I Feel So Broken Quotes

I Feel So Broken Quotes

Sometimes you feel broken, and sometimes in life, you face challenges you have never faced. When you have a broken heart, it seems like all the problems come to you at once. You can no longer live the peaceful life that you once had.

The problems paralyze you and leave you so sad and lonely. You begin to hate yourself because no one seems to care about your feelings. No one enjoys your company anymore because they think you are boring now. You sit alone, crying like there is no tomorrow, but then again, it does not matter anymore.

Sometimes, we feel like the world has come to an end. Sometimes, we feel awful and sad that it’s hard to go out of the house. Sometimes, we feel like everything is falling apart, and there’s nothing left for us.

This makes life horrible to live again. Here are I feel so broken quotes that express how life can be so hard that it makes you feel broken.

I Feel So Broken Quotes

I didn’t know what was wrong with me at first. My bones hurt, my joints ached, and I had no energy. But that wasn’t the worst part because after feeling like this for a few months, I felt broken in other ways too, more ways than I care to count that are invisible.

1. I feel so broken that I want to break everything around me. I can’t control my mind anymore. It’s gonna be a hard day, but I know that the light is coming. A day doesn’t end until you stop crying.

2. I feel so broken, and I know you are having the same thoughts, the same feelings, and you need to understand that it’s not your fault. You’ve been played!

3. There are days when I stare at the mirror and feel like my heart is broken.

4. I feel so broken. I need to find love, hope and happiness again. I will never be whole again. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this, but please be there for me.

5. I feel so sad, lonely and broken. I feel like nothing can make me feel better except for maybe a hot plate of cheese tortillas.

6. Sometimes, I just want to disappear. I feel so lost and broken, and it’s all because of you.

7. I just don’t know how to feel anymore. I’m broken, and it feels like it’ll never change.

8. I’m so heartbroken and destroyed. I want to curl up and die because of the hurt and amount of pain I’ve gone through.

9. I don’t know how to move on. I’m lost. I’m broken. I’m sad.

10. Who would have thought that you’d be the one person I trusted most but hurt me the most. I always thought it would be some stranger, not my best friend.

11. I feel so broken. I can’t help but think that if my life had gone a different way, then I would be in a better place.

12. The world is full of broken people. The truth is that if you do not know how you are going to fix it, no one will. And loneliness is the deepest darkness of all.

13. I’m so sad I don’t know what to do with myself. Being broken inside is harder than people said it would be.

14. I’m feeling a lot of emotion right now. I’m angry and sad, and I feel like crying. Being strong is so hard when you feel broken.

15. I miss the way we used to be. I feel so broken.

16. I am so deeply sad today. My heart hurts, my mind hurts, and every part of me feels so broken.

17. It’s hard to feel like your life is falling apart, but then it’s even harder to deal with those feelings alone.

18. I don’t know how to be happy anymore. I’ve tried everything. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t heartbroken.

19. Sometimes, you feel so broken – but still so whole at the same time. The thing is, our pain doesn’t come from what happened to us. It comes from our resistance to it.

20. The pain from my broken heart is breaking me apart.

21. The bottom fell out from under me today when I found out that my husband was cheating on me. I broke down in tears, and for the first time in my life, I did not know what to do.

22. I always try to be strong, even when I’m hurting inside.

23. No one understands my pains; I feel so alone, life is a circus, and I want to get out of it.

24. I’m falling apart. This love is making me insane. I’ve never felt so unhappy in my life. I feel like I have nothing left to give.

25. It’s not easy being sick. Your quiet strength and positive attitude are an inspiration to everyone around you.

26. I feel so broken — I’m not sure if you know this, but I am. Seriously, it feels like the universe has turned against me, and it’s on an endless mission to destroy me.

27. I am a broken mess right now. I am in a dark place.

28. I feel so sad and hurt inside, and my heart is hurting. I feel like I don’t know how to move on without you.

29. I’ve lived here all my life, but it’s all so ugly and dark. I am tired of it. Everything feels so wrong and cold. I feel so lost.

30. I don’t know what hurts more — the pain of your decisions or the emptiness I feel without you.

31. I feel lost in the world, and I don’t know what to do.

32. I have an imperfect life. I do. I have made so many mistakes that I cannot count. Nobody knows the pain and suffering I’ve been through.

33. Words cannot describe the turmoil that I feel within me. I’m feeling really bad.

34. I feel so broken. I just need someone to talk about it.

35. I feel so broken that I don’t know where to begin.

36. When I feel so broken, I wonder whether it’s possible to be happy ever again.

37. I’m broken, I’m hurt, I’m depressed. My heart is shattered, no one can fix it.

38. I feel broken and confused. I don’t know where to turn or who to call.

39. I feel so broken. It’s all my fault, though. I’m the one who’s to blame for feeling this way and not having a life of happiness to live for myself. I know why I have to prevent myself from feeling this way, but it’s even harder than it sounds.

40. I feel so hurt. I feel so upset; I feel so miserable.

41. I don’t know if I can keep going on like this. I just feel so broken.

42. I cried my eyes out. I can’t believe it’s over. I feel wretchedly sad.

43. I’m lost, defeated, and depressed. I have no idea what to do or say.

44. I feel like I have failed my family and friends. I feel like a fallen hero. It makes me feel so broken.

45. Sometimes, life is hard, and if you’re feeling sad, we want to help. Sometimes all it takes is a few kind words to get you through your day.

46. Whenever we’re apart, I feel lonely and pathetic. I’m so confused. Why would you ever be with me if I made you feel this way? I am in pain and alone.

47. I feel so broken. I am a baker, but now I just feel so broken. I used to be energetic and cheerful. Now I’m a mess, and even my baking isn’t going well.

48. I’m going to tell you what I feel. A mix of cried, tried, lonely, and broken. I’ve worked so hard, but at the end of it all, I feel that it isn’t enough.

49. I feel so aggravated. I want to put a stop to this because I feel so broken.

50. I’m in a very dark place right now, struggling and just wanting things to be different.

51. I’m lost, confused and stuck. I feel so broken.

52. We took all the love we were given and kept it in a jar with all our hopes. I feel so broken right now, yet my heart hangs on empty, filled with the memory of loving you and lost hopes.

53. I feel so broken. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this.

54. I’m so sad; I feel completely alone and isolated.

55. Life is hard, and nothing is fun. I feel very disappointed

56. My heartbroken. My spirit was crushed. I can’t go on.

57. I feel terrible. I hate my job, and my kids don’t like me.

58. I feel inadequate. We can all relate to feeling like we’re not good enough.

59. I face the mirror; I don’t know what to say.

60. I feel so broken. I look around at all the things I once had and laugh. Now there is nothing left of them but broken.

61. I feel as though what I had has walked out of my life, breaking everything behind it. Now only broken pieces remain. It’s hard to look at them and not laugh. Everything is broken.

62. I feel so destroyed. Many things in my life have been damaged by others, and I don’t even care.

63. I feel empty inside. There’s nothing left that makes me feel full and happy. I am completely broken.

64. My heart is broken. There was so much love, but now it’s all gone. Everything I loved was lost and forgotten.

65. I am tired and depressed. I’ve wasted so much of my life thinking about how to move on that I feel broken inside.

66. I will never, ever back down from all I have to offer. I will never surrender to anyone or anything. If there is one thing I am sure of, it’s that nothing can break me.

67. Life was so beautiful. I used to think that that’s how it would always be, but it isn’t.

68. I thought everything was the best it could be. I had no idea that everything could be so much better than I imagined.

69. ​I feel so broken, like an iceberg that’s cracked in two, and I’m floating at sea.

70. I feel shattered, like an iceberg that’s cracked in two, and I’m floating at sea.

71. The tears fall down my face as my heart seeps blood and the only thing that can save me is for you to put me back together, one piece of shattered glass at a time.

72. I feel deep despair like my whole world is falling to pieces, and I can’t put it back together.

73. I feel so lost, like a shipwreck drifting in the ocean, broken.

74. I feel like I’m sinking in the ocean, broken inside.

75. Sometimes, the world seems so big and life so hard, that I feel like I’ll never be able to put myself back together again.

76. I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t breathe, and there’s no way out.

77. All my life, I have been drowning. It’s all I know: Drowning in these limbo waters, trying to raise myself above the waves but never making it.

78. Sometimes, I feel depressed and like I’m drowning. I guess it’s because I’m broken inside.

79. I confess, I feel so broken. I feel like a shadow of myself. When I do things, my motivation is to escape. To get away from how I feel, to run as far away as I can. To stay busy so my mind isn’t cluttered with the thoughts spinning through my head so fast, it feels like they might make me dizzy.

80. I feel so broken; I feel like a shadow of myself. When I do things, my motivation is to escape. To get away from how I feel, to run as far away as I can.

81. I’m broken. I feel like there’s nothing left of me inside. When I do things, it’s only to get away from thinking about my problems. I stay too busy to clear my mind and stop the dizzying thoughts that spin through my head so fast.

82. I confess, even though I don’t want to be like this, I feel so broken. As a person with this illness, the last thing I want to do is create a burden for anyone else.

83. I don’t feel like myself. I’m doing things to run away from feelings. It feels like my head is spinning, and I might pass out.

84. My heart feels broken, and I’m lost. The apathy I feel is terrible. I have been trying to free myself from these feelings for a long time, but I feel weaker with each passing day.

85. I am sad. I feel like nothing can cheer me up and make me happy again. I just want to run away with no care in the world because my mind is racing with thoughts that make me feel dizzy.

86. I’ve been through hell, and I’m still alive. It’s a struggle every day to think clearly and remember who I am in the midst of my depression. Instead of feeling productive, I feel exhausted. Instead of feeling confident, I feel guilty. Instead of saying good morning, I just want to stay in bed.

87. I am not happy. I want to be, but I can’t. My childhood was ruined when my mother left. Nothing has mattered since, no matter how hard I try.

88. I am so alone. I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. My life has become a maze without an end.

89. I’m lost. I can’t focus or feel joy. Instead, I’m overwhelmed by sadness, guilt and hopelessness.

90. The world is dark and cold when I feel like this, a place full of shadows. I escape my thoughts by getting lost in work, though it’s not always enough.

91. I feel so broken, and I don’t know what else to do.

92. I feel so hopeless and worthless.

93. No one will ever know the pain I feel. It doesn’t matter how much I do; I will never make things right. I can’t even begin to understand how people keep on going like before.

94. I feel like I’m a failure. I can’t seem to do anything right. I hate myself.

95. I’m crying right now. I’ve told you that I don’t want to talk about it; Why can’t you just leave me alone!

96. I feel like I don’t even know myself anymore.

97. I feel like I am no longer the man I used to be. Unfulfilled, alone, miserable.

98. I just can’t stop blaming myself, and what do I do? I can’t breathe.

99. I want to just give up completely, but I can’t stop remembering the times I had so much fun, life felt worth it.

100. There are days that I sit and cry and wonder why I am here. I wonder what God’s plan is for me. I look in the mirror and see this person looking back who doesn’t resemble the person I was meant to be. I’m broken.

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