High Building Quotes

High Building Quotes

The number of high buildings in the world is increasing, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they are still interesting to see and things people are crazy about.

Cities around the world take pride in the skyscrapers they have, and many would travel across continents just to enjoy the experience of standing next to one. High-rises have many people buying a piece of them because of the prestige they come with.

All the quotes on this page are about high buildings. What it takes to build one, how it feels standing next to one and what they symbolize are just a few of the many ideas explored in this collection of quotes.

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High Building Quotes

High buildings are more than mere structures. They are the embodiment of values and aspirations, and they provide motivation for our dreams. Standing next to a giant building, you’re reminded of just how small you are when compared to the world. You climb up, and the views are incredible, and you feel like you have conquered the world.

1. Seeing a high building brings thoughts of elegance and sophistication with a dose of power and strength.

2. There is nothing like the view of a tall building for the first time. Even if one sees it in darkness, it still lights up one’s mind.

3. Nothing comes close to saying strength and confidence like a high building.

4. High buildings aren’t always the most functional or beautiful, but we love them.

5. It takes a lot of sweat and tears to build a high building. But it also takes vision, leadership, determination, and a whole lot of support from the people around you.

6. High buildings are a symbol of hope, prestige, and aspiration. They represent the human desire to reach for achievements that stretch beyond the ordinary ways of living.

7. It’s just sad that there are people who live in high buildings and are often absorbed in their work so much that they have no time to notice the beauty of the view around them.

8. They say height is the new normal. In the future, high buildings will be everywhere.

9. High buildings evoke a sense of human achievement. They tell you that humanity can do anything, and that’s why we love them.

10. High buildings lift our eyes to the sky and raise our spirits.

11. It takes a lot of sweat, so much inspiration and some killer strategy to build a high building.

12. High buildings are among the world’s most beautiful and distinctive things. Their presence elevates the status of the communities they are in.

13. High buildings are not only architecturally impressive but also serve as symbols of a city’s aspiration and performance.

14. Many people will do anything to climb a high building. The excitement that comes from this is the second-best thing after owning a piece of heaven.

15. The tallest buildings are not the most important. But they are symbolic of our human spirit to reach higher, to make bolder and better marks on the Earth.

16. Great things happen in buildings that rise above their surroundings.

17. You see, the highest buildings don’t just magically appear on the skyline. They grow from the ground up—and people make that happen.

18. High buildings are not only for the eyes but also for the mind.

19. A high building is not a threat to the skyline; it’s an invitation to stand in the sky.

20. Sky-high buildings are a sight to behold. They can also be a symbol of the financial strength of a society.

21. Even the tallest building is not a home without someone to share it with.

22. High buildings are not only a source of employment but also a symbol of wealth. High-rises make the skyline more interesting and capture the imagination of the public.

23. Building a high-rise takes more than just being able to afford the budget. It takes people, creativity and imagination—and a lot of hard work.

24. High buildings are an expression of our character as a city. They reflect the ambition and progress of their creators, making them monuments to their success.

25. High buildings don’t make themselves. They are made by people who believe in high dreams and then work hard to realize them.

26. High buildings inspire us to imagine a better tomorrow and create a vision of what our cities can be.

27. High buildings are a physical reminder that we can reach for the stars with the right ambition and hard work.

28. High-rise buildings are symbols of growth, ambition, and achievement.

29. The height of a skyscraper is not the height of the person that built it. It’s the height of the altitude their minds fly.

30. There’s nothing quite like a high building. They make an impression on us, fascinate us, and speak to us.

31. Building a high building takes more than just bricks and mortar. It takes people willing to work together, so much money, and, most importantly, creativity and imagination.

32. High buildings are like mountains: they stand tall and exude a feeling of strength and confidence.

33. Who can ignore towers and skyscrapers? Tall buildings are loud, and they are here to stay.

34. Building a high building takes vision, dedication, and hard work. But it can only be achieved with the right tools and technology. Let’s build something great together!

35. A skyscraper can change the way you see certain cities, and it can change the way you think.

36. The building that stretches into the sky can be a great asset to any city or country it’s in.

37. High buildings are not just greater than the sum of their parts; they’re also symbolic of high ambition.

38. A high building can capture your attention and inspire your ambition in a way nothing can.

39. One of the most incredible things about a high building is that you can climb to the top of it.

40. When we build high, we are not just lifting the building; we are lifting our minds and the minds of those around us.

41. The highest buildings we see in magazines are not always the most useful, but we would love to visit them.

42. A high building is a sign of strength and optimism. It’s the promise that a certain height can be reached.

43. Skyscrapers are not just the tallest things in existence; they’re awe-inspiring and also pretty great to work in!

44. A high building is not just a building. It’s a reminder that the scariest ideal and hardest goals can be pursued and achieved.

45. When you build a high building, it’s a reflection of your ambitions and your confidence in yourself.

46. High buildings remind us that we can dwarf our current accomplishments; they tell us that we should always aim higher.

47. A high-rise is not just a building but an expression of excellence, ambition and prestige.

48. The tallest building in the world is not just a wonder. It is a symbol of ideas, innovation and imagination.

49. It takes more than money to build a high building. It takes a visionary to conceive of it and a dreamer to believe in it.

50. High buildings are symbols of aspiration, achievement and confidence.

51. Building a high building takes more than just bricks and mortar—it takes vision, hard work, and patience.

52. Building a high building takes more than many bricks. It takes a lot of hard work, persistence and, most importantly, a keen eye for detail.

53. High buildings start from the ground up, proof that the rock bottom you’re at can be a foundation for your dreams.

54. There are many things that go into building a high-rise, and most of the people who make it happen are unsung heroes.

55. Nothing describes a healthy and growing city like the presence of high buildings.

56. It takes a lot to build a high building. But what’s better than standing high in it and seeing the world from your window?

57. High buildings say prosperity in a way that can’t be doubted.

58. High-rise buildings are symbols of our ambition. They stand tall to show us what we can achieve.

59. Building high is about more than just architecture. It’s about intention, it’s about ambition, and it’s about courage.

60. Building a high building is a complex process. It takes time, good design and strong materials.

61. To build a high building, you need a solid foundation and strong support beams. The same is true for your success in life—if you’re not grounded and focused, your dreams will crumble.

62. When we build a high building, we gift a city an opportunity to host an inspiration for the world.

63. Building a skyscraper requires imagination, hard work, a whole lot of sweat, and sometimes a little bit of magic.

64. It takes a vision, dedication and a crew of hard-working men and women to build a high building.

65. High buildings are reminders of the need to strive for higher and greater goals and to reach towards something that is beyond our reach.

66. We don’t build high-rises by accident. It takes a lot of planning and hard work.

67. Building a high building means more than just having a good architect and engineer on the job. You need an entire team of people who will be in it together, pulling in the same direction and working toward the same goals.

68. The building of a high-rise can be the hardest thing, but it’s the most rewarding.

69. Building a high-rise is not for the faint of heart. The materials, the engineering, and the construction. It takes time and patience—but it’s worth it in the end.

70. Building a skyscraper is like building a city, and it takes people of different professions to build it and make it safe.

71. Building a high-rise requires more than just money. It requires an engineering company that can take care of all the details and an architect who is creative and innovative.

72. It takes several years of patience, planning and a good dose of luck to build a high building.

73. Building a high building is like baking a cake. It’s all about the ingredients. You put them together in the right way, and you get what you want.

74. Building a high building takes more than just bricks and mortar. It requires careful planning, teamwork, and a million truckloads of patience.

75. Building a high-rise doesn’t happen overnight. The right people, with the right ideas, and a lot of hard work are needed for the project to succeed.

76. Building something so tall and beautiful has taken a lot of work, but it’s worth every effort spent on it.

77. Building a high-rise requires not just physical strength but also the strength of your imagination.

78. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and also a lot of knowledge and passion, to build a skyscraper.

79. When I see a high building, I think of how high I could go if only I had wings.

80. The true beauty of a high-rise is the effort that goes into making it happen. You need more than your naked eye to see that.

81. The tallest building on Earth is a testament to human ambition and ingenuity.

82. High buildings are one of the symbols of a big city. They have been, in fact, the real staples of many great cities from ancient times to today.

83. High buildings are a sign of a healthy economy and the fulfilment of human aspirations.

84. There’s no word for the way it feels when you look up at a tall building or see something that makes you feel small.

85. The high building is a symbol of success and achievement and a call to keep striving further and working harder to achieve higher things.

86. When I see a high building, I think of how much hard work and dedication went into making sure it can stand up to the sky.

87. The taller the building, the more of the world you can see without taking a step.

88. People think high buildings are dangerous, but they’re not. High buildings are built with safety in mind.

89. When you’re on top of a high building, look down on everything. You’ll see the city looking so small and simple.

90. Standing at the top of a skyscraper, success feels easier to achieve. It feels like you can accomplish anything.

91. High buildings are usually symbols of progress and innovation and the perfect reminder to never stop building higher!

92. Standing near a high building and looking to the sky, feeling tiny and completely insignificant in the universe.

93. A high building is a symbol of the future. It speaks of soaring aspirations and the heights we can get to and even surpass.

94. Standing on the edge of a skyscraper and looking down is an experience everyone must have.

95. Standing on the edge of a very high building and looking down at the city below brings a feeling one can’t recover from.

96. The highest building speaks to our imagination and inspires us to reach for the stars.

97. High buildings are not just a part of the city skyline. They hold memories, history and values that we can all get excited about.

98. Nothing says unique, different and utterly distinctive like a very high building.

99. Many are itching to live in a high-rise where they can see the whole city from their window.

100. Nothing says prosperity and great wealth like the highest buildings in the world.

101. Everyone loves high buildings. High buildings only mean higher quality and more possibilities.

102. Building a high building takes more than bricks and mortar. It takes people who can make the vision come to life and hard work and dedication from them.

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