2023 Heart Touching Lines for Best Friend in English

Friends are not easy to come by, (good friends of course), so when you get those who stick so close like family, you keep them!

You’re lucky if you’ve got good friends and if you have one you call your best, then you’re luckier.

You would agree with me that your best friend needs to feel more loved and appreciated. Send these heart touching and melting lines to let him or her so they know how much their presence in your life means to you.

Sweet Words for Best Friends Forever from the Heart

It’s yet another time to celebrate your special friend by sharing or sending these heart touching lines for best friends in English with them. All were written in simple English for your understanding and comprehension. So thank me later.

1. Hey bestie, our moments together are the most beautiful, I’m forever grateful I have you to call mine. I love you to the moon and back!

2. I can’t imagine my world without a soul like yours to lighten it up. My days are complete just because of you in it! You forever remain the best I’m my heart, best.

3. I’ll choose you over and over again even in the next world. You rule my world in the most beautiful way!

4. A friend is a wonderful soulmate, one who understands your silence and deepest thoughts. I’m glad to tell you that you’ve been all of these to me. I love you now and always, cutie.

5. I’m not planning to let go of you at any point in time because you’re that one friend everyone needs for a sweet life! Thanks for being my friend, barbie.

6. I think life was fair enough to make our paths cross, you’re one amazing friend I can’t imagine ever loosing. You’re the sweetest and you know it!

7. The stars glow so brightly but its glow can’t be compared to your smile when you smile. I’m forever glad I’ve you! I love you, buttercup.

8. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, only you bring out that part of me nobody knows. It’s you and I forever, bestie.

9. You’re worth more than a million, you’ve paid your dues as a friend and nothing can stop this flow. I love you more than you think, babs.

10. I knew what life was before I met you and over the years I’ve seen what life can be with a friend like you. I’m glad I’ve got you to complete me. You’re the best, Amigo.

11. I want to steal a moment out of today to tell you how much I love you and how amazing you’ve been to me. You mean everything to me, Blossom.

12. Someday, I’ll tell the whole world of how one amazing friend can make so much difference. You’re really the best, buddy.

13. You spice up the moments with so much humour and laughter. With you by my side, I’m eased of all stress. Thanks for always watching out for me, babe.

14. You’re the definition of a friend indeed. You’re too sweet to be true. I love you till forever, buttercup.

15. Sometimes I imagine how you tolerate my excesses, sometimes I feel I don’t deserve an amazing friend like you, but thank goodness I’m stuck with you. Thanks for always having me, angel.

16. I cherish your companion and I value your friendship. You’re the real deal and I’m glad I’ve got a friend like you. I love you, barbie.

17. You’re that one person who understands me, even my silence, why wouldn’t I cherish you? I am grateful for the gift of you, beautiful!

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18. Writing about you isn’t something that’s easy for me because I’ve not gotten the right words for you, just that you’re simply amazing! I love you, girlie.

19. I want to say cheers to greater days of friendship, I’m not planning to let go of you anytime. Thanks for being an amazing friend, beautiful!

20. I want a lifetime with you, I want to see us grow old together and tell our kids of our moments together. You’re one amazing friend I’m glad I’ve got. You’re the best, baby.

21. You’re always on my mind because you’re a special bundle of joy to me. Trust you’re good as always, sweetie.

22. I know I’m lucky to have you as my best friend, I couldn’t have asked for any better. Thanks for always sticking by me, amigo.

23. Life is beautiful with true friends but life is more beautiful with a friend like you! I’m glad I’ve got you, barbie.

24. I really don’t have the right words to describe you but I can boldly call you a friend! Thanks for always having me, buddy.

25. I could take a life-long ride with you without regrets. I’m glad you’ll always be by my side, angel.

26. Your friendship makes me feel on top of the world. With you, I can walk with my shoulders held up high! I love you forever, sweetie.

27. Life is always better with the right people to spend it with. I’m glad you’re part of my life, bestie.

28. Hey love, I’m always at my best with you to brighten me up. Thanks for all you do for love, babe.

29. I can’t imagine how you could put up with my crazy attitudes but I heard that’s what true friends do. Thanks for being true to me, sweetheart.

30. You’re this great friend that will never let me be less of myself. Thanks for pushing me to do more, buddy.

31. When I think of you, I feel peace in my deepest mind. I’m glad I’ve got you to lean on, baby.

32. All words seem to be equal when I’m to describe you because your deeds are simply indescribable. Thanks for always being there for me, amigo.

33. Friends like you make the world glow, friends like you are like stars that shine in the darkest moments. Thanks for always shining for me, bestie.

34. If I’m to choose a friend at different times, I’ll keep choosing you over and over again. You’re worth more than gold, barbie.

35. If I’m to live for a thing, I wouldn’t mind living a whole lifetime for our friendship. You mean the world to me, baby.

36. Even when the sun isn’t shining, I know a friend who will keep my heart warm and make me glow and that friend is you! Thanks for always warming up our days, babs.

37. You’ve given me more than enough reasons over the years to call you my soul mate rather than a friend. You’re the best, Amiga.

38. I wish that your heart blossom into love and your days filled with freshness because your heart is great! I love you, bestie.

39. The days are filled with happiness just because of you in it. I look forward to better days with you, angel.

40. Even in the darkest of days when I couldn’t cope with my own excesses, you’re always there to act for me. You’re that true friend I’m ever grateful for!

41. I can’t get over your acts of love. I can’t imagine a life without your love. You’re that one person I’m glad I’m stuck with. I love you, babe.

42. Let the sun shine and let the moon glow, I’ll always be by your side. I love you, bestie.

43. Nothing can pull us apart, not even the times or the distance. I’ll always be there for you, babe.

44. When life happens and you need someone to lean on, I’ll always be here for you. You’ve got me just like I’ve got you, amigo.

45. I was thinking if angels exist in human form, but I need not think too far before your name popped up on my mind. Thanks for being my friend, bestie.

46. I know I might be a hard nut to crack and a really tough person to love, but the way you simplified love to me and make up things when I’m not even ready to wows me. You’re forever cherished, babe.

47. I can’t remember when we started to get close but I can always say we’ll forever remain best of friends. Thanks for the too many times, barbie.

48. Our late night talks and our indefinite long walks without getting famished is what I look forward to every day. You spice up my moments and you know it, babe!

49. Hey lovely, I’ve gotten enough reasons to call you mine because you’re that one true friend everyone needs. I love you and I’ll continue to till the end of times.

50. Life can be rough but you make things straight per time. I love you with all my heart, cutie.

51. I want to see the sun rise and set on your beautiful face, because you make the seemingly impossible possible with your smile. I love you loads, angel!

52. When I’m asked to define friendship, all I think about is you and I smile because I’ve got this great friend to call mine. Thanks for having me, amigo.

53. Growing with you was like growing up with a sister I never had and I can say boldly that friends can be family. I love you, angel.

54. You’re that brother mum never gave me. I’m happy I can call you buddy!

55. Hey babe, this is to tell you a secret and that is whenever you’re around, I feel fly and I feel on top of the world. Hope you know this now, barbie.

56. When I’m stuck and I don’t know how to go about things, you’re that friend that tells me there are still other ways and those ways never fail. I’m glad I’ve got you, buddy.

57. I wish I can see you right now, hold your hands and hug you tight for being the best. Thanks for all you do for us, love.

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58. Your bright smile tells me how beautiful the day will be, all I need to do is to look at your face and I know that the day is beautiful already. I love you, beautiful.

59. May be I’ve never told you how much I love you and how much I love you being around. This is me telling you I can buy the whole world to have you around, babe.

60. You’re a beautiful package in just one person. I love you and I cherish your companionship, cutie.

61. The way you ease me of all my stress is one thing I can’t imagine because only you can do that! Thanks for always being there for me, buddy.

62. Let the flowers blossom and make you happy because you deserve all the happiness in the world. I love you, bestie.

63. You mean the world to me and all I think of you is a lifetime of happiness together. Cheers to many years of bliss, bestie.

64. No one understands me the way you do, the way our thoughts click still baffles me. I know I can be a jackass but you’re the best, amigo.

65. This text is to remind you of how amazing you are and how that I won’t let go of a heart like yours. Keep being amazing, beautiful.

66. Times fly but memories linger in the heart. Our moments are forever in my heart. Thanks for being such a great friend, baby.

67. A million times I’m asked to define who a friend is, a million times I’ll spell out your name. You’re that amazing, babes!

68. You’re one important part of me I can’t let go of. I love you forever, bestie.

69. You’re one of your kind, you’re a rare gem and I look forward to more amazing days with you. Thanks for always having me, buddy.

70. My days are incomplete without you. you’re that important to me, bestie.

71. You illuminate the days with your smile. I feel lucky to have a friend with such a great heart as yours. I love you, sweetie.

72. We agree on seemingly impossible things and get them possible. You’re such a great source of inspiration to me, dearest.

73. The days seem too long without you. I feel empty without you by my side. I love you now and always, bestie.

74. You speak as if all words are of equal importance. Your heart is kind and loving. I’m glad I’ve got you, barbie.

75. Hey beautiful, I just want you to know that if I’m to make a list of friends, you’re top on that list. I love you, bestie.

76. You understand my silence and make me come alive. You’re a darling and I’m happy to have you as my friend. I love you, angel.

77. I know of one who’s always got me just like I’ve got him and that’s you! You’re one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Best friends forever, darling.

78. We’ve been through a lot together and came out strong all together, so I believe nothing can ever break us, not even ourselves. I love you, bestie.

79. You’re a bundle of joy to me and I can only say I’m lucky to have a friend like you. I love you till my last breath, amigo.

80. Hey bestie, nothing can come between what we share because ours is a definition of truth and sincerity. I’m ever glad I can call you my best friend.

81. There’s still so much to share and talk about and so this is me saying cheers to many years of friendship between us. You’re the best, man.

82. If I have my way, there’s nothing I want to change about you but I would have made you my soul mate. I love you, best.

83. You’ve eaten so much into me that loving you is so real to me. I won’t trade you for anything, angel.

84. You do not deserve to be called a friend, you deserve something better and so I’ll say you’re the sister I never had. I love you, baby girl.

85. You occupy a large space in my heart and no one else can ever take it up. You’re forever important to me, babe.

86. You’ve got an amazing heart with a complementary capacity. You’re a rare breed and I’m happy you’re my favorite. Thanks for always being there for me, bae.

87. Hey bestie, nothing can come close to what we’ve got because I’m not planning to let go of you anytime soon. So, let’s have a toast to many years of togetherness.

88. Your understanding of me is so unique and that’s why I can pour out my mind to you at different times. I’m forever glad I’ve got you, babe.

89. I love our chicken fights coz anytime we have one, it shows how much we can’t do without ourselves. Best friends forever, that’s who we are!

90. I’ve lost counts of the many times you’ve picked me up when I was down, told me everything is gonna be fine and it was so. If that’s what friends do, I want to do this with you over and over again. Thanks for the many times, babe.

91. You can always count on me just the way I can count you. You’re a true friend and my heart is always with you. I love you, amigo.

92. Baby, thanks for not letting go of me despite my nasty actions, the way you put up with my actions marvels me. You’re that one great friend I’ve got and I love you.

93. You’ve tolerated me many times I can’t even put up with my own self. I love you and nothing can change that, buddy.

94. True friends, just like true love are hard to come by but since I’ve got you, I’m not going to let go of you. Thanks for all you do for us, barbie.

95. No matter where we might be in life, I’ll always love you and you’ll always be my best!

96. I can see everything I’m not in you. You’re simply amazing, beautiful!

97. You’re always on my mind and even when you’re not here with me, our memories together keeps me company. I love you, bestie.

98. You’ve shown me what love means, you’re love personified and I can’t really repay you for all your acts of love to me. Thanks for being an amazing friend, Babes.

99. When you’re with me, there’s nowhere else I’ll rather be. Your company means a lot to me, sweetheart.

100. Our bond of love is tight, nothing breaks us! Best friends forever, sweetie.

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