I Miss Being Happy Quotes

I Miss Being Happy Quotes

Life is full of ups and downs. We all have moments of joy and ecstasy every once in a while or every day. But do we truly appreciate what’s happening for us? When life beats you down, and you’re feeling down, take some time to reflect on the good things that have happened to you recently and remind yourself of what it felt like when you were happy. This way, you can put yourself in a positive frame of mind.

There is possibly nothing better to us than being happy, feeling the wonderful magic of life and love when we are delighted. Happiness can be so simple for us, but it greatly impacts everyone around us. There is something about a certain time in our lives where no matter what we have going on, everything is just perfect. It is never too late to look back at memories and appreciate all that was done or left undone.

These I miss being happy quotes below are great for reminiscing the times when nothing could shake the bright clouds of happiness in your heart.

I Miss Being Happy Quotes

I miss being happy. I know it sounds dumb, but I really miss being happy. My life had no real problems; I always had a roof over my head, food in the fridge and a new car every two years. I got so caught up in work that I forgot what really matters and lost sight of my goal.

1. I missed the days when life was carefree, and you didn’t have to worry about what everyone thought. No one was in your place, and you could be whoever you wanted. I miss being healthy, growing up quickly and appreciating every moment of my youth!

2. I miss being happy I miss being free to have fun. I wish I could go back in time to make things right.

3. I loved the feeling of being happy, being in love and always smiling, I miss that feeling, and now I am alone, but I’m better off.

4. I miss the way I used to laugh. I miss being carefree, and I used not to care what anybody thought; I miss being happy, I miss being me.

5. Sometimes, I miss being happy alone, eating a cupcake, and watching Netflix.

6. I miss being happy, having hope and optimism, and people not taking advantage of me.

7. I miss the sounds of laughter, the smiles on the faces of my best friends, the weather outside my window, the songs playing on the radio, the smell of the fresh air, and the good times. I miss being happy.

8. I miss feeling so carefree that I have no idea what the word ‘concerned’ means.

9. I miss feeling joy. I long for how things were in the past. I long for the days when I could laugh at nothing at all. I long for the way things used to make me feel. It’s difficult for me to put my finger on what it is about being joyful, but I know that it feels amazing and that my soul, which yearns for happiness, has brighter days ahead.

10. Happiness is always a choice. There’s no shortage of things to be unhappy about, but if you want to be happy, you choose to be happy every day.

11. The happiest time of my life was before I realized my hair was thinning. I miss being happy.

12. It’s been a while since I remembered laughing, and since then, my memory’s been shameful, and I haven’t laughed. I miss being happy.

13. All I wanted was to be happy and the luck that my heart had always been.

14. I was happy once. I remember the smells, sounds, and feelings of my happy days. I think about those times a lot, like when I am feeling unhappy, and it makes me wonder why we can’t have more days like that.

15. I was happy once. I thought I would always be happy. I thought I didn’t have to worry about anything. Then I met you, and my happiness became something of the past. I miss being happy.

16. I miss being happy, I miss being carefree, I miss being alive, I miss being myself, I miss being a child, and I miss feeling whole.

17. I miss being happy. I used to be that person who was never sad. The one who always found a reason to smile, but now, I feel like I’m a completely different person. My mind instantly jumps to the worst-case scenario in any given situation, and the happier side of me is buried underneath it all.

18. I miss the old me, the one who had a heart of gold, the one who knew how to love and cry, the one who would give my all for those I love.

19. I miss being happy. There, I’ve said it. I want to be happy again, but I’m lost right now.

20. What’s better than laughter? Happy thoughts, laughing at funny things, and with a little bit of luck. Well, I miss it all.

21. I miss being happy. I miss the silly, silly thoughts that once flitted through my mind, where I was free to love life and everything around me.

22. I miss laughing and smiling. I’ve aged, and I know it. My life has changed, but I’m still me, and I don’t have any other choice than to be happy.

23. I miss being happy, optimistic, and having dreams and hope. There are days when I want to stay in bed because this place is too quiet and empty. But then, I stop myself because it’s not all bad.

24. If I had my life to live over again, I’d do it just the way I’ve always done it, have all my best friends, and argue with Just about everyone. I’ve missed being happy with them.

25. I miss being happy, having hope, and people not taking advantage of me.

26. It’s too late to cover up the pain, too late to hide my tears, it’s too late to hide the truth and make-believe, and run and hide from the truth; it’s too late to bury the truth. I miss being happy.

27. I miss being happy, perhaps that’s my biggest flaw, but I’m hoping I can get back to where I was; it’s a feeling I can’t replace.

28. I wish I could say I’m always happy, but I’m not. Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s all part of being human. But when the downs are too hard to get through, remember to seek help.

29. I miss being happy. I miss waking up in the morning smiling and feeling confident about life. I miss knowing that today will be a good day and that tomorrow is even better than today.

30. I miss being happy. I miss having ambition, desire, and respect for myself. I used to feel good about who I was and what I did, but then I stopped doing that. Now the things that make me happy are hiding in the shadows or so far away that they’ve become meaningless again.

31. I miss being happy and how it used to feel to walk around with a smile on my face laughing at wrong and right.

32. I miss being happy. I miss exploring, listening to music, reading, and watching movies.

33. I’ll watch the stars from here and the clouds from up high. My life was a little more colourful than this. I miss being happy.

34. I miss being happy alone. I miss being alone and having the freedom to do whatever without being bothered by other people. I miss lying in bed at night and thinking about how everything used to be simpler.

35. I miss being the girl who could always acquire everything she wanted and needed. I want to know how to get it back.

36. I miss the feeling of falling in love and the butterflies in my stomach when someone tells me he loves me.

37. I miss being happy, I miss being hopeful, and I miss being a kid in a Candy store. I miss my life. I miss my youth and when I didn’t think twice about things. I miss my good feelings, and I miss being me.

38. I miss the simplicity, my time to explore, and my time to forget worry. I miss being happy.

39. I missed the time when I didn’t have to work on my smile, when I could show my happiness without care and when I could count on my soul mate with no fear, but now I’m stuck on my own.

40. Happy is the life for which we are yearning. A life free from fear, free from care. A life of love, laughter, and carefree, not concerned. I miss that life.

41. I miss the happiness I felt with you. I miss being so in love with you.

42. I wish I could still feel that kind of giddiness. I miss how I used to laugh, be carefree, and not care what anybody thought. I miss being happy.

43. It’s been a while since I’ve been happy, but I miss being happy, and I know I will be happy again.

44. I’ve become consumed by my thoughts, and I don’t think I ever stop to breathe. I’m tired of feeling depressed. I need some time to be me again.

45. I long for the times when I could be whoever I wanted to be, no one had to put me in my place, and my heart wasn’t under lock and key.

46. I miss being happy, I miss listening to music, I miss reading, I miss watching movies, I miss travelling around the world, and I miss playing games.

47. I feel like a tourist in a foreign land, like a stranger in my town. I’ve forgotten how to feel good about myself and how to feel good about the things I have.

48. I miss being happy, I miss being Young, I miss being free, and I miss being me.

49. You can’t be happy all the time, but you can practice being happy a lot.

50. Life is a great bar. You’ve got to pay. Some pay in dollars, some pay in time, but the price of happiness is accepting and saying goodbye.

51. I miss being happy alone, the feeling of drifting through space with the stars and clouds. I miss not having to smile, not having to pretend that Tumblr is more than just a temporary escape from reality. I want to be alone again, but this time in love with myself.

52. I feel like everything has gotten so bad lately, and it’s all because I’ve been down on myself. I need to get back on the horse and ride.

53. I miss being happy. I miss my previous lifestyle, where I was thrilled and thankful to have such a great life. It was full of love, kindness, and happiness.

54. Life is too short to stay unhappy. Don’t let your past define your future. Find Joy in the little things and look forward to what’s coming next -because we’re all blessed enough to have a second chance at happiness.

55. I miss being happy alone with nothing but my thoughts.

56. I miss being happy, Young, free and full of hope and Joy—the time when I made all my decisions based on what I wanted out of life.

57. I miss being happy, optimistic, and how life used to be.

58. I miss the life I once had, and I miss being happy because the days of being happy are gone.

59. I miss being healthy, strong and full of life. I miss my optimism and dreams. I miss having people who care and take care of me.

60. I miss the Golden days when I would say I was happy because right now, I’m living in the past.

61. I miss being happy and the way it used to be. I miss being in love, the way I once was, smiling when things are going well, and crying when things are not.

62. I miss being happy. When I was happy, I was happier than anyone else.

63. Life’s too short to be unhappy or stressed out, so you must start living your best life.

64. I miss being happy alone. I miss my dinners on the couch, morning walks by the lake, and doing nothing all day.

65. I miss laughing. I’m so sad, and it’s bringing me down and keeping my heart bleeding.

66. I’m here to remind myself to let go of the stuff holding me back. I’m free, I’m flawed, and nothing will change that.

67. I want to feel free. I keep taking my hand off my heart, I miss being carefree, and I miss the feeling of not giving a damn, such a wondrous feeling.

68. I miss being happy alone, and I miss being happy with the world around me and with myself.

69. I miss the times you held my hand, the times we’d lay down, the times we’d laugh and play, and the times we were Young. I miss being happy that you’re around me.

70. I miss being a kid and not worrying about what to wear, how to act, and who people Will think I am. I used to be so carefree, but life has turned upside down.

71. I need to laugh more. I feel like it’s something I’m missing out on, and I often don’t even realize it.

72. I’ve been sad. I’ve been lonely. I’ve been unhappy. It’s taken me a Long time to realize that everything will be okay again, but I’m starting to believe it now.

73. I miss being happy and feeling good about the things I have and who I am. And the way life is going. Those moments have become rare to me.

74. I miss colours, sounds, the Sun, the rain, being young, and being free.

75. I miss the laughs I used to hear, the smile on my face, and my friends. I miss being happy.

76. I miss the way I used to be full of life, I used to be the happiest kid, but that was before I lost my chance.

77. I miss it when my thoughts are filled with you and seeing all your smiles.

78. Happiness is like a butterfly. It only comes to those who wish for it. Butterflies are rare; you let them know you wish them to stay when they visit.

79. I miss being happy by myself. I miss the freedom of not breathing down the neck of someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

80. I have been crying for years, and I have been listening to sad songs. I don’t deserve to be happy again, but I will be happy again.

81. Life is a lot of work, and there are days when you want to get away from it all. I missed the days when I knew no one cared what I did or who I was. No one had high expectations of me or what they wanted me to be like. Just be me and do things that make me happy.

82. I got a house, a wife, a dog and a cat and my whole life’s ahead, but I’m not happy. I’m not happy because I miss being happy.

83. I miss the laughter, the smiles, the dancing, the feeling of love and most of all, I miss my mate.

84. I used to enjoy the sound of laughter, the look on my face when I knew a joke, I used to laugh with quite a bit of pride, but now I merely smiled.

85. I miss being happy alone, surrounded by nature and all of the birds singing. It’s a beautiful thing.

86. I miss being happy. I miss feeling happy, going in a cheerful mood, and enjoying life. I miss being carefree and free of worries. Well, it’s not all bad because I am still alive, but that doesn’t mean things are good.

87. I miss being happy with my appearance, being optimistic about things and people, and having dreams and hope for my future.

88. I miss the old me. I would never compare the old me to the new me. It was far too simple for me. I would rather take up the life, the life that the old me gave to me. I miss being happy.

89. I miss being happy and do not remember the last time I laughed.

90. I miss the feeling of happiness, I miss feeling good, I miss the way life used to be, and I miss being happy.

91. I miss being happy. I miss laughing and smiling. I miss having energy and energy to spare. I miss being in love and working on a new relationship with my dear friend, my soulmate.

92. When I get sad, I go and hide. I don’t want to see the tears, I want to be happy, but I can’t be. I miss being happy.

93. Sometimes, I miss being happy because I feel like I’ve never been alive or seen the sky, the sun, or the stars in the sky.

94. Life is too short for regrets. Life is too short not to be happy.

95. It has been a while since I have been happy, and I have forgotten how to smile, but I know one day, it shall be my fate to be and be happy again.

96. I miss being happy I miss the feeling of a smile, an inner glow that never dims.

97. I wish to be free, to fly higher and higher. I’ll be happier when I’m free as I was before I came across this life I’m living.

98. I have to make myself laugh. I used to laugh at everything, but I’m not sure that’s good.

99. When I was happy, I laughed, and was carefree and positive. I had so much to laugh about, and now, I laugh at nothing.

100. I yearn to be content alone. I miss the independence you get when no one is breathing down your neck and they have no idea who you are.

101. I miss being happy. I miss being in love. I miss smiling when things are going well and crying when they’re not. But I mostly miss having someone to whom I can tell things and have them understand me without question.

102. I’ve been sad since my life has been a complicated mess. It will take me a while to trust that everything will be alright, but there’s no reason to be sad, and it’s been a while since I’ve been happy.

103. I am not the kind of person that can sit back and enjoy life. I’m always trying to do something or go somewhere new. I want to remember what it is like to be truly happy.

104. I miss being happy after I realized I was not living the life I was meant to live.

Everyone missed a time when they were happy because it is the moments in life we cherish. I hope the above I miss being happy quotes helped to remind you of those good old days.

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