Marriage Breakup Quotes

Marriage Breakup Quotes

When you get married, everything is great and everyone around you is happy. However, all of this can change very quickly, and you might probably have a marriage breakup on your hands. 

This is probably why divorce is hard, not just on the couple involved, but also on their children, friends, and relatives who are close to them. The impact that this separation has on all those involved is why it is important that everyone is encouraged and supported in every way possible.

This is where marriage breakup quotes come in; they can help you to express your feelings, no matter how complex they are. And they can guide you through the terrible and draining time of divorce.

Marriage Breakup Quotes

Many factors can cause a marriage breakup. But whether it was a long time coming or sudden, it is very painful. But you must not let the pain overwhelm you. Do all you can to heal; whether it is going on vacation or reading some quotes to feel better.

1. Marriage breakup starts with little arguments, then more arguments, and then it turns to fights and more fights until the big break up.  

2. Marriage breakup makes happily-ever-after seem like an illusion created only for fictional stories and movies.

3. A marriage breakup is very sad, but you cannot afford to let it bring you down. Forgive yourself and your partner so you can heal.

4. No one enters into marriage with the mindset of a breakup. Life just happens.

5. A broken marriage is far better than a broken life. Nobody deserves to have their life cut short because someone refused to live up to their marriage vows.

6. Breaking loose from a toxic marriage isn’t a sign of weakness, it doesn’t mean you are a coward for not staying back to fight. It shows that you are brave enough to not put your life amid a raging inferno.

7. Breaking up with your spouse could be just what you need to discover the new you, and who knows, avert an even deadlier outcome. 

8. It is better to have your life than a marriage where you are likely to lose it.

9. It hurts to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. Everyone deserves to be around people that make them happy.

10. Letting go of a toxic marriage may not be all you need to live a fulfilling life, but it may be all you need to find the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

11. Most times, people don’t choose from the start to divorce their partners, but situations take a downturn before the eventual breakup.

12. Most marriages break up because of little problems that could have been avoided if they weren’t so overlooked from the beginning.

13. If you must live a happy and fulfilling life, you must stop blaming yourself for the divorce and move on.

14. It is difficult to accept the reality of a broken marriage, especially when you wanted it to continue, but strength lies in accepting that it is over. Pick up what is left of your life and make something great from it.

15. A divorce happened but your life didn’t end, rather a new phase began. 

16. If necessary, try to figure out what you would have done better to avoid the breakup, learn the lessons, and move on.

17. The worst experience is making the rest of your life the worst of your life when you have the right to make it the best of your life. That marriage you’re holding on to is not the end of the road.

18. Divorcing your partner does not mean you failed; rather, it means you succeeded in not allowing your life to fail.

19. If you do not define what a failed marriage is to you, the person with the loudest voice will define it for you on their terms.

20. If you were able to go through the phase of a toxic marriage, you will definitely make it through the phase of separation.

21. Getting a divorce could be the therapy you need. A breakup can sometimes be a breath of fresh air.

22. Most times, good things start happening to you when you exit the wrong marriage.

23. It hurts to move on all alone. It hurts more to stay back and get hurt by the one who should love you. To thrive in life, you have to know when to stop and take another chance at something else.

24. It is difficult to change the life you have gotten used to, but it is much more difficult to remain in a marriage where you are not wanted and appreciated.

25. People will always talk, whether you decide to stay or leave. You have to decide which of the headlines you prefer to trend in.

26. It is said that winners never quit. But in some situations, what you need to actually win is to quit. You shouldn’t wait to be swept away by the horrifying tides of a terrible marriage.

27. Change is painful, and moving on is painful too, but staying entrapped is stifling. You need to breathe, or else you cease to live.

28. You will be tempted to shift blame when the marriage breaks. Resist this temptation, learn from your mistakes and move on.

29. You may not understand how much of a superhuman you are until you decide to break free from a toxic marriage.

30. The process of a divorce is draining, and the process of staying in a toxic marriage is traumatizing. The only difference is that the former has a deadline and the latter does not.

31. The process of ending a toxic marriage is akin to amputating a decaying foot. You go through the pain and lose a foot eventually, but you avert the risk of having the decay spread across other parts of your body.

32. You must not remain in a marital space where you are perceived as a rival. Marriage is for companionship and partnership, not competition. If you find yourself competing to keep your spouse, you may have lost them a long time ago. 

33. It’s not your fault that things went out of hand in your marriage. This breakup might be just what you need to truly move on with your life. 

34. It’s true that no one prepared you for all the best experiences you have had to go through in your marriage. Breaking up is not the end of the road; the future is still promising.

35. Appreciate the beautiful memories but never allow those memories to trap you into staying with the one who steals the beauty of the memories from you.

36. Instead of thinking of the areas you erred in making them leave, think of how to start again in a grand style.

37. You will not realize how powerful you are if you always hold on to the thoughts of the one who wrecked your heart. To every end, there’s a wake of a new beginning.

38. Love is not enough to keep a marriage working, having a kind partner is invaluable. Nothing makes marriage sour like putting up with an unkind partner. 

39. Some battles are better fought from a distance than on the battlefield. Sometimes, the best way to win a fight is to retreat ’cause those who go against the wind always end up getting swallowed up by the waves.

40. A marriage doesn’t break up the day it was announced, it breaks the day the little values holding partners together start getting tampered with.

41. Breaking up from a toxic marriage does not mean that you’re impatient and weak. It shows bravery. It’s important to not put one’s life at risk. What’s the point of marriage if there’s no mutual love and understanding?

42. No child wants to be a product of a broken marriage. So, couples should settle disputes amicably, away from the glaring eyes of their kids.

43. Most times, fighting to hold together the missing links in broken marriages is like trying to gather spilt milk.

44. The children you want to use as an excuse for not leaving will blame you tomorrow for not leaving when you should have left.

45. The fact remains that no one is perfect. But, there are people who you should get away from in order for you to truly survive and live another day.

46. When the only reason to want to stay back is because of the kids, then there might be no reasons at all ’cause, there’s no use raising kids in a hostile environment.

47. If love was enough to hold marriages together, then there would never have been any breakups.

48. Most times, bravery and strength are not defined by staying to fight but by letting go, especially when one’s life is in danger. You can always find love, but once life is lost, you can’t get it back.

49. There have never been any rules that hold true for all successful marriages. Even with the rules, marriages break up. One has to accept and live with what works for them. No two marriages are the same, and as such, they can’t be weighed together.

50. Going through a terrible marriage breakup can be very exhausting. However, it’s better to be alone than to live an unhappy life. You deserve to be happy too.

51. It’s okay to want to go back to a broken marriage, especially if you have a strong attachment to your partner. However, you must make sure what happened in the past has been sorted.

52. When the person you love turns out to become the source of your pain, then they don’t deserve your love at all.

53. From hearty chatters to dancing and cuddling, suddenly it gets sour. And then, the once sweet marriage becomes an ‘it used to be’.

54. If you die because of them, they will still find someone else to take your place. The best thing is to find the right time to take a walk.

55. You didn’t lose because your marriage ended. Rather, you found a better way to win. It’s for such reasons that life gives us second chances.

56. Instead of moping about the person who violated the vows you both agreed to uphold, erase their memory from your mind and go about your life as if they never existed.

57. It is okay to cry and feel heartbroken, but it is not okay to lose yourself in the process.

58. When the lead character in the life you planned decides to leave the scene, you have the option of rewriting the script.

59. Letting go is not a sign of weakness but proof of strength and love for oneself, because it’s only when you love yourself that you can choose yourself.

60. You will realize how powerful you are once you accept to let go of the pain. Your life will begin to have proper meaning.

61. If you are unhappy in your marriage, be willing to walk away and not look back.

62. People will talk, and society will react. Well, they have the right to, but at the end of the day, it’s your life and peace of mind that’s on the line. 

63. You don’t have to prove a point to anyone. Especially if no one is willing to understand your plight. Move on and be happy.

64. Constant disagreement in marriage is like pulling an elastic string on both ends, continuous pull causes the elastic limit to be overcome and then the fatal break.

65. Some breakups would never have happened if the couple realized that they should never have been married in the first place.

66. Life is too short to want to spend it with someone who doesn’t value you. If you lose your self-worth in marriage, you’re going to live the rest of your life as a slave. 

67. Every time you have to keep reassuring yourself that you are in the right marriage, you may possibly be in the wrong one. 

68. If the thought of staying in it breaks you, then you should consider breaking it. 

69. It is painful to leave the one for whom your heart yearns, but it is even more painful to be with the love who causes you pain.

70. You will not always be prepared to move on without the one you love. The thought of it is enough anguish but you will have to do it anyway.

71. It is better to be alone than to be lonely in marriage.

72. The darkest part of the night always comes before dawn. It may seem very bleak right now to break up from the marriage you’ve always held so dear, but there is hope.

73. People only hurt you when you give them the right to do so. Take back the right you gave your spouse to hurt you.

74. Leave a marriage that makes you doubt your sanity. 

75. If they do not value you enough, then the vows were empty recitations to them and shouldn’t mean anything to you either.

76. Just like broken mirrors that can never be joined to reflect a single image, some broken marriages are better left broken because nothing will ever make them return to the same way they were ever again.

77. Many marriages fail because the couples make wishes instead of taking vows. Vows are not meant to be broken, they’re meant to be redeemed and upheld.

78. If the picture of their future does not feature you, then it is obvious they have no future with you. Why hold on to a partner in marriage when they no longer see themselves with you? 

79. Staying in an unhappy marriage is like living for 700 years with a devastating disease. I can’t be sure which is worse.

80. When you decide to continue in an unhappy marriage, you don’t only hurt yourself, but you also paint a false picture of love for your children.

81. Having to spend the rest of your life with the one who makes your life the worst is devastating. Nobody should ever have to deal with that.

82. Some marriages may not break up if the couple involved understanding that the darkest part of the night is a sign of dawn.

83. Nobody goes into a marriage expecting it to crash but sometimes, life happens. We have to keep living through. 

84. We have been trained to believe that walking away from problems is a sign of weakness, but in the real sense, bravery is sometimes defined by the ability to walk away.

85. Some people stay in unhappy marriages because they are afraid of what they will lose. A majority end up losing those things and their peace as well.

86. It is better to be officially single than to be married but single.

87. Every day, couples see reasons why they should leave their partner. It is the decision that determines if the marriage stands or breaks. However, no one should ever choose to stay if their life is in danger.

88. There are several external enemies that try to pull apart every marriage. Just like on the battlefield, it is easier to combat external enemies if there are no enemies within.

89. Like the traditional weighing scale that requires equal masses on both ends to be in static equilibrium, marriage requires corresponding efforts from both partners to be able to keep it together.

90. You can’t be wrong about everything. If your partner makes you feel this way, then it is obvious there is something wrong. 

91. The purpose of marriage is not to endure misery. Marriage is for partnership, companionship, and fellowship. If you lack these “ships,” you arrived at the wrong shipyard.

92. Letting the wrong people go is like clearing the garden of weeds to allow the flowers to bloom.

93. You may not discover how amazing you are until you let go of the one who is too blind to see it.

94. You did not lose because your marriage failed; rather, you learned not to marry incorrectly in the future. 

95. You choose to remain in a toxic marriage because of the children when actually, your children should be the most important reason why you must let go.

96. If you don’t want to raise damaged children, you should consider taking them out of the damaged marriage. Otherwise, be ready to deal with the outcome.

97. If the thought of your partner scares you, you are not in a marriage. Marriage is meant to be a safe haven; not a prison.

98. It takes double the strength needed to stay in a toxic marriage to know when to quit and to quit eventually.

99. Your children will appreciate it more if you allow them to experience true love and happiness rather than being in a toxic marriage.

100. Never make the mistake of deciding to continue in a damaged marriage because of the children. Damaged marriages often produce damaged children.

Whether it is you or your spouse that wants the divorce, we hope marriage breakup these quotes will help explain the sadness that you may feel and the hurt that your children will most likely experience as well.

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