2024 Have a Good Flight Wishes for Someone Special

Have you ever considered the mixed feelings of boarding a plane or travelling by air? The thrills… the fear… the fun… the rumbling stomach… the sumptuous meals… the new faces… and much more is the panic of safe landing mostly felt by the one boarding for the first time.

Irrespective of where one is journeying to, the protection and safe landing at the right destination is what matters to the traveller. So much, you (as a concerned fellow) can likewise be spontaneous in making that loved one have a good feeling all through his/her journey.

So, are you thinking of the best wishes to send to that special one who is embarking on a flight? Or, are you still thinking of a better way of expressing your wishes to him/her?

Don’t go too far. Here, you’ll find about 110 most adorable 2024 ‘Have a Good Flight Wishes and Messages’ suitable for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, brother, sister, dad, son, daughter and friends, all appearing in quick succession.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Boyfriend

Have a Peaceful Flight Wishes to My Boyfriend.

1. You mean so much to me, and I’m still concerned about you, no matter what. So, I wish you a first class safety and journey mercies.

2. I may not be there to journey with you, but my love will remain constant with you. Have a safe flight, my dear.

3. I’m awaiting sweet experiences from this voyage on your return. Go well my one and only sweetheart.

4. May this journey be incomparable to none. Enjoy your trip and have a safe flight.

5. I pray the atmosphere over there be favourable for you all through your stay and journey. Enjoy a safe flight dearest.

6. You’re so intelligible. No wonder you’re chosen as part of the team to embark on this flight. Keep making us proud. Enjoy!

7. Your courage to discover new places gave an opportunity for this flight. Nothing can stop you as long as you keep taking bold steps. Enjoy your good flight boyfriend.

8. I know you’ve got a strong appetite for the food you’ll be served in the plane. I just hope you wouldn’t acquire extra flesh on return. Do eat moderately and enjoy your flight.

9. You’ve never travelled on an airplane but this is a good time for you to do such. So, go in peace and have a good flight.

10. I just need an assurance that you will come back for me to be with you finally. Only then can I be at rest and be able to wish you a sweet adventure. Till then, my heart rests with you.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Girlfriend

Have a Prefect Flight Wishes for Girlfriend.

1. Your convenience and safety matters much more to me than anything else. This is because you mean the whole world to me. Have a good flight bae.

2. No matter how long it takes, I know I will surely survive these few months without you. Enjoy your flight. I will miss you dearly.

3. So glad my bae is going on a flight for the first time. Don’t be nervous. Just keep calm and enjoy a sweet flight.

4. Maintain your sanity and do not give a glance at those advances that will be passed at you over there. Be good and enjoy safety around.

5. We are taking this relationship to the next level as soon as you return, I give my promise. It’s now up to you not to disappoint me. All the same, enjoy your sweet flight.

6. Your next move ignites more sense of admiration in me for you. I appreciate your passion and attitude towards life. Now see all the benefit attached therein for you. You’re unstoppable! Have a good flight, dear.

7. You should not smear your excitement as regards this flight at people’s face. Just take that for now as my candid advice. Safe flight.

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8. Don’t ever think you now have the total freedom to live as you like. Be the best of yourself and don’t be too carried away by the fancies of the high lives over there.

9. Everyone at your office commended your attitude and agility. I’m happy you’re rewarded with a sweet vacation abroad. Stay safe and safe journey.

10. Babe, your safety means so much to me. I wish I could be there with you to keep you calm all the way. All the same, do have a safe trip.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Husband

Have a Safe Flight  Wishes to My Husband.

1. No life without you and now losing sight of you for a while can be more sickening. But what do I do? I’ve got no choice. Your success means much to me now. I pray you have a successful flight.

2. You have always been a good master planner with great instincts. I know you’ve planned the whole year for this trip. Now it is a reality. A safe flight I wish you, my darling husband.

3. I really know this trip means so much to you than anything else. You’re focused on embarking on this trip and I see you landing safely.

4. You can go around the world for exploration as much as you desire. But you can only make me feel better by always getting in touch. Enjoy your trip.

5. Out of the many qualities that endeared me towards you, one of such is your ability to prioritise greatly. This trip means so much to you and I give you my whole support and full encouragement.

6. Now you’re sealing the deal off with a nice trip overseas. I wish you an enjoyable moment in this business trip of yours.

7. I have always trusted your judgement and your ingenuity to turning things around. I’m happy the company has experienced massive developments since your arrival. Now you’re rewarded with a 3 months vacation. That’s massive, honey! Enjoy your flight and stay safe.

8. I’m sure you will make the trip for everyone in the plane an enjoyable one because there’s never a dull moment with you. Enjoy your flight, my dear.

9. Nothing will make me feel so better other than those quality and adorable gifts you’re bringing home. Can’t wait to see you, my dear.

10. I never for once doubted your boss’ decision in making you the manager of the company. You’re such an innovative man and you deserve this vacation trip. More goodies await you as you make things progress the more.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Wife

Have a Safe Flight Wishes to My Wife.

1. I’m still loving the wifey qualities I saw in you all through our youthful days. Your adventurous spirit drives your ambition. I’m always in support of this journey you’re embarking on. Have a safe flight, my angel.

2. You’ve got brilliant prospects and I’m glad your earnings have been on serious prep for this trip. I know it’s going to be an exciting one. Safe journey!

3. As much as I dread the distance this journey will create between us, your progress still remains my utmost desire. Enjoy your flight all the way.

4. The joy you bring to my heart every day makes me take deep pleasure in this journey, sweet wife. I wish you a safe landing and swell time over there.

5. I know I’ve got the best wife in the whole world and you will always make me proud. If I don’t support your career, who else will? Have a sweet experience and a safe flight.

6. You’ve exerted so much energy to making this journey a reality. Thanks to God it yielded positive result. You’re a dreamer and a goal getter. I appreciate you for this. Safe flight, honey.

7. Journeying with you is the most exhilarating experience because you’re such an exciting personality. But, now that I’m not going with you, I still have to wish you a sweet voyage.

8. I could feel the joy in your heart and the smile on your face. This trip is an exhilarating one for you. Have a safe flight, wifey.

9. No one but you makes me feel cool and comfortable every time of the day. And now that you won’t be here for a couple of weeks, been thinking hard on how I will cope without you around. From my heart, I wish you a sweet adventure.

10. See this trip as an avenue to make headway by putting up the best of your attitude during the business meeting. Be good all through and enjoy your flight back home.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Brother

Have a Safe Flight Wishes for My Brother.

1. Never knew this journey will come this soon. Now that it’s here, you’ve got to go and rule the world. Have a pleasant trip, brother.

2. Whichever is more important, whether it’s the journey or the destination, I still wish you a sweet flight to your destination and a lovely adventure over there.

3. I could pretend like I won’t miss you, but no doubt I’m gonna miss all the fun we used to have together. Have a safe flight, baby brother.

4. Just to be a cool sister at least, for now, I will help pack your bags to ensure nothing is left behind. Wishing you a sweet voyage ahead.

5. I will do something memorable that will make you homesick while you’re away. If you want to know, whisper to me first what you will bring for me. Enjoy your trip.

6. We are just two but now you’re leaving me behind to further your studies. I wish I could go with you now but not to worry, I will cope without you with time. I wish you a safe flight.

7. I know you’ve got guts. Nothing scares you at all, not even considering the fact that you’ve got no one there to stay with. I trust you’ll surely find your way around with time. Have a safe flight.

8. Glad you eventually got the opportunity to board a plane for the first time. It is now a reality. Enjoy your sweet ride all through.

9. You could be naughty but I tell you I’m naughtier. I will miss your naughtiness because we are just cool like that. I wish you a sweet flight.

10. I’m learning hard to cope without you being around. Just promise me you will be fine. Have a good flight, bro.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Sister

Have a Safe Flight Wishes for My Sister.

1. As you are about to embark on this flight sister, may you continue to fly higher till you reach your greatest height.

2. Keep being the good lady you’ve always been and don’t keep me hopeless here. Have a safe flight, lovely sister.

3. Experiences might be sweet, adventure can be memorable. Remember this sister, no place like home. We await your return soonest. Enjoy your trip and have a safe flight.

4. Just thinking though…do not squander all your hard-earned income on just a single trip. You could actually keep some money behind so you can have something to fall back on while you return.

5. Whatever plans you might have conceived before leaving, comport yourself and don’t be too carried away with so much frolicking. All the same, do have an enjoyable flight.

6. As the best sister I’ve ever had, I know you will bring me goodies on your return. I trust you won’t disappoint. Enjoy your trip to and fro.

7. Don’t allow this journey get into your head. Remember your good friends here and don’t turn your back on any while you return. Safe flight I wish you.

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8. I know you have received up to a thousand and one wishes, as this isn’t your first time of boarding a plane. All the same, I will still send you my wishes so you can have a hitch-free flight all through your expedition.

9. In no time, you will get so fond of your new environment and office. No matter what remember those you left behind. I wish you best of luck in your new adventure and a good flight.

10. This is not the kind of trip to embark on just for pleasure sake. Go with your best of attitude and be focused. Enjoy your flight.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Dad

Have a Safe Flight Wishes for My Father.

1. The bedtime stories and morning prayers coordination will be missed by your absence dad. I’m sure mum will do a good job on your behalf till you return. Do have a safe flight to Nairobi.

2. I know I’ve got the best dad who has given us a good name to pride in. This trip makes us take more pride in you. Keep soaring dad, we love. Enjoy your flight.

3. Dad, I marvel at the drastic changes around ever since your emergence as the new manager of your company. No hard feelings in commending you as the best father ever. Have a sweet flight for your vacation.

4. I surely trust you will return with lots of goodies and gifts for mum, myself and the twins. Plan to take us along in your next trip, dad.

5. I’m as much as excited about the travelogues we will hear from you on return. Can’t wait to take a ride with you round the places you visited through your experiences. Enjoy your trip back home, dad.

6. I’m not just wishing you a safe trip for the fun of it. I’m actually psyching you ahead towards the expensive gifts that you will bring for me. A toast to your safe flight and arrival.

7. How long will I pretend like I won’t miss you? I doubt how long I’m going to hold on like that without having you around, dad. Have a safe flight and do enjoy your trip.

8. I really don’t want to get used to not having you around, dad. Mum gets busier to keep the home whenever you’re not here for us. I will manage to be fine till you return. Please, don’t stay too long. I wish you a safe flight.

9. Never knew I’ve got such a very brilliant man as a father until now. This trip is surely a great evidence of your hard work. So happy for you, dad. Have a safe trip.

10. Couldn’t believe you could make it to the top list to represent your company for the year. Ensure you make the best presentation ever, and do have a safe flight to and fro. I love my daddy.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Mum

Have a Safe Flight Wishes to My Loving Mother.

1. The lovely scenery, new people and all the sweet experiences are the things I long to hear of while I await your safe return. Enjoy your journey and do have a good flight, mum.

2. Sweet mum, I know we shall get to hear lots of discoveries from your travelogues. We long to hear more exciting stories as soon as you return.

3. Opportunity comes but once. You’ve taken the chance that just came your way now and I’m proud you made a good decision. I love you mum. Have a safe flight.

4. Everyone speaks of your intelligence and good attitude to work. No wonder they are missing you dearly as much as I am too. Good luck to you and do have a safe flight.

5. The manner at which you clasp your palms in excitement already reveals your high expectations as regards the journey. Thank God you finally made it. Safe flight I wish you, mum.

6. Mum, I’m seriously hoping that the next holiday will involve me going with you. Can’t help being alone for the next few weeks but I’ve got no choice. Enjoy your flight.

7. This is another opportunity, mum, to meet more intellectuals, enjoy new sights and have sweet experiences. Make good use of this time, do enjoy the best of the moment and have a sweet journey.

8. I wish I could be opportune like you to see those beautiful places I’ve heard so much about from you. Promise to take me along in your next vacation.

9. Traveling in a flight has been your longtime dream, mum. I’m happy it has now become a reality. I wish you a fun-filled flight all through.

10. I wouldn’t have been able to speak so highly of you until now, mum. Those commendations flying all around just for you are so endearing. I’m happy you’ve won yourself a new promotion. Happy resumption and do have a good flight to your new office.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Son

My Son Have a Safe Flight Wishes.

1. I long to see a better and stronger man on your return, son. Do have the best of experience over there and a good flight.

2. Just take to every given instruction on the plane and ensure all your luggage are well tucked in. I wish you a safe landing.

3. I know this is your first flight ever. And I quite understand you may want to feel some anxiety. Do not panic, the flight will surely end in peace and safety.

4. Make me a proud father by making a good presentation and winning the contract home. Enjoy your journey and do have a sweet flight back.

5. I see you as a lucky chap to have worked your way to making this trip. I wish you the best of experience and a safe flight.

6. Every day, I pride in your success and the good name you bring to this family. Glad you’re my son. Keep it up and do have an enjoyable flight.

7. I understand your phobia for travelling but trust me, this is a flight and it’s a different one entirely. I know it’s going to be a sweet ride for you all through.

8. My last flight was successful because I adhered strictly to every given instructions. I am not expecting anything short of the best from you also, son. Sweet voyage!

9. I know your long time dream to board a plane has eventually come to reality. Be a good boy and don’t disappoint us your parents. Have a good flight, my boy.

10. This flight is such that will bring you the happiest and fulfilled moment you could ever imagine. I will miss you, son.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Daughter

Have a Safe Flight Wishes for My Daughter.

1. That you’re embarking on your first flight has already made you dread the journey even before the start. No cause for alarm dear. God will be with you all through the journey.

2. So long you didn’t lobby your way into the list of qualified members for the trip, then you have no cause to worry about anything. Just keep calm and enjoy every bit of the trip, my daughter.

3. I could have exhausted all my money in making this trip a reality for you. But my prayers will continually rain on you that God be with you every step of the way.

4. I’d already prayed that the journey will be turbulence free and full of excitement for you. So shall it be!

5. I’m looking forward to the testimony you will share on return. I’m sure it will demand that you give a special thanksgiving to God in the church for a safe flight. Can’t wait to see you, my dear.

6. Have a safe flight to back to Nigeria, daughter. I’d already planned to prepare your best meal on return. Come home quickly.

7. I am confident the atmosphere will be conducive and the plane is in good condition. You’re the apple of our eyes and with God on your side, you will surely land safely.

8. Be on your guards, and stay safe all through the journey and your expedition over there. You can go for sight seeing and spend good time with your friends, but no night clubs, hot spots or pubs for you.

9. Your dad and I will come for you at the airport. I can’t wait to behold my princess’ face again. Have a safe flight back home.

10. I’m happy the winter will soon be over and then summer will take over. This season I know will be safe and favourable for your kind of nature. So take care and do enjoy all your trips over there.

Have a Good Flight Wishes for Friend

Have a Safe Flight Wishes to My Best Friend.

1. This holiday to travel abroad makes me feel so happy for you friend. I know you’re making it to the top. But can’t stop feeling jealous. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday.

2. I know you’re joyous. All the same, don’t allow it get into your head that you become so proud to those you’re leaving behind. Have a safe flight all the way.

3. While I’m battling with studies and researches here, you have taken a huge step to furthering overseas. I’m so proud of you though jealous a bit. I wish you a safe flight, my dear.

4. The peace you’ll experience is such that will bring you the best of the moment. Safe travels, dear friend.

5. Our differences and bickering at each other often do not mean we won’t miss ourselves while apart. I’m gonna miss you real good buddy. Have a safe trip.

6. As the only gist mate I have, I can’t wait to get the full gist of the journey and the sweet experiences over there. Please endeavour to call soonest.

7. Your hard work pays off with this huge price. My guy, I envy you big time. Make the best use of this time to catch the best fun ever. Anyways I trust you will never dull yourself. Stay safe!

8. The flight ahead may seem so tough and long but it’s going to be a sweet expedition all through. I’m going to miss all our chit-chats and banters.

9. You top the list. You are always saving our face and representing the company so well. I wish you all the best, friend. Go in peace and have a great flight.

10. Always be the best we’ve known you for and do have a wonderful flight to your destination.

Now that you’ve got a long list of wishes to make a more memorable farewell statement, kindly feel free to use, share and pass a comment. Thanks for dropping by.

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