Heart Touching Birthday Wishes Messages for Ex Boyfriend

You come across a lot of people daily, and none of them really affects us. But you meet one person, and everything changes, either for the better or for the worse.

Try as much as we can, life just has a way of happening to us, to the things and people in our lives. And somehow, we don’t always get what we really want.

Well, here are a 150+ birthday wishes for your ex-boyfriend. They are varying in content, as they’re emotional.

Happy Birthday Ex-Boyfriend Wishes Quotes

Best happy birthday wishes quotes for your ex-boyfriend.

1. There’s this sadness that fills my heart when I remember we are no longer a couple. I still miss you and I love you still. But well, today shouldn’t be about that. On this note, happy birthday. I wish you long life, prosperity and good health. May this year be an amazing one for you.

2. I’d always attribute my success to you. Heck! I’ve never met a guy that is as selfless as you are. You changed my life for the better, and I’ll always be grateful. Happy birthday, coke. May this year bring you happiness; no one deserves it more.

3. I shouldn’t have ever played with your emotions that way. Look where that got us; it ruined the one perfect thing I had in my life. But well, even if we are no longer together, I’m glad that we can still talk to each other. Happy birthday, dear.

4. May this year be all you hope it’ll be.
You are a great guy. And if I didn’t tell you this enough, or appreciate you enough, then I was blind and plain stupid. Anyways, here’s wishing you an amazing birthday. I love you.

5. I never thought I’d get to the point where I’d say that I forgive you. you really hurt me, and you hurt us. And there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish things were different between us. Happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday, dear. We may not be together anymore, but you’ll always be in my heart.

7. Now that I think about it, we are better off being friends than lovers. And even though it hurts, I’m glad that we’re still friends. So, may this new year be a good one for you. Happy birthday.

8. I feel bad that life just had to happen to the beautiful relationship we had going. And I’d give anything just to have you back. But for now, happy birthday. I pray you accomplish all those beautiful plans you used to tell me.

9. My memories of you will always be fond. You brought clarity to me when I was lost. You were strength and confidence when I was down. And for all of these things and more, I’ll always be thankful. Happy birthday, *insert name.*

10. You gave me wings to fly; you looked past my flaws and loved me completely. I won’t lie about the fact that I’m jealous of your new girlfriend. But anyways, happy birthday. Soar high, baby boy.

11. I’m glad I can look back to the way things were between us, and still find reasons to smile. You and me, we had a good time. Happy birthday. And may the tides always be in your favor.

12. Even though we can’t control what life throws at us, we can control those we allow into our space. Even if we aren’t together anymore, I’m proud I made the choice of letting you in. Happy birthday.

13. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. Happy birthday, sweety.

14. You’re one of the most amazing people I ever met. This new year, remember to keep doing you; you’re all shades of amazing. Happy birthday.

15. I am proud to still say you’re my friend in every sense of the word. And I’m going to still be here, rooting for you and supporting you in this new year. Happy birthday.

16. Here’s me wishing you a new year of growth, laughter, joy, peace and positivity. Happy birthday.

17. I’m glad that you get to see this new year. And I’m glad because I know you’d do great things as well. Happy birthday, dearie.

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18. Somehow, I’m still wishing that this is a dream I’d wake up from. I still don’t know how to live without you. But I wish you well, and I pray this year goes well for you. Happy birthday.

19. I’m glad we are not together anymore; I so don’t envy the new lady you’re with. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and hope that things work out for you. Take care.

20. Honestly, if I’m still given the chance, I’d choose to kiss and makeup with you. I’m not over you at all. But happy birthday, babe.

21. Whenever I think of how I let you go without a fight, I feel stupid. Anyways, happy birthday. And I hope you meet the man that’ll treat you as good as you deserve.

22. I’ve been worried about what your reaction would be if I called. So, I settled for s text message. Happy birthday, babe. And I’m still in love with you.

23. You’re still the guy I need, breakup be damned! Happy birthday, beautiful man.

24. May you continually have reasons to be grateful to God. Happy birthday, babe. Have a blast!

25. I swore to you that you’d always be safe with me. But I broke that promise, and I know I’m still regretting it till date. Happy birthday, dear. Be good.

26. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to have you back in my life, the exact way we were before things got bad. Happy birthday, love.

27. Somehow, I’m still praying that you’d forgive me for hurting you and that you’d be my boyfriend again. But happy birthday; may this year be a good one.

28. May you continually have reasons to laugh out loud. Happy birthday, ex-boyfriend.

29. Call this lost or whatever, if I had the chance, I’d readily go to bed with you. Anyways, happy birthday. I hope you get plenty of orgasms with your new girl.

30. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to taste your lips again, to feel you on top me, and to have you inside me. I know I sound pathetic already, so, happy birthday. You deserve to be happy.

31. You’re still one of the best things life sent my way. And I’m super glad for the little time we had together. Happy birthday.

32. You’ll never fade away from my heart; you gave me most of the amazing memories I have. Happy birthday, nna.

33. Happy birthday, dearie. Live longer and better. E-kisses.

34. I know you’re already married, and that life has gone on for you. But I’m still in love with you, and I hope she is treating you as you deserve. Happy birthday, dearie.

35. You’ll remain one of the most talented people I know. May this year present you with countless good opportunities, and the means to make the most out of them. Happy birthday.

36. You’re still the most handsome and smartest man I’ve ever known. Happy birthday, love.

37. I’ve been skeptical about ruining things for you as I did the last time. But I still miss you so much, and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.

38. I shouldn’t say this, but I’m glad you’re my ex. I’m glad that I got to meet an amazing man in the person of you. Happy birthday, dear.

39. My wish for you is that you have an amazing new year; one that is amazing as you are. Happy birthday.

40. I hope you overcome your fear and soar high as you deserve this new year.

41. Happy birthday, dear. Have a good one.

42. I’m glad we aren’t together anymore.
Happy birthday, though. And PS. I still love you. Have a blast!

43. Even if our love didn’t work out, I’m glad we can still try to be friends. Happy birthday, love.

44. I thought time would dim the hurt I feel when I remember we are no longer together, but it hasn’t. Well, happy birthday to you. Live long.

45. I wish you everything good and lovely this new year. Honestly, I wish you live life as you’ve always hoped to do. Happy birthday.

46. I have loved you for as long as I can remember, now that I think about it. You were my crush turned lover. Anyways, happy birthday. I believe in your dreams, and I love you still.

47. May God be a lamp on your path; may this year be better than the last one. Happy birthday.

48. The time we shared together will always be treasured by me. Happy birthday, love. God has already blessed you.

49. You’ll always be important and special to me. I still love you too. Happy birthday.

50. You’re not the pieces of the dream you’ve left behind; you’re whole, and you’re everything good. Happy birthday.

51. I wish you lots of happiness and love as you start another new year. Happy birthday.

52. Your birthday will always be a special day for me; it was the day you first came into my life. Even though we’re no longer an item, I still wish you well. Happy birthday, dear.

53. I still wish we could go back and try to make things work out between us. I still wish this would happen. But happy birthday, dearie.

54. I go green with envy when I think of you with your new girlfriend. But I wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy birthday.

55. I don’t know what to call it, but I’m not even ready to let go of the memory of you and I. I know you’ve already moved on, but I’m still in love with you. Happy birthday, sugar.

56. I never thought that I’d get to use the words ‘had I known.’ But that’s exactly how I feel whenever I think of how I shunned you out of my life. Still, happy birthday.

57. The memories are good; even when we fought and made up. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

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58. I’m sorry it took me too long to think of hearing you out. If I had listened to you, I wouldn’t still be feeling like an idiot. But it’s okay; I made this bed, and I’m lying on it. Happy birthday, prince.

59. I want you back; I’d do anything to be in your life again. I’m sorry I’m begging this way, but I still do love you. For now though, happy birthday, dear.

60. I miss how you treated me like your baby girl; I miss all the petting and indulging you always gave me. May this year give you many reasons to smile. Happy birthday.

61. I know I sound pathetic and clingy, but I’m still in love with you, and I won’t allow shame and pride keep me from telling you. Have a lovely year ahead. Happy birthday.

62. You’ll always be one of my favorite persons. Happy birthday, sweety.

63. You breezed into my life with so much color and enthusiasm. God! I miss our days together. Happy birthday, love.

64. Ours was true love, I know this. Happy birthday, gorgeous.

65. I already sent you a package; it should arrive soon. But before then, happy birthday. I love you plenty.

66. I’ll always be your number one fan; that’s how much I believe in your dreams. Happy birthday, dear.

67. Do me a favor; don’t forget to laugh out often this new year. You are so lovely and handsome; may your new year be all these and more. Happy birthday, babe.

68. The world is waiting for your manifestation. And when it happens, I’ll be here in the background cheering you on. Happy birthday.

69. If there’s anything I can do to ease your life one bit, don’t hesitate to let me know. Happy birthday, baby boy.

70. You’ll always have a spot in my heart; a tender and special spot. Happy birthday.

71. Promise me you’ll try to find happiness, and grab life with the fire I know you have. Happy birthday, love.

72. I always knew my life would be bleak without you, and it’s happening now. You’ll always be my sunshine. Happy birthday.

73. You prayed for me more than I deserved; you loved and cared for me when I had my head in things not as important as you were. I’m glad you’re happy with someone else now. Happy birthday.

74. You deserved to be loved back as you loved me. And I’m sorry I was too busy doing other things. Happy birthday, baby.

75. I’ll always be grateful to God for bringing you my way; even if the period was a short one. Happy birthday, love.

76. I see pictures of you smiling often, and I’m ashamed I never gave you many reasons to smile and show your dimples. Happy birthday, dearie.

77. I’d give anything to have been there when you had our son; but shame and pride wouldn’t let me shine. I’m sorry for all the lean years I made you endure alone; and I’m glad you’re happy again. Happy birthday.

78. I had my priorities upside down when I was with you, and it cost me the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I’m still sorry for myself, but happy birthday, love.

79. Where I was heading to wasn’t a good one; but you came in and changed everything. Happy birthday.

80. Even when I gave you so many reasons to leave, you kept holding on to me and hoping I’d change. I’m a big fool for treating you that way. Happy birthday, love.

81. I’m sorry for being selfish and so self-centered when we were together. I know I deserve your leaving my life, but I still miss you. Happy birthday, dear.

82. If I had my way, I’d steal you from your current girlfriend. Happy birthday, love.

83. I hope someone as kind as you come into my life again. Happy birthday, love.

84. Most times, I miss you so bad that I spend all night crying. Happy birthday, honey. I love you.

85. Your friends don’t know how lucky they are; I wish I could even be close to you for a moment. Happy birthday, dear.

86. Your new girl is really lucky to have you in his life. Happy birthday, dear.

87. I really wish I could be a part of your birthday celebration, but I know I have to give you space. Happy birthday.

88. Being away from you has thought me to be sad but still have a smile readily on my face. Happy birthday, dear. I miss you though.

89. Your woman is both lucky and blessed that you are her man. I wish you everything good, prince. Happy birthday.

90. I still haven’t been able to sleep in our room; I’m just not prepared to wake up and not have you by my side. Happy birthday, love.

91. I hope you find the strength to open your heart to love again; you deserve it. Happy birthday.

92. You deserve the loving and laughter you are getting. I really wish you well, babe. Happy birthday.

93. Your talent is raw and fresh; I can’t wait for you to show the world what you’re made of. Happy birthday.

94. I’m glad you left me, and I’m glad you’re finding happiness without me. You deserve to be happy. Happy birthday.

95. I still look behind me often and hoping you’d walk back into my life. Happy birthday, dear.

96. I’d never regret your coming into my life; it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Happy birthday.

97. At least, I still have something reminding me of you; the teddy bear you got for me. Happy birthday.

98. The guys at the workshop still miss your breezing in and out of here. I hope you’re fine though. Happy birthday.

99. Your birth date is etched on my mind; I couldn’t forget it even if I wanted to. Happy birthday.

100. You’ve ruined chocolates for me; I can’t eat them without feeling nostalgic or teary. Happy birthday though.

101. I still miss how we used to struggle for the last piece of meat. I hope you’re having fun. Happy birthday.

102. Your sweatshirt is still the most comfortable clothing I own. Happy birthday.

103. I hope you read this message from me and smile. Happy birthday, dear. Find all the peace and laughter you deserve.

104. I hope you still find time to think of me. As for me, you’re always on my mind. Happy birthday.

105. Even the job I placed above you, above us, isn’t giving me that much satisfaction. I’m really sorry I lost you. Happy birthday.

106. Hope you still remember to eat, and not get lost in your job? I still have to hold myself from sending you occasional texts of reminder. Happy birthday though.

107. I still haven’t left my best friend’s house; I don’t want to go back to a house without you. But happy birthday still.

108. I hope you still think of me when you eat coconut rice and roasted chicken. Happy birthday, dear. I still miss you.

109. Walking away from me must have been very tough for you. But I’m glad you did it because you deserve to be happy. Happy birthday.

110. I miss how my routine used to revolve around you, around us. Happy birthday.

111. I hope you still remember me when you take a stroll down the crescent road. Happy birthday, love.

112. I already sent you a pack of your favorite perfume. Happy birthday, love.

113. I miss spending this time of the year with you and your family; I miss the fun, laughter and togetherness. Happy birthday though.

114. I know you’ll spoil your next girlfriend silly; I’m kind of jealous that it wouldn’t be me. Happy birthday, dear.

115. Honestly, I’d be lying if I said you’ve not been on mind since we broke up. It’s been a year now, but I haven’t been able to take you out of my heart. Well, I hope you have good and fruitful new year. Happy birthday.

116. I miss how you used to look at me even when you didn’t know I noticed. I loved how you loved me and took care of me. Happy birthday, love.

117. I hope you met a nicer girl than me? Well, happy birthday, dearie. Have fun.

118. You’re not like your father, even though his blood runs through your veins. You are your own man, and that man is beautiful and kind. I hope you actually overcome your fear and let someone in. Happy new year, dear.

119. My heart becomes heavy when I remember that I don’t have your ring on my finger again, but it’s all for the best. Happy birthday, love.

120. I actually wish we could spend today together; but I know how impossible that is. But for now, I’ll content myself by wishing a happy birthday. I hope you have fun today.

121. I trust that you’re doing fine. I should probably call, but I think its best I just send you a text. So, happy birthday, dear. Have a lovely year.

122. Today shouldn’t be a day to think on what he did or didn’t do to make things work out; today should be about celebrating how wonderful you are, and how beautiful your life has been. And I pray that much more, you’ll have more reasons to be content with your life. Happy birthday, love.

123. I was able to get a degree because you pushed and pushed hard. Thank you. happy birthday.

124. I miss how you used to shake your flat ass to Fela’s music when we are alone. I miss a lot about you. Happy birthday.

125. It didn’t matter if you were taller than me; I really miss how you challenged me to always be the better version of me. Happy birthday, love.

126. I know the talk about not going back to your vomit, but I really do want you back in my life. Happy birthday, love.

127. I don’t get to meet your kind of person often. This is why I’m still glad we’re friends. Happy birthday.

128. There’s nothing I’d love more than to date you again. Happy birthday, love.

129. Remember how I used to stand in your shadow because you were taller, and provided shelter from the scorching sun? I miss all that and more. Happy birthday, love.

130. You used to be my best friend, and I’m really sad that I haven’t found that type of intimacy since we broke up. I miss you, dear. Happy birthday.

131. You constantly stretched me to make sure I was the better version of me. I really miss you. Happy birthday.

132. I wish you an amazing new year from the bottom of my heart. Happy birthday to you.

133. I really wish you could even make an attempt at friendship even though we’re over. Happy birthday, dear.

134. It was on your birthday that we met and fell in love with each other. And I’m still not over you. Happy birthday, dear.

135. Happy birthday to the kindest man I ever had the opportunity to date and love. I wish you everything good, dear.

136. I’m still hoping we can be together again, someday. Happy birthday, love.

137. It was a big addition to me that we got to date each other. Happy birthday, love.

138. If you ever decide to leave your current girlfriend, don’t forget that I’m still available. Happy birthday.

139. Dating you was a blessing and great plus to my life. May this new year be an amazing one for you. Happy birthday.

140. Whatever you touch becomes pure gold; this is exactly what you turned me into. I’m grateful. Happy birthday, dear.

141. Happy birthday, honey. Hope you still know who it is.

142. I know I’m no longer on your mind, but your birth date is etched on my mind. So, happy birthday, dear.

143. Up until now, I still adore you. Happy birthday, love.

144. Here’s to a new year of love and happiness. Happy birthday, dear.

145. Since you left, no one has taken out time to pet me when I have cramps. Really, I miss you badly. Happy birthday, love.

146. Happy birthday to the best ex-boyfriend ever. I love you!

147. I miss the smell of your bare skin. I miss a lot of things actually. Happy birthday, dear.

148. You were the best lover I ever had. Happy birthday to you.

149. Life should have let us stay together; but it’s okay. Happy birthday, dear.

150. Nothing will stop me from wishing you a happy birthday. May this new year be better than the last.

151. If you do change your mind about coming, I’ll have a bottle of wine in the fridge. And don’t worry, whatever happens afterward stays with us. Happy birthday, again.

152. I wish we could celebrate together again, as we did on your birthday last year. Happy birthday though.

153. I remember how it used to be between us, and I’m all smiling. Happy birthday, princess.

154. Loving you was one of the best things that happened to me. Happy birthday, honey.

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