence. Have a happy birthday.

30. You’re one in a million, mummy. Thank you for accepting that your daughter becomes my friend. My life took a good turn, ever since I became friends with her. You raised a queen like you, ma’am. May you be highly favoured. Happy birthday to you.

31. I love to call you mother because that’s exactly who you are. You flaunt your role as a mother so effortlessly. You don’t care about, whatever happens, provided your children and their friends are okay. Thank you, great woman. Peace and joy be multiplied unto you.

32. The way you cover our mess shows how much you love us, as a mother. You treat us with respect despite how annoying we can be. Thanks for exhibiting patience always. God bless all you’ve laboured for. Do have a happy birthday.

33. Always heard that either a mother does good or bad, it will always show in the lives of the kids. I want to say thank you, for being such a good influence on us. Happy birthday to my friend’s mom who also happens to be my mom. God bless you, ma’am.

34. Even though you’re not my biological mom, I still look up to you. You’re a great parent to my friend, and I learn a lot from you. Thank you for being yourself and teaching us how to live right while at it. May you be favoured beyond your imagination. Happy birthday, ma’am.

35. You’re always surprising us with things that we want. Despite how much we try not to disturb you about our lives, you still find a way to go about this. On behalf of my friends, I say thank you. May God thank you for us. Happy birthday to you.

36. You do some things that we don’t even see, and they have ways of telling on our lives. As you are, you aren’t going to ever fail in being a great mom. I love how you show us love. May God continue to show you love. Happy birthday. ma’am.

37. When my friend talks about what you’ve gone through to see her before who she is today, I weep. Mom, you have really tried, and no father would’ve done more than that. You’re a queen, and may you reign forever. Happy birthday.

38. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend other than the one raised by a queen. Even before I met you, I have loved you. My friend can’t stop talking about how hard she wants to work so she can make you proud. God bless you, ma. Happy birthday, mummy.

39. Despite your busy schedule, you still create time for your children. You make sure the home is in good shape before going to work. I learned a lot from you during the last holiday. You’re a mother like no other. May you be present when we’re making it big. Happy birthday.

40. Thank you for working so hard to provide a good life for your children. Thank you for starving so they can eat. You don’t know this, but you inspire me a lot, and I want to be like you when I grow up. God bless you. Happy birthday to you, ma’am.

41. No wonder my friend is courageous and believes in himself. I never knew he took after you. Thank you, Queen, for raising a strong prince. I’m sure he will always be happy with you. May you reap the benefits of your labour. Happy birthday, mom. Enjoy.

42. You’re always reaching out with love, money, calls, prayers and everything good mother’s do. We don’t even do half of what we should, but you still love and support us. We love you too. May the heavens pray for you. Have a great birthday celebration.

43. If I hadn’t known or met you, I’d have said no woman can do all you do. You’re a very strong woman for single-handedly raising five children. I envy your courage in all of these. Thank you for living a life of purpose. God bless your works. Happy birthday, great woman.

44. You’re not just a gift to your children and family, you’re a gift to your children’s friends and the whole world at large. Your life speaks joy, courage, peace, love, name it! I love you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you. God bless you.

45. I always love to be around you, because of how deep your words are. You encourage me to do better and see the best in myself. I never thought I would amount to anything, if not for your direction. Happy birthday, mom. God bless your days.

46. My friend is lucky to have you, but I am luckier. I am proud of the women you keep raising in society. You are the best mom anyone can ever wish for. I hope you have an awesome birthday filled with God’s endless love.

47. Well, you have almost everything you need, so today, I’m wishing you peace of mind to enjoy all you’ve laboured for in life. May we be successful right in your presence. Thank you for always holding it down for us. You’re blessed. Happy birthday, ma.

48. You have never treated me differently, whatever you give your daughter, mine is always included. To cap it all, my friend is never jealous. That shows how much you’ve invested in training her. I love you, ma’am. God bless you. Happy birthday.

49. Joy, laughter, peace and the likes are all you’ve always brought into our lives. With you by our side, we will never have to suffer, because you’re always ready to go through stuff for us. Thank you for being a mother indeed. Happy birthday to you. You’re blessed.

50. Yes, you’re my friend’s mom. And yes, you’re my mom too. I don’t see the difference between you and my mom. Thank you for making things easy for my friend and me. My mom sends her regards. Happy birthday, ma’am. May you not be found wanting. Amen.

Best Friend’s Mother Birthday Quotes

As my best friend’s mother, you’re also my mother. Because when my friend is happy, I am too. Though this is a quote, it’s from the deepest part of my heart. I love you for all you do. Happy birthday to you.

The five best ways to wrap your friend’s mom’s birthday gift.

51. I want to thank you for single-handedly raising me and shouldering my responsibilities since my parents passed on. Thank you for listening to my friend when she suggested you take me in. It shows how much you respect your children. Happy birthday, ma’am.

52. All these years, you have had nothing but love and value for me. You don’t take my matter for granted, just because I am your daughter’s friend. Thank you for being more than a friend’s mom to me. We will all make you proud, by God’s grace. Happy birthday.

53. Yes, mothers are known for their love and kindness towards their children, but you’re not even my biological mom and you do all these for me. How can I ever repay all your good deeds to me? I guess making you proud will do. Happy birthday to you.

54. It’s your birthday, and so I want to thank you for giving me a friend I can share anything and everything with. A friend that has my back, no matter what happens. A friend I can proudly call my brother. Happy birthday, ma’am.

55. As you celebrate your birthday, I want you to forget about all your problems because God has greater plans for you. Just focus on us your children, and watch us do you proud. Happy birthday, mom.

56. You are a successful woman already. We have all watched you groom yourself to be who you are today. Thank you for extending discipline to us your daughter’s friends. God bless you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

57. On this special day, I pray for God to grant you good luck, long life, prosperity and make us succeed while you’re still alive. Thank you for being a great mom. Happy birthday to you.

58. Don’t worry about me, I will stand by you all the days of your life, because you have never stopped being there for me, despite not being your biological daughter. I love you so much ma. Happy birthday, mom.

59. As you grow old, one of the most important things you need is to have happy moments with special people. I promise never to leave your side because you didn’t leave mine when I needed help. Happy birthday, mom.

60. Being your daughter’s friend has exposed me to so many beautiful experiences. I never knew a child could be this close to her mom, because I hide things from mine, probably because of the way she treats me. Thank you for loving me. Wishing you a happy birthday.

61. May the mercies and full grace of God and be pronounced upon your life, as you celebrate your special day. We are all grateful to God for a mom like you. Have a wonderful day. Love you.

62. I’m happy to see you go down the same road that others have gone and never came back. You are going through it happily just because of your biological and adopted children. May the good Lord lift you where others have fallen. Amen. Happy birthday.

63. In good parenting, you have a degree. You even train children that aren’t yours, because of your love for children. No wonder your children keep excelling. Happy birthday to you, mummy. May your days be long.

64. This is the day that the Lord has made, please rejoice and be glad in it. Only God made this possible. I pray that all the negative plans of your enemies against you never prosper. Have a beautiful day.

65. May the goodness and mercies of the Lord keep abiding with you and your household, as you clock this milestone. You’re a mother to many, and you deserve a wonderful celebration. Happy birthday to you.

66. Even at this age, you’re still very beautiful as always. You glow effortlessly even without beauty products. Just mention anyone who has gone through half of what you have had to go through, and still looks this sweet. This is just the grace of God in your life. I’m so happy for you. Happy birthday.

67. Mom, you deserve to be happy in this life, because you have gone through it all. May God bless you so abundantly and cause us to excel before your very eyes. Please, have enough fun today. Happy birthday.

68. My prayer is that whatever brings you joy will not die, in Jesus’ name. I pray that whatever you do prospers and fills you with loads of happiness. Happy birthday, mom.

69. Thank you for accepting that I call you mom. It’s been a very beautiful journey with you. As you celebrate this day, may God continue to pour out His grace and anointing upon you. Happy birthday, mom. Thanks for taking care of my friend.

70. I hope you know that no matter what happens, I will always join your children to celebrate you. You have been so good to me and everyone lucky to cross paths with you. Thank you for making the world a better place for people like us. Happy birthday to you.

71. I call you my mom because you’ve been more than just a friend’s mom to me. Whenever I am down, I just need to talk to you, and then my worries vanish. Thank you for always being right in my corner. I will never be ungrateful. Happy birthday to you.

72. You have been ill for quite some time now, and all we’ve been doing is love you more and pray for you. On your birthday, I pray that God grants you perfect health, strength and happiness beyond your imaginations. Happy birthday, mummy.

73. Happy birthday, mummy. Thank you for showing us the way of the Lord. I always look forward to seeing you because you have a way of talking me out of my problems. May your years be long and filled with joy. Enjoy.

74. You have loved me from childhood. You’re my mom’s friend and my friend’s mom, how lucky can I be again? I feel that I have all I want in this life. Thank you for being great, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

75. You are such a sweet mother. You’re full of love for everyone. You’re blessed and wonderful in all ways. I can’t thank God enough for the gift of you. I’m thankful for all you’ve done. Happy birthday to you, mom.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend’s Mom

If wishes were horses, I would’ve given you the whole world, because you gave me my best friend. Thank you for giving me this beautiful soul. May God continue to spare you for us. Happy birthday, mom.

76. All I want for you is for you to be seated on the day of our success. You have been there for me, mom. Very soon, I will bring my parents to thank you for everything you have done. Please, be prepared. Happy birthday.

77. I wish that you enjoy a divine breakthrough in life. You have sacrificed so much for us, without even complaining or being aggressive towards us. I love you, ma. Have a blessed birthday, sweet mother.

78. May every one of your remaining days be blessed with God’s divine blessing. Thank you for being right behind us always. This day and the ones to come are blessed. Happy birthday to you.

79. You teach us how to trust in God and live a holy life. Your life is a mess because you prefer taking care of your children to living in luxury. Your kind is rare, ma. Thank you for giving me my best friend. Happy birthday to you.

80. With or without your birthday, we will keep celebrating with you. You’re worth more than just being celebrated once a year. Thank you for always being after our success. Happy birthday, a priceless jewel.

81. You will never come to school to visit my friend without packing some things for me. You love me too much, and I still don’t understand what I have done to deserve this. I guess that’s how you’re wired – the best way. Happy birthday, ma’am.

82. Who’s my friend without you? You have laid down your life to see her succeed. I wish my mom can go through half of this for me. But, it is what it is. May the will of God be done in your life. Happy birthday.

83. Everyone loves you. I have never heard anything bad about you, instead, I hear people talk about how much you’ve helped them grow. You’re a gem, mom. Know this, even people who didn’t know you, pray for you and that’s the sweetest thing that can happen to anyone. Happy birthday.

84. Happy birthday to the strongest woman I know. Always aiming at bettering her children’s lives. My mom needs to come to learn good parenting from you. Happy birthday, ma.

85. What’s a battle that you can’t face? Life itself is a battlefield and I have watched you fight for your children continuously. Whatever they enjoy in the future, you made it possible for them. You’re a hero.

86. I know there are some things you go through silently without telling your children, so they won’t see you as a weak mom. There are also so many battles that you’ve won for them. May God fix the former as soon as possible. Happy birthday.

87. You are an awesome mom and your son who’s my friend is an amazing person. I hope that this birthday is one of the best you’ve ever had. Wishing you a wonderful day, ma.

88. Such a sweet and beautiful woman. Always smiling and talking with us. The journey of life wouldn’t have been this easy without your guidance. You’re loved and appreciated. Happy birthday, ma’am.

89. My friend is such a fortunate child to have a woman like you as a mother. You’re a complete package; you’re caring, loving, sweet and nice. Thank you for producing a sweetheart which is my friend. Happy birthday.

90. Thank you for being a good influence on my friend. Good mothers are rare, these days. May you continue to enjoy many more years of happiness and fulfilment. Amen. Enjoy your day, ma’am.

91. Mothers of your type belong to the old generation; they are selfless and will do anything to make their children happy. I also benefit from your selflessness through my friend. Happy birthday, ma.

92. You are always making me feel at home when I come looking for my friend. You don’t complain about how I choose to dress. In short, you’re accommodative. Ensure that you enjoy your birthday. I love you ma.

93. One of the reasons I love you is because you don’t judge. Unlike other parents, including my mom. Thank you for being considerate, kind and loving towards me. May everything you’ve ever hoped for come your way. Happy birthday.

94. Who else deserves to be appreciated, celebrated and remembered on their birthday, if not you? You’re an amazing woman and a good parent. Thank you for providing all my friend’s needs. Happy birthday to you.

95. Thank you for being a good parent. Your sweetness even shows in your children. Thank you for giving my friend the life of her dreams. We are lucky to have you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

96. The joy of motherhood is to see one’s children make it more than one’s expectations. Thank God my friend is making you proud already. Your prayers and discipline didn’t go to waste, anyways. Happy birthday to you.

97. Whoever finds it difficult to be happy and homely around you is definitely a sadist. You’re just too sweet and your ways are pure. Happy birthday to one of the best mothers I have ever met. Live long.

98. My WhatsApp status and other social media platforms are full of your pictures, today. This has only got to show how much you’ve imparted lives. You are definitely worth all the celebration. Enjoy your special day.

99. My friend is always happy. She’s never sad or angry. I have had to question this so many times, but all she keeps saying is, her mom didn’t train her that way. Wow! You’re a perfect mom. Have a happy birthday, mom.

100. Thank you for feeding me and advising me whenever I need guidance. Though my parents are far away, I have you near me every time. I love you so much, ma’am. Happy birthday to a mother figure.

I’m sure your friend’s mom will now have some level of respect for you after reading one of the happy birthday wishes quotes for friend’s mom from you. It’s going to be an amazing experience for her, trust me.

Please, don’t forget to stay glued to this page for more nice contents, and also tell your friends about the goodness I have on here. Thank you.

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