Love Is Blind Quotes

Love Is Blind Quotes

Love is blind. This, of course, means that you might not see the imperfections in someone you love (even if they’re staring you right in the face). But all love stories are different — and that includes the way they end. Sometimes all you know is that it’s over when you’re done with a relationship. It’s been scientifically proven that lovers make the most beautiful, idealistic, selfless people on earth. And their hobby is passionately making each other happy.

Everyone who loves someone is guilty of this. You can’t say no to them when they ask you to do something. Of course, not everything they do is bad but sometimes said actions can be quite hurtful. This makes it difficult when they ask you for a favour that isn’t your best choice.

That’s why you have this collection of the best love is blind quotes and sayings that celebrate the many facets of love.

Love Is Blind Quotes

Love is blind, but marriage made in heaven is proof that love can see. Love is blind, but beauty completes the world. Love is blind, and marriage is an eye-opener. When you’re in love, nothing else exists. That’s what makes it the most beautiful thing in the world.

1. Love is blind, and lovers can’t see the flaws in each other.

2. Love is like a pair of glasses that makes everything look perfect – it puts a smile on your face when you’re tired and makes you feel excited and happy.

3. When you love someone, you don’t see their faults. You see their potential.

4. When you’re in love, the world looks a bit rosier, and the future seems just that little bit brighter.

5. Love is blind, and we can’t see what the other person is really like. But we can learn to trust each other and know that our hearts will work out. That’s what love is all about.

6. Love is the only thing in the world that gives more than it takes away.

7. Love is blind. Still, don’t be afraid to love and let yourself be loved.

8. Love is enchanting and intoxicating. But it can also be misleading. A certain type of haze affects its victims by stealing their ability to think logically or analytically, but at least it means you’re never bored.

9. Love is blind. But then again, so is an eclipse.

10. Being in love is like living in a dream. You are always looking at the bright side, which makes you blind to faults and unrealistic.

11. You can’t see diversity and then decide that you don’t like or appreciate it. That’s not how love works. That’s why we say that love is blind.

12. When you love someone, you give them the benefit of the doubt. You think about their future and become inspired by it.

13. Love is blind. It’s the best kind of sight.

14. Love is blind, so don’t try to control it. Forgive it for its blindness—and learn to love the light you see when it comes back around.

15. Love is blind. It doesn’t know the colour of your skin, where you were born, or what language you speak. It just sees the good in people.

16. Life’s complex, but love makes it simple. Love is blind. Love can’t see, understand or remember the past. It only sees the present and the future and believes in enchanted wishes.

17. Love is blind. It’s okay to love someone and not see their faults. They may be perfect for you.

18. Love is blind and leads us astray. But in the end, it’s a more honest kind of blindness.

19. Love is deceptive and will lead you astray. However, in the end, it’s that deception, that emotion, that takes you to a more sincere place.

20. Love is blind, but marriage makes you more clearly than you’ve ever seen.

21. When you love someone, you don’t see the size of their waistline. You envy the things about them that make them unique.

22. Love is blind, but love is not stupid.

23. Love is like a pair of glasses that makes everything look good.

24. When you love someone, you don’t see the bad things. When they are happy, you feel good. So when they are sad, you want to make them feel better. Love is blind!

25. Don’t believe everything you hear. After all, love is blind. It doesn’t matter whether someone has a good job, fancy car, or great body – they can still be a loser.

26. Love is blind and hard to see. But it’s what makes you unique.

27. While it’s true that love is blind, we don’t have to be. Don’t believe everything you see. The truth is out there…

28. Love is blind, so let’s not believe everything we see.

29. I hope you won’t be afraid to look at that “love” in the face and let it know how much you love them.

30. Love is like a limousine. You wait and wait for it to show up, but when it finally does, you can’t tell if the driver is your best friend or a total stranger.

31. Love is blind. So embrace the aloofness and be yourself.

32. Don’t let any fear or doubt stop you from reaching your goals in life. Believe in yourself, and remember: love is blind.

33. You can’t see the beauty love has in store for you until you open your eyes to it.

34. Love is blind, so why not let yourself be blinded since you already see what you want to see?

35. Love is blind, but affection isn’t. And love may be stupid, but it’s always sincere.

36. Love is blind, but it’s not deaf. Love is painful, but it’s not crazy.

37. You don’t choose who you love. Love chooses you.

38. Choose to see the beauty in all people and all things. Choose love, even if it’s blind.

39. Love that is blind cannot choose to see the beautiful things in life that are hidden from the eyes of others.

40. A love for a person is never blinding: it is not just a feeling. It is the ability to see someone else as more than who they are to better themselves.

41. Don’t ever think that you are not worthy of love; because love is all around us.

42. I can’t see your love, but I can feel it. The important thing is not to see the faults but to love the person who has them.

43. The best thing about life is that it is something you can see every day.

44. Love is blind. And I’m pretty sure it’s also deaf and mute, too. But it doesn’t matter because love is just too stubborn to care.

45. Sometimes, the hardest things are the most rewarding.  You can’t see it, but you feel it. Love is blind.

46. The best thing about life is to love and be loved. The best thing about love is that it’s blind.

47. Love is blind, so love yourself and be beautiful in mind and body. You are enough just the way you are.

48. Our world is full of people who try to show you love but don’t know how.

49. The best things in life are not at all obvious. It’s easy to take the good for granted, but slow down and appreciate the little things.

50. Life isn’t about material things—it’s about the people you love and how far your love will go for them.

51. Love is not a finding. It’s creating. Love is blind. It’s also incredibly stupid. But we all do it, don’t we?

52. Love is blind. It’s seeing the world with new eyes that makes all the difference.

53. Love is a beautiful thing, but not everyone can see it. If you’re lucky, you’ll be with someone who makes you see how beautiful it is.

54. Blinded by your love, I see clearer than the eye can see.

55. Love is blind. Hope is an excuse for making mistakes and doing wrong things. Love is the hope of the future, and uncertainty is the hope of yesterday.

56. When you love someone, you don’t see them as the person they are; you see them as the one that they can be.

57. Love is blind, but I’m super selective.

58. Love is blind. It just doesn’t know it yet.

59. It’s better to be blind than to see and not have the courage to love.

60. Even if you can’t see me, I’m still here. I’m still looking at you with love in my heart.

61. I can’t see a thing, but I know it’s there. Just like faith, love is also like that.

62. Love is blind. It’s one of the most wonderful gifts we can give and receive, but it’s hard to see when there’s so much doubt and fear.

63. Let us look at each other with a heart that sees through all illusions—not just the one we want.

64. Love is blind. Only a fool would never give his heart away.

65. We can’t see love. We can only feel it. Love is blind, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t seeing it.

66. I love when people say “I love you” and mean it. Honestly, I’ll take that any day of the week.

67. You don’t have to be in love to fall in love.

68. Love is blind. But marriage is a real eye-opener.

69. Love is blind, but Cupid’s arrow hits the mark every time.

70. Don’t try to make someone fall in love with you. Be the rose that blooms in their heart, and they will choose you over any other flower.

71. Have you ever been in love? I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. And if it all goes wrong, you know who to blame: yourself.

72. Love is a state of mind, not just a feeling.

73. When you love, you accept the good and the bad. The best and the worst. And you hope they will bring as much joy to them as they bring you pain. If that’s not love, what is?

74. Love is blind. If you love something, set it free.

75. Love doesn’t just grow on trees; sometimes, you have to rip it out of its roots.

76. Love is blind. Let your heart take over and make decisions based on what makes you happiest.

77. Love is a beautiful thing. You can’t just let it go, and you have to hold on to it too.

78. Real love is not about how soon to say I love you, but how much you would regret it if you didn’t.

79. I want you to know that I love you. Not because of anything you’ve done, but because of who I am when I’m with you.

80. If you’ll love someone even if their mistakes become a thing of beauty, that’s when your heart truly shines.

81. Love is never blind; it just happens to be a very good excuse for being nonchalant

82. I’m all yours. But you may never see it, no matter how hard you look.

83. Love is blind. Its birth is to be regretted, its death to be lamented, and its every breath to be deplored.

84. Love is something that you can’t explain. It’s something that you feel. And when you have it, you know.

85. Love is the only thing that allows two people to be together.

86. At best, love is the greatest force in the world causing two people to draw closer together.

87. Love is blind, love is a single candle that burns in both their shadows.

88. Love makes us blind. It’s the only thing that allows us to see, even when we can’t.

89. You can’t choose the people you love, but you can choose the kind of person you are right now and how that person makes you feel.

90. Even though love is blind, Love is the greatest healer of all.

91. Love is blind; love is deaf. But that’s no reason to stay away from one another.

92. Love is blind, but that’s the best kind of sight.

93. You see the world for what it is, and love is blind, so you don’t care that people are different from each other. You accept them as they are and love them anyway.

94. Love is not something you find; it’s something you build.

95. It’s not always easy to love yourself, but that’s the only way you’ll finally be able to love someone else.

96. Love is blind, love is selfish, and love is a two-way street. Always remember that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, all of your relationships will eventually end in heartbreak.

97. Love is blind, so why not love yourself? You deserve it.

98. Just fall in love with someone. They may break your heart, but they will always make you smile.

99. Love is blind. Commitment is stupid. Marriage is a mistake that you find yourself stuck in for twenty years.

100. When life doesn’t always make sense, and you’ve got your doubts, just remember this: Love is blind.

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