hunters wife quotes

Hunter’s Wife Quotes

A hunter’s wife is well beyond your typical housewife. She shares the same outdoor privileges as her husband. You can always find a hunter’s wife in the outdoors, whether it’s following her husband on a hunt or doing it solo. A great number of women have gone on to become successful hunters.

Hunting is an important hobby for some men. But for a hunter’s wife, hunting is a way of life. A hunter’s wife focuses on supporting her man in every way possible. She usually hunts with her husband and helps her husband track any animal they are hunting. Whether they are tracking a deer, moose or something else, without each other’s help and support, their hobby would not be as fun or complete.

The hunter’s wife is the woman behind the successful hunter. She supports her man as he pursues his passion for hunting. With these hunter’s wife quotes, you should appreciate who a hunter’s wife is.

Hunter’s Wife Quotes

A hunter’s wife is a woman who understands her husband and enjoys spending time with him doing something that they both love. The hunter’s wife is the most appreciative of all wives.

1. A hunter’s wife is always a hunter’s best friend. She would make a killer hunter’s spouse. Life is full of ups and downs, but when you walk in the woods with a hunter’s wife, you always know that your path is never alone.

2. A hunter’s wife can handle anything and she knows it takes strength, patience and commitment to become a successful hunter.

3. A hunter’s wife knows how to track the game easily and skin it with grace. She’ll always be your best shot. She’s a hunter, he’s a gentleman, but they’re lovers when it comes to dancing.

4. We are the women who follow our men into the mountains and deserts, away from the houses, gardens, and shops with their tools of civilization. We are the women who ride on horseback and hunt with them on foot.

5. The hunter’s wife is the ideal partner of a man who hunts. She knows the day will come when she must stand alone but accepts this because she knows her husband will always be there for her. A hunter’s wife is always ready to face the future.

6. The hunter’s wife is a woman who knows how to love without conditions. A hunter’s wife is as strong as her husband’s rifle. Life is a hunt; take it from an old hunter’s wife: chase your prey.

7. The hunter’s wife must always be prepared for the unexpected. My husband is my biggest fan and supporter; he’s my closest hunting buddy. He takes care of me, loves me the most, and couldn’t ask for anything more. I am so blessed to be married and love every second with him.

8. When the hunters come home, there’s a woman at the fire. Hunting is a man’s sport- the chasing, the killing, and even the cooking area for him. But it’s the woman who keeps everything going: The clothes to wear, the food to eat, and the money to buy guns and ammo.

9. You may not be able to hunt, but you can always wear your hunter’s heart on your sleeve. Find the hunter’s wife in yourself, and remember that the best hunter’s wife is the one who keeps a sharp eye and shoots straight.

10. A hunter’s wife goes through a lot of gear but the best thing about being a hunter’s wife? The gear comes with the man. You can’t be a hunter’s wife if you don’t hunt, and you can’t hunt if you don’t have a rifle.

11. Hunter’s wife: The deer chase is the best part of hunting season. There are two kinds of hunters: those that get up this morning and those whose wives do. The hunter who values his wife can never fail to succeed.

12. She’ll hunt the day away, no matter the weather. The best way to ensure a successful hunt is to be on time. Life is hard, but hunting makes it better. We’ve got our rifle; you’ve got your shotgun. We’re going to hunt.

13. A hunter’s wife is the most powerful tool in the arsenal. When you are with her, everything is right in the world. The hunter’s wife is the heart of the family. She is their breadwinner and protector, but above all, she is their best friend.

14. The hunter’s wife is the backbone of the family. She’s a hunter’s wife. She carries her shotgun under her arm like a fashion accessory and makes sweet love to the game warden when he stops by for breakfast in the morning.

15. I’m a hunter’s wife, and I hunt. My husband has always been a great shooter; one of his biggest interests has been bow hunting. It was always just a hobby for him, and he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do as far as shooting and hunting went. But as we got older and started raising our family, my husband found his passion again. Now he is renowned by everyone who knows him as the best deer hunter in the

16. If your husband is a hunter and you are his wife, it’s impossible to live together without having a hunter mentality. It will not be easy, but you can’t expect it to be simple. You can be a good wife and a good hunter. You don’t need to choose one or the other; you can fit well in the two.

17. Hunter’s Wife: the best dogs in the pack are always the ones you never see. There’s more to hunting than just the kill. Being a good wife is just as important as being a good hunter. Hunting is a job. Being a wife is an adventure.

18. The hunting season is long, but it’s always bittersweet. Hunting is not a sport; it’s a way of life. In the morning, when a hunter rises, the first thing that should greet him is the smile from the hunter’s wife.

19. A hunter’s wife is a woman who stands by her man, no matter what, even when he doesn’t have a license. A hunter’s wife is the heart of her husband.

20. The hunter’s wife should always be prepared; she must never forget the coffee, cake and chocolate on hand. She knows what she wants and needs and how to get it. She’s a hunter’s wife, for sure.

21. The hunter’s wife is mysterious, inscrutable and powerful, yet she is the most vulnerable person on earth in many ways. She must be protected from all harm, danger, and the natural world itself.

22. The Hunters Wife: She is the backbone of the hunt, ensuring that it continues in safety and success. Hunting is a man’s game, but a good wife makes it all worthwhile.

23. She’s the woman who can golf, hunt and cook a meat steak. No words describe the feeling of freedom every hunter’s wife gets from hunting with their husband.

24. She hunts them, and he cleans them! Hunting is a game of skill, not a chance. Hunting is the only true sport that tests your equipment, skills, and mettle.

25. Life is better with a gun in your hand. Don’t be afraid of the bottom line; it’s where you all started. A hunter’s wife is the best in class.

26. A hunter’s wife is a woman who always has her eye on the prize and never misses a shot. The hunter’s wife is a family. She might not be able to hunt, but she can do anything else.

27. The best hunter’s wife is the one who never wants to kill anything. The best hunter’s wife is the one who has a gun in her hand and a smile on her face.

28. A hunter’s wife knows her husband can’t hunt without her. To the hunter’s wife, the sport of hunting is a lifestyle. To you, it’s an obsession. And for those who love you and put up with all your craziness, it’s a passion

29. Being a hunter’s wife for many years is enough experience to know how to cope in the game. Hunters need more than a pretty face and good talk to get through the day. Hunters need a heart made of steel, too.

30. The best hunter can be a good husband with a super fit wife. She is the hunter’s best friend, after all. As a hunter can’t live without his bow, rifle and dogs, he is empty without his wife. Hunting for a woman is like fishing for a fish. It requires patience, perseverance and persistence.

31. A hunter’s wife is the hunter. Caring for your rifles is like caring for your children. It’s important, but it’s more than just having them. You have to spend time with them and love them. Life is a journey; get out there and explore!

32. The most important thing a hunter’s wife needs to know is that the man she’s married to has come home. This is life, a hunter’s wife. It is worth living

33. Are you a hunter’s wife? Be proud to share your stories because that’s the best job in the world. The cosiest moments are spending time with their husband hunting.

34. A hunter’s wife is the best kind of wife. She’s tough and brave but feminine and nurturing at the same time. She has a heart as big as her shotgun.

35. As a hunter’s wife, I have learned to be grateful for the moments my husband can share with me. Hunting for a wife is like hunting for a deer. You never know what you’re going to get!

36. If you’re married to a hunter and involved in the hunting world, you’ve got your special blend of splendour. Every hunter will die a woman who loves to hunt because they are not afraid to get her hands dirty.

37. We are the hunters; we snuggle and hunt together. Hunting is the woman’s true vocation. A hunter’s wife is a woman who will follow her husband to the ends of the earth, even if it means hunting small animals by herself.

38. A hunter’s wife is not just a mother but a partner in the hunt. A hunter’s wife needs to be a chameleon hunter, too. The hunter’s wife is the one that first draws aim and aims again.

39. As the fish in the sea, she is a hunter’s wife who braves elements and terrains to bring their next meal home. Being a hunter’s wife means you have to support your husband, help him with his calls, and stand by when he shoots.

40. She’s the best hunter and cook and is always there when you need her. Keep your eyes on the prey and your finger on the trigger. We hunt to eat because the chase is half the fun. When the day is done, you’re left with one thing: the memory of it.

41. A hunter’s wife is a hunter’s refuge, a place of peace and comfort where she can tend her yard without intruding on the rest of the family. A hunter’s wife is a hunter’s best friend.

42. A hunter’s wife who lives in the woods all day with a rifle, how many wives need to be told to go home and sew? Meet the hunter’s wife. The one who hunts with him helps with the chores and buys the trophies.

43. A hunter’s wife is the best kind of trophy. The hunter’s wife is a stone statue. It doesn’t move or talk. But if you look closely, you can see a certain spark in its eyes.

44. The hunter’s wife knows how to wield a knife. An active hunting lifestyle balances the time to be a wife, mother, and friend. My husband loves hunting, but he also appreciates wildflowers and the song of a bird. He’s not only my hero but also my flower man. Hunting is not a job; it’s my way of life. It’s who I am and where I belong.

45. While you’re out hunting, they will be there preparing your meals, keeping the house clean and taking care of the little family. That’s the hunter’s wife.

46. Life is the measure of all things. In hunting, we don’t need to measure a lot of things. She does a lot of hard work, but she also does a lot of fun stuff. The best thing about life is that there’s always tomorrow.

47. A hunter’s wife is a pack mule who can carry the day’s load when the wilderness trails are long, yet the heart of a ladies’ companion. The hunter’s wife is a warrior and a keeper of secrets. The hunter’s wife said, “If you love your life, live near a deer stand.”

48. A hunter’s wife is like a bow that has never been drawn. This is dedicated to the hardest working woman in the world: The hunter’s wife.

49. Being the hunter’s wife is never easy. But if you love what you do and spend your days happily chasing the things that make your heart race, then there’s no better way to spend your time on earth.

50. Hunters are a breed apart. They live in their world, so far removed from the rest of us that it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart from other types of men. But those rare few with a wife who also hunts have an entirely different kind of life—one unlike any other.

Hopefully, you have been able to add a new perspective to your life that is useful for you and your family. This post was intended as a primer on who the hunter’s wife really is and how she can immediately take her place in this role.

You should be able to utilize what we have written here to make the most out of your family time. And if you are married, we hope this post has given you some insight into how you can better support your husband and be the best wife you can be while also pursuing an enjoyable lifestyle. These hunter’s wife quotes are the most desirable for anyone.

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