Effective Prayers for Employment Breakthrough

2024 Effective Prayers for Employment Breakthrough

Possessing a qualification for employment and having to wait for a long period before getting a job isn’t a palatable experience.

However, the waiting period is a great opportunity to fully express one’s trust in God and exercise faith in His ability to make a way in an unexpected way.

One true way to express one’s trust in God is to daily devote time to talk to Him in prayer, and seek His intervention. Because, indeed, the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous works in a powerful way.

Are you seeking a breakthrough in your search and quest for a job? Below are some scripture-based prayers to pray. I believe you’ll surely have a big testimony afterwards.

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Breakthrough Prayers for Job And Employment

These breakthrough prayers are potent enough for job or employment.

1. Dear father and Lord, I thank you because you always hear me, whenever I call unto you. I am confident of an answer to my prayer today and always. I so much desire a breakthrough in my job search. I have put in many efforts and it seems it is all to no avail. But, for you nothing is impossible, so I ask that you crown my efforts with a job breakthrough in Jesus’ name. Direct me to the right place and stand me out among others in Jesus’ name.

2. Dear Lord, I thank you for your help in time past. Thank you, Lord, for your commitment to me and for seeing me through my University years. I come before you today as a son, the time has come for you to bless me with my own job. As I kick-start my job search, let doors be opened to me supernaturally in Jesus name. Wherever I turn, let your favour follow me in Jesus name.

3. Almighty father, you have not given me the spirit of fear, but the spirit of boldness and of sound mind. I pray you cloth me with uncommon confidence henceforth. I refuse to be timid when facing interviewers. I receive the sound mind to be able to articulate my thoughts and express myself when being asked questions in Jesus name. And from now, no more failures in interviews.

4, Oh God of all flesh, the heart of kings is in your hands. Going forward, I pray that every prospective interviewer will favour me. Cause your spirit to distinguish me for favour among applicants, irrespective of the numbers. I claim my dream job now in Jesus name.

5. Heavenly father and prayer-answering God, you declared that we should ask, that we’ll receive, you said we should seek, that we shall find, and that we should knock, and the door will be opened unto us. I come to you today and ask that Lord, give me a job. As I seek, let me find, and open the door of favour for me in the sight of employers in Jesus’ name. Father, it is time you honour your word in my life.

6. Authority in heaven and earth, nothing is too difficult for you to do. As I continue my job search from now, I pray you to direct me to the right place. Let each of my efforts bring me my dream job. I reject failure and receive the spirit of excellence in the mighty name of Jesus. Put an end to every disappointment.

7. Father in heaven, your word says you shall supply all my needs according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. You know how much I need a job right now, and you know a good job will definitely lift me out of the financial predicament I am present. I pray today that Lord, you release my job to me now and change my story forever in Jesus name.

8, Dear Lord, you have been faithful to me all these years, and your grace have brought me this far. I know you have a good plan for my career. Today I pray, order my steps to the right employer. I refuse to labour in vain in my job search in Jesus’ name.

9. Oh, Lord! My help in ages past, I trust and rely on you for the next phase of my career – a good job. I pray that you open unto me doors of job opportunities that will serve as a spring box for my career in Jesus’ name.

10. Faithful father, my present help in times of trouble, it is time you arose to bring an end to my agony of failure in securing a gainful employment in Jesus’ name. I have been looking up to you for good news regarding my job search, today I pray you bring an end to my waiting in Jesus, name.

11. My father and God, all things belong to you; the earth and its fullness are yours, and every good and perfect gift come from you who gives liberally. I choose to trust you for a job, because, all things answer to you. Prove yourself as a great provider that you are in my life, and do the miraculous in my job search in Jesus’ name.

12. My father, according to you word that wherever the soul of my feet shall touch that I will possess. I declare that I receive power to secure my dream job as I go out to search this week in Jesus’ name.

13. Oh Lord, I pray today, let every opposition and obstacle preventing me from getting my dream job give way in Jesus’ name. Make every crooked way straight for me in Jesus name.

14. Dear Lord, thank you for the talents and the skills you freely gave me. Thank you, Lord, for my academic and professional qualification. I ask that you provide me with a good job so that I can put all these to use to the glory of your name, in Jesus’ name.

15. Dear father, I choose to accept your love today. I reject every negative thought concerning my career. Today, I accept your help to secure a new job in Jesus’ name.

16. Good Lord, I know the thoughts you have towards me are the thoughts of peace, and not of evil to give me a hope and a future. Father, let your plans for my job be made manifest today in Jesus’ name.

17. Oh God of heaven and earth, I submit my will to you today and always, I pray you divinely guide me in my quest for a new job and give me a testimony in Jesus name.

18. Ever, reliable father, I know you have a plan for me, and you’ll give me the best. Today, I pray to open the door to a good job for me that no man can shut in Jesus’ name.

19. My father and God, just as the spirit of excellence was all over Daniel, let me excel above every job competitors in my quest for a job and single me out for a good job offer in Jesus’ name.

20. Father, I choose to trust you today for a new job. Others may rely on the help of men, but as for me, my help is in you. Prove yourself worthy in my search for a job in Jesus’ name.

21. Some trust in influential men and others trust in their abilities. But as for me, I put my trust in you to fully guide me, favour me in my job search. Let it be said concerning me that the Lord has done this for me in Jesus’ name.

22. Father, all I have – my skills, my abilities and qualifications are from you. I trust you to direct me to the right place where they will be most useful in Jesus name. As I continue my job search today, order my steps and grant me an open door in Jesus’ name.

23. O God of all flesh, nothing is too difficult for you. In the face all the challenges and difficulty in getting a job in the land, let my case be different. I lean on you, do as you always do in Jesus’ name

24. Father, as I resume my search for a new job, connect me with the right people and give me access to the right information for job in Jesus’ name.

25. Marvellous God, thank you, Lord, for you always hear me when I call. I ask today that you anoint me for excellence and favour. Grant me favour in the in the sight of men as wait on you for a job in Jesus’ name.

26, Dear Lord, you have been helpful in my search for a job this far. Favour my application before prospective employer and single me out for mouth-watering job offers in Jesus’ name.

27. Heavenly father, you know how much I need a job. I have put in so much effort in the search, now turn my efforts to testimonies in Jesus’ name.

28. Dear Lord, I humbly submit myself to your leading today, guide me to a right place to get a job that I will love and excel at. Make a way for me and make me today in Jesus’ name.

28. Father, you know how much a job will go in helping me meet my responsibilities. I have been waiting for so long and I am growing weary. Today I pray you bring me my dream job in which I will find fulfilment in Jesus’ name.

30. Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you today to guide me to the right opportunity for a fulfilling job that will bring the best out of me. Arise on my behalf today and help me as you always do.

31. Generous Lord, your word says those who love you shall not lack anything good. I come to you in agony, bring an end to the pain of my heart and secure a profitable job for me. Teach me the right place to go grant my desires in Jesus’ name.

32. Dear Lord, I am struggling to meet my financial obligations. I come to you today with a heavy heart filled with disappointment, turn to me today and favour me with a profitable job. Take away my reproach and be glorifies in my situation in Jesus’ name.

33. Oh Lord, are their things I have not been being doing right or are there places I should have gone in y search for a job. Open my eyes to see them today and help me do the needful to get my dream job in Jesus’ name.

34. Lord, heal my heart of every anxiety. Grant me peace of mind and give me confidence in my attempt to secure a job. Let your spirit guide me to the right opportunity for me in Jesus’ name.

35. Father, I know you love me and there is a job for me somewhere. I submit myself to you today, lead me to it and secure it for me in Jesus’ name.

36, Today, as I resume my job search I pray an opened door wherever I go. Even from places I have been rejected, I receive my own offer today in Jesus name.

37. Heavenly father, I refuse to continue to carry the unemployment tag today. Let the heavens be opened for my sake and let my dream job come now in Jesus name.

38. My father, the ever-reliable God, I come to you today and ask that you declare an end to my waiting and announce my job offer today in Jesus’ name.

39. Oh Lord, you have the heats of employers in your hands. Cause them to see your light in me and hand me my job offer today. As I will be coming in contact with them, let them be compassionate towards me in Jesus’ name

40. Lord, I have waited enough for my job. You know I have always trusted you for all my needs. Today, let an end come to my waiting and let my job come now in Jesus name.

41. Dear Lord, my struggles and needs are not hidden from you. I am tired and weary of the disappointment of not getting a job after putting in my best. Turn this reproach away today and lead me to my job in Jesus’ name.

42. Father, my long wait for a job is bringing untold hardship and embarrassment to me daily. You are my provider and from you come all my needs. Let an end come to my search today and bring me to my job.

43. Oh Lord, the time has come for you establish the work of my hand. I refuse to continue to be idle. Let my job come today and bring an end to my financial predicament in Jesus name.

44. Dear father, at this time of need, prove yourself to be a great provider in my life. Just as you have done severally in the past, do even more in my search for a job, and bring an end to this struggle in Jesus name.

45. Father, your divine plan and arrangement for me is to live in abundance. But it has been very difficult knowing that I am jobless. Turn around this situation today make me gainfully employed in Jesus name.

46. O God of heaven, thank you for you are a prayer-answering God. I declare that my job is has come in Jesus name. No more waiting, no more failure in Jesus name,

47. Father, I know you have a big plan for me. I know you are working something big for me. Father, guide me to do the right thing to be able to claim the reward for my trust in you for a good job in Jesus’ name.

48. Father, you are the kings of all kings, and God of all Gods. Even the captains of industries are under your control. Direct my chosen employer to sign my offer letter today in Jesus’ name.

49. Father, all that I have is yours. I surrender my talents, skills and gifts at your feet today, guide me to the right job where they can be used for your glory in Jesus’ name.

50. The steps of the righteous are ordered by God. As I search for a new job, order my step to the right employer for me, and favour me in all directions in Jesus’ name.

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